Unhelpful Guide to Boy Story

  • Published on Jun 26, 2018
  • Hello guys! I'm back again with another Boy Story video💙
    Some clips in this video credited to Boy Story Book. One of my fav Boy Story fan channel. Plz subscribe to them cuz they uploads eng subbed Boy Story videos. Here's the link
    Please keep support Boy Story! Love y'all 💙💙

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  • Sodia Khan
    Sodia Khan 5 hours ago +1

    His laugh is contagious 😭😭

  • Rumeysa P
    Rumeysa P 3 days ago +1

    I thought i was the only one that liked to eat cereal with warm milk i always microwave it

  • 空白__世界
    空白__世界 5 days ago

    I want have my own opinions
    But I would get ppl yelling at me like “they’re young, let then follow their dreams”or “you’re just jealous you’re not as talented as them”
    And I wanna say, idc anymore so...
    Idk why, i just get this strange feeling about this group that makes me unable to stan them

  • A cUp Of TaE wItH cOoKiEs AnD sUgA

    iM sTiLL yOuNgEr
    iM a '08 LiNeR
    but all im good at is
    Well, still need to figure it out...

  • i want sum jimin flavored mochi uwu owo

    yay i found a group that is around my age BuT

    I neEd To wOrk More On mY ChinEse (i can speak chinese but i need some work)

  • Aldie Regina Del Prado

    I'm 10 and they are literally older than me omg ;v; and i would never be noticed by these gods umg qwq

  • jungkook's abs
    jungkook's abs 7 days ago

    8:45-9:05 😂 MOOOOD no seriously thoooo that's me when someone is after my food

  • TheTime Zone
    TheTime Zone 8 days ago

    they are sooooo young jeez

  • shannon clark
    shannon clark 8 days ago

    Me this whole video: wHErE ArE thEIr PAreNtS!

  • Yeonjun is my son
    Yeonjun is my son 9 days ago

    They’re all (at least) 2 years my junior and way more talented than I could dream rip 😭

  • MikeBoy31
    MikeBoy31 9 days ago

    This is so helpful

    Put (un) in the world helpful.

  • Jimin You Got No jams


  • Jimin You Got No jams

    5:33 i thought it was jin's laughing😂😂😂

  • Ayano The Wolf
    Ayano The Wolf 10 days ago

    Me relizing that Xiao Yu is
    Jackson lil bro
    *Screaming in mah heart*

    BOYSTORY MANIAC 13 days ago +7

    Like someone commented this but idk if you seen it yet :


  • Nina
    Nina 13 days ago

    I can't ship them because
    1. Han Yu is my husband💍❤❤..!!! and
    2. Ming Rui is my pretty, super cute brother🥰❤!!! Sorry😅😂!!

  • random person
    random person 13 days ago +2

    Xinlong laughing gives me life

  • Arely Jimenez
    Arely Jimenez 15 days ago

    Awwww they were so cute at the end of the video

  • 니콜레타델리아
    니콜레타델리아 15 days ago

    I'm 15 , what i am doing with my life, they are like 12-13 and are k idols and i'm just siting here like every day and watch kdramas and a lot of netflix, this is sad , but i have kpop so life is good :)))

  • A Random Stay
    A Random Stay 16 days ago

    Han Yu
    •takes care of the other five~
    •Dance line #1
    • Martial arts
    •Zi hao
    •can solve Rubik cubes
    •Knows English
    •Dance line #2
    Xin Long
    •Can’t hold in his laughter
    •JYP’s cloning product
    •Dance line #3
    •Can Beat Box
    Ze Yu
    •Jackson’s younger brother
    Ming Rui
    •Loves food
    •Bottle flip
    • Martial arts
    •Loves Jia Bao Gege sm
    Shu Yang
    •baby maknae
    •locking boy

  • xXGlass BeadXx
    xXGlass BeadXx 19 days ago +1

    Shuyang struggling to brush his hair is me every dang day

  • xXGlass BeadXx
    xXGlass BeadXx 19 days ago +1

    why are they so cute im dying--------

  • xXGlass BeadXx
    xXGlass BeadXx 19 days ago


  • luwoo uwu
    luwoo uwu 21 day ago


  • Gina Mondragon
    Gina Mondragon 21 day ago

    But for real, ZEYU IS JACKSON’S BROTHER????????!!!!!!!

  • Gina Mondragon
    Gina Mondragon 21 day ago


  • Gina Mondragon
    Gina Mondragon 21 day ago

    Milk before cereal..... Huh

  • cutie Cassy 靜-啊~
    cutie Cassy 靜-啊~ 22 days ago

    Why do me and Xinlong always have similar things with each other?

  • Star Schane
    Star Schane 22 days ago

    He Xin Long❤️😂
    Mini Mark Lee - literally laughs at anything, anyone. E V E R Y T H I N G
    Mini Chenle - Dolphin. that’s it.
    Mini Jin - you get what i’m saying?
    Stan boystory

  • softteok
    softteok 23 days ago

    I’m a noona 🤣 the youngest one is exactly a year younger than me I think

  • Lily Underhill
    Lily Underhill 23 days ago

    Han Yu is the only one older than me. He’s older than me by a month and a few days.

  • Ruthsmarie Ogando
    Ruthsmarie Ogando 26 days ago +1

    Ming rui is meh senpaii...And my age 😭💕

  • Chase Barber
    Chase Barber 27 days ago +3

    No ship just a lovely brother relationship

  • Chase Barber
    Chase Barber 27 days ago

    8:52 you want sum?

  • Chase Barber
    Chase Barber 27 days ago

    Me: TikTok? More like Toxic
    Also me when my fave celebs use it: Tik Tok is a place for the PEOPLE

  • Chase Barber
    Chase Barber 27 days ago

    Any 2001 or younger liners feeling old rn

  • Chase Barber
    Chase Barber 27 days ago

    Xin Long's laugh is actually everything.

  • Chase Barber
    Chase Barber 27 days ago

    Oof I'm finally older than celebrities I like. I'm turning 18 next month oof

  • Chase Barber
    Chase Barber 27 days ago

    The kitchen scene was too cute omlll

  • Natasha Vindiola
    Natasha Vindiola 28 days ago

    Please make another one 🙏🏻

  • Laura Sofia
    Laura Sofia 28 days ago

    I can’t wait until they get older

  • Nikki TOS
    Nikki TOS 28 days ago

    He put milk first...

  • mogu mochi
    mogu mochi 28 days ago +1

    I bet the boys are good people but... I don’t think I can get myself to stan someone 4/5 years younger than me, that makes me feel uncomfortable

  • Mingay yoon
    Mingay yoon 29 days ago +1

    I’m a hyung to them...... wHAT

  • Tryhard Nerd
    Tryhard Nerd 29 days ago +1

    Damn it I’m STILL YOUNGER

    • Tryhard Nerd
      Tryhard Nerd 25 days ago


      Just turnt ‘Nu of ya damn Biscuit’

    • Mingay yoon
      Mingay yoon 29 days ago

      How oLD ARE YOU??

  • Dragon Slayer 19
    Dragon Slayer 19 29 days ago

    When you find a group around your age and think you are a Noona but then find out their all older than you T^T

  • Ruweyda
    Ruweyda 29 days ago

    He added milk before making the cereal that is just wrong but I’m making an exception because it is boystory

  • Ish Lianne
    Ish Lianne Month ago

    Xinlong looks like Woojin and San mixed together-

  • Park Chaeyoung
    Park Chaeyoung Month ago

    I cant with shuyang's hair!!!!

  • Moonstone305
    Moonstone305 Month ago +1

    Well, I don't know if anyone's addressed this yet, but technically, they don't have hyungs or maknaes. They are Chinese, not Korean, so the correct terms of older brothers and younger brothers would be 哥哥 and 弟弟. My apologies. I thought it was important to mention.

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  Month ago +1

      The members and fans still call shuyang maknae. The word maknae is not chinese but they use it maybe because kpop influence make them use the word in china too. Like i always called my youngest bro maknae tho and he understands even when he's not a kpop fans, we're part chinese. Because some people often use it in real life, some people being used to the word and start using it too. But i understand what you mean💖

  • Tomine Alment
    Tomine Alment Month ago

    1:26 I literally laughed my ass off 😂😂😂😂😂😂💔

    MARYAM DA ONE Month ago

    i’m unhelpful because i’m oof AND BTW THEY MADE IR ON MY BIRTHDAY

  • Karla Rios
    Karla Rios Month ago

    I wanna store them in my pocket🥺

  • Jimin's Pinky Finger

    Omg they're actual children 😭😭

  • iris egb
    iris egb Month ago

    Do they live in a dorm or something? And if they do is there an adult with them

    • iris egb
      iris egb Month ago

      +kanatamaurèn ah okei thank you

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  Month ago +1

      Yes they live in the dorm with their managers

  • Isha Tamae
    Isha Tamae Month ago

    woah I haven't listen to them since how old r u and they've gotten so tall and I'm just like when can that happen to me?

  • lina chhem
    lina chhem Month ago

    They so young but talent

  • Creastila Playz
    Creastila Playz Month ago

    Ze yu still a kid :l

  • graceisonthemoon
    graceisonthemoon Month ago

    oh no hanyu poured the milk first 👀

    HELLOIMFAKE DUMB Month ago +1

    i swear Xin Long looks like one of my god damn cousins XD

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  Month ago

      You must be lucky cuz all my cousins looks like potatoes in my eyes

  • 함다
    함다 Month ago

    They're too young for me but whatever, they’re cute. 😂💕

  • its jungwoo and jisung time

    Even theyre older than me theyre my babies we need to protect them 😊😂💕💕💜 and im new here 💜💓 even when im still new i already love them 💕💕💕💜

  • Sumaiya Hossain
    Sumaiya Hossain Month ago

    They are the sunbaenim of itzy😂🔫

  • Astrid Villanueva
    Astrid Villanueva Month ago

    Yo 5:34 Chenle is shaking😅😅

  • Christle Lempao
    Christle Lempao Month ago


  • • I P U R P L E Y O U •

    Anyone realized he added the milk first then the cereal

  • Being Multi fandom is too hard af

    *So can l say that l'm a year just a year older than Shu yang*

  • Queen Of Heart Hot.G

    I just knew them because of thier song *oh my gosh* it is a good song... i really love hanyu


    So... LITTLE KIDS?

  • Ayano JoJo
    Ayano JoJo Month ago

    Soooooo how old are they?

    • Ayano JoJo
      Ayano JoJo Month ago

      +kanatamaurèn cute😊
      thank you for your answer

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  Month ago +1

      Hanyu (2004), Zihao (2004), Xinlong (2005), Zeyu (2005), Mingrui (2006), Shuyang (2007)

  • Alpha X
    Alpha X Month ago +1

    I- I- I can’t you- you- PUT THE MILK IN FIRST?!

  • Peachgi
    Peachgi Month ago +2

    came here after “oh my gosh” but.....


  • jiho rain
    jiho rain Month ago

    I can't hold my uwus during the whole video!!! 😍😍
    They are just soooo adorable ❤❤!!!
    But watch out when puberty hits them

  • dO yoU kNoW AnNyEonGhaSeyO

    *just wait for puberty.....*

  • roxana
    roxana Month ago

    you're fucking gross for shipping them. They're litteraly kids. weirdo.

  • 伊藤Hana
    伊藤Hana Month ago

    5:05 Where did the ball came from??😂😂

  • Aiyesha Mica Vlogs
    Aiyesha Mica Vlogs Month ago

    Zeyu is not the brother of jackson

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  Month ago

      Yea ik. What i mean here is they treat and care each other like real siblings. Zeyu said Jackson is like her brother that's why i said he's Jackson younger bro in this video. Sorry for making it not clear in the video

  • 윤달
    윤달 Month ago

    보이스토리를 만들어주셔서 감사해요 박진영님

  • Peachyxiu
    Peachyxiu Month ago

    I love them and all but I can’t get over the fact HanYu pours milk before the cereal.

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  Month ago

      Chinese usually like to drink everything warm. That's why Hanyu put the milk in the microwave first. They don't like it when it's cold

  • ZeYu You
    ZeYu You Month ago +2

    Has anyone seen XinLong's predebut dance? Here's the link thexvid.com/video/RGhr78hclo0/video.html Also does anyone know the name of the song?

  • Jihan Isnaini
    Jihan Isnaini Month ago

    xinlong is similar to seungmin era 9

  • miyo
    miyo Month ago

    10:51 this music is killing me hahah

  • Tarini Pillay
    Tarini Pillay Month ago +4

    Xinlongs laugh is so cute 😂I couldn't stop laughing myself 😂

  • Aetna 2006
    Aetna 2006 Month ago +1

    1:45 (smth like that) yassssss I'm not the only one who puts milk before cereals!!!😆😂

  • Izuku Midoryia
    Izuku Midoryia Month ago

    Finally a group in my age lmao xD

  • The Park To My Chimin

    IDC if I am 15, I still Stan these lil babies

  • 앤됴ス キ ダ ヨ

    Can you tell me the age.

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  Month ago

      +앤됴ス キ ダ ヨ they debuted last year plus they had been in spotlight a year before debut, information about them is in all around the internet. But myself know about them from their videos on their channel called Who's The Boy, it's like their intro video

    • 앤됴ス キ ダ ヨ
      앤됴ス キ ダ ヨ Month ago

      Where did you find this information?

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  Month ago

      Hanyu (2004), Zihao (2004), Xinlong (2005), Zeyu (2005), Mingrui (2006), Shuyang (2007)

  • Kpooping Love
    Kpooping Love Month ago

    1:07 your welcome

  • Anthony Elms
    Anthony Elms Month ago

    shouldn't they be in school. some of them haven't even hit puberty yet

    • ZeYu You
      ZeYu You Month ago

      Anthony Elms It's their dream

    • Anthony Elms
      Anthony Elms Month ago

      +kanatamaurèn ik it's just that they are SO YOUNG. like how can a whole 11 year old live this lifestyle

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  Month ago

      They still go to school in Beijing and have time to study and do homeworks. Everytime they're in Korea they homeschooling. JYP care about their education too

  • Malec Fanatic
    Malec Fanatic Month ago


  • Malec Fanatic
    Malec Fanatic Month ago +1

    Oh I'm finally the same age as members of a jyp group,,, well the two oldest ones

  • Jc Marx
    Jc Marx Month ago

    I don't know how I feel about this I mean they're babies. I think I'm going to keep track of that progress because it's always nice to see a K-Pop group grow from their infancy. And yes the pun was intended.

  • Smarty Gurl
    Smarty Gurl Month ago

    I need a Xin Long and Chenle interaction

  • Smarty Gurl
    Smarty Gurl Month ago

    It's like if kids bop was cool

  • Travis Valkrum
    Travis Valkrum Month ago

    I was hype but then they put the milk before the cereal

    • Travis Valkrum
      Travis Valkrum Month ago

      +kanatamaurèn i see thanks

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  Month ago

      Chinese like warm water or milk, thry prefer it warm that's why Hanyu put the milk in the microwave first

  • Arlena Uzamaki
    Arlena Uzamaki Month ago +3

    OMG I thought Ze looked like Jackson but I wasn't sure but now I know I'm right.😍🤩

  • kennis chang
    kennis chang Month ago

    I can finally understand what are they saying😂 cause I'm a Chinese!! Wo else is a Chinese?

  • Daddy Taehyung
    Daddy Taehyung Month ago

    lmao i'm from 2004 i'm older than 4 of them ñdkdnjgfh

  • t e a b u n
    t e a b u n Month ago +4

    im so sorry wth