• Published on Jun 9, 2019
  • Hey Guys,
    So Jaclyn Hill just came out with nude lipsticks as her first products in her Jaclyn Cosmetics brand. Watch to see what I thought of them.
    Have you tried her lipsticks yet?! If so what did you think of them?
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  • stanMYman øwø
    stanMYman øwø 7 hours ago

    If you release merch I want "powered donut!" On a shirt



  • Laetitia Campbell
    Laetitia Campbell 2 days ago

    It kind of seems like there was only eight colours and he rest were just repeating again and again

  • haley rodriguez
    haley rodriguez 2 days ago

    God your so gorgeous😍

  • Robotic Beauty
    Robotic Beauty 2 days ago

    Omg I love that wig

  • elizabeth schader
    elizabeth schader 3 days ago

    Honestly even if we forget all the bs from the launch and what not the lipstick itself wasn't that exciting I get not everyone likes exciting colors but that doesnt mean we want 10 pale nudes that are only gonna look great on 2 people

  • Tabinda Waqar
    Tabinda Waqar 3 days ago

    you're so polite, with all the hate against JH cosmetics, you so politely turned down, Love, love 💕💕 I felt that you're very composed and nice

  • Nikki Owens
    Nikki Owens 5 days ago

    You can literally rock any shade! Gorgeous! 😍😍😍😍

  • Samantha Haydon
    Samantha Haydon 8 days ago

    I can’t deal with how stunning you are 💕 I could watch you all day

  • Lois Gordon
    Lois Gordon 10 days ago

    Textured situation ? Really

  • Lois Gordon
    Lois Gordon 10 days ago

    20- pack situation ?? What the heck is that.

  • Aly Brown
    Aly Brown 12 days ago

    Please do a flare palette review!!!

  • grandcarriage1
    grandcarriage1 13 days ago

    I actually kinda loved the two different colours swatched on her upper and lower lips... that was kinda cool...

    • grandcarriage1
      grandcarriage1 13 days ago

      "Mom" with the purple lip liner looked surprisingly good. I didn't expect that.

  • Mindy Woodworth
    Mindy Woodworth 14 days ago

    Me: omg I love that light nude on her skin tone

  • Ray Bas
    Ray Bas 17 days ago

    Why is everything pale?

  • Vickyjija
    Vickyjija 17 days ago +1

    When she wore the light shades it gave me early 2000s vibes

  • R Beasley
    R Beasley 18 days ago

    Not brown girl friendly at all.

  • BFFiong
    BFFiong 18 days ago

    hair inspo

  • Bella Slay
    Bella Slay 19 days ago


  • Bella Slay
    Bella Slay 19 days ago


  • Lauren Gilbride
    Lauren Gilbride 20 days ago

    Your hair color looks stunning on you 😍😍😍

  • Mia Berumen
    Mia Berumen 20 days ago

    Honestly surprised about the professionalism I really hope she didn’t hurt herself..she’s so pretty and does not need to hurt herself with these lipsticks

  • M Y
    M Y 21 day ago +1

    She looks like expensive Dutch chocolate

  • x x
    x x 21 day ago

    Im asian girl...and i like ur skin and the way u put ur make up

  • x x
    x x 21 day ago

    Your so pritty

  • Nähwichtel Nähen
    Nähwichtel Nähen 22 days ago

    trash. utter trash, not wotrh one dollar. go to a drugstore and waste your money there

  • Kayla Smile P
    Kayla Smile P 23 days ago

    How are you so beautiful, like HOW, show us your magic 😂

  • Helena Joseph
    Helena Joseph 26 days ago

    *blows fuzz off*

  • Eve Lily
    Eve Lily 26 days ago

    Just in case you wanted to know each lipstick was £14.75.

  • J. Maginnenu
    J. Maginnenu 26 days ago

    Yur lips are contaminated now with dog ..yes D-O-G body strands: hair from short- haired dogs. Pls trash them and *don't prepare more excuses for this impudent devil to use* on her channel whilst giving us reasons to buy this sh1tt

  • J. Maginnenu
    J. Maginnenu 26 days ago

    Spend those hard earned dollars on people like Jackie who respect you more. Please. Do not do this to yourself and still praise the products. It is stupid. Would anybody else produce this rubbish and be called an influencer? Do not feel so obligated to praise any nameless youtber whois white. This is B-A-D sharpcutting she's??? That's sawing off your mouth.Yet you still say. "vote yay Jaccline(?)" or whatever that name you mentioned was? Don't do that to yourself (I don't care who he or she claims to be).
    When did whites start making anything decent that didn't tear OTHERS to shreds, for their viewing pleasure? They copy others so I don't watch them. This was hard to watch.

  • Ten's Eye
    Ten's Eye 27 days ago

    I am concerned for your dear lips

  • that boi kas
    that boi kas Month ago

    Gurl I saw you put them lipstick and I’m like NOOOOO also damn putting two shades of lipstick for the upper and bottom lips it’s a LOOK

  • Oopzies
    Oopzies Month ago

    I was clenching the entire time watching the application. Eeeeek.

  • Pickle P
    Pickle P Month ago

    My lips hurt

  • salvador r
    salvador r Month ago

    Do a full face of TheXvidrs makeup

  • Anonymous 7263
    Anonymous 7263 Month ago

    Is it just me or Jaclyn forgot about the POC and made most of the lipsticks for fair skin idk just my opinion don’t come for me🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Helena Joseph
      Helena Joseph 26 days ago

      Maybe she thought of the lighter side of the poc? Still not acceptable and I don't see most of those shades working for me either.

  • Naomi A
    Naomi A Month ago

    I think the creamier ones are the newer ones and the ones that were less creamy ones were 100% expired

  • big bitch
    big bitch Month ago

    Honestly, the really light colours do fit you even with no lip liner. I think they look like fair skinned people doing black lipstick or dark tones. It can be a look if you want to rock it.
    I wanted to see how they swatch too, and so yeah that's why I'm here, but I also wanted to see light lipstick on darker skintones to see if light lipstick works for dark skintones.

  • Eeman Hamid
    Eeman Hamid Month ago

    How come alll 20 shades looked good on you ?

  • Lovely Love Dee
    Lovely Love Dee Month ago

    That hair is sapopping!! Really, compliment your beautiful melanin skin!!

  • #DreamCeline
    #DreamCeline Month ago

    Powdered doughnut. Powdered doughnut! Whew child. Thank you for showing us all of these!

  • OJay88
    OJay88 Month ago

    12:30 was literally the only good shade + good formula on dark skin that did not need liner.

  • Short videos Long names

    I came for the tea but WOAH
    You are gorgeous and so professional
    I am amazed!

  • Thatweird kid
    Thatweird kid Month ago

    Im still wondering how ur still alive..

  • Kayla T
    Kayla T Month ago +1

    I actually like the two tone lip look though 😍

  • Richatd Sanders
    Richatd Sanders Month ago +1


  • Kitty 129
    Kitty 129 Month ago +1

    Argh, putting the two different lipsticks on - BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Kitty 129
    Kitty 129 Month ago

    I’m very worried about her lips rn 😂 no kidding tho, I’m worried for whoever put it on their actual lips.

  • Melody Austria
    Melody Austria 2 months ago

    You are the bravest girl.

    BRATZ DOLL 2 months ago

    The quality thooo😍😍😍

  • carrot juice
    carrot juice 2 months ago

    why have I never found this channel before?! This woman is literally so beautiful 🤪🥺

  • H Ok
    H Ok 2 months ago

    4:35 she literally bleeding on the bottom lip

  • Jan Rizz Merrill
    Jan Rizz Merrill 2 months ago

    Professionalism tho 😍

  • R Beasley
    R Beasley 2 months ago

    To me, the shades really do not have RANGE. Very pale and powdered doughnuts for all. Plastic? Return!!!!! All !!! Paying to much to make them WORK.

  • ladsont
    ladsont 2 months ago +1

    What hair is that? Is that a custom unit?

  • Iam Fine
    Iam Fine 2 months ago +1

    Almost all the shades look the same.

  • Tindi Lee
    Tindi Lee 2 months ago +1

    Wow you are gorgeous 😍😍😍😍

  • Zara Khan
    Zara Khan 2 months ago

    Why almost all shades are pastel toned?

  • Secret Guy
    Secret Guy 2 months ago