kanye west / charlamagne interview

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  • GeForced
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  • Jeff Postemus
    Jeff Postemus 18 hours ago

    The respectful tone in his voice when he speaks on HOV is inspiring. How many of us can say we truly will get to share personal space with our Idols in this lifetime.

  • Mr P
    Mr P Day ago

    It's crazy I just listen to his lyrics and his music and I feel the exact same way. Kanye is copied and replicated in so many ways but doesn't get the recognition for it. Yeezus and saint pablo on "TLOP" (which is probably one of the best songs in the past decade) were so undervalued. Thanks to radio. The opinions and control. They tell people what's hot and people LISTEN. They make what's hot. Kanye unfortunately is just an unappreciated artist. Arguably the most talented man in the music business.

  • J Masked
    J Masked 2 days ago

    stop looking at the camera charlamagne you narcissist

  • Sandra Do
    Sandra Do 4 days ago

    THIS IS A MESSAGE TO KANYE AND OTHERS HOW TO BE IN THIS ERA What we have to learn to try to do is to stay in the SPIRIT OF LOVE this gives off the most powerful DIVINE LIGHT which no power or demon can stand up against. If we familiarize our selves with the life and teachings of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ seriously we can become free to love unconditionally. Jesus's life and teachings can free us from prejudice, racism, greed, jealousy, false pride etc, etc. All of these faults IN OUR MINDS AND HEARTS are harmful to our soul, soul is light the faults are darkness, only the piercing light of LOVE which is the nature of spirit can obliterate the darkness. We cannot harness the true power of the Spirit of love if we refuse for one reason or the other to honestly work on ourselves, admitting our faults, being held accountable for what we've done and what we've fail to do, seeing God in every human being, respecting others and loving those who do not love us. Yeah I know ! It's difficult ! but if we humbly pray for God's grace it becomes possible. Lord Jesus gave us the manual, so we should work with the love of our Lord Jesus on ourselves. As long as we stay in our present state without wanting to change we will always be open to all kinds of demonic attacks and deception.
    . Just wanted to add here...from personal experience, if you're having problems praying and focusing on The Father in Heaven, try feeding the poor or helping out someone in dire need. Do it out of love expecting nothing in return and you will definitely get the grace to pray...I promise you. LOVE WHO IS THE NATURE OF TRUTH WHICH IS THE SPIRIT WHOM THE SAVIOUR JESUS REFERS TO AS THE FATHER IS THE GREATEST FOOD, GREATEST PROTECTION AND GREATEST WEAPON against every form of attack on us. Love is the most powerful light. I cannot reiterate enough that WE HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO FREE US FROM THAT WHICH IS "WITHIN US " THAT STOPS US FROM LOVING AND BEING OF THE SPIRIT OF LOVE ! IT IS SPIRITUALLY, PHYSICALLY AND SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DESTROY A PERSON WHOSE HEART IS 100% LOVE ! I repeat " IT IS SPIRITUALLY, PHYSICALLY AND SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DESTROY A PERSON WHOSE HEART IS 100% LOVE ! THEY CRUCIFIED CHRIST AND HE WAS ABLE TO BUILD BACK HIS BODY OR " THE TEMPLE" AS HE CALLED IT IN 3 DAYS ! That is why they are trying to make us less humane and more robot like to keep us out of touch with the mystifying truth of the power of love.That is why they are using religion and race to pit us one against each other and using SENSATIONALISM to hold our attention and keep us from working on ourselves. And that is why Our Lord and Saviour Jesus said that we must DIE TO OURSELVES to be in him. Jesus left his manual for all of humanity. His coming was far greater than religion. His time on earth was about Souls love and God. People of all religions, countries, races and ethnicities are souls. To say or think less is to say that God is bias. How could LOVE be bias ? We must surrender/dissolve our perceptions into the divine ocean of love which is the Heavenly Father and the Creator. We are drops of water in the Ocean that is God. As long as we keep thinking " I am a drop of water " or I am my own drop of water etc etc. we will always be vulnerable to all destructive forces. We have to wake up and realise that we ALL are drops of water in the Ocean of Love which is the Spirit of the Father. WE ALL ARE IN THIS OCEAN AND THE OCEAN IS IN ALL OF US. To wake up and fully realise this is to find liberation in the TRUTH WHOSE NATURE IS LOVE ! When we realise this then it would be the ocean at work in each one of us and not us. If we could each of us try to be this way WHO OR WHAT CAN STAND UP AGAINST GOD ?!!! OUR LORD JESUS could have performed miracle like healing, walking on water and calming the storm because all of the universe and elements recognise his voice because he is 100% LOVE !!!! THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HIS VOICE AND THE FATHER 'S !!!!!!!!! We keep talking about the coming of Christ ! But it is not how we think it will be {Luke 17:20 says The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed } It is not something to see but something to BECOME ! Did not our Lord Jesus say in {john 10:34 I have said you are gods } He was referring to every human being having the courage and strength by divine grace to be like him and all that he has done. WE have to be the second coming of Christ !!!! He must be realised in all of us. He is knocking on our hearts this minute in so many ways to have compassion mercy and love of truth. All the suffering is to help us to get tuned to love whether we experience it or whether we choose to have mercy on those who suffer. Right now there are children in Haiti eating mud cakes, poor white families living in the US in trailor homes who sometimes eat dog food to survive, poor black communities with bad water and health complications, children suffering in India, Gypsy children living in poverty and squalor in Europe, the Amerian Indian living in poverty in the reservations which are threatened daily, Innocent citizens being bombed to death in war torn countries etc etc. We cannot separate these facts or pretend they do not exist while speaking of the Father. The Father knows EVERYTHING therefore he too experiences the pain and suffering especially of the voiceless. We must appeal and encourage others to appeal to every part of the Father. This can only be done through Love as revealed to us through the way, the truth and the life of OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST . ANY HUMAN BEING WHO ATTAINS THE ABILITY TO LOVE THE WAY CHRIST LOVES IS IN--DESTRUCTIBLE , NO FORCE, NO POWER, NO PLANET, NO BOMB, NO EARTHQUAKE OR BAD WEATHER, NO DECEPTION can destroy such a person ! They are totally absorbed in SPRIT WHICH IS LOVE. THIS THE UNDERLYING MESSAGE OF THE CHRIST. TO LOVE LIKE CHRIST IS TO BECOME A SUPER HUMAN ! TO LOVE LIKE CHRIST IS TO BECOME OCEANIC ! WE MUST DISSOLVE ALL PERCEPTION INTO THE OCEAN OF LOVE WHICH IS THE NATURE OF TRUTH WHO IS SPIRIT. WE MUST BE WARRIORS FOR TRUTH, EVEN IN THE FACE OF GREAT ADVERSITY, EVEN AT THE RISK OF LOSING THE SUPPORT OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY, EVEN ONE'S JOB . JESUS SHOWED US HOW TO DO IT AND HE WAS VICTORIOUS, SO HAVE COURAGE YOU CAN DO IT ! AND FOR THOSE OF US WHO DO I TELL YOU WE WILL REALISE THAT IT WAS ALL WORTH EVERY BIT OF IT. FOR THERE IS NOTHING IN OUR WORLD THAT CAN GIVE US WHAT BEING IN THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST CAN ! Fellow human beings please meditate on this. love to all.

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    WhatsApp וידאו 4 days ago

    Your glasses are an icon and do not take them down

  • Cindy Rolle
    Cindy Rolle 4 days ago

    The first character of Superman committed suicide. Kanye make yourself into an original superhero other than that are make believe. By the way, Jewish people will not the world forget about the holocaust. I understand that. As an African-American, I don’t want the world to forget slavery in America. I feel great shame that Kanye could utter such words regarding Harriet Tubman and slavery. That blond has has whitewashed his brain.

  • Cindy Rolle
    Cindy Rolle 4 days ago

    I love Kanye when he is cool, calm and collective. He can be brilliant in those moments. It’s scary when he extends himself beyond these borders. He seems to go so far beyond that he is insulting to others. I wish him well

  • Legendary Goat
    Legendary Goat 4 days ago

    Ye is the Goat of Hip Hop just cause he’s bipolar doesn’t make him a bad person. Brilliant people are greatly misunderstood especially creative people

  • Jeanette Sands
    Jeanette Sands 5 days ago

    Once you are free of money & tune in to the reality of life all your fears will vanish. You can gain anything without money but it's so important to you that it blocks you. What you resist, persists!

  • M.A. V.
    M.A. V. 5 days ago

    First off i hate the mainstream media and the left, but even i fell for their manipulation of reality; their dehumanization, marginalization, and inference of craziness of Kanye.
    Because of all the media's treatment of Kanye and imo simularities in their treatment of Kavanaugh, i looked up Kanye and discovered this interview.
    You know what i found? A man with all the flaws of man, but hes not crazy. I find he's very intelligent but has dificulties in articulating some things due to haveing a 100 things go through his head at the same instant.
    Just because a person whos famouse has a different point of view than what hes told to think by the rest of the left doesnt make him crazy, what it does represent is that everyone else in Hollywood is a robot that's sold their free will for fame and wealth.
    Kanye i wish you the best, stay strong in your beliefs and i wish you balance and serenity.

  • Vincent Griffin
    Vincent Griffin 5 days ago

    Ye the goat for this! Amazing human being great energy. We are so fortunate to have him.

  • wayne stewart
    wayne stewart 6 days ago

    I only made it 4 minutes but I feel like I just wasted 4 minutes of my life

  • Ser Davos Seaworth
    Ser Davos Seaworth 6 days ago

    Something is happening

  • K&C W
    K&C W 7 days ago

    you need to come go fishing, hang out with Fisher of men. God bless, we are all in a struggle right now. Praying we come together, even if it's just a Fishing Trip and good food,,, Peace on Earth, Good will for men-women, like US- AAAA

  • sue
    sue 7 days ago

    I REJECT disrespecting my fellow Americans

  • Ali Houzifi
    Ali Houzifi 7 days ago

    Think that the higher Illuminatis want to stop you from getting up in the $$$$$$$$$$$ because then you would be powerful not saying that your 100% normal but who is

  • Ali Houzifi
    Ali Houzifi 7 days ago

    PPL seem to be coming and going. Wounder why? I do think you're looking for father figure in many but you should start looking at yourself first

  • Ali Houzifi
    Ali Houzifi 7 days ago

    That's why in Islam the clothing we wear makes us all equal

  • Ali Houzifi
    Ali Houzifi 7 days ago

    Two PPL within him

  • Ali Houzifi
    Ali Houzifi 7 days ago

    Man with cooking for my family of 8 and watching this I've had to stop and start again 3hours later still only a quarter of the way in 😂
    But on a good note this is great insight into where ye is at and a bit of inspiration too

  • Sergio Dj
    Sergio Dj 8 days ago

    Kanye west react to i love it made by roblox noices

  • Fiddlekrazy Steve
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  • Fiddlekrazy Steve
    Fiddlekrazy Steve 8 days ago

    DUDE! Besides being an artist myself and could dig jammin or doing some creations with Kanye I could REALLY SAY I would love to have lengthy convo with Ye. LOL as long as it dont interfere with my talks with GOD. FOR REAL!

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  • IT Prog
    IT Prog 8 days ago

    Kanye West ruined Taylor Swift's night at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night during her acceptance speech. ZZZ

  • elandore
    elandore 8 days ago +1

    Hehe. Obama came to me and my mother. Because I am the greatest artist. Its true. Its a flat statment. Ha ha. Sharmy. You have to love Kanye

  • precious tyrastar
    precious tyrastar 8 days ago

    Kanye your loyal fans care for you. You are doing your best to make the world a better place and woke by using your platform. But it is evident that you are displaying serious symptoms of (thought disorder) and it is related to your bipolar status. When you speak you are becoming incoherent and incomprehensible. I pray you take time out to make the necessary changes you need. If it’s hiring a better psychiatrist, a better personal assistant or you find the strength within yourself to take your medication regularly. Because my love, you have it rock bottom and society is kicking you while your down with cameras in your face exploiting you - Jesus still walks with you because the devils tryna break you down.

  • srnh04
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  • Merry Walsh
    Merry Walsh 8 days ago

    Wow 100% raw and honest. Such a brilliant mind. Charlemagne did a good job too.

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller 9 days ago +2

    Kanye deep as fuck . Love his appreciation of experiences including the breakdown . Damn you gotta be seeing shit clear to understand the other side .

  • Maria g
    Maria g 9 days ago

    He needs medication before he gets more crazier

  • Sandra 90210
    Sandra 90210 10 days ago

    2009-2012 where his best hits now 😝😛

  • Jennifer Cheslo
    Jennifer Cheslo 10 days ago +1

    Sounds to me your on your hero’s journeys as well !!!

  • Ghost Killa
    Ghost Killa 10 days ago +1

    This was a beautifully produced interview.

  • Downtown_Atake
    Downtown_Atake 11 days ago

    This clown is one breakdown away from literally proclaiming himself to be Jesus Christ reincarnated. How did his ego and Trump's fit in the same room without knocking the roof of the Oval Office down on top of them?

  • Downtown_Atake
    Downtown_Atake 11 days ago +1

    More whiny crying ass complaining and self-gratifying bullshit from Kanye. He shows up late for a show and then cries that there were repercussions? And talking constantly about himself in 3rd person. I can't even believe people defend this narcissistic manchild. BTW, he hugged Donald Trump in a MAGA hat today. How black folks feeling about him now? THE BLACK TRUMP.

    • 0311 pool
      0311 pool 10 days ago +1

      Black approval of trump is at 36%, that's the highest it has ever been for the GOP since 1996 when it was at 12%. So "black folks" are actually feeling a lot better than you might think. :)

  • Manvi49
    Manvi49 11 days ago +2

    If you’re here with already assumed judgement about Kanye being racist or uncle Tom, watching this interview won’t be beneficial to you. You have already made up your mind, you don’t wanna understand his points. Please watch it with open mind, without judgement, without being loyal to one political party. Watch it as an individual thinker who’s trying to understand his point of view then you may gain some knowledge.

  • Manvi49
    Manvi49 11 days ago +2

    How come all these celebrities claim to be democrats but they never encourage young people to go out and work hard. They always wanna talk about things that are wrong or from the past, they wanna emotionally manipulate you. They want to held you back from moving forward. They want you to keep believing that you’re a victim of some kind. They pass on that victim mentality. If you have victim mentality you’re gonna feel like you don’t matter, you’re gonna feel like there’s nothing you can do to change and that’s exactly what they want. Remember emotions cloud logic!!

  • Manvi49
    Manvi49 11 days ago +2

    I can’t explain my thoughts about Kanye. Love him or hate him but you’ll only understand what he’s saying if you are a free thinker. If you just repeat what’s already said you’re just being robot. Take time and try to really understand what he’s saying. He always seem to speak 5-10 years ahead of the current time, watch his old interview with the breakfast club. The thing i hate about most celebrities is that they always speaking to appear appealing to the crowd but their original thoughts and values are different. They always use the preference falsification, especially the left. I respect ye for speaking the mind and encouraging youngsters to be individual thinker.

  • spooky shistar
    spooky shistar 11 days ago

    I know where they shot I love it now

  • Daphne Christopher
    Daphne Christopher 11 days ago

    Kanye West is an idiot and does not represent African-American people. He is an "Hail Trump" Boy. I say Boycott!!

    • our hair defies gravity so can we
      our hair defies gravity so can we 9 days ago +1

      You don't represent "African American" ppl either. STFU..

    • 0311 pool
      0311 pool 10 days ago +1

      Black approval of trump is at 36%, that's the highest it has ever been for the GOP since 1996 when it was at 12%. Don't be so quick to think that you know what represents them.

  • Nabeel Fayed
    Nabeel Fayed 11 days ago

    you keep vanishing stop that lol

  • Mohamed Fall
    Mohamed Fall 14 days ago +1

    That's the Ye everybody needs to know cause that is actually the real one. Medias just portray him as a dumb/selfish motherfucker. That's why all those people need to go an check the interviews and not just to see him through the medias' eyes

  • Riley Dick
    Riley Dick 14 days ago +1

    This interview really made me think, it struck me that Kanye is a really intelligent individual thats really misunderstood and taken advantage of. Doesn't help shitty media platforms exploit him for nothing more than a pass along bulletin, but he's just as human as those that listen to him and he should be treated as such. Really fucking sad to see someone suffer through something with little support and a whole lot of demand.

  • letsCOOKwithELLE
    letsCOOKwithELLE 14 days ago +1

    I watched the whole interview like it was a movie 🍿

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  • Vile Crocodile
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  • Catherina Raymond
    Catherina Raymond 15 days ago +2

    I hate how the media has portrayed him. There's so much I can take away from this interview. Thank You!

  • Danii Bey
    Danii Bey 15 days ago +1

    Kanye is an emotional reactionary person. His whole support of Trump Is because he is upset with Obama and trying to get back at him. Also, he still resents Obama for having Jay and Beyonce as his celebrity friends. Ye thinks he should have that spot. Ye is very smart but he let's his emotions lead his judgments when he should, at times, let his logic and rational lead

    • 0311 pool
      0311 pool 10 days ago +2

      He's already stated several stances he agrees on with trump. Most notably helping clean up inner cities and keeping the inhabitants out of prison and onto meaningful lives. Also check out 1:36:00 in the video

    • Danii Bey
      Danii Bey 15 days ago

      He can never answer why he supports Trump. Trump really is a retaliation against Obama and Jay

  • hawaiian cote
    hawaiian cote 15 days ago

    I think jewelry is dumb but even more as they both are wearing it there, but as silly as is, is also logic and consistent with the slave status.

    • Maat11
      Maat11 9 days ago

      Gold is good investment. Way better than paper money.

  • Max Marver
    Max Marver 16 days ago

    1:36:00 for people who hate his maga hat and don't know why he wears it

  • Mark McIntosh
    Mark McIntosh 17 days ago +6

    Kanye, the silent majority stands with you. It may not seem like it, but you are on th right side of history. You are truely brilliant.

  • Social Web
    Social Web 17 days ago

    People that refer to themselves in the third person make me very uncomfortable.

  • Christopher Parker
    Christopher Parker 17 days ago +1

    Taking out Hip-Hop, Question for Question...This is one of the best interviews I have ever seen!!!

  • ryan m
    ryan m 17 days ago

    Kanye's energy is elevated I'm June 9th I feel you brother Ying and yang

  • André Hamman
    André Hamman 18 days ago +1

    Kenya and Trump dragon energy, making the world a better more competitive free market place

  • Logical Eye
    Logical Eye 18 days ago

    Perfect interview we love it,spread the love

  • Alexandru
    Alexandru 19 days ago

    these interview made my day! Thanks

  • Luck Walker
    Luck Walker 20 days ago +4

    Ye I respect you and stand with you if no other black person will I'm willing to speak on the 13th and I am very on top of my game I'm a single father who believe in what you are doing its all fact and I wanna be down but don't know how I'm ignorant to that process but I'm willing to speak to the world to make sure they understand why and what you are saying I'm never on social media do to my survival situation but I am mindful and ready to put the work in for the country to be great cuz like it or not we all are here and there is no going back to the 60's we can only move forward I'm with you

    • 0311 pool
      0311 pool 9 days ago +1

      And to you the same!

    • Luck Walker
      Luck Walker 9 days ago +1

      Respect love peace to you!

    • 0311 pool
      0311 pool 10 days ago +2

      I grew up with mostly just my father, I know he struggled at times to make ends meet. Even if I don't know you I appreciate what you're doing, it'll make all the difference in the world to your child.

  • Charquevia Mobley
    Charquevia Mobley 20 days ago +2

    The energy in these comment 🤗

  • Zen Life
    Zen Life 20 days ago

    That therapist bit was inane
    A) ppl do not wanna be your therapist
    B) it’s unhealthy to have a personal connection to your therapist
    C) you want an unbiased educated opinion
    D) the therapist know more s out you than anyone you’ll ever know - you’ll keep no secrets due to the trust built over time and that the therapist is legally bound to keep your sessions confidential
    Therapy is lovely

  • FinlandForceTeam
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  • Davis J
    Davis J 21 day ago +1

    YE is very intelligent.

    NICE LOVE LIFE 21 day ago +4

    I think Kanye West is very misunderstood I just watched that Saturday Night Live thing and people were booing him

  • Mike Steiner
    Mike Steiner 22 days ago +3

    Kanye I just want to thank you! Ive been researching all the illuminati stuff and when I found your "concert rant" I was relived to see you trying to expose the truth. And the "fans" there... what a bunch of brainwashed sheep

  • Mr CT
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  • WITTEe
    WITTEe 22 days ago

    7:39 When my mom tells me to clean my room😂

  • Daniel August
    Daniel August 22 days ago

    Dude is crazy

  • I AM Infinite
    I AM Infinite 22 days ago +1

    People hate on Ye but his music is epic. I am a well rounded listener in music who likes Yeezus album. A lot of pple not like it, but I am a fan of Joy Divsion, so I lost a lot of muthafuckas right there.

  • Top Ten
    Top Ten 23 days ago +1

    Is that Kanye's home or some type of museum?

  • meerokay
    meerokay 24 days ago

    I just had a ‘holy shit this video is legendary’ moment watching this interview. gg wp

  • jomanaaboh
    jomanaaboh 24 days ago

    57:40 his words 100% true

  • Yon World
    Yon World 25 days ago +1

    YONDHI by Yon World 🌍 on all streaming platforms

  • Stephen carter
    Stephen carter 25 days ago

    Kanye made sense untill he said "even the people who tryna kill you aren't your enemies" then he talked about streaming and Heriot Tubman. Lmao

    • Stephen carter
      Stephen carter 25 days ago

      Hes making sense. LMAO then charlemagne caught him. Which remeinded me of when kanye said "Im alive with my opinion"... Kanye's Opinion isnt important or righteous enough for him to get got. He thinks hes jesus and Steve jobs love chile but he.....Just mentioned getting killed tomorrow.. here he goes again...just said pac again lol

  • bztrd80
    bztrd80 25 days ago

    Dude, 42 minutes late! Motherfuckers get fired and lose jobs over 10 minutes late, wtf are you talking about?? This guy is still talking in third person and still is convinced to be superior over everyone else. It's good to love yourself dude, but you're not God, okay? One week after your death everyone forgot about you and you'll be mentioned from time to time here and there until the new generations will not consider you as relevant anymore.

  • Daniel Soares
    Daniel Soares 26 days ago

    One of the greatest interviews. So insightful

  • Victoriousive
    Victoriousive 27 days ago

    this person is truly my inspiration.

  • pittsburgh199
    pittsburgh199 27 days ago

    Charlemagne would ask "how high?" if Kanye said "jump"

  • Comedienne Ms Lipps
    Comedienne Ms Lipps 28 days ago

    President Kanye 2020 let's get it

  • LALA
    LALA 28 days ago

    Whatever. This guy? That’s not Kanye West! Look! You can tell! He has been brainwashed, cloned or both. The Kardashian’s OWN Kanye. That boy has not been the same! Take a closer look. You can look at him and see this! Don’t pretend not to notice! His whole personality swag and body movements have all changed. The real Kanye is not calm and slow speaking like this! This new Kanye West person guy is dull and very boring to listen to! He does not answer interview questions clearly or straightforward..Like really? Come on! We all know Kanye is loud obnoxious with a point to prove! Always. No matter what. The music industry is dangerous. The “Powers That Be” can replace you at any point and no one will ever know. If you are blind and can’t see things for what it is. Then it’s time to Wake the fuck up because things are not as they appear to be.

    • Jay Gxldboy
      Jay Gxldboy 21 day ago +1

      No he just woke up and doesn't follow the sheep mindset of mainstream society and doesn't play the victim he voices his opinion if he was a "sellout" mainstream society would love but if you pay attention mainstream society hates he's showing the true colors of the "victims" everyone's playing as stay woke

  • Wanye Kest
    Wanye Kest 28 days ago +1

    Kanye, don’t mind the haters and doubters; they don’t perceive the message you’re expressing the same way as your fans and followers do. Continue to strive to make yourself and the world a greater place.


    Ayy kanye

  • Ryan Bamford
    Ryan Bamford Month ago +1

    Damn, no word of a lie, whatever I dream about and aspire to do in the future, Kanye always comes along and says he's gonna be the one to blow that shit wide open. Like first it was fashion, now its real estate and developing housing and cities. This shit gives me mad confidence aswell knowing that I have a similar vision and creative mindest to one of my idols. I'll think of this shit and then 2 months later info comes out that Kanye has been planning it for a while. Crazy how this shit works.

  • X Noella
    X Noella Month ago

    I was able to bypass all the time-consuming techniques and go straight to the source >> *( Pdfdownload2015*com )* the subconscious.

  • Gody P
    Gody P Month ago +1

    This is how ctg should do interviews from now on, he should just throw away his old gimmick and just be real, being an asshole for no reason isn’t real

  • Ryan Bamford
    Ryan Bamford Month ago +3

    Refreshing to see the number of understanding and respectful people in the comments. Sometimes I feel like the world is spiralling into a lost cause and everyone is just watching it wash down the plug hole. I can always count on Kanye to provide motivation and encouragment to all those who are unsure in life and need that assurance that their doubts and concerns are not alien and are actually quite common. Kanye is rare, he's hated because he constantly reminds people of how bad the world is becoming and they just don't want to face it. Nobody wants to believe the truth yet they are constantly trying to define it. Kanye is by far one of the most sacred and important artists of the past 20 years. The proof is in the comments and the music industry and the fashion world. His footprint is covering everything we see. The comments just show how much inspiration and self confidence Kanye generates. Love him.

    • Cp Priest
      Cp Priest 27 days ago +1

      So true brother this is a great comment 🙏

  • Ryan Bamford
    Ryan Bamford Month ago

    This the only interview where I've had respect for Charlemagne.

  • Al Dees
    Al Dees Month ago

    People that like Kanye don’t have common sense

    • Jay Gxldboy
      Jay Gxldboy 21 day ago +1

      I disagree common sense is knowing you can be able to voice your own opinion and stop following what everyone else thinks you're the one who lacks common sense tbh

  • Sasha Partan
    Sasha Partan Month ago

    Who be getting texts during this interview tho

  • Ela Deniz
    Ela Deniz Month ago

    This is the first time I understand Kanye West

  • Aivan M. Vaughn
    Aivan M. Vaughn Month ago

    Kanye should lay carpet for a living, hes clearly good at that

  • M E
    M E Month ago

    ‘Ye is definitely too sensitive but I understand. We love you brother.

  • TheRealJesus
    TheRealJesus Month ago

    It seems to me that we was nearly devoured by his ego ,glad he’s back .humble yourself people .

  • m r
    m r Month ago +3

    kanye is such an inspiration, not everyone gets it!

  • Azeem Dilani
    Azeem Dilani Month ago

    This guy is nothing but a loser

  • Luke Sanabria
    Luke Sanabria Month ago

    that lvmh apparel deal that fell thru, followed by balenciaga and lv poaching his literal 1st and 2nd most important partners, must have been a brutally confusing and hard time for ye. Glad he's still willing and able to show love for those two while going strong building his own empire step by step as the man in charge. This mans visionary & I don't think anyone can convince me otherwise

  • luvfitall
    luvfitall Month ago

    anyone notice at 4:15 "KIM SAID she heard they were comming to rob her!" CLearly a false flag hoax to manipulate the mass public and or steer them away from another main issue within america.