• Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • hi friends! today I went to the worst reviewed makeup artist that I could find in NYC. the makeup turned out really bad and I actually ended up getting a really bad reaction from it :( hope you enjoy the video!
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  • daisy kaur
    daisy kaur  4 months ago +1183

    Hi guys! I wanted to let everyone know I got permission to film and I told her I was going to be recording her doing my makeup the entire time and she was good with it! As you can see I wasn’t hiding the camera and I also didn’t talk bad about the lady herself. I was giving my honest thoughts and opinion about the makeup and my experience there! Hope you guys enjoyed and thank you for all the support! :)

    • Sasha Dimetries
      Sasha Dimetries Month ago

      daisy kaur yeah but did she know what kind of video you were making? That's not fair. You can actually hurt her business and her emotional and mental health. You should have blocked her face

    • Vianey Bocardo
      Vianey Bocardo Month ago

      This has become my favorite video idk why 😂

    • Sarah Hamdi
      Sarah Hamdi 2 months ago

      daisyyy I love your jacket wheres it from

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana 4 days ago

    Almost half this video was just you doing nothing

  • Enas Samman
    Enas Samman 6 days ago

    Makeup not bad

  • Love Life
    Love Life 6 days ago

    What is that 😂 not even a good job

  • GaGaFan68
    GaGaFan68 13 days ago

    @daisykaur What camera do you use for filming?

  • Tessa XD
    Tessa XD 16 days ago

    Honestly I’ve seen worse 😂😂 but yooo wtf did she do to u lmao

  • R Ven
    R Ven 17 days ago

    I'm in NYC and I'm a MUA if anyone's looking for a MUA FOLLOW my IG @rne____ 💁🏽I got the best deals‼️‼️

  • Ira Argynova
    Ira Argynova 18 days ago

    Почему визажист в верхней одежде, тип гигиенично ?🤨

  • Queen Rose
    Queen Rose 23 days ago

    when your name is Zarah and it sounds the exact same as Zara and you werent paying atteniton and get scared XD (what I just did)

  • thequeenofcards1
    thequeenofcards1 25 days ago

    You can tell it was cold..lady had on a jacket,and scarf! Lmao

  • GaGaFan68
    GaGaFan68 26 days ago

    The music in the background literally sounds like it's from Cinderella's royal table at Walt Disney World! If you don't know what I'm talking about, TheXvid it! 👍🏻

  • Alexa S.
    Alexa S. Month ago

    TFW you realize for her that the brushes are so hard because the makeup 'artist' never cleaned them properly. Cringe!

  • JayJay27
    JayJay27 Month ago

    But if the makeup gave you an allergic reaction then tell us so we don’t go to that place and make the same mistake

  • Luce Marbles
    Luce Marbles Month ago

    OK, all I have to say is, WHY on earth would you go somewhere like that and let her apply lipstick that there's no telling WHO else has had that lipstick applied ono their lips? You will get more than an ALLERGIC reaction from doing that kind of shit. Hello? HERPES? Honestly I know you are young, but use your damn brain! Not just the lipstick either. YUCK all of that makeup has been used on other people. That eyeliner! Ever heard of PINK EYE?

  • Lynsey W
    Lynsey W Month ago

    At least take your coat of woman!

  • Blze Shadow reaction

    It was really just the eyeshadow

  • Tricia unknown
    Tricia unknown Month ago +1

    Thank you for a real video and not these ridiculous fake ones being put out very enjoyable😊

  • Furiosa
    Furiosa Month ago

    Should of blocked her face out.

  • Kayla Woods
    Kayla Woods Month ago

    When she said it is so cold in here I noticed the the lady that she was wearing a big coat and a fluffy jumper

  • Johanna Krainer
    Johanna Krainer Month ago

    I actually think its not bad, its jut the eyeshadow that is weirdish

  • pauliner100
    pauliner100 Month ago +1

    The makeup was trash.. people should stop trynna overlook it just becaause the woman is ‘nice’ of course she is nice she’s getting paid isn’t she?? She did the bare minimum and this girl is naturally pretty so even the bare minimum would look good on her. Doesn’t mean that the makeup was any good and the constant disappearing was just odd .. she definitely wasn’t certain in what she was doing

  • pauliner100
    pauliner100 Month ago

    The makeup was trash.. people should stop trynna overlook it just becaause the woman is ‘nice’ of course she is nice she’s getting paid isn’t she?? She did the bare minimum and this girl is naturally pretty so even the bare minimum would look good on her. Doesn’t mean that the makeup was any good and the constant disappearing was just odd .. she definitely wasn’t certain in what she was doing

  • Violeta Johnson
    Violeta Johnson Month ago

    Um so this is irrelevant but in the beginning when she was yelling what was she saying??

  • Kedar Durocher
    Kedar Durocher Month ago

    From now on I'm an fucking pro Makeup artist okreuuuuuuu shitttttttt...I can even do better then that.

  • Ashley Pires
    Ashley Pires Month ago

    It is better than the majority of the “ worst rated makeup artist” videos I have seen!!!

  • Family Day
    Family Day Month ago +1

    She was so nice and sweet and old that’s so sad 😔

  • Heather Jones
    Heather Jones Month ago

    Do not let any makeup artist use used lip wand on your lips, you could catch herpes or worse.

  • Ciara Obeso
    Ciara Obeso Month ago +3

    I watch this video every night when I can’t sleep 😂it makes me go to sleep faster cuz it’s so soothing to watch

  • YasminMac91
    YasminMac91 Month ago

    I cannot stand it when people use their fingers to apply someone else’s makeup 🤢

  • Sharon Sharn
    Sharon Sharn Month ago

    I dont normally comment but i like this gal and its weired but kind of pleasant to watch..

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith Month ago

    I seriously think she used paint brushes lol

  • Lindy Basgall
    Lindy Basgall Month ago

    Maybe needs blended but still kinda ok

  • Frozen PeťAnna
    Frozen PeťAnna Month ago

    If you don't like it in the salon, you can tell it her.

  • kas jade
    kas jade Month ago

    loved this!😂

  • Laura Zendeli
    Laura Zendeli Month ago

    Out of all the worst reviewed makeup videos I’ve watched... I will say she wasn’t the WORST lmao

  • Ritz make up artis dan salon ritz studio

    Make up expire already and No hygenic

  • neels n
    neels n Month ago +2

    Artists should be exposed because they are scamming people .

  • neels n
    neels n Month ago +1

    Fact -Hindus don't change their bad habits even after living in Western countries!!!!!!

  • Sergine Calamel
    Sergine Calamel Month ago +1

    You know its not a good salon but why .com you .com there..

  • ragweezy
    ragweezy Month ago

    I’m cringing I don’t know what to do with myself oh my gosh

  • BlogWTChina
    BlogWTChina Month ago

    m.thexvid.com/video/P6XDAE1UcC8/video.html hey watch my video?!

  • Jessie1bae
    Jessie1bae Month ago +5

    Lmaooooo nooo this is the same lady that did my makeup omggg!! My was worst smh 😂😂😂 y’all gotta check it out 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😭

  • Angelique Oren
    Angelique Oren Month ago

    It is so cold because they are trying to save money. They do not have enough business and trying to cut costs.

  • yee yee
    yee yee Month ago


  • Sxturnx
    Sxturnx Month ago +1

    Daisy: i dont understand
    My brain: *i dont understand bitch. dont understand. i dont understand.*

  • Ichigo Kitsune
    Ichigo Kitsune Month ago

    People in the comments who are making fun of her work, she's trying okay? Let her be herself and be proud of the makeup she does! Honestly she was super nice and didn't mind being filmed so she was obviously proud of what she did so hush

  • Kenzie Harris
    Kenzie Harris Month ago

    She could’ve blended better and she really used the mascara out there tube😭-

  • Morgan Elizabeth
    Morgan Elizabeth Month ago

    I know it ended up being okay, but please don’t approach uber’s or lyfts by telling them your name! it’s easy for someone to pose a driver and say “yes”. instead, ask who they’re there for! stay safe ❤️

    • Morgan Elizabeth
      Morgan Elizabeth Month ago

      and yeah this was so not the point but it’s still important to make note of. I couldn’t help but notice her step into the car and say her name

  • Fatima Ortega
    Fatima Ortega Month ago

    You soft, shouldve told her it looked bad

  • Cyncere Penn
    Cyncere Penn Month ago

    I wonder what would happen if some told the "makeup artist" that they didnt like it

  • Brae Bashaw
    Brae Bashaw Month ago

    It's not that bad

  • Jessika Eryn
    Jessika Eryn 2 months ago

    Oof. So unsanitary & she didn't even bother blending the eyeshadow.

  • Aimee Cedano
    Aimee Cedano 2 months ago

    Whats her intro song called ?

  • karla cortes
    karla cortes 2 months ago

    I wanna do a video like this but i got the ovaries to tell them the truth and ask for my pay bck if it left me with an infection!

  • karla cortes
    karla cortes 2 months ago

    Ok trash on the one comment about her fucking visa immigration status

  • faith ayer
    faith ayer 2 months ago


  • faith ayer
    faith ayer 2 months ago

    Shot that bad compared to other people's

  • Sparkling Phoenix
    Sparkling Phoenix 2 months ago

    This makeup is good compared to all the nightmare “worst makeup artists” I’ve watched 😳😂🤣

  • shannon stinson
    shannon stinson 2 months ago

    Is this the best of the worst makeup artist I've seen at least it looks like an amateur did it not someone that sucks doing makeup. Some of these TheXvidrs me to take a picture of what they do on themselves and said that they got it professionally done somewhere else and see if they can recreate it.

  • H-M P
    H-M P 2 months ago

    Hey! Are u Estonian?