Which Part of President Trump Isn't Under Investigation?

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • James Corden looks at the recent headlines, notably investigators taking a look at how funds for President Donald Trump's inauguration were spent, and what a small French town is doing to promote procreation.
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  • KittyGamingTunes
    KittyGamingTunes 3 months ago

    Who else is just binging Corden's Trump bashing sessions 😂

  • Fiucik Miselfo
    Fiucik Miselfo 3 months ago

    Which Part of President Trump Isn't Under Investigation? Easy, his 4skin

  • Verde
    Verde 6 months ago +1

    Trump 💪

  • Stephen Nolan
    Stephen Nolan 7 months ago

    Trump 2020

  • Bailey Hall
    Bailey Hall 7 months ago +1

    james corden: a man on a recent vacation to tennessee went out on a walk and came back to find his car-
    tennesseans: oh no it’s-
    james corden: with some rather unusual passengers
    tennesseans: it’s those fuckin b-
    james corden: here they are look at this *shows the picture*
    tennesseans: honestly it’s just surprising they didn’t invade a candy store again

  • Moe
    Moe 7 months ago

    Isn't texting while crossing a street in NY just a Darwin thing? I think they should just let nature take its course.

  • Diététiste Pèdi Pwa
    Diététiste Pèdi Pwa 7 months ago

    You help me so much thank so much

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid 7 months ago

    So you’re bragging that liberals are more focused on getting any dirt on trump that they can instead of working to make this country better?

  • Azar Iranmehr
    Azar Iranmehr 7 months ago +1

    • USA makes weapon and sent to dictatorship terrorists agents normal
    • USA navy attached oil performances and airbus when were opposite Iran
    • USA prohibited to oil sell and sanction any countries deal with Iran
    • USA sends aircraft nuclear carrier to treaties Iran and normal
    • USA genocides 85 millions Iranian with economic terrorism
    • USA bombard unclear to Japan not Iran
    • Iran does not have 3 million legionary
    • Iran is Persian with 7000 pride historical • Iran have 85 million
    • God and Earth witness ours no one passed from Persian fortress
    Your God is with Iranian
    ايرانيان سه ميليون سرباز جنگى ندارند
    ايرانيان هشتاد ميليون وطن پرست دارند
    وطن پرستى ميراث هفت هزار ساله ايرانيان است
    ايرانيان در مواقع جنگ توجهى به زبان و موقعيت و مرتبه ندارند
    بيگانه پرستان بدليل التزام عملى به اجنبى و تحريك امريكا در تحريم و ظلم
    هشتادو پنج ميليون ايرانى نقش داشتند جايگاهي در اجتماع ايران نميتوانند
    داشته باشند
    من سلمان فارسى نيستم

  • James Morris
    James Morris 7 months ago

    what is a fly's favourite type of furniture?

  • James Morris
    James Morris 7 months ago

    give this a man a knighthood, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AleX T
    AleX T 7 months ago

    I don't want to but have to kill myself cause extremely evil and horrible person which can control others tortures me brutally, has complete control over me and doesn't give me a chance for life. It is a living hell, help James or someone if u can.

  • Ebenezamovie
    Ebenezamovie 7 months ago

    forget pew news. This is the good stuff

  • Brian Teo
    Brian Teo 7 months ago

    Just wanna say... YANG 2020🔊🔊🔊🔊

  • Walt F.
    Walt F. 7 months ago +1

    James, medical cannabis has almost no THC, so it won't make the pets high.

  • Walt F.
    Walt F. 7 months ago +4

    "Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child,"
    Ecclesiastes 10:16

  • Witchypoo Rose
    Witchypoo Rose 7 months ago +6

    "How much higher do we need dogs to be?"

  • Josh Edmonds
    Josh Edmonds 7 months ago

    i mean the left has nothing better to do so of course everything he does is under investigation..i heard he like falafels and baklava..time to start investigating for ISIS ties

  • Jessica Katzenmeyer
    Jessica Katzenmeyer 7 months ago


  • Matt Hardy
    Matt Hardy 7 months ago

    James, don’t get political. I love you and I love your show because you DON’T talk about politics.

  • Madison Waycaster
    Madison Waycaster 7 months ago +5

    As a person who lives in Tennessee and has bears and mountain lions as my nextdoor neighbors: They won't climb into your car if you role your windows up after you've parked it! I wouldn't think it's such a hard thing to remember to do!

  • Kaden StPe
    Kaden StPe 7 months ago

    When I saw CNN on the thumbnail, I immediately rolled my eyes

  • Marjorie Graves
    Marjorie Graves 7 months ago


  • King Julien
    King Julien 7 months ago

    Trump should be locked up in jail how stupid can you be to support him ???????????????

  • A Naam
    A Naam 7 months ago

    So you must be thát guy on CBS. You can tell that guy that thát guy's got rhythm.
    I've never recognized you before, but I can start now. Drumroll! #FakeFur
    Or thé guy. What's the difference.

  • Ken Simmons
    Ken Simmons 7 months ago +3

    The man seriously doesn't know why he just can't do anything he wants and get away with it. And yet he signs enforceable legislation into law. Ohhhhh, the irony .......

    • Cold Cave
      Cold Cave 7 months ago

      Kenneth Simmons Simmons? Juden

  • Daten Schutz
    Daten Schutz 7 months ago +12

    "you break it, you buy it" - scenario. Great. 👍

  • TheKaiTetley
    TheKaiTetley 7 months ago +16

    Fined $250 for texting? Yep, start fining Trump.

  • Gamer4ever
    Gamer4ever 7 months ago

    watched by 64 434 people in 3 days? wtf? normally its like 500.000 in 3 days

  • Joseph Fuller
    Joseph Fuller 7 months ago +3

    Back in my teenage years; my cat would sometimes come hang out with me when I smoked weed outside. She would occassionally rub her head on the hand that held the joint. One time, we were hanging out watching the birds and squirrels (yes they are amazing when you're stoned) then the neighbour's dog came into the backyard. I didn't like the presents this canine left for us so I thought about how cool it would be if the cat chased away the dog. I looked back and forth between the cat, who was looking in my eyes, and dog then when I swung my hand forward towards the dog and the cat shot out from between my legs and chased the dog away, which had been something I had never seen her do before. Normally, she would just hide herself from the dog but this time she came back and was almost smiling.

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 7 months ago

    Hey Corden and your sheep. Why don't you watch this video at the 1:33 point and listen to Johnny Carson. Stick with entertainment. thexvid.com/video/8-loPw6ml1A/video.html

  • byron p
    byron p 7 months ago +2

    Somewhere here on TheXvid there is a video that a restaraunt (I suppose) posted because they had put in video cams to find out why their garbage was getting trashed. Turned out to be a bear, but what they caught was not the bear trashing the reciptical but that this time, it simply pushed it out of camera range. Taking the damned thing home with it, I guess.

  • Allen Hare
    Allen Hare 7 months ago +7

    Thanks, James! Loved it!

  • xuyahfish
    xuyahfish 7 months ago +2

    I wonder if cannabis for pets is safer than anesthetic? Or maybe old pets with joint pain?

  • CKG 1130
    CKG 1130 7 months ago +1

    Why viagra because city of love on paris

  • FriendlyRambler
    FriendlyRambler 8 months ago

    Vacation in Tennessee?

  • salas7146
    salas7146 8 months ago

    Donald Trump is a big fat looser

  • Scotty miller
    Scotty miller 8 months ago +1

    Which Part of President Trump Isn't Under Investigation? Well, all the ones they haven't been able too pin on him for starters and their list of things too blame him for is running out fast

  • P. Allen
    P. Allen 8 months ago +23

    you break it, you buy it...--love you!!!

  • Askmi Leitr
    Askmi Leitr 8 months ago +3

    I'm texting here, I'm texting!

  • ThatGuyScott
    ThatGuyScott 8 months ago +1

    Trump 2020

  • Nurazianie Abdullah
    Nurazianie Abdullah 8 months ago +1

    I'm eating my food and watching this.. 📺😊Funnyman.

  • Cade Taylor
    Cade Taylor 8 months ago

    god i want that ny texting bill to pass

  • Howard Kerr
    Howard Kerr 8 months ago +3

    Marijuana for pets? Considering dogs will eat almost anything, do we really want to give a dog a drug that will result in it getting the munchies?

  • owatahfuhlyem
    owatahfuhlyem 8 months ago +2

    Which part of President Trump isn't under investigation? His nose. It's too far up his own butt for anyone to get close enough to investigate it.

  • Alex Tol
    Alex Tol 8 months ago +1

    Never mind Viagra. Give free alcohol 😁

    TAYLSE MUSIC 8 months ago


  • SSDirk1976
    SSDirk1976 8 months ago

    What do you know the little round midget from whatever british homeless man's package is ripping OUR GREAT President Trump again. Again to anyone especially foreign faggots like this little taint...If you HATE America and our GREAT President soooo bad....WELL THEN GET THE FREAK OUT...TUCK YOUR TAILS AND RUN out of our GREAT Country

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern 8 months ago +5

    baby boom is a horrible idea! We are too many humans as it is!! Way too many! We should encourage people to NOT get babies! You want children? Adopt!! There are so many children in need of a warm home.. a loving family...

    • Parry Hotter
      Parry Hotter 7 months ago +1

      Klara Stern the population in most 1. world countries goes down only most poor and uneducated countries like india grow fast. One of the biggest problems in europe is that there are too less young people and to many retired, so baby boom is very important

  • Ashwin Yap
    Ashwin Yap 8 months ago +1

    Trump is good

    • Laverne Blaszczyk
      Laverne Blaszczyk 7 months ago

      At blustering and lying, he's the most corrupt president ever- I bet he's at The Maralago right now, wasting millions of dollars of taxpayers money, playing golf with people who paid to spend time with the president to talk about god knows what- Trump has turned The White House into a brothel but sure, everything is fiiiiiiine....you should have higher standards.

  • Caleb Harrison
    Caleb Harrison 8 months ago

    Answer: there is no part of Trump that isn’t under investigation...
    ...because y’all Democrats are desperate to find something-anything-since Mueller found no collusion.

  • snagh
    snagh 8 months ago +4

    The Bears in side the car , that is an amazing security system , must be implemented in New York ASAP.

  • snagh
    snagh 8 months ago +2

    Well French people like to kiss a lot , but kissing will not make babies .

  • toby trott
    toby trott 8 months ago

    The inauguration is all you snowflakes have on him...

  • ASJE Aviation HQ
    ASJE Aviation HQ 8 months ago +2

    The bird at the end got it... I had to step away for a while. xD

  • JWHyper
    JWHyper 8 months ago

    i love james but all these talk shows have to rip on trump like rip on someone else but no its trump everyday

    • Tayler B
      Tayler B 7 months ago +3

      Its because Annoying Orange has daily antics that can be discussed. He’s a walking monologue script.

    • dewytheoxman
      dewytheoxman 8 months ago

      I know......pretty pathetic that not one on the show can come up with anything besides a Trump joke..

  • Pippa Brooke
    Pippa Brooke 8 months ago +1


  • Colleen Ruth
    Colleen Ruth 8 months ago

    Go back to your own country, if you can't stand our President. Sick and tired of your liberal ass others in entertainment, bad mouthing him. Obama was way worse than what he will ever be. I know the liberals on this post don't think Obama was a bad president but they are blind. I can look up more bad things, that Obama did as president, than I'll ever find with Trump.

  • Laura Elena
    Laura Elena 8 months ago +8

    Love this man

  • TomLynda Tang
    TomLynda Tang 8 months ago +8

    Seriously dunno how or why Dump is still POTUS!

    • DMcElfresh101
      DMcElfresh101 7 months ago

      TomLynda Tang Why can’t you just wish for Anyone elected into office to do the best job to their abilities for the people, and stop being so upset your party lost an election?