• Published on Nov 29, 2018
  • Mk2 letterbox shredder has power so watch those fingers Mr Postman.
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  Year ago +1855

    She's rocking......and in true furze style its got way to big n heavy and destroys itself haha. If I do make a MK3 I could improve it again but for now the furze shred 500c will get me y for my shredding needs. Check out my other crazy inventions if your new and give that bell a tinkle.

    • Sticky
      Sticky 13 days ago

      Adjust the machine to include a motion sensor AND leaf blower, that way the machine will purge all debris, also make a slide for the debris so it doesn't fall onto the machine itself, as you seen the debris covered the exit side of the machine

    • Curtis H
      Curtis H 3 months ago


    • Chris Clifford
      Chris Clifford 3 months ago

      Industrial shredder

    • stansters ツ
      stansters ツ 3 months ago

      @gando hello Gando

    • Fishheadmandible
      Fishheadmandible 3 months ago

      Those things normally have a reverse and probably attached to a pressure sensor so it stops before too much pressure and reverses to chew up the stuck bits.

  • notnice -96
    notnice -96 6 hours ago +1

    Issue: what if the postie is an absolute wanker/twit and shreds important stuff (like a court order).

  • Corey Edits
    Corey Edits Day ago

    Lmao this is funniest video ive watched. especially when u was on the phone 4:50 i cant spot 😂

  • Corey Edits
    Corey Edits Day ago

    You remind me of me without my ADHD Tablets

  • Мурад Магомедов

    1:57 Давай?

  • bertie bassett
    bertie bassett 5 days ago

    postmans gonna take ya fucking house mate if he ends up with fingers like he's been eating jam :)

  • Richard Osborne
    Richard Osborne 5 days ago

    Woke up to a whole shredded postman this morning. What a mess.

  • TrEd2000
    TrEd2000 6 days ago +1

    I think I've had to-

  • Carlo Sommer
    Carlo Sommer 8 days ago +1

    Yes! No school letters anymore :D

  • 독일어 공부ドイツ語を学ぶLearn German

    It's a great hamburger steak machine too !!

  • Vaskedama
    Vaskedama 11 days ago

    Do you actually measure stuff with math or do you just eye ball your stuff ?

  • Sam 05
    Sam 05 11 days ago

    Imagine putting your hand in it.

  • electedrobin 138
    electedrobin 138 11 days ago

    It looks like the ocean

  • Joshua Morris
    Joshua Morris 11 days ago


  • Maggie The pug
    Maggie The pug 11 days ago

    Mom: That new credit card i ordered should of come by now

    Postman: yeah i delivered it yesterday

  • Jeff N
    Jeff N 12 days ago +1

    Death trap.

  • Corne Koekemoer
    Corne Koekemoer 13 days ago

    Make a trach smassher

  • Jeremiah Douglas
    Jeremiah Douglas 13 days ago

    holy crap this looks dangerous as heck i bet you could put an oak tree through it=)

  • Michael Andersen
    Michael Andersen 15 days ago

    Mr Postman delivers a parking ticket. Furze guides him to the mail slot. "Let me show you it's features!"

  • Alex
    Alex 15 days ago

    I dont have a pet, ut i have a shredder...

  • leo as elvis
    leo as elvis 15 days ago

    Puts his hand in the letter box

  • jim crow
    jim crow 18 days ago

    Marston Bailiffs: We sent you a letter.
    I didn't get it.

  • Basically Bauldyr
    Basically Bauldyr 18 days ago

    *Honey where's the mortgage bill?*


  • Urban Deployment
    Urban Deployment 19 days ago

    And the M3 should have a laser that activates the machine when a letter breaks the beam

  • Kyle Swanson 0207
    Kyle Swanson 0207 21 day ago

    Pervert sticks penis in letter box from outside:

    Colin looking at the ground up pasta sauce 🤨

  • David Smith
    David Smith 22 days ago

    Love this idea. Here, we collect all the junk mail - everything without an address and/or name on it and then, when we have a decent pile, we go to the local post office and push it all back into their post box again. I usually get a glare from the post-mistress, but it lands in the post box with a very satisfying sound.

  • Ghastly10
    Ghastly10 23 days ago

    Should of had a chute coming off the shredder area to stop all the mess covering the bottom motor.. But either way was awesome to watch..

  • OffRoadRacer
    OffRoadRacer 27 days ago

    Wow Colin what an amazing build. You have a big Talent given from the Lord.please keep up the good work stay Awesome

  • Tom Gregory
    Tom Gregory 28 days ago

    Who is watching in 3084

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool 28 days ago

    I foresee some postmen going missing.

  • Excellent Videos
    Excellent Videos 29 days ago

    what if you get an important letter HUH

  • Andrei Mazo
    Andrei Mazo 29 days ago

    Yea build that and your power mail and eater mail gets destroyed

  • Derek Whitney
    Derek Whitney 29 days ago

    That accent had me cracking up

  • Jacob Obert
    Jacob Obert Month ago

    has anyone made a "what a waste of time" joke yet for shredding the clock?

  • Patrick Warren
    Patrick Warren Month ago

    I hope your tie is a clip on.

  • Mark Hodgson
    Mark Hodgson Month ago

    Colin love it, fit a leaf blower too the output shoot ,oh and make it PIR controlled haha good job

  • Lawrence Chapman
    Lawrence Chapman Month ago

    R.I.P planet

  • kent almanzor
    kent almanzor Month ago

    Monggoloid an pota

  • Matt Webb
    Matt Webb Month ago

    Dad look at this i used ur letterbox and now I've got no fingers

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe Month ago

    Hey pal, don't do that 5:16

  • Ollie Sproson
    Ollie Sproson Month ago +1

    Too bad if you put your hand through the letterbox

  • Kazuki Araya
    Kazuki Araya Month ago

    can you imagine how much everyone would benefit from this there would be less trash everywhere that would be good for the Earth but there will be something to make sure that kids don't put there fingers in it beside that I think it would be a great idea

  • smfx
    smfx Month ago

    It makes me laugh when he talks to it like a friend 😂😂😂

  • IshouI ;_;
    IshouI ;_; Month ago

    Pugani shredder

  • Leighton Bacon
    Leighton Bacon Month ago

    7:50 is that a hand? ( play in slo mo)

  • Steve Lamperta
    Steve Lamperta Month ago

    Well that will teach me to comment to quickly !

  • Steve Lamperta
    Steve Lamperta Month ago

    Only one motor is connected ! The top motor output shaft drive gear is not meshed into the driven gear !

  • Jacob Castle
    Jacob Castle Month ago

    Ah, but what about *_MY DAUGHTER_*

  • DJ Fireblast
    DJ Fireblast Month ago

    You = devil

  • juhotuho10
    juhotuho10 Month ago

    >casually builds a shredder that has more hp than my car

  • Nicholas Wang
    Nicholas Wang Month ago

    what if you throw poop in it

  • Chetan Dhavse
    Chetan Dhavse Month ago

    That red telephone please

  • Eppy425
    Eppy425 Month ago

    (bills arrive) NO MORE HAHAHHHAHA

  • Enver Can Aktaş
    Enver Can Aktaş Month ago

    Please wash your teeths

  • Ewzy Official
    Ewzy Official Month ago

    Very nice , imagine future recycle bin with incorporated shredder :D

  • mmpalmer1
    mmpalmer1 Month ago

    I absolutely love your style, you are funny and wickedly talented. If you ever decided to move to California please move next door to me. I know, California??? its the weather that is great not the liberal wankers destroying it day by day.

  • Kostriktor
    Kostriktor Month ago

    please make MK III that comes with door and sell on your store.

  • Milhouse Von Baron
    Milhouse Von Baron Month ago

    Why not hey.
    Good job mate.

  • w wyborn
    w wyborn Month ago

    nigga this is dangerous

  • enguePlug
    enguePlug Month ago

    How does this guy still have 10 fingers