Beginner's Guide to Using Trello for Project Management

  • Published on Feb 12, 2018
  • Learn how to use Trello to manage projects and to track progress toward completion of projects. Trello is a project management tool that helps you see at a glance how a project is progressing. It's fun and simple to use once you understand how the the information is organized and the terminology that the site uses. Trello is great for business, education, non-profit organizations, and more. Click here for my advanced Trello video:
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  • Bernardo Camarena
    Bernardo Camarena 10 days ago +1

    Where have you been all my life? Outstanding video, I have to find a way to take credit for it :-)

  • YunzhuYunzhu Jing
    YunzhuYunzhu Jing 15 days ago

    Love this tutorial!!! soooo clear

  • Nitika Lad
    Nitika Lad 23 days ago

    Moved off from Trello to Restya, probably the best looking and working kanban out there.

  • Balázs Teszár
    Balázs Teszár Month ago

    Hey! Awesome video! Thanks a lot! I'd like to add hungarian translation, could you make it possible so that I can contribute to it?

  • Amin K
    Amin K Month ago

    What if some cards are prerequisites of others?

  • Patrolo Coñac
    Patrolo Coñac Month ago

    Excuse me, I'm going to stop watching the video for a moment to like your video. Thank you very much, excellent tutorial!

  • SaintOrCinema
    SaintOrCinema 2 months ago

    So helpful. Thank you X

  • susanna cobucci
    susanna cobucci 2 months ago

    Sorry, i cannot understand how to eliminate cards or it heur éléments while working...

  • whateverman
    whateverman 2 months ago

    Amazing teacher!

  • ModernDay ChristianChick

    This video was outstanding! Thank you for the clear and concise walk through. This was extremely valuable and helped me set up my Trello Teams, Boards and Cards. Thank you!

  • Nicole Curry
    Nicole Curry 3 months ago +1

    By far the best Trello tutorial EVER! I was seriously about to call it a wrap on Trello and this was the 5th and last video I planned to watch. Excellent!

  • Einar Sveinn Olafsson
    Einar Sveinn Olafsson 3 months ago

    Snilldar kerfi til að halda utan um verkefni af öllum stærðum og gerðum.

  • Daciniel
    Daciniel 3 months ago

    When will you publish the video on advanced trello skills?

  • roberto jubainski
    roberto jubainski 3 months ago

    Best Trello tutorial.

  • Diego Olvera
    Diego Olvera 3 months ago

    Great video, very good explanation. 👍

  • Michael Phiri
    Michael Phiri 4 months ago

    Helpful tutorial, Thanks for that!!!

  • Sarah Melcher
    Sarah Melcher 4 months ago

    I like this very much but I have had a quick overview and one thing I didn’t see here is that you can set text (or a label) to the color label, so when you look at that color in th elist of labels, you see text defining the labels. That point is helpful because otherwise they are just color markers. This point is not in this tutorial.

  • Posture Doctor
    Posture Doctor 4 months ago

    Great vid! Clear, logical, helpful! Thank you.

  • Shruti
    Shruti 5 months ago

    Excellent tutorial!

  • Ruth Pascual
    Ruth Pascual 5 months ago

    I love how you conduct classes on your channel. I learned a lot. keep it up!

  • Epey Esteves
    Epey Esteves 5 months ago

    Wonderful tutorial! Uber helpful, thanks!

  • Mustafa Mohamed
    Mustafa Mohamed 5 months ago

    Thanks a lot

  • Sheena Patangan
    Sheena Patangan 6 months ago

    Other tutorial doesn't explain as organize as you. Could you make a video tutorial about EVENTBRITE?

  • Sheena Patangan
    Sheena Patangan 6 months ago

    I learned trello last day because of this video. Thank you so much sir. Can you also do a tutorial of EVENTBRITE? Please. . .

  • Nicoline Maes
    Nicoline Maes 6 months ago

    Very helpful, thanks for sharing!

  • UD Racing
    UD Racing 6 months ago

    great video!

  • Puspa LMAN
    Puspa LMAN 6 months ago

    this video is super useful. thank you

  • Daniel Raymond
    Daniel Raymond 7 months ago

    Nice guide, well done! I'm using Bridge24 when I want to generate charts and reports for my cards and boards.

  • Blaise Ganguin
    Blaise Ganguin 7 months ago +3

    Brilliant tutorial, to the point, great visuals and audio - did you ever get to recording one on power ups?

  • Todd Warnock
    Todd Warnock 7 months ago +1

    Have you (or anyone else) added Trello to Slack?

  • Paper Lemonade Co
    Paper Lemonade Co 8 months ago

    Thank you for the helpful video! Is this the basic FREE Trello, or is this the Business Class Trello?

    • Paper Lemonade Co
      Paper Lemonade Co 7 months ago

      Thank you so much!@ColonelK0rn

    • ColonelK0rn
      ColonelK0rn 7 months ago +1

      This is the basic free trello which is sufficient for most small businesses. I use this for my business, and know many other business owners that use it as well to great effect.

  • salman zaheer
    salman zaheer 8 months ago


    JOSEPH DOKHARE 8 months ago

    You're great teacher. I enjoyed this tutorial. Your approach was superb

  • taroctg
    taroctg 8 months ago

    Awesome video. Well organized. Thanks.

  • Becki Morris
    Becki Morris 8 months ago

    This is incredibly useful, many thanks.

  • BMA Entertainment
    BMA Entertainment 8 months ago +3

    thank you so much , this is exactly what I need

  • Niki Spence
    Niki Spence 9 months ago

    Great introduction to Trello, thank you!

  • Jessica Mostert
    Jessica Mostert 10 months ago

    Awesome tutorial. Really looking forward to using it for my case management work!

  • TheRedstoneDeveloper

    im gonna work on RBEDEFRC (Redstone Builders Enterprises Dark Energy Fusion Reactor) in roblox and use trello to track my progress.
    Manual Startup: 0%
    New Reactor: Canceled because it has an ugly design, Kolbyplaysroblox123 (Kolby Simmons) is gonna redesign again like his game
    More Rockets: 50%
    New Walking Animation: 100%
    Full release: 10%
    DEFRC Containment Failure: 0%
    DEFR Core Containment blowout: 0%
    Improved Meltdown: 40%

  • Scott Lawson
    Scott Lawson Year ago

    Solid. I appreciate how you move from the abstract to concrete- "renovate basement". There is a huge difference between teaching and learning- the former does not necessarily ensure the latter, but you nailed it.

  • ian wardy
    ian wardy Year ago

    Fantastic tutorial!

  • Philip Paar
    Philip Paar Year ago +1

    Excellent video! Thanks very much.

  • Shelita Williams
    Shelita Williams Year ago +27

    wow this was the best Trello tutorial I have seen! Thank you for starting off with the basic definitions, that really helped!

  • Maker Gray
    Maker Gray Year ago +2

    This was really wonderfully done and helpful. Thank you!

  • Lou Hampton
    Lou Hampton Year ago +11

    Starting your explanation with teams instead of boards was extremely helpful for me.

  • Our Travel Adventures!

    Very nicely presented.Really useful. Thanks👍🏼

  • John W
    John W Year ago

    I and my teams started to use this tool and it absolutely helped us tremendously, so we've decided to translate your tutorial into Chinese to let more people feel its beauty and power~

  • Roopol Studio
    Roopol Studio Year ago

    thanks for super usefull video !

  • Nikita Arun
    Nikita Arun Year ago

    This video was the easiest one to follow to quickly set up a Trello account and create boards! Thank you!

  • Olga Cieslarová
    Olga Cieslarová Year ago

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    Technoblogy Web Year ago

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  • John W
    John W Year ago

    Wow this is certainly an efficient project-relevance software, thx for such detailed tutorial!

  • Blackstone Hamilton

    This software really sucks.

  • I skoven
    I skoven Year ago

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  • Mr. G Weaver
    Mr. G Weaver Year ago

    Fun and informative video addendum, time well spent using Trello reminded me, of a plan to succeed vs failing to plan.