I swapped DIETS with my 75 year old NAN for 24hours!!

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
  • I swapped DIETS with my 75 year old NAN/ GRANDMA for 24hours!!
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Comments • 3 160

  • Saffron Barker
    Saffron Barker  3 months ago +8017

    How cute is my Nan though?! Smash a like for my Nan being such a good sport!!❤️

    • Maisi Owen
      Maisi Owen 13 days ago

      Your nan xx

    • Vicky Price
      Vicky Price 13 days ago

      @bonzocorn fredicla swep diet with jed

    • Vicky Price
      Vicky Price 13 days ago

      l love saffron volgs my favorit

    • Misham Rai
      Misham Rai 28 days ago

      Super cute

      SONY PANDEY Month ago

      I too love carrots and I hate peas , are we not a bit 🍴🍹?same in tast

  • laila whiting
    laila whiting 17 hours ago

    your a really nice person

  • Kerry Chalkley
    Kerry Chalkley Day ago

    Your nan is the cutest! Xx

  • Venecia Alvarez Garcia

    This was soooo cute, your Nan is so sweet ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • magichotlama football club

    I love that she calls her saff never to old for nans nicknames!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤

  • Sophie Willows
    Sophie Willows 3 days ago

    My Nan has horlicks every night!!

  • Molly Dyke
    Molly Dyke 4 days ago +1

    Aw she’s so lovely! Grandparents are so so special and it’s so nice to see the relationship you have with your nan. I’m so close to both my grandmas. They mean everything to me ❤️❤️❤️

  • Milz Hiya
    Milz Hiya 4 days ago

    I want your nan to be in more videos!♡

  • Siri Lovisa
    Siri Lovisa 4 days ago

    Omg have you tried the chicken Cesar wrap with medetarian rice at nandos!!❤️❤️

  • Paula Murphy
    Paula Murphy 4 days ago

    Love your nan and grandad

  • violinplayer101
    violinplayer101 5 days ago

    I love lattes. They're definitely a treat for me, and I totally wish I had a fancy machine to make one like your nan has!! My grandparents eat pretty much the same way as your nan. They really don't eat very large portions, as that's the way they grew up eating! Also that 'pizza' is not really enough calories for a lunch...

  • Dennis carr
    Dennis carr 5 days ago

    I have had the drink before and they make a version where you add hot milk instead of water

  • Ieva Andrijauskaite
    Ieva Andrijauskaite 5 days ago

    Kfc is beast 🍗

  • Ieva Andrijauskaite
    Ieva Andrijauskaite 5 days ago

    Like for cuppucino ☕️

  • Technically Hopeful
    Technically Hopeful 5 days ago

    Horlicks is amazing. We used to have a factory that made it in town. Usually make it with milk.

  • bilkiss40
    bilkiss40 6 days ago

    This video is soooo cute x

  • Katie Powell
    Katie Powell 6 days ago

    Wow great biscuit choice Hun mmmmm!!!

  • Kai Smith
    Kai Smith 7 days ago

    i love that you and your nan have the same Tiffany necklaces!!

  • Peter Henderson
    Peter Henderson 7 days ago

    Liked the video saffron X

  • Chloe's Wild World
    Chloe's Wild World 8 days ago

    Your nan is so nice

  • Ella Monahan galvin
    Ella Monahan galvin 8 days ago

    It tastes better with milk xxx

  • Emme Hudson
    Emme Hudson 8 days ago

    Bloody love Horlicks! Such a nana drink aha

  • Brandon Gomes
    Brandon Gomes 8 days ago

    Horrlicks is the best I just had one for breakfast

  • Lil Berry Plays
    Lil Berry Plays 9 days ago +2

    OMG She's so cute!!
    'Its ok I'll suffer for your vlog'
    OMG your nans the best!

  • briannah m
    briannah m 10 days ago

    Aww your nan is so sweet she so cute

  • Ruby Armstrong
    Ruby Armstrong 11 days ago

    so rude to your nan

  • Vanessa Scalf
    Vanessa Scalf 12 days ago

    I just want to hug your grandmother! She's so sweet.

  • Vienna Gooch MDS
    Vienna Gooch MDS 12 days ago

    Shepherds pie is supposed to have corn aswell...?? 🤔🤔

  • Louise gray
    Louise gray 12 days ago

    Ur nanas super duper kinf

  • Maisi Owen
    Maisi Owen 13 days ago +1

    Your nan is so cool xx

  • chloe morrison
    chloe morrison 13 days ago

    I'm craving coffee right now
    Ans saff is just like I hate coffee

  • Rumana Begum
    Rumana Begum 14 days ago

    OMG your nan is so cute and she was such a good sport😉😉💕

  • beep_bop _boop
    beep_bop _boop 14 days ago

    Your grandma has better nails than I do 😂

  • The amazing Life of Ellie

    Your wearing a blue saffy b scrunchy
    The best colour!😍🤪🤩😋

  • Lily Cassie
    Lily Cassie 14 days ago

    Guyyhyb gg gb tdb ttt vghuryut g gto rag

  • Ciaran Gillece
    Ciaran Gillece 15 days ago

    Awww your nans a sweetheart saffron 😍😍 Lovley video as well

  • Izzy Crotty
    Izzy Crotty 15 days ago

    Oh my days I love your grandma so much she’s so sweet xxxx

  • Inayah I
    Inayah I 15 days ago

    I feel like your diet changes every month because in every swapping diets you eat different things.

  • Angela Kearney
    Angela Kearney 16 days ago

    i love your Nan she's so cute xx Love you saffron xx

  • Charlotte Williams
    Charlotte Williams 18 days ago

    Your nan's hair is lush! White as snow 💕

  • poppy alden
    poppy alden 18 days ago

    My fucking god I want a nan like yours 😩

  • Alison Wright
    Alison Wright 18 days ago

    U have gluten free wraps

  • Belle Anderton
    Belle Anderton 18 days ago

    You should swap with your mum or dad I love that you are on strictly you are doing so well

  • Nessy Parks
    Nessy Parks 19 days ago

    My American ass wasn't expecting a cookie xD

  • Haneen Ali
    Haneen Ali 20 days ago

    I love u saffron your nan is so kind she is the kindest nan and she's precious To me a lot love u guys

  • Eden Lowery
    Eden Lowery 21 day ago +1

    'I'll suffer for your vlog'

  • Isla Russell
    Isla Russell 21 day ago

    8:29 😂😂

  • zoe lindsay
    zoe lindsay 22 days ago +1

    your nan is the sweetest wee soul🥺🥺🥺

  • taekook's crib
    taekook's crib 23 days ago +2

    *me watching this video while drinking coffee*
    saf: i hate, HATE coffee

  • sekaiyakusoku
    sekaiyakusoku 23 days ago +3

    My grandma lives on grilled cheeses and candy😂

  • Amber Garnett
    Amber Garnett 23 days ago +2

    Your grandparents are literally the cutest thing ever. So lucky to have both of them so close. ❤❤

    SANIAH BENEFIELD 23 days ago

    I love ur bond with ur nan

  • Grace PRINN
    Grace PRINN 23 days ago +3

    You should do a swapping diets with your brother Jed since you eat healthy and he eat more unhealthy food and it would be a good funny video

  • Leyla P
    Leyla P 25 days ago

    your tan.... >_< yikes

  • Kieron Lee
    Kieron Lee 25 days ago

    Nan is so lucky to have a granddaughter like you!!🥰🥰

  • IAmEmptyInside
    IAmEmptyInside 26 days ago +4

    Your nan is such a lovely woman, bless her heart

  • Yulia Pitula
    Yulia Pitula 26 days ago +1

    aw she is so precious

  • Laura Aloun
    Laura Aloun 26 days ago

    The coolest nan ever 😎

  • Monisha Begum
    Monisha Begum 27 days ago

    loving Saffy B

  • Ice_ Tay
    Ice_ Tay 27 days ago

    It almost snatched her TEETH 🦷 it!!👵🏼🤗😂🤣😇😎