• Published on Jul 22, 2015
  • (17 Nov 1998) English/Nat
    We've seen her on T-V, in the papers and magazines for months -- and now we are getting to hear Monica Lewinsky's voice for the first time.
    The House Judiciary Committee of the U-S Congress has released the audio tapes of the phone conversations Linda Tripp secretly recorded with the former White House intern.
    During their conversations, Lewinsky comes through sometimes as earnest and matter-of-fact.
    Other times, she sounds coy as she talks about her relationship with the man she calls "The Creep" - U-S President Bill Clinton.
    When the 37 tapes recording 22 hours of phone conversations were released, it quickly turned into a battle between journalists.
    U-S networks rushed to put on excerpts of her taped conversations with Linda Tripp.
    Americans now are hearing the voice of a sometimes emotional Lewinsky, confiding in and being consoled by Linda Tripp.
    UPSOUND: (English)
    (Lewinsky) "The first time I ever looked into this eye close-up and was with him alone, I saw somebody different than I had ever expected to see. And, that's the person I fell in love with."
    (Tripp) "Yeah"
    (Lewinsky) "And that's the person who was there the fourth of July and that's the person that's been there at tender moments."
    SUPER CAPTION: Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp
    In one tape, Lewinsky starts to sob uncontrollably as she talks about the pressure she's been under.
    UPSOUND: (English)
    (Lewinsky) "I can't take it anymore."
    (Tripp) "I know. I know."
    (Lewinsky) "I just can't. I just can't."
    (Tripp) "Oh my God."
    (Lewinsky) "It's just's too much for one person."
    SUPER CAPTION: Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp
    Perhaps the only U-S residence apparently not listening to the tapes is the White House.
    SOUNDBITE: (English)
    "Listen, you know, everybody knows what's on these tapes. I think everybody has seen all of the information they're going to see on this story. My guess is that most people around the country won't be paying much attention, but the people who are obsessed with this story, this will just be a day in heaven for them."
    SUPER CAPTION: Joe Lockhart, White House Press Secretary
    For many, it was the first chance to hear what Lewinsky sounds like.
    But it likely won't be the last.
    American network A-B-C News has announced that Ms Lewinsky has agreed to a television interview with Barbara Walters.
    And she has signed a book deal with British biographer Andrew Morton, the man who told the world about the late Diana, Princess of Wales.
    At one point the two suggest the president was also seeing other women.
    UPSOUND: (English)
    (Tripp) "Look you have always said you're not the only girlfriend."
    (Lewinsky) "I know but...."
    (Tripp) "Go ahead..."
    (Lewinsky) "It's one thing to know it and then its another thing to know it."
    (Tripp) "I know....I know..."
    (Lewinsky) "I just feel like this is what I do not understand. Why is it OK for everyone else. She's not much older than I am."
    SUPER CAPTION: Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp
    The transcripts of those conversations were released to the public earlier.
    And on Tuesday, the secretly recorded phone conversations filled the U-S airwaves.
    Among other things, the two women talked about the dress, said to be stained with the president's semen, which Lewinsky eventually handed over to investigators.
    UPSOUND: (English)
    (Tripp) "Put it in a baggy, put it in ziplock bag and pack it in with your treasures for what I care. I mean whatever, put it in one of your little antiques."
    (Lewinsky) "What for though?"
    (Tripp) "I don't know Monica. I just have this nagging feeling in the back of my head."

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Comments • 256

  • MayKing
    MayKing 3 months ago +494

    Holy crap Sarah Paulson sounds exactly like Linda. She is honestly one of the best TV actresses ever.

    • Honour Period
      Honour Period 24 days ago

      @e. erin totally agree. Have you seen Don't Look Up? JL is fantastic in it.

    • DHGlee2013
      DHGlee2013 2 months ago +1

      Right??? She better get a second Emmy for it.

    • e. erin
      e. erin 3 months ago +6

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. She is by far one of the most gifted actresses I think I’ve ever seen, and as far as TV goes, she really is the best. The way she morphs into her characters is just.. wow. Inspiring. So versatile. What a talent she is.

      On the big screen, I feel similarly about Jennifer Lawrence. I think she’s spectacular. Both of these women make me want to get up, and chase a dream.

    • Red Lady
      Red Lady 3 months ago +5

      I know. I adore her

    • rootabaker
      rootabaker 3 months ago +12

      absolutely incredible performance. Only reason I’m watching actually.

  • Lucian Vaughan
    Lucian Vaughan 3 months ago +257

    She was a little girl. How anyone could hear these tapes and see anything but pain and exploitation is beyond me, but clearly that's where the US media of the era was because they slut-shamed her mercilessly when this broke.

    • Forgetful
      Forgetful 21 day ago

      @Jessica P Taken advantage of by a powerful man

    • Jessica P
      Jessica P 26 days ago +1

      Little girl?? Wtf 🤣🤣🤣 she was a grown ass woman

    • gaby e.
      gaby e. Month ago

      @Lola Boyle my 23 year old son still behaves and lies (stupid lies like he didn't clean up the bathroom and then said he did) for me he isn't a grown up yet. So I do believe she was a target because of her ingenuity, she admired some man and they took advantage of her, it is so obvious in this day in age , but back then she was destroyed by it.

    • Lola Boyle
      Lola Boyle Month ago +2

      @S_lopez 805 "previous affair with her teacher", that isn't striking to you????? her teacher??? she was obviously groomed if he was HER TEACHER

    • doggie doggie
      doggie doggie 2 months ago +2

      she was 22 years age and knew he as a married man

  • fundifferent1
    fundifferent1 3 months ago +123

    Not them handing out the tapes like box lunches at a summer camp! 😭

    • Mogadon 1
      Mogadon 1 2 months ago

      Plenty to feast on.
      Did she really shit on his balls ?

  • joolenka
    joolenka 3 months ago +92

    Monica Lewinsky is so strong and resilient. I admire her greatly. To go through this traumatic relationship in which she was strung along and never knew where she stood with the man she was in love with. And then to have that immediately followed by this massive scandal, during which she was torn apart by the entire nation. She survived all of that, and is now thriving. I would love it if she wrote a book on resilience.

    • Micah406
      Micah406 2 months ago

      @SuperPhunThyme100 She was always taken advantage of so that's what she knew to do. As much as what she did was wrong, it's not completely her fault and she faced much more than she should have

    • ᴗ ̇ ̊ ̇eunha stole my heart ̇ ̊ ̇ᴗ
    • Mark Workman
      Mark Workman 3 months ago +7

      "ohhh... the president is my boyfriend !!!" what a nut job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SuperPhunThyme100
      SuperPhunThyme100 3 months ago +10

      She pursued a married man. And she knew it. She's not a role model. Hillary Clinton is the real victim here.

  • Armchair Guru
    Armchair Guru 3 months ago +58

    These tapes should NEVER have been released! This is an atrocity on Monica's right to privacy!!!!!!!!!!

  • Undead Chronic's Son
    Undead Chronic's Son 2 years ago +374

    To this day, I feel so sorry for her. I just want to shield her from the bullies and almost weep for her as it’s doubtful she will have a loving relationship with a man

    • Destiny
      Destiny 2 months ago

      @Micah406 advantage of? she initiated it 😭😭

    • Micah406
      Micah406 2 months ago

      @Destiny She was always taken advantage of and that's what she knew to do. I don't agree with what she did but I still have sympathy for her 🤷‍♂️

    • 00 BankZ
      00 BankZ 2 months ago

      Oh brother..🤦‍♂️

    • L D
      L D 2 months ago

      @AMorrissey No. Monica pursued him and she is honest about that. She says it in many interviews, she gave him the cues of her interest. Let's be honest here, this is Bill Clinton, do we really think given his history he would have said no (should he have yes but he didn't). Then when he realized that he had to end it (she was out of control) and he did, ,she was obsessed, had already professed her love for him and was not happy that he ended it. It was pathetic really and all the time lurking was that snake Tripp recording e-v-e-r-y word.

    • L D
      L D 2 months ago +1

      @Lisa's Lilly She really didn't steal him. He ended the relationship. I believe he had no intention of it being long term. I don't care what she thought at the time, he was not leaving Hillary. But I agree with your point, she should not be defended. Even she says this.

  • Sarah
    Sarah 2 years ago +358

    Monica is over trusting. Sometimes you can't help it

    • Gehilitas Hernandez
      Gehilitas Hernandez 2 months ago +2

      @fascinatinglist everyone is responsible for their own actions especially at 22 n bill knew what he was doing too a sex addict this so old i careless

    • Aaron Samuel
      Aaron Samuel 3 months ago

      @Ruby Karayiannis He was 50 at the time

    • fascinatinglist
      fascinatinglist 3 months ago +1

      @Gehilitas Hernandez she was young and naive. Cant really blame her

    • Gehilitas Hernandez
      Gehilitas Hernandez 3 months ago

      @Korin East idc how old this is but apparently everyone just thinks monica got manipulated by bill by linda by everyone still don’t have sympathy for her

    • Korin East
      Korin East 3 months ago +1

      @Gehilitas Hernandez Linda manipulated her into keeping the dress…

  • Rachel Davis
    Rachel Davis 10 months ago +142

    They went after those boxes like it's Black Friday. lol I was just a kid when this all happened, I knew that everyone hated Linda Tripp but I didn't know why. Turns out, yeah, she sucks

  • Neil Thomson
    Neil Thomson 3 months ago +93

    How Hilary Clinton could ' stand by her man' will always be a mystery to me.

    • EM
      EM 2 months ago +1

      It’s a business

    • Éamonn MacCionnaith
      Éamonn MacCionnaith 2 months ago

      Money, power, status, position...

    • P R
      P R 2 months ago

      @e. erin what's a play ▶️ baby 👶 😏

    • e. erin
      e. erin 2 months ago +3

      She hails from the Baby Boomer generation. Women from there on back handled that whole thing much differently than GenX onward. Stoically. Quietly. They didn’t head-roll and yell, and they didn’t whine or wilt. Especially not publicly. Plus, she’s no dummy. She knew and knows that, One: She was better off in that marriage, than she would’ve been out. Two: Playbabies aren’t wives, they’re playbabies. They are temps. Bookmarks. They don’t matter. She was probably more annoyed that he got caught and made a spectacle of himself than anything else.

    • e. erin
      e. erin 2 months ago +2

      @Isabella Mattos She didn’t, and doesn’t, need him for either of those things.

  • Heather in Kansas
    Heather in Kansas 4 months ago +39

    I like how episode 2 of ACS used these as dialogue. The actress playing Monica did a good job tonight, and Paulson was marvelous, as usual. I was furious at my TV/"Linda" all over again!

    • Jurandir Pacheco
      Jurandir Pacheco 3 months ago

      @Catlady it is more difficult to make young people look-alikes, since you can use too much makeup

    • Catlady
      Catlady 4 months ago +6

      The actress that plays Monica looks nothing like Monica. I can't relate to her at all. Everyone else looks exactly like the real people. I don't know what they were thinking hiring this actress? Terrible casting for her.

    TEAMBWILE THECHAMP 2 years ago +213

    Ain’t nothing worse than someone who wants to front as a friend. 🤦‍♂️

  • aliii Hoo
    aliii Hoo 3 months ago +28


  • Ronnie Terry
    Ronnie Terry Year ago +45

    Linda Tripp she was in heaven listening to Monica talk about her experiences. One could assume that because of the way she was so inquisitive.

  • Trader 96
    Trader 96 2 years ago +618

    Linda ranks amongst the worst women of all time..

    • ᴗ ̇ ̊ ̇eunha stole my heart ̇ ̊ ̇ᴗ
      ᴗ ̇ ̊ ̇eunha stole my heart ̇ ̊ ̇ᴗ 2 months ago

      @Destiny to be fair, at age 22, if the POTUS literally showed interest or had feelings towards her, she would probably reciprocate because of the large amount of benefits right? Finding a job after working as an intern would be easy if you had recommendation from the President.
      No one was truly innocent in this situation. But Bill Clinton was the one who took used Monica and later on had the nerve to justify his behavior as "having too much stress." And we all know that Linda didn't do any of this because she was a moral person, she did it for the fame and attention she would get from the public and the press.

    • Lola M.
      Lola M. 3 months ago +3

      Why? Because she exposed a sexual predator??? Linda Tripp should be the hero in this story. Just because she was not attractive does not make her the villain. And as far as Lewinsky is concerned, she was willing to commit perjury by denying the affair. This is justice for all the women the Clintons screwed over!!!

    • Orphenoc Ou
      Orphenoc Ou 3 months ago

      @Destiny you’re extremely condescending and arrogant. If you were capable of reading beyond a 4th grade level perhaps you would have understood the point from the initial response rather than needing a lengthy back and forth discussion.

      Somehow you still don’t understand that an affair in an open marriage between two consenting adults is far less repulsive than a backstabbing “friend” who records you without your consent in order to achieve fame. You’re never going to get it apparently, so it probably is best that you leave on the high horse you rode in on and stop wasting my time.

    • Destiny
      Destiny 3 months ago

      @Orphenoc Ou All these emotional essay responses and you can’t make a legitimate point except that having an affair is absolutely fine and reporting it is despicable. What a great moral for society ❤️. I’m literally talking to a child. Peace out ✌️

    • Orphenoc Ou
      Orphenoc Ou 3 months ago

      @Destiny “you would rather punish truth than see justice done?”
      What justice? Two consenting adults had a romantic entanglement. Move on. He lied about it to protect his image. Now you’ve compared it to murder.

      You say my opening sentence was to justify affairs, completely IGNORING THE FACT it was in response to you saying being a backstabber who records a “friend” against their consent is morally superior to a friend engaging in an affair. You claimed it was about “steal[ing] someone’s husband” when that clearly had nothing to do with Linda’s motivations. She and Hillary hated each-other. Her motives were selfish and vindictive. Monica’s we’re based on love or perhaps lust. If it’s all about the end result and actions don’t matter I suppose you say the starving man who steals a loaf of bread deserves his hand chopped off etc? What Monica and Bill did was worse, sure but it was human.

      Yet the same people out to destroy him will defend Trump who we know has had numerous affairs, brags about groping women, paid strippers for sex and was so deranged there are multiple books written by REPUBLICANS about how they had to form a pact to ensure he couldn’t fire off nukes at will.

      I don’t see anyone from the left going after trump for his affairs beyond the campaign finance violations for prostitution. At least he was impeached over real issues like trying to steal the election.

  • Gaurav Sanjay
    Gaurav Sanjay 4 months ago +21

    Find it funny, that people are calling Lewinsky's act childish and thus to be forgotten. She was 22 years old, American citizen are allowed to vote for their leaders from 18, should that age be shifted to 30.

  • Walker Morgan
    Walker Morgan Year ago +192

    Linda did her wrong.

    • Destiny
      Destiny 3 months ago +3

      @Mike Hunt forget the unfaithful president and homewrecker; how dare she report the truth 🙄

    • SuperPhunThyme100
      SuperPhunThyme100 3 months ago +7

      Monica did herself wrong. Tried to break up a marriage. She's no role model.

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt 4 months ago +2

      @Destiny tf what

    • Destiny
      Destiny 5 months ago +2


  • REPR100
    REPR100 4 months ago +75

    Tripp is a hideous person, the fact she got away without prosecution is unbelievable

    • REPR100
      REPR100 3 months ago +1

      @Aaron Ankrim El you’re missing the point, Tripp stabbed her friend in the back by coercing information out of her and illegally recording the conversations to use against her. Monica might of lied after being dragged before a grand jury bc of Tripp but that might of been to keep her personal matters private not just “protect the president”.

    • Aaron Ankrim El
      Aaron Ankrim El 3 months ago

      Yeah but Monica could have gone to jail as well but was offered immunity. She could have gone for perjury and witness tampering to protect the President.

    • REPR100
      REPR100 3 months ago +2

      @Orphenoc Ou I can’t answer your question specifically but it was my understanding that the location where the recording took place it was in fact illegal

    • Orphenoc Ou
      Orphenoc Ou 3 months ago

      @REPR100 is dc a 2 party recording state/territory? Or were they in VA at the time? I’m asking because I’m not sure. These laws (1-party or 2-party recording consent) vary by state and between dc md and va I think it’s jumbled. Still immoral and treacherous after she did

    • Mangohaeppchen
      Mangohaeppchen 3 months ago

      @Greg Kosinski Ha, way to make attorneys cringe with that bit of condescension about needing a crime to prosecute. Maryland is not a one-party consent state for wiretapping purposes, so Linda Tripp most definitely committed a crime. The fact that she was merely indicted (that means charged) for the crime and not prosecuted doesn't mean it wasn't a crime at all.

  • i am the news
    i am the news 4 months ago +40

    Why did Tripp feel the need to expose Lewinsky?

    • RadioRich100
      RadioRich100 3 months ago +2

      because she didnt get to swallow any presidental goo.

    • Aaron Ankrim El
      Aaron Ankrim El 3 months ago +1

      @Mr Thanos agreed!

    • Aaron Ankrim El
      Aaron Ankrim El 3 months ago +9

      It’s a mixture. I think she wanted to get back at the President. She knew him for his advances with Kathleen Wiley and was pretty much kicked out of the White House. She was the last person to see Vince Foster alive, and bill clintons attorney Bob Bennett, scoffed her in the media. I honestly don’t think it was to go against Monica, but unfortunately she was collateral damage.

    • Katie Schafer
      Katie Schafer 4 months ago +4

      @Is This Ryan? Look at the fact she got cosmetic surgery after the scandal because she didn't like how she looked said to me that she was hoping to stay in the spot light

    • Is This Ryan?
      Is This Ryan? 4 months ago +14

      She was desperate to be the main character in some sort of story.

  • waka1022
    waka1022 2 years ago +292

    This happens when you involve 3rd person in your relationship

    • L D
      L D 2 months ago

      @Natasha🦋 No. She has clearly stated in every interview she has given (and there have been many) that she was and is not a victim. She says it was a consensual relationship and details how she initiated it. She was manipulated by Linda Tripp, apparently treated horribly by Ken's Starr's agents and was an immature, silly and gullible young woman. When Clinton finally realized his stupid actions and ended this "affair," it was too late. She was completely obsessed with him (and did not take his ending the relationship well at all) and that snake Tripp was already plotting (unbeknownst to either of them).

    • Natasha🦋
      Natasha🦋 4 months ago

      @Gehilitas Hernandez Monica got taken advantage of………..she’s the victim

    • M. Ahmad
      M. Ahmad 7 months ago

      You so true !

    • Gehilitas Hernandez
      Gehilitas Hernandez 8 months ago +2

      @where R my tacos bill and monica are both to blame

    • Gehilitas Hernandez
      Gehilitas Hernandez 8 months ago +1

      yes this is what happens when u involve urself with a married man even if it’s the president

  • Dominic
    Dominic 3 months ago +6

    Damn they chose the worst picture of Linda. I guess that serves the worst person in the situation.

  • Lara Schauble
    Lara Schauble 2 months ago +5

    Never seen this those tapes was like Christmas morning for them eh??

  • Kris
    Kris 3 months ago +30

    Why did Monica look older at 22 then she does now. I notice back then people look much older even though they were younger.

    • Maggie
      Maggie 3 months ago +2

      Keep in mind, Monica’s face back then was reflective of the massive pressure and media scrutiny she was under. Botox and less daily hatred help a lot when you’re older.

    • Orphenoc Ou
      Orphenoc Ou 3 months ago +1

      It’s weird to me because I was a kid at the time and remember thinking she looked like an adult but now women that age look like kids to me yet she still looks like an adult here (but sounds like a kid). And as you say in real life she looks about the same.

    • Sanjini R.
      Sanjini R. 3 months ago +7

      It’s the clothing and the hair

  • daniel tice
    daniel tice 2 years ago +284

    linda doesn’t even know what sex is...

    • Juck Head
      Juck Head 3 months ago

      No one likes to f nerds

    • S
      S 4 months ago +1

      @Ray Cologne just because it’s deemed a definition of sex doesn’t mean it is legitimate sex

    • patr70
      patr70 4 months ago +2

      @Ray Cologne But a lot of the girls and young women who think it's not sex think that way because they aren't valued by the men who they have oral sex with..

    • Ray Cologne
      Ray Cologne 4 months ago +4

      Any genius figure out why its called oral sex, notice oral has sex come after it? Oral sex is a form of sex, not vaginal sex but still sex. Stimulation of genitals

    • Art Deco city Architecture
      Art Deco city Architecture 4 months ago +3

      Your right she just has two children.

  • Rose Mary Parker
    Rose Mary Parker 3 months ago +9

    Can't wait til next Tuesdays show Oct 19th yeah. Show is so good.

  • amelia :p
    amelia :p 5 months ago +25

    this is really sad :(

  • freda ulun
    freda ulun Year ago +28

    Be wise. What ever you do THINK OF THE CONSEQUENCES FIRST.

  • e. erin
    e. erin 3 months ago +4

    She was a KID. My God when I think of who I was emotionally as a 23 year old girl..? She was a kid. Just a girl. Linda Tripp was desperate to matter. She wanted people to know who she was, and to think she was important. That is the ONLY reason she did this to that poor girl. Baited her, tricked her, and used her. So typical of the right.

    They fight dirty. The playing field is never level or honorable with those people, and now? Well now they’re just insane. Backwoods lunatics who used to hide out in the fringes are now running around Walmart flanked in ammo. Trump lured them out from the trees like the pied fucking piper. This isn’t even political anymore.

    Donald Trump. Really what WAS that? This sick, sociopathic man had us at the brink of another Civil War just so he could feel ‘worshipped’. If he could have it his way, we would be a dictatorship, and HE would be at the reins until he felt like handing them over to his daughter. What is the MATTER with these people? How do they not SEE this? Now here he comes again sniffing around 2024. That cannot happen. He needs to be BANNED from ever getting anywhere NEAR a position in our government again. This man is dangerous. He is mentally ill, and is a direct threat to the safety of our nation. To the lives of our citizens.

    I don’t think I can take another Trump-fueled election. Here he is, though. Loitering. Waiting to see how successful his minions are in closing all roads to the stadium so the other team can’t even GET there let alone play the game. These people are unscrupulous. Undignified. The very first thing they did after losing FAIR AND SQUARE was start making it harder for us to vote. Barely legal cheating in broad daylight. They know they cannot win if ALL of us vote. We just proved that. He’s waiting to see if he’s able to CHEAT on a grander scale so it’ll work this time.

    He’s a monster.

    • Stephanie L-C
      Stephanie L-C 27 days ago

      I totally agree. I'm in the UK but there's no way I could take another 4 years like those years; every day waking up wondering if he'd started a war, or what ugly coarse thing he'd said to insult someone. It was like watching a terrible car crash over and over again, it felt stressful 3000 miles away, I can only imagine what it must have felt like for those up close. If he returns to haunt you again, well, to haunt all of us - he will cause wars and famine and I believe America will never be a true democracy ever again. Some of my best friend are Americans, but I hesitate when I consider visiting *even if it were possible, due to Covid*'...because the USA I thought I knew and loved is a place and a people I am no longer sure of. That's a terrible thing to have to say about a country that has been our cousin, our friend. But there you go. Wishing with all my might for you that the worst does not happen in 2024 x

  • Darreyl Henderson
    Darreyl Henderson 3 years ago +40

    What's in those boxes they keep showing people fighting over?

    • woeismoni
      woeismoni 4 months ago +3

      @Esmeralda Vizo What a nightmare!

    • Esmeralda Vizo
      Esmeralda Vizo Year ago +32

      The tapes. Linda tripp recored all phone calls with Monica behind her back. They eventually released the tapes for the media.

    • kilo Kilo
      kilo Kilo Year ago

      daniel-Smokes-Kush TEXAS420 found Monica’s alt account 😂😂

    • Darwin Penaloza
      Darwin Penaloza Year ago +1

      Sheila Mesa shut the fuck up.

    • MsLuvmusic81
      MsLuvmusic81 2 years ago +5

      Funny scene they couldn’t get those tapes fast enough

  • Abbi R
    Abbi R 3 months ago +62

    I feel horrible for Hillary. How humiliating.

    • N/A N/A
      N/A N/A 3 months ago +1

      He was a sex addict. Hilary used to destroy Bill' indiscretions when he was a senator . This one slipped out of her fingers

    • Lola M.
      Lola M. 3 months ago +9

      Hitlery could not have cared less. She had her own agenda. If Hitlery did care she would have left Billy boy’s ass as soon as his term ended.

    • micca903
      micca903 3 months ago +5

      Didn't they live through the 60s and 70s as young adults? My guess is she didn't give a crap about it. Free love and all that. She might have been more concerned with losing the power.

  • Dario Gonzalez
    Dario Gonzalez 2 months ago

    What was happening in US when this cassettes got out?

  • LX Spa
    LX Spa 3 months ago +2

    Is that Judy Smith at the end telling them to move? Judy Smith that the show Scandal was loosely based off of. The same Scandal that starred Kerry having an affair with the president, Judy Smith?

  • OReO
    OReO 5 months ago +8

    This is america in a handbasket

  • miaubella
    miaubella Year ago +1

    wtf why did they make copies of the tapes??? that's fucking bullying!

  • Nicholas ‘Nik’ Gerse
    Nicholas ‘Nik’ Gerse 2 years ago +227

    “Butthead” 🤢😂

  • Anjelika Galan
    Anjelika Galan 3 months ago +1

    Horrific betrayal…

  • fresa
    fresa 4 months ago +11

    okay wow she sounds like sarah paulson

  • Ismail Shokeye
    Ismail Shokeye Year ago +18

    RIP Linda

  • youssef Zokra
    youssef Zokra 3 months ago +6

    The villain: linda tripp, bill clinton
    The victim: monica lewinsky, hillary Clinton

    • Лея
      Лея 22 days ago

      yeah,i especially feel sorry for Hilary

  • chaklit tea
    chaklit tea 11 months ago +27

    i did not have sexual relations with this woman

    • Lee Coop
      Lee Coop 4 months ago

      The lie detector has determined that was a lie.

    • heather
      heather 7 months ago +2

      The finger point just added to it

    • Rock Man
      Rock Man 7 months ago +2

      Bill Your Secret is Safe with Me - Jeffrey Epstein

    • Gehilitas Hernandez
      Gehilitas Hernandez 7 months ago +2


  • QBee240
    QBee240 3 months ago +2

    Don’t trust nobody but YOURSELF

    ENLIGHTENED WARRIOR 2 years ago +8

    She was on the president s staff

  • EM
    EM 2 months ago

    Watching after the brilliant series , 97 we lost our princes Diana & Blair came to power , the ussr was falling apart … and a affair is the biggest news …

  • MissTimzy
    MissTimzy 5 years ago +11


  • cratedog64
    cratedog64 2 years ago +22

    What came out of her mouth? Probably something that looks like home made mayonnaise...

  • paperchain 123
    paperchain 123 2 months ago

    You can't shaft ppl like that.What an insidious woman.(Tripp)

  • CABLE 715
    CABLE 715 4 months ago

    Getting off? Ohhhhh...the phone.

  • Gehilitas Hernandez
    Gehilitas Hernandez 7 months ago +16

    Linda tripp didn’t do this to her Monica did it to herself she was telling more n more people around this disgusting affair

    • Proper
      Proper 3 months ago +1

      @Samb0329 Monica also had an affair with another married man in college.

    • Samb0329
      Samb0329 4 months ago

      @SP2 at this point you’re nite Ben worth arguing with anymore. You’re literally just knit picking and it’s super annoying bestie🥰😌❤️

    • SP2
      SP2 4 months ago +1

      @Samb0329 you're not even consistent, at first you said "maybe don't blame the girl" and then you go "yeah monica was at fault for taking part" so you need to make up your mind lol

    • Samb0329
      Samb0329 4 months ago

      @SP2 Yeah I did say that and if it had been a female president and male staff assistant I would say the same thing. No matter who’s in the position of power this situation displays a horrific abuse of power, plain and simple. In all truthfulness I think the fact that it was a 47 year age difference makes it seem much more predatory. Again horrible abuse of power, but it wasn’t illegal. Bill Clinton just did what all men in high ranking positions do, abuse their power, and use it to take advantage of younger women/ men.

    • SP2
      SP2 4 months ago +2

      @Samb0329 you said "maybe don't blame the girl" which is 100 percent infantalizing

      And yeah, bill is majority to blame but monica shoulders quite a bit of blame herself

  • KAM Mildred
    KAM Mildred 3 months ago

    Maybe I'm just lazy to follow up but does anyone really know why this friend if hers did this? This Linda woman. Why would she have recorded calls with her friend and release them? Was it her plan all along to ruin Monica?

    • ashaw979797
      ashaw979797 3 months ago +2

      She was trying to ruin the Clintons. Monica was just collateral damage


    WITHOUT THE DRESS, SHE WOULD HAVE HAD AN ACCIDENT.......... You know what I mean?

  • Muneera Hamid
    Muneera Hamid 3 months ago +3

    She knows what she was doing not a child anymore, do sorry to say that.

    • Maggie
      Maggie 3 months ago +2

      She didn’t know her “friend” would illegally record their phone conversations and use the recordings for her own personal gain.

    • Cassandra Kendrick
      Cassandra Kendrick 3 months ago +1

      Exactly! This wasn’t sexual harassment! It was full on consensual

  • Liane Cornils
    Liane Cornils 2 months ago

    I think its hilarious, and im glad Bill got caught, and Monika became famous.

  • da ni
    da ni Year ago +3

    Butthead hahahaha

  • Glen Walters
    Glen Walters 6 years ago +16

    Well, Well, Well...

  • Liane Cornils
    Liane Cornils 2 months ago +1

    I can see what he saw in her,

  • Catira App
    Catira App 3 months ago

    What are they grabbing in the beginning?

    • Ryno
      Ryno 2 months ago

      I think the leaked conversation

  • You Tuber
    You Tuber 4 months ago

    at 0:42 who is the lady on the left

  • MAHO Khan
    MAHO Khan 11 months ago

    The UNO
    Love you 💘 Monica's lewinsky's Jesus Christ Son 👽