kanye west / charlamagne interview

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  • heeted01
    heeted01 Hour ago

    Dope interview... Hella introspective yet applicable thinking to anyone really attempting to grow... Charlamagne asked great questions opening the door to being beyond insightful

  • Rawlab Radio
    Rawlab Radio 3 hours ago

    Charlamagne will be Oprah in 10 years.

  • Collin Macavoy
    Collin Macavoy 9 hours ago

    Kanye seems as if he’s brainwashed by god

    ZUBERI ALI 18 hours ago

    Da talk y's awsm

  • Igzotik TV
    Igzotik TV Day ago +1

    Man with a Vision,I Love You Kanye

  • samaël
    samaël Day ago

    fking illuminati got him

  • Chris Lopez
    Chris Lopez Day ago

    I wish no one wrote comments cause honesty nobody has answers on views threw somebody’s life and growing mind a mind of a person. I wish ppl would love the mind of a person cause that’s what makes you who you are do the same.! Turn the page

  • Bird Worldist
    Bird Worldist Day ago +1

    Watch the breakdown

  • Carson Chambers
    Carson Chambers Day ago

    the fuckin goat

    RYAN PEVOTO Day ago

    colors in the end are beautiful

  • Young Neeko
    Young Neeko 2 days ago

    Kanye so smart that he knows when he saying something that he has to break it down into an example to make people understand. This man has surpassed every legendary figure in the present as far as knowledge and insight

  • Robin Pettersen
    Robin Pettersen 2 days ago

    48:17 .. some regular man shit.. My wife has H.I. ..

  • If Morgans
    If Morgans 2 days ago

    Bonjour, Hello,
    Quelqu'un aurait un lien avec une traduction/sous titré en français ?

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis 3 days ago

    Respect ✊🏿 To Ye

  • Amani Darwish
    Amani Darwish 3 days ago

    God Is with you brother, He LOVES you. Keep going forward, doesn't matter what speed you are in, just keep going (it's all for you)❤ grab it, win it. YOUR VICTORY

  • nikki boss
    nikki boss 3 days ago

    I appreciate his honesty I broke down when he said I feel like their trying to break me hell I feel like that too keep working hard brother and keep being you Mr West

  • Chronic Spliff Hitta

    Ye is an operatunist that’s why he met with trump

  • Lahna Flore
    Lahna Flore 3 days ago

    He's giving this "Britney" vibe... He's about to crack and we are all watching. Pllllleeeaaasse give us more than a umbrella beat down.

  • MrEverest06
    MrEverest06 3 days ago

    I wish I was in Charlemagne position during the walk around the hill side, I would ask some deep ask questions, and personal lol

    LIS LOVESYA 3 days ago

    Not buying it. His words now vs his actions aren't fusing. Kanye came on the scene low key arrogant, got his name in lights all over the world, then boosted that arrogance ten fold. His saving grace was his mother, then she died and what came afterwards was less restraints on his true character. This is damage control. As humble and misunderstood as he's presenting himself to be in this interview, the "I am lion king hear me roar" tendencies are still there and wisely muted. I don't believe for one second that Kim couldn't dress herself on an "I'm in Paris" level without him. The reality is, when she got with Kanye we saw a drastic change in her attire and it wasnt for the better. He has changed her into his image of what he thinks she should look like. Good grief even his wardrobe now sucks compared to how he started out. He was never a fashion icon, nor is he now. Diddy, TI, Mr. Bently etc. are more along those lines. Hell even North's style is equally yoked in one of the worst dressed kid's list. He blew up over night, had the ear of the world and gained fans by the tons. He could do no wrong. Now that his antics have backfired, plan b is I'm not responsible really what I did over, and over, and over. That was stress...I didnt mean it. Let me explain.....Im calling bs as I have every right to do regardless of who doesnt agree.

  • Tetrahidrokanabinola

    Kanye is picasso..people should understand his cubism

  • jeremy rivera
    jeremy rivera 5 days ago

    Only person I follow is the king. Jesus. Get on the real train.

  • jeremy rivera
    jeremy rivera 5 days ago

    The fact people follow this fake scumbag! Wow. Fake evil deceiving man.

  • NoLMAOnade
    NoLMAOnade 5 days ago +1

    Charlamagne Tha Cunt

  • ALC News
    ALC News 5 days ago

    Hey Kanye!!!! Check out 2fly SoundCloud, he’s young smart kid looking for someone to help him out !! From his dad to you ! She thought, about my day!!!!

  • Kristopher Mancini
    Kristopher Mancini 5 days ago

    Amazing talk.

  • Yung Prince
    Yung Prince 5 days ago +1

    started watching his kimmel interview then realised id rather listen to this again

  • MH KA
    MH KA 6 days ago +1

    I fucking adore that brain

  • Shay Alsaid
    Shay Alsaid 6 days ago

    I literally relate to this man so much, I’m happy one of us made it. My favorite part about this entire interview is the 7 seconds of silence he took before speaking. I do that too, but because I’m not a celebrity people just think I’m dumb for it, but in reality you’re really listening and you’re really replying.

  • momo3244
    momo3244 6 days ago

    We need a Kanye biopic

  • oi ivy
    oi ivy 6 days ago

    omg the way he talks about protecting kim is crazy, that’s love

  • Sla V
    Sla V 6 days ago

    Charlamagne out here doing amazing videos .. he talks to him on a person to person level 👌

  • pretty
    pretty 6 days ago +2

    He speaks the thruth people dont like people who can speak their minds

  • Elle Sunshine
    Elle Sunshine 6 days ago +1

    Kanye is a earth angel empath 💓

  • expirable
    expirable 7 days ago

    man i wish kanye had a conversation with xxxtentacion idk why but i feel like they couldve worked so well together since theyre so polarizing and receive the same type of positive and negative energy and have similar ways of thinking and wanting to merge ideas even if coming from to different sides, x was one of the last real real artists we'll see in awhile most artists now are businesses like kanye said, not enough of these new artists know theyre history and are being played and are simply puppets. s/o kanye for finally being free although it took so long

    • AlohaRoast
      AlohaRoast 16 hours ago

      expirable good shit. But Kanye is still a puppet. And you are right about X. He was one of last real niggas out there.

  • Captain Fisby
    Captain Fisby 7 days ago

    1:35:10 it’s like the first time ye considered it

  • matthew mann
    matthew mann 7 days ago

    Ever since Kanye's Mom's passing he has been more of a cage rattler then usual

  • Frank 42
    Frank 42 7 days ago +1

    Truly heartbreaking when woke thoughts are met by the usual outrage, offense, and indoctrinated responses. The Dalai Lama can have similar sentiments that are 1000x lest bold and inspired and be met with adoration because he slavishly tows the line and yields to whatever narrative is being pushed at the time.

  • micro christ
    micro christ 7 days ago +1

    “Black panther shit” . This man loves his people , you are all stupid that call him a race traitor. He’s trying to change the narrative.

  • The Matty Mo' Show
    The Matty Mo' Show 7 days ago +1

    This interview right here speaks volumes.. Nothing short of amazing. Thank you to Charlamagne and Kanye for coming together for this. I truly appreciate it.

  • S T A C E Y Alexander

    Kanye West Was?...?terrifying
    Let him fukinbeeeee

  • gamerman360
    gamerman360 7 days ago

    All I know is that blue sweater looks so comfy

  • Dragon BG
    Dragon BG 7 days ago


  • myra hogan
    myra hogan 7 days ago

    Who cares the radio rejects you, reject it, evolve! Move past the label. Own something new.

  • Abdullah Kadri
    Abdullah Kadri 8 days ago +1

    This was so beautiful

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B 9 days ago +1

    the comments here are all positive i like it

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B 9 days ago +1

    i love kanye like kanye loves kanye

  • Ragga x Chat
    Ragga x Chat 9 days ago

    Kanye Charlaman win

  • Andrew Wilton
    Andrew Wilton 10 days ago

    He does it a few times throughout the interview but it’s interesting to see him stop and think at 1:35:19 after he gets asked a question, he clearly isn’t just trying to come up with an easy answer.

  • I'm that 1 Cripple Kid

    Kanye gets too much shit man even then people discredit his music like its trash when in actuality he has dropped some of the most fire albums in the game. So if you're one of those people you're an idiot.

  • William Son
    William Son 10 days ago

    Daniel who was of the captivity. Loved the King of Babylon. There is no shame in love.

  • JinkProject
    JinkProject 11 days ago

    I think Kanye has a difficult time getting across exactly what he's thinking the way he's thinking it, but he's getting better at it I think. I'm understanding him a bit more.

  • Monique Villagomez
    Monique Villagomez 11 days ago

    I truly and honestly believe he is speaking about the Illuminati and he is scared because he’s realizing record labels don’t have his back and what’s the point of anything if he has no one.. I mean except for Kim and his family... but honestly, people need to wake up and listen a little closer and harder. He is trying to say something without being too upfront... because we all know if you speak too much you’re done... exactly why he went to the “hospital” after Sacramento.

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown 11 days ago

    I think hes ready to go back to his # 1 hit, Jesus Walks. The man is miserable. Hes brilliant gained the world but lost his soul.

    • Christopher Brown
      Christopher Brown 11 days ago

      When I say miserable, I mean trapped in his mind his mind is moving too fast., shit is miserable if anybody know I know

  • Yeznik Mikayelyan
    Yeznik Mikayelyan 11 days ago

    In order to interview Kanye West you need to have a 200 IQ

  • Yeznik Mikayelyan
    Yeznik Mikayelyan 11 days ago

    Kanye is a very good talented guy. He is creating a history and we will always remember him.

  • Walya Production
    Walya Production 11 days ago

    after all we are all humans ......................... luv ya kanya

  • daddy Kalayis_
    daddy Kalayis_ 11 days ago +1

    Charlamagne did good.

  • nope no chance
    nope no chance 11 days ago +1

    Walt Disney in the flesh

  • Vintage Science - Beatmaker

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Conor Moloney
    Conor Moloney 11 days ago

    Love For Kanye. Love For Trump. Love For QAnon.

  • Working Class Lad
    Working Class Lad 12 days ago

    I get the feeling Kanye would of been more suited to a career in philosophy, he's a deep thinker and looks at things from different angles constantly.

  • Pierre Films
    Pierre Films 12 days ago

    I can’t believe I just watched a damn 2hr interview. I would watch a 4hr interview if it involves Kanye lol. By the way, the last few minutes of this interview’s cinematography was 🔥

  • NYM inc
    NYM inc 12 days ago

    For real 38:14 that's also true

  • NYM inc
    NYM inc 12 days ago

    27:20 is so real!!

  • NYM inc
    NYM inc 12 days ago

    26:20 I can really relate to what he's saying

  • The Peppery Boat.
    The Peppery Boat. 12 days ago

    1:26:52 😂😂😂

  • Ryan Daily
    Ryan Daily 13 days ago +1

    That's crazy I think Kanye West got brain washed by Illuminati

  • Big Saq
    Big Saq 13 days ago +2

    I want ye to become a billionaire

    OBCUSTOM 'S 13 days ago

    Yay ... always,,,yay 🌋🌋🌐⛰⛰⛰⛰🏔

  • Brian Mccoy
    Brian Mccoy 13 days ago +1

    I used to like his music but not Kanye West the man based on everything I heard from the media, but after this interview I no longer feel that way I really relate to him and I'm truly impressed with his insight and thoughts on all the different concepts of life, family, society and the world and everything the spoke on really!!! Awesome interview Charlemagne!! Top notch!!

    • Brian Mccoy
      Brian Mccoy 11 days ago

      mandy baende well I don't, nor did I ever but it was certain things I saw myself and heard from interviews and concerts and the media all together gave me what I believed a picture of who he roughly was, but this interview changed my opinion of him and really as of late with how the media has been frequently proven to put out stories or facts that aren't true and are instead put out to push a narrative chosen by the higher ups that don't portre truth but a hidden agenda, one probably centered around financial reasons or power/ ratings type shit but this interview was eye opening!!

    • mandy baende
      mandy baende 12 days ago

      Brian Mccoy but I read your comment till the end and I agree with you. His thoughts and everything he said in this interview was very relatable to me as well. Kanye has a vision that no has.

    • mandy baende
      mandy baende 12 days ago

      Brian Mccoy how do you know what everything the media is saying about him is reliable and factual?

  • colby rodgers
    colby rodgers 14 days ago

    Lmao @ 1:26:48. Yay says some yay shit and charlamagne just hits him with the " nod and dodge". Lol he was shaking his head and you could tell he was thinking like did he just say that shit?


    "I'm like Chief Keef You Rafekee Who been Lion King To You"....Smh -Jayz

  • Cliff Werich
    Cliff Werich 14 days ago

    This video makes me want to vote for Kanye 2020 now

  • Naira Aslanian
    Naira Aslanian 14 days ago +1

    What a genuine, honest guy! He’s the best!

  • N Lopez
    N Lopez 14 days ago

    If anyone watches this this late, what kind of chain is Kanye wearing? Like what cut/K?

  • DTuck227
    DTuck227 14 days ago

    Only those that live under a rock or in cave or just stuck in the hood you couldn't understand this.

  • Ewanz DusunClan
    Ewanz DusunClan 15 days ago +1

    The only way i can support him is watching all his post videos sharing to millions n follow his way.
    "I believe kanye west can save the world"
    He is one i gave salute!! 😎

  • Brandon Cavalier
    Brandon Cavalier 15 days ago

    3rd time watching this interview. Inspirational and motivational to speak the truths.

  • andrewchen425
    andrewchen425 15 days ago

    Anyone know where they are doing this?

    HAVEALOVE 15 days ago

    W E D E V E L O P C I T I E S

  • Flipping 4 A Living
    Flipping 4 A Living 15 days ago +3

    people forget kanye is a genius.

  • Preddy Shite
    Preddy Shite 16 days ago

    Niggas see you fly, say it's cuz you scared of gravity

  • wiseman
    wiseman 16 days ago +1

    great mind and real feelinz

  • AD Go
    AD Go 17 days ago +3

    I like what he represent.
    Media make him look bad, but he has a point.

  • Bruno Talibã
    Bruno Talibã 17 days ago

    Brazilian 2018

  • Charlton  Paryag
    Charlton Paryag 17 days ago

    This guy has a brilliant mind, and I thought he was a Jackals. Go figure, " The wise man knows he knows nothing"

  • Jay Careyn
    Jay Careyn 17 days ago +1

    That looks like the guy from the breakfast club

  • Franky Lo_
    Franky Lo_ 17 days ago +1

    for y'all saying chips they don't need no big obvious pill that can be detected under scans lmao they now have military grade nanolike entities (morgellons like) that can be fused with your DNA (protein building blocks) while you enhale it, giving it time to replicate in your system. Depending on your diet, these bots will multiply. It already got passed his blood brain barrier so If Kanye had seamoss sea salt , seaweed or paraystic killing foods, then he would be able to get them out of his cells and then the cell towers cannot dish out the program he's under. This goes for many celebrities aswell. Once you find things that's on Dr Sebi approved list you notice the difference. Again this mark of the beast is more advanced to the point where you will need electron microscopes to actually see them. This is the New world order they are trying to put in place.

  • Saif Tugood
    Saif Tugood 18 days ago +1

    hes bahai
    and promotes konsulation ;)

  • EnergyCo
    EnergyCo 18 days ago

    YE: "Have you seen bird flying in the window?"
    CHarlagne: "HELL YEEAHH

  • DrVCookie
    DrVCookie 18 days ago

    Ok ale następnym razem po polsku ma byc

  • North Pole82
    North Pole82 19 days ago +3

    He skips from subject to subject. He has a lot of aniexty. He can’t stay on one topic for to long. I feel for the guy. Prayers for Kanye.

  • Bruno Coelho
    Bruno Coelho 19 days ago

    If Kanye meets Tony Robbins... something wild can happen!

  • Claudius Kundanmal
    Claudius Kundanmal 20 days ago +1

    This is gold

  • Dave Af
    Dave Af 20 days ago

    =:::💖Trump Train💖:::💟MAKE💟AMERICA💟GREAT💟

  • ShannonSharpesBackwoods

    This ain’t that BC CTG wish he pushed harder on those questions

  • TheRickstrud
    TheRickstrud 21 day ago +2

    Cudi needs an interview like this. Amazing

  • Tiffany Keys
    Tiffany Keys 22 days ago +2

    Kanye thanks for being Kanye ...

  • Akili Shomara
    Akili Shomara 22 days ago +1

    I don't have all the answers that a celebrity is suppose to have was one of the realest moments here. CDaGod did an amazing job!