kanye west / charlamagne interview

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  • Smites.
    Smites. 3 hours ago

    After a long day of work, Kanye West goes to his Kanye Nest to take his Kanye Rest. He wakes up feeling his Kanye Best. Then he’ll get Kanye Dressed on his Kanye Vest to go on a Kanye Quest. He goes to church and becomes Kanye Blessed, then to a hotel room to be a Kanye Guest. Then to school to take his Kanye Test. He forgot to brush his teeth. Did he run out of Kanye Crest? His neighbor stole it, what a Kanye Pest.

  • Liz Hale
    Liz Hale 4 hours ago

    Hi yay can you pretty please colabo with Blimes an Childish I can only dream of those lab seshes thanks and love djyogert ( Amber )

  • crisyt8r
    crisyt8r 5 hours ago

    .....is that a lace front? Cus I just watched the TMZ interview and homeboy head looked like a brown egg lol

  • Amelie EE
    Amelie EE 6 hours ago

    Go watch "The Clinton Chronicles" and wake up, people. Then go watch "Banished" by Danney Williams (both on TheXvid). At least Kanye is woke- thank God.

  • Israel Hernandez
    Israel Hernandez 6 hours ago

    My boyfriend loves you most

  • josh strunk
    josh strunk 8 hours ago

    Kanye’s mind is like, in Pulaski county Kentucky like a regular American, media like this dude interviewing a mind is like in the system. U can sense it. Kanye is woke.

  • Money Mack
    Money Mack 8 hours ago +1

    This interview was koo....but yo shout out to the camera man lol this shit look like a movie especially when they go outside

  • josh strunk
    josh strunk 8 hours ago

    Dude Kanye is speaking so much real shit.. it’s beautiful it’s like Martin Luther king level.. people need to follow what he says. Look at life now.. it’s so real man. Republicans can be hippies to. Politics and this and that hah.

  • MrApache85
    MrApache85 12 hours ago

    this is jst a man,,the problem with the world today is that we have replaced the stars that god made in the sky

  • TaiLand
    TaiLand 12 hours ago

    gemini sun pisces moon man here...explains a lot

  • Andi TM
    Andi TM 16 hours ago

    Y'all can look up Linda Ives, Kevin Ives, Don Henry, Billy Jack Haynes and the Clintons. Then you can wake up and learn about humility.

  • where is love
    where is love 17 hours ago

    poor celebrities , can't live a normal life .. hold on brother .

  • Brian Maritim
    Brian Maritim 17 hours ago +1

    I love you Kanye West and thank you

  • Where Is
    Where Is 18 hours ago

    Watch "The Clinton Chronicles" and get to know Linda Ives, the mother of Kevin Ives, a 17-year-old who was brutally murdered by Clinton thugs in 1987, Arkansas. The state medical examiner at the time under Bill Clinton, Fahmy Malak, ruled the death to be an accident. A grand jury later ruled the death to be an obvious homicide. Despite the fact that the medical examiner fabricated evidence on numerous autopsies, Bill Clinton gave him a raise and publicly praised him. What does that sound like to you?

    HØT SIΛM 18 hours ago +1

    This is what Nirvana looks like no doubt

  • H FNYU
    H FNYU 18 hours ago

    For all those hatin' on Kanye: Have you met Danney Williams, Bill Clinton's abandoned black son whom he never paid child support to except for a couple of hundred dollars when he was a baby? Look him up on TheXvid. How dare you think that the Clintons should have been in the White House. Time for some self reflection, boys and girls. This isn't even the half of it.

  • Aiden James
    Aiden James 18 hours ago

    He’s SO confused damn..

  • carl jaysen
    carl jaysen 19 hours ago

    kanye is the man

  • Ayoub Rasool
    Ayoub Rasool 19 hours ago

    Niggas get robbed everyday b 😂😂

  • Joe Cashmere
    Joe Cashmere 20 hours ago

    Kanye west is pootie tang when he sold out in the movie

  • Anthony Lidstrom
    Anthony Lidstrom 20 hours ago +1

    Ch. Is wearing a ton of makeup! I know its probably not his fault, because He didnt apply the application himself = BUT DAMN! YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING HOOKER DUDE! FIRE THAT MAKEUP ARTIST!

  • KingTwon Baybe
    KingTwon Baybe Day ago

    I Loved This IDC Call It What You Want Every Topic I Felt Kanye 💯 Percent I Cant Explain Details On Why But Especially When Ye Tells Charlemagne We Can Speak In The Future Love This Kanye Stay Woke Information Is Everything Kanye Is The Neo Of This Generation 🔴💊 Or The 🔵💊 ? 🤔

  • Sunny
    Sunny Day ago

    I feel like there’s a second part to this...

  • evan love
    evan love Day ago

    They are both genius in my opinion

  • originate'n nev'a imitate'n

    The cotton on that pull over tho🤘🏽

  • L CC
    L CC Day ago

    Hey, Kanye's haters- have you all discovered Danney Williams yet? You know, Bill Clinton's abandoned black son who he never paid child support for even though he's a multimillionaire? He's been asking for a DNA test for over 30 years and Bill never had the decency to give him one, even though they look just like each other. Go watch "The Clinton Chronicles" and educate yourself, then look up Danney Williams here on TheXvid. I'm so sick of you Kanye haters, hating on him for his decency and intelligence.

  • Drê The Producer
    Drê The Producer Day ago +2

    Kanye is like 2pac

  • Mame bilal
    Mame bilal Day ago


  • Dan Abitanto
    Dan Abitanto Day ago +2

    Of course Kanye lost his confidence in the mental hospital because he was brain washed into thinking he was crazy after being checked in when he’s not he’s just a man with many ideas and now he’s sitting in a mental hospital with real crazies having the whole world calling him crazy. Been there in a lesser sense maybe not the whole world but a community. Can relate.

    • mandy baende
      mandy baende 19 hours ago

      Dan Abitanto SO TRUE! And sad at the time.

  • Argent Starr
    Argent Starr Day ago

    Obviously Kanye's haters are completely ignorant and/or uneducated, therefore, easily brainwashed. The Clintons are hard-core criminals and have been for years. They've ordered the murders of innocent teenagers. Go ask Linda Ives, her son, Kevin Ives, was one of those teenagers who was murdered by the Clintons in 1987. Wake up, people. Go watch "The Clinton Chronicles."

  • Marlon Etheredge

    the problem is you are trying to judge Kanye as being a rapper first , thou shall not judge ,you must understand him as a man first , understand his intentions,we need more Kanye wests , in this universe,. you know how many people judged and disliked Martin and Malcolm,,and didn't follow the path, now that they are dead everybody want to jump on the bandwagon, and be fake ,,these Christians are the DEVIL,,, INCLUDING HALF THESE PEOPLE POSTING COMMENTS,. YOUR GOD IS YOUR BELIEF BUT REALITY IS THERE IS ONLY A SUPREME BEING ,

  • Greg Clements
    Greg Clements Day ago

    if kanye us enlightened im ghandi. .

  • Lakeithon Coleman

    Every Friday at 3 o’clock

  • Largo Winch
    Largo Winch Day ago

    You people who still think that Hillary should have been president are sad human beings. Are you aware that Bill Clinton's black son has been asking for a DNA test for over 30 years and that Bill didn't give him child support, so he couldn't even finish high school- despite the fact that Bill is a multi-millionaire? Go watch "Banished" by Danney Williams on TheXvid. Then you can watch "The Clinton Chronicles" to learn about the Clintons' 'activities' in Arkansas. Wake up.

  • Amfrz
    Amfrz Day ago

    RIP Kanye..gimme back the real kanye you stupid charlamagne tha reptilian!

  • Tina Williams
    Tina Williams Day ago

    This channel is wack bye

  • A Spirit
    A Spirit Day ago

    Are y'all even aware of Bill Clinton's abandoned black son, Danney Williams? No, it's not a hoax. He's been asking for a DNA test for over 30 years, and he looks just like him. Go search Danney Williams (with an 'e') here in TheXvid as well as "The Clinton Chronicles." I can't believe so many people have been hating on Kanye for just having common sense. It's ridiculous. Y'all need to get educated.

  • krisluxxe e
    krisluxxe e Day ago

    i can’t even watch this ..

  • Kofi Perry
    Kofi Perry Day ago

    why doesn't kanye speak in aave anymore

  • chapo guzman
    chapo guzman Day ago

    We was just happy to get a G card. Damn...

  • Skaa
    Skaa Day ago +131

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  • Ah Paris
    Ah Paris 2 days ago

    "The Clinton Chronicles"...oh, yeah, and "Banished" by Danney Williams- both on TheXvid. Get to know the REAL Clintons and have some respect for Kanye's common sense.

  • Dr. TRX
    Dr. TRX 2 days ago

    The Clinton Chronicles- watch it. Get educated, people.

  • Kin.g Productions
    Kin.g Productions 2 days ago

    this was interesting...beautifully interesting.

  • sockruhtese
    sockruhtese 2 days ago

    He's so fake. Anytime he was asked to explain Trump, racism, or anything else that affects people, he reverts back to shoes and fashion. Things that put money in his pocket. George W. Bush doesn't care about black people, and neither does Kanye.

  • george karas
    george karas 2 days ago +1

    Kanye is back in his heartbreak album of the world!

  • Lynchg
    Lynchg 2 days ago

    'Stop doing things only based in fear, the universe will assist you when you are acting in love. When you're acting in love you're like a drop of water and you have the ocean as your army. When you act in fear its just you and your money.' Very well said Kanye

  • Adam Houlbeau
    Adam Houlbeau 2 days ago

    French subtitle Please !

  • Ramon Perez
    Ramon Perez 2 days ago

    I love the fact that Kanye is speaking up and out and expressing his thoughts freely. People are always gonna hate when you don't think like them especially in today's society where we've been cultivated to adapt "groupthink" and fit into the established views and not transcend the norms.

  • Victor
    Victor 2 days ago

    Bro , i want to apologize for the hate i held against you and other artists thinking you were evil and part of the illuminati, when the mind don't understand it creates fear and fear creates hate. I feel you, its only love bro, bless you! ❤

  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz 2 days ago +1

    Charlamagne looks like that evil schemin villain in Egyptian, or Aladdin movies settin mf's up n shit.. ol Jafar ass mufucka LOL

  • Miss Manhattan
    Miss Manhattan 2 days ago

    Go watch "The Clinton Chronicles." And stop hating on Kanye because he has common sense.

  • Benta Wanjiru
    Benta Wanjiru 2 days ago

    "Im not tryn to say the right thing,im jus tryn to say what i feel" thats y everybody is mad at him,he said what they didnt want to hear

  • CK Coupe
    CK Coupe 2 days ago

    This needs subtitles!

  • Sizwe Sibeko
    Sizwe Sibeko 2 days ago +1

    This brother needs help

  • Jeremy Lin's Hair #AsianMamba #Linsanity #GOAT

    somebody please tell me the plain hoodies that kanye be wearin

  • 4FIVE HD
    4FIVE HD 2 days ago

    Did he take down the clone video with trump an them in it ?

  • The One
    The One 2 days ago

    37mins- slavery in America happened but that's it the blacks in America is the mers from sirius.b in slaved atlantis...u always a player 100
    43mins- we are all one race all are blood goes back to Adam and eve except Cain

  • I.T. Student
    I.T. Student 2 days ago +1


    HOWARD ECHEVERRY 2 days ago


  • I.T. Student
    I.T. Student 2 days ago +1

    Kanye Dropping Info: "The industry ain't designed for you to get rich yet its designed for you to get a house,a car but not buy an island"
    The industry is designed to dumb you down like boxing!!!

  • Moofy
    Moofy 3 days ago +15

    he seems fine to me, i can relate to him and im fine. i think
    anyways just goes to show dont listen to any media, this is raw uncut

  • Andrew Miles
    Andrew Miles 3 days ago +1

    Ye is enlightened, or close it. People love to hate on him or say he’s crazy, but they just don’t realize how much he has accomplished and overcome in his career. He has a lot to say and people should listen. Listen to the greats and learn from their mistakes.

  • A
    A 3 days ago

    If Ye had Jesus he would be dangerous

  • Kristian Martin
    Kristian Martin 3 days ago +1

    *you could put it on the radio and be like hey, ye fucked a goat, and I still wouldn’t lose my confidence*

  • Kristian Martin
    Kristian Martin 3 days ago +3

    until now I’ve never seen a comment section that’s been all positive

  • Kristian Martin
    Kristian Martin 3 days ago +2

    seeing this whole interview makes me feel more and more like Kanye should genuinely run for president.... he’s a good man.

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 3 days ago +1

    People lose themselves trying to change who they really are for money/attention/acceptance. This man is a victim.

  • A
    A 3 days ago

    First time ive seen kanye act normal

  • Melanin KitKat
    Melanin KitKat 3 days ago +1

    I’m still not here for the Trump backing, but damn, I get Kanye. Such a Gemini. 😂

  • Melanin KitKat
    Melanin KitKat 3 days ago

    Lowkey.....I see why he did what he did to Taylor Swift now..let’s argue lmao 😂🤷🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️

    TRIPLEBEAMDREAM 3 days ago


  • I.T. Student
    I.T. Student 3 days ago

    somebody phone kept going off in such a monumental interview!!

  • Sa M
    Sa M 3 days ago

    His hair looks like some loud

  • M B
    M B 3 days ago +1

    I think why people still love and have always loved about Kanye even through a lot of his crazy, misunderstood, and misguided and reckless comments is his spirit. There is a special spirit and artistic and somewhat intellectual/philosophical genius to Kanye that I'm feeling watching this. I appreciate and agree with some of his comments as they relate to art and the idea of finding freedom in certain less than ideal situations, and how many black artists and rappers are labeled and as just that and it's meant as an insult. HOWEVER, the issue I have with him and what turned me off from him several years ago was his focus and passion on issues that were no longer grounded in everyday people and reality, especially as they pertained to black and brown people and issues of racism and police brutality and violence. Now the dude runs around and makes even more perplexingly ignorant, irresponsible and dangerous comments about how slavery was a choice. And in this interview, dude is comparing himself to Birkin and Hermes bags...smh.
    When his infamous interview with Sway came out several years ago and he got heated and felt frustrated about the fashion and art industry in general being racist and elitist, I totally got that and appreciated it because as a black woman and someone who considers herself creative and has been interested in fashion design amongst other artistic/creative endeavors, that was one of the areas I've wanted to tackle too and have noticed was an issue decades ago, as I'm sure other black and brown artists noticed long before as well. The modeling industry alone has shown racism and prejudice in its lack of diversity for decades. HOWEVER, my passion and outrage and need to do something has also always been grounded in and begins and ends with everyday issues alongside artsy fartsy endeavors.
    I felt like on one hand, I really appreciated and understood where he was coming from as it relates to the art world, but my other side was also like, negro, we have WAY bigger and more pressing/urgent issues to deal with right now than worrying about some dumbass fashion show or clothes and couture, and your black ass with all this money and influence should be focused on and speaking on those issues, and more importantly putting real money, actual time and effort into helping to fix these issues around REAL and EVERYDAY racism and violence. I was like you and other black rappers and artists like Jay Z and Beyonce have a platform to help create real change, and ya'll sit around and continue to stunt and profit off of the people who've helped create your careers, and who don't have the luxuries you have and can't relate to your issues/problems as people.
    I feel like Kanye, amongst other black artists, had shown he lost touch with reality several years ago, and I was no longer a fan the more he would go on these ridiculous rants about things that made no sense and were only problems in his immediate sphere, and that he was living in a bubble and became lost. Then, he married of all people Kim Kardashian, and the whole thing became even more ridiculous, and they both like to create drama. He was like a fawn or calf learning to walk and continuing to stumble. On one hand, it can be endearing and you understand, but after awhile you become irritated and frustrated if it goes on too long.
    Furthermore, money and class only goes so far when you're a black or brown person in America. At the end of the day, you still get your wake up call one way or another, and there are only so many rooms that those with real power and influence will let you into. This is why RACE and complexion, above money and class, still trumps (no pun intended) everything.
    Instead, Kanye needs to go to actual therapy and also maybe try some meditation and really grieve and heal over the loss of his mother. He said it best when he said he needs to be inspired AND INFORMED. He seriously needs to get perspective and actual knowledge from reading books and learn some history and have understanding on current events and with society and the world, instead of limiting his knowledge and interests to social media and entertainment, clothes and fashion and consumerism. He and others also need to put their money towards creating more agents of change like creating law firms that represent cases that deal specifically with social justice issues and police brutality and violence in particular, and these people aren't merely public defenders or some non-profit agency that can only provide certain legal advice, but are well paid attorneys who actually try cases and represent people who've dealt with police brutality and violence and take on law enforcement and will bring cases to the Supreme court.

  • LillyAnn51
    LillyAnn51 3 days ago +1

    everything he fucking says makes so much more scense than i have ever heard to come out of somebody's mouth!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack Trewin
    Jack Trewin 3 days ago

    Kanye is really living a life! wow. and so much more to come from him.

  • Messagefrom Montie
    Messagefrom Montie 3 days ago

    I tried to take this seriously, but this instigating over Nike and pondering on apologies from Obama were too much. I am done. I feel like Ebro would get past the fluff.

  • Lawrence McCoy
    Lawrence McCoy 3 days ago

    If you think this man is a genius I feel so sorry for you and any children you may raise and any humans you come in contact with because you truly don’t know what true intelligence is

  • phteve mermes
    phteve mermes 3 days ago

    i just want people to be real. and to be able to talk about stuff with each other. i miss that.

  • Lawrence McCoy
    Lawrence McCoy 3 days ago +1

    The amount of stupid people in the comments is just sad it’s so sad how AmeriKKKa has dumbed down this country so much

  • soldiersunite B
    soldiersunite B 3 days ago +1

    Kanye is an intelligent, free thinking, leader not a sheep.I admire that.

  • Karlos Jones
    Karlos Jones 3 days ago

    This Is A Dope InterView....300 Acres. That's What's Up!

  • hyltron
    hyltron 4 days ago

    is it just me or is Charlemagne wearing eyeliner?

  • Dex Kato
    Dex Kato 4 days ago +1

    I'm not black, I'm Kanye ☺️

  • ShirtOff Shorti
    ShirtOff Shorti 4 days ago

    CTheGod gave the best interview of his life. He did an amazing job.

  • Sean Taylor
    Sean Taylor 4 days ago

    I’m cool off Koonye West

  • Edward Willis
    Edward Willis 4 days ago

    Thats the Kim K Affect she got the fire 🍪

  • Lieutenant Nomad
    Lieutenant Nomad 4 days ago +1

    Thank you Kanye. Very cool.

  • Bar Fitness
    Bar Fitness 4 days ago +1

    Why is charlamange trying to make out him and kanye go to see a therapist kanye is more grounded and intelligent enough to know what he is articulating i can see what kanye is doing tho i think he is giving us a presentation of millionnaire mindset he is speaking the words of napoleon hill, think and grow rich, a man thinkth, jim rohn....etc he is using his platform to reach out to the community

  • Illmatic
    Illmatic 4 days ago

    I like how he becomes silent and thinks for some time before he speaks. I sometimes do that too and I always get weird looks for that, like "did he even listen?" Just let me think for a moment lmao

  • Efe
    Efe 4 days ago +1

    "...but that's why you luhhh me. So just tell me you love me..." and in that moment I remembered why I always will be a kanye fan.

  • Efe
    Efe 4 days ago

    Charlemagne stop bleaching and rubbing so much concealer damn fam!!!

  • Sheldon Johnston
    Sheldon Johnston 4 days ago


  • Shawna Oliver
    Shawna Oliver 4 days ago

    Thoroughly and Surprisingly enjoyed this...great interviewing skills CTG!! 💙

  • tommy hil
    tommy hil 4 days ago

    So basically his. Breakdown was all about ego materialistic bull shit and wanting to be let into white. European corporation's

  • samiya  love
    samiya love 4 days ago

    Charlamagne got eyeliner on if he does it look nice

  • Grandma Adelaide
    Grandma Adelaide 4 days ago

    His mother Might love Donald Trump if she saw him through eyes of truth rather than media’s portrayal.

  • Grandma Adelaide
    Grandma Adelaide 4 days ago +1

    300 acres for a community started by Kenya West? Where do I sign up?

  • Grandma Adelaide
    Grandma Adelaide 4 days ago

    There was a time when they made fathers leave the sides of mothers delivering.