Jimmy Announces The Tonight Show Is Headed to the University of Texas at Austin

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • Jimmy announces a special Tonight Show episode to be filmed at the University of Texas at Austin on Thursday, November 7 in partnership with Samsung.
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    Jimmy Announces The Tonight Show Is Headed to the University of Texas at Austin
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 79

  • Leah Eufemia
    Leah Eufemia 29 days ago

    Looks like I started college at the right time!

  • KeishaSoto13
    KeishaSoto13 Month ago

    See you there Jimmy!!!! So excited!!

  • Amogh Misra
    Amogh Misra Month ago +1

    Jimmy my man, come into my dorm it’s in the honors quad, so it’s better

  • Quinn Changus
    Quinn Changus Month ago


  • Julia Wezio
    Julia Wezio Month ago +2


  • Katherine Werchan
    Katherine Werchan Month ago


  • Starfait
    Starfait Month ago

    You are welcome to join us in the culture of Wampus

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa Month ago +1

    I have a very comfortable rug at my dorm if you're interested!

  • Jamie
    Jamie Month ago +8

    I can hear Jimmy Fallon say “alright, alright, alright” with Matthew McConaughey already

  • velyna98
    velyna98 Month ago

    Okay how do I get tickets???

  • C J
    C J Month ago +2

    Welp, Matthew McConaughey will be a guest, for sure.

  • Priscilla Ann Kinkle

    Keithkinklecrashlanding@yahoo.com band ready to play!!!

  • Jenny Matthews
    Jenny Matthews Month ago +9

    If Matthew McConaughey isn’t one of the special guests I’m dropping out

    • Billy Sou
      Billy Sou Month ago

      He has to. Otherwise the show won’t be alright, alright, alright.

  • CommanderPaprika
    CommanderPaprika Month ago

    do it on pcl floor 5

  • Mr. Bond
    Mr. Bond Month ago

    HOOKEM horns I’m going

  • Carson Saldanha
    Carson Saldanha Month ago

    What are the details 😂
    How do we get tickets? Where exactly on campus is it going to be held? I wanna go lol

    • C J
      C J Month ago +2

      I'm assuming Bass

  • Hannah Noelle
    Hannah Noelle Month ago

    Woohoo Hook ‘em. I’m an RA, you can stay at my dorm lol

  • Savannah Atchley
    Savannah Atchley Month ago

    I’ve got a very soft rug just for you Jimmy!

  • Diana Carlin
    Diana Carlin Month ago

    jimmy you can stay with me at my apartment in north campus (the best and most chill area). I can sleep on the couch! In fact take my whole apartment! I'll make my apartment roommate move out too.

    • Diana Carlin
      Diana Carlin Month ago

      after some reflection, i am starting to realize this imaginary friendship is very one-sided

  • celia perez
    celia perez Month ago +1

    jimmy get j2 with me!!!

  • Jonathan Wong
    Jonathan Wong Month ago

    I have a surprisingly uncomfortable yet barely bearable futon in my apartment next to my ping pong table that you are more than welcome to sleep on. You can sleep on the futon and the crew can sleep on the ping pong table.

  • GhostBlazerX
    GhostBlazerX Month ago

    Jimmy hmu! We got a guest room in West Campus, just warning you my roommates smoke a lot of weed

  • mallory thompson
    mallory thompson Month ago

    Please consider stopping by the Chi Omega house.

  • Kyla Leibel
    Kyla Leibel Month ago

    You can come over to San Jac with us swimmers and divers! 😂

    • Kyla Leibel
      Kyla Leibel Month ago

      It would be so fun if you came to the pool!

  • Valeria Riveron
    Valeria Riveron Month ago

    My dorm room is your dorm room Jimmy. HOOK EMMM

  • Isabella Villanueva

    Gig 'Em

  • Amy Higgins
    Amy Higgins Month ago


  • Deep Nasta
    Deep Nasta Month ago

    As your former President of the Audience, you’re welcome to stay with me. Or at least give me tickets.

  • Puma7347
    Puma7347 Month ago

    No way how do we get in?

  • Soge
    Soge Month ago

    So how can we go?🤓

  • Cass E. Roll
    Cass E. Roll Month ago

    How do we get tickets?!

  • Fix News
    Fix News Month ago

    Why do they say "at" Austin? Should it not be "in" Austin?

  • Roxi Thrasher
    Roxi Thrasher Month ago

    OH MY GOOOOSSH THIS IS MY SCHOOL!!! I’m a radio television film major!!

  • Macy McFarlin
    Macy McFarlin Month ago

    you are always welcome in nasty casty. this is the coolest birthday present ever

  • Jondon
    Jondon Month ago +2

    I got a whole house for you 2 bathrooms

  • MrMandrif
    MrMandrif Month ago

    Ok where do I sign up!!

  • Osman Noor
    Osman Noor Month ago +1

    Hook em 🤘🤘🤘

    J3RRY M. MERCIE Month ago +1

    I’ll treat you to TORCHY’S TACOS!!!!!

  • Patrick Lai
    Patrick Lai Month ago +1

    Jimmy come visit west campus. i got an extra mattress lol

  • 2pacsrsacc
    2pacsrsacc Month ago

    How do we get tickets???

  • Serena Everett
    Serena Everett Month ago +5

    You can stay with us Jimmy! Hook 'em!

  • skidstation
    skidstation Month ago

    Do a burnout

  • Nikki Hy
    Nikki Hy Month ago

    be my 4th wampus roomie

  • John Mendusky
    John Mendusky Month ago +1

    Jimmy you're more than welcome to use my restroom in West Campus!

  • Claire Philpot
    Claire Philpot Month ago +5

    if not, how can we get tickets to be in the audience??

  • Claire Philpot
    Claire Philpot Month ago +1

    students should be able to get in free & be part of the live studio audience!!!

    • Claire Philpot
      Claire Philpot Month ago

      Soge ur right but i mean it’s Jimmy Fallon bro

    • Soge
      Soge Month ago +1

      Claire Philpot lol that would be worse than the stampede at the stadium 💀

  • Bacilio Hernandez
    Bacilio Hernandez Month ago +1

    Jester West!!!! Best dorms on campus here! This is amazing and I can’t wait for your show to head here to UT Austin!!

  • mallika sabhnani
    mallika sabhnani Month ago

    please come hang out at my apartment can u help me install my tv

  • Tiffany Ha
    Tiffany Ha Month ago

    my roommates and i have already made room for you, you’re welcome anytime

  • Maraaj Chowdhury
    Maraaj Chowdhury Month ago

    Hook em! Excited!

  • Sarang Kim
    Sarang Kim Month ago +1

    Jimmy you're welcome to stay with me in my dorm! We have a realllly soft carpet.

  • Alyssa Edwards
    Alyssa Edwards Month ago +45

    so what i’m hearing is,,,we’re throwing jimmy a party in west campus on november 7th

  • Xandria Hernandez
    Xandria Hernandez Month ago +13

    my dorm is your dorm, this is the best birthday present ever (my birthday is 4 days later).

    • Rachel Davis
      Rachel Davis Month ago +1

      Xandria Hernandez I tried a few years ago with no luck. Let’s hope for the best in ATX!

    • Xandria Hernandez
      Xandria Hernandez Month ago

      Rachel Davis SAME! I tried to see him in NYC this summer and couldn’t get tickets. This is a sign that I was meant to go.

    • Rachel Davis
      Rachel Davis Month ago

      Xandria Hernandez need me some birthday tickets 😂

    • Xandria Hernandez
      Xandria Hernandez Month ago +1

      Rachel Davis we are one in the same

    • Rachel Davis
      Rachel Davis Month ago

      Xandria Hernandez my birthday is 4 days before !

  • Jennifer Sessions
    Jennifer Sessions Month ago +1

    I wanna see Jimmy with the bats. I think that would be special af 😂🦇

  • Jacob W
    Jacob W Month ago


  • Sophie Price
    Sophie Price Month ago +75

    jimmy you are welcome to stay in my apartment in west campus.

    • Sophie Price
      Sophie Price Month ago +1

      so this is what it's like to be famous, huh. don't forget to like & subscribe, folks

    • Sophie Price
      Sophie Price Month ago

      @erayreray jimmy come on already. we have such a nice place.

    • erayreray
      erayreray Month ago +1

      jimmy u can have our sofa

    • Alex Boltz
      Alex Boltz Month ago +3


  • parkash sehrawat
    parkash sehrawat Month ago +2

    Someone please inform steezy kane

  • K0B3
    K0B3 Month ago +4


  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel Month ago +1


  • Miranda Olmos
    Miranda Olmos Month ago +1

    Wt im coming