Every Touchdown from Week 2 | NFL 2019 Highlights

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • Check out every touchdown from Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Comments • 152

  • Andrew Citté
    Andrew Citté 29 days ago +1

    Obj's one and Julio's one is pure speed🔥🔥🔥🔥love this😍

  • Chef Carl Casper
    Chef Carl Casper 29 days ago

    They even put the Browns at the end of this highlight reel LOL.

    • Tommy
      Tommy 26 days ago +1

      Because the touchdowns are in the order of which they were scored. Since the Browns played last their touchdowns are last

  • Football Pro
    Football Pro 29 days ago +1

    Wish me luck I have a football game Friday the 20th
    Im going to need all the luck I can get

  • Ethmon812
    Ethmon812 29 days ago

    Boooo pats suck booooooo

  • Eli Torres
    Eli Torres 29 days ago

    I love how 49ers fans are hyped when they only won against shitty teams.

  • GreeN LeaF32
    GreeN LeaF32 Month ago


  • LuKkz
    LuKkz Month ago +3

    Patriots: * win Super Bowl *
    Brady: So we are doing this again

  • max
    max Month ago

    at the end of the season make an hour long video of touchdowns against the dolphins

  • Famous Gurrola
    Famous Gurrola Month ago

    Mahomes with bombs 💣

  • From The Sideline _
    From The Sideline _ Month ago +1

    Who’s gonna win the Super Bowl
    Comment = Patriots
    Like = Anybody else

    • Reilly LeBlond
      Reilly LeBlond 29 days ago

      From The Sideline _ I guess not many people know
      One like and 0 replies

  • Guardians of Gold
    Guardians of Gold Month ago

    Nice vid!

  • Magnus Nerd
    Magnus Nerd Month ago

    I haven't watched the Chiefs Raiders game, so honest question to all the Mahomes fans: What did he do for the other 3 quarters? Honestly, I am surprised and curious enough that I probably will have to watch the game when i have some time....

    • vince steward
      vince steward Month ago

      There was some miscues with receivers not running routes the way they should have. Penalties really hurt the Chiefs and even took away a 72 yard touchdown pass. And last, Raiders shut down the run game so every 3rd down was 3rd and long. But all in all, Patrick Mahomes is still a beast and a lot of fun to watch.

  • Akshay Kumar
    Akshay Kumar Month ago

    Where is David Montgomery Bears touchdown?

  • Sam4914
    Sam4914 Month ago +1

    Hm this is weird. You forgot the jets touchdowns

  • Jay Blair
    Jay Blair Month ago

    Where the Miami dolphins offensive highlights? 🥴🥴

  • gor9027
    gor9027 Month ago

    Where are the Jets, Panthers, and Dolphins touchdowns?

  • Rohit Khosla
    Rohit Khosla Month ago

    Go Rodgers...

  • Rae’Quan Morgan
    Rae’Quan Morgan Month ago +5

    Me watching every play in this video

  • FortniteCentral Lol
    FortniteCentral Lol Month ago +1

    Lets go Lions! 1-0-1!

  • skankhunt42
    skankhunt42 Month ago

    Now let's see all the FIELD GOALS!!!

  • David Fahey
    David Fahey Month ago

    Tampa Bay Bucs will win the Super Bowl this season...😝...

  • Playboi Mally
    Playboi Mally Month ago

    Where are the dolphins?

  • Texan Football Houston

    AFC Pat's chief, and Houston because it's my team one of those teams will make it

  • Elwood Riley
    Elwood Riley Month ago

    Go Cheifs

  • Vincenzo Caravaggio

    When you have both OBJ and Julio on your fantasy team... BURN 'EM YOU BEASTS! EERRRRRRRRRR OVERKILL. NO CHANCE.

    • Vincenzo Caravaggio
      Vincenzo Caravaggio 26 days ago

      @Tommy 10 I had the 8th pick and OBJ fell

    • Tommy
      Tommy 26 days ago +1

      Do you only have like 4 people in your league?

  • Sr. Arreguin
    Sr. Arreguin Month ago

    And my Fins touchdowns.....? :(

    • Kaiunh
      Kaiunh Month ago

      Sr. Arreguin They Didn’t Get Any They Suck

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau Month ago +2

    Mahomes is gonna be a damn god this season, 50+ TDs

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau Month ago

    no Dolphins Jets or Saints TDs? damn that's sad

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof Month ago

    Mahomes MVP

  • Ty Derrick
    Ty Derrick Month ago +26

    4 TDs in a single quarter. Good lord.

    • Tom Boston
      Tom Boston Month ago +2

      The record is 5 td's in one quarter (Brady), but wow, that was impressive by Mahomes.

    • Cam Moore
      Cam Moore Month ago +1

      I’m saying that man could’ve head bout 8 in a game boi is elite

  • SuperBoomshack
    SuperBoomshack Month ago +2

    Dolphins have left the chat

  • Rasha Wiley
    Rasha Wiley Month ago +6

    Mahomes for MVP again

  • X3 Sync
    X3 Sync Month ago

    You forgot the dolphins touc....
    Oh wait

  • Keoni Daniels
    Keoni Daniels Month ago +5

    Ty Hilton only person who got his celebration off in the highlight😂

  • Nick18 M
    Nick18 M Month ago +24

    As a pats fan we have many bye weeks this year

    • Nick18 M
      Nick18 M 25 days ago +1

      AFK EZdubs as long as we stay healthy. Falcons haven't been the same since

    • AFK EZdubs
      AFK EZdubs 26 days ago +1

      @Nick18 M yup yur team looks pretty good this year good luck

    • Nick18 M
      Nick18 M 26 days ago +1

      AFK EZdubs rip

    • AFK EZdubs
      AFK EZdubs 26 days ago +1

      @Nick18 M yeah oof

    • Nick18 M
      Nick18 M 26 days ago +1

      AFK EZdubs I feel bad for you though. Worst way to lose a superbowl

  • Lyles Kirwin
    Lyles Kirwin Month ago

    Should've added the Saints TD as a bonus.

  • Q2dMax Gaming
    Q2dMax Gaming Month ago

    Do I start Jackson or Mahomes for Week 3...

    • vince steward
      vince steward Month ago

      @Professor Statisyahu That may be true, but I would say the Chiefs have a better and more explosive offense. It's really hard to keep up with the rate this offense can score points, so I'd say Mahomes is the safer pick.

    • Professor Statisyahu
      Professor Statisyahu Month ago +1

      You start Lamar Jackson because the Chiefs have a softer defense.

    • Jacob Wood
      Jacob Wood Month ago

      As a Baltimore fan I gotta say Mahomes he has a more explosive arm. Bmore has other ways to score

      JERAMI AKINS Month ago

      season opener at home. the home crowd is crazy. Mahomes for sure. but im always picking the KINGDOM.

  • Praxy Yeah
    Praxy Yeah Month ago

    American Football World Cup.
    That would be amazing.

  • Hriday Patel
    Hriday Patel Month ago +2


  • George Montoya
    George Montoya Month ago +3

    Dak Prescott or Carson Wentz

    • Kaiunh
      Kaiunh Month ago

      Dak Is Better Than Wentz He Has 400 Yards In 2 Games And Cowboys Scored 30+Points Two Games In A Row #Cowboys

    • Philly Prince
      Philly Prince Month ago

      @Dakota Deal Its evident and fact Wentz is better than Dak. Wentz even sub par injured puts up similar and even better numbers. Dak may be performing better than Wentz *now* but further down the line and the season remains to be seen.

    • Dakota Deal
      Dakota Deal Month ago

      @Philly Prince how is Wentz relatively better? Dak has been mediocre while Wentz has been injured prior to this year. Right now, Dak is way outperforming Wentz. That's just a fact. Anything else is just an opinion

  • Sports 311
    Sports 311 Month ago

    Dolphins, Giants, Bengals and Jets are looking to get higher draft picks in next year’s draft

    • Horror Gaming
      Horror Gaming Month ago

      I wouldn't say that the Bengals do have an easier schedule coming up and they will at least win like 6 to 8 games once they get their o-line and AJ Green back healthy

  • David Pavlicek
    David Pavlicek Month ago +1

    Vikings running back number 33 is really good, Seems to always bounce off of 1st contact

  • Larry Legend is a GOAT
    Larry Legend is a GOAT Month ago +40

    The dolphins might have a chance to win a game against the jets lol

    • OnThe Gang
      OnThe Gang Month ago

      Naw Jamal will destroy them

    • Agent.M Tui
      Agent.M Tui Month ago

      Twon Business 🤔🤔🤔

    • Twon Business
      Twon Business Month ago

      Agent.M Tui to win the have to really ring that 🔔

    • Agent.M Tui
      Agent.M Tui Month ago

      Larry Legend is a GOAT considering the Jets only have Bell😂😂

  • Lexington Leffall
    Lexington Leffall Month ago +67

    Where’s the Dolphins, Jets, and Saints touchdowns?

    • Reilly LeBlond
      Reilly LeBlond 29 days ago

      TJ III


    • TJ III
      TJ III Month ago +2

      yeah two of those teams had qb injuries dipshit

    • Francisco Rios
      Francisco Rios Month ago

      Saints didn't score any touchdowns

    • Sam Goggin
      Sam Goggin Month ago

      The dolfins did not score a touchdown

    • Spec- Jones
      Spec- Jones Month ago

      The Panthers too...

  • Adam Nowlin
    Adam Nowlin Month ago +5


    • Kaiunh
      Kaiunh Month ago

      Nowhere 49ers Are Ass

    • Lakers165
      Lakers165 Month ago


  • Bryce Henson
    Bryce Henson Month ago +4

    Obj one hander was just... how?

  • Deals
    Deals Month ago

    this was the worst way you couldve structured this video. do it game by game not by whatever retarded way youve done it here

  • Isaac
    Isaac Month ago +4

    Mahomes 4 MVP

  • Mattington
    Mattington Month ago +26

    Now do a video of every hold from Garrett Bolles in week 2.

  • That's My Quarterback
    That's My Quarterback Month ago +18

    nobody is gonna talk about how explosive the chiefs' offense is? Okay. Mecole Hardman is gonna be really good.

  • Charlie Coccia
    Charlie Coccia Month ago +11

    The Jets, panthers, saints and dolphins failed to score a TD this week.

    • TR St4ckz
      TR St4ckz Month ago

      The jets score they let them come back

    • Ethan Skar
      Ethan Skar Month ago +2

      To be fair the dolphins threw two touchdowns they were just for the opposing team.

    • Larry Legend is a GOAT
      Larry Legend is a GOAT Month ago

      @Adam Nowlin yeah

    • Charlie Coccia
      Charlie Coccia Month ago

      @Lexington Leffall Nope. They didn't.

  • MrMegaFredZeppelin
    MrMegaFredZeppelin Month ago +18

    49er Faithful :-) 49ERS FOR LIFE!!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!

    • N!cholas K!m
      N!cholas K!m Month ago

      Let's gooooo

    • Mr. Lightskin
      Mr. Lightskin Month ago +3

      The Defense is gonna be crazy against the Steelers at home.🔥 GoNiners!!!!!!

    • EnLighten Joe
      EnLighten Joe Month ago

      Hell yes we got this! Subscribe to the channel

    • Adam Nowlin
      Adam Nowlin Month ago +3

      We gonna beat Steelers in week 3 with that pass rush and RUNNING GAME WITH BREIDA AND MOSTERT!!!!

    • J Runn
      J Runn Month ago

      49ers EMPIRE! 💪 SACK Francisco

  • A Initiate
    A Initiate Month ago +90

    “Mahomes is going to get exposed this season. There’s film on him now”

    • Dommy Dill
      Dommy Dill Month ago +5

      chez harlmon Quotations means he is quoting people who’ve said this.... 🤦‍♂️

    • Agent.M Tui
      Agent.M Tui Month ago +2

      Sarcasm I love it! 🤣😂

    • chez harlmon
      chez harlmon Month ago +2

      Lmao expose wat?? That he can run the ball good as a avg running bacc? Lol chill out he jus starting

    • Robert Russell
      Robert Russell Month ago +10

      “He won’t get 50 TD again”
      You’re right, he’ll get 60

  • anandguruji83
    anandguruji83 Month ago +2

    Every Touchdown From Week 2

  • HonestReviewsToys
    HonestReviewsToys Month ago +50

    mahomes is a god. easily 50 tds this year

  • Markell Fields
    Markell Fields Month ago +2

    Like 👇🏾

  • Outcast 11
    Outcast 11 Month ago +5

    Best league in the world!

    • Outcast 11
      Outcast 11 Month ago


    • ATL lane
      ATL lane Month ago

      Outcast 11 says the guy with a nba team for his pfp 💀