• Published on Jul 20, 2019
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Comments • 4 899

  • judrt
    judrt 25 minutes ago

    Viktard is annoying asl

  • ThickMama
    ThickMama 2 hours ago

    I would of said Blood for vessel

  • joshua dutczak
    joshua dutczak 4 hours ago

    I never really got into the sidemen videos until about a month ago. However, now I find myself binge watching them quite often! 💯👍

  • Onewheel.knight
    Onewheel.knight 4 hours ago

    Has anyone noticed all the Dark people on the left all the light people on the right just realised 😂not being racist

  • Matas
    Matas 8 hours ago +1

    10:40 JJ Looked the answer:Dd

  • EJburnley 06
    EJburnley 06 18 hours ago

    I'm surprised that no one said blood for vessel

  • Leo Martins
    Leo Martins 22 hours ago +1

    what are harry's shoes?

  • Aniruddha Ingle
    Aniruddha Ingle 22 hours ago

    Blood Vessel ffs

  • Kammie Gladden
    Kammie Gladden 23 hours ago

    Am I the only one who rly appreciates JJ’s accent

  • Dominik Živanović
    Dominik Živanović 2 days ago +10

    When I started watching ksi's videos I thought his stupidity was sarcastic. Now, after many years, I can confidently tell that it's not 😂

  • Dat Nigga
    Dat Nigga 2 days ago

    Fuck Simon 💯

  • Josh _101
    Josh _101 2 days ago +1

    JJ’s balanciagas 😍 ( i know that’s not how you spell them )

    AZZA TV 2 days ago +1

    100 thousandth like ayyyyy

  • BroSlayerAgain
    BroSlayerAgain 2 days ago

    but on screen it said - - 1m so it must be + 1ml then :3

  • Hannah Lewis
    Hannah Lewis 2 days ago +1

    Sometimes I feel like flicking Vik out of the sidemen. Cause I can’t really stand the geezer. No offence😂

  • Lukea11s
    Lukea11s 3 days ago

    is it just me or does simon act gay when he says a word

  • Kessia Emma
    Kessia Emma 3 days ago

    Why is harry so cute 😍😍😍

  • Suckyourmum
    Suckyourmum 3 days ago +1

    i clicked off the video in the first few disturbing seconds when i heard ethans voice.

  • s d s
    s d s 3 days ago +2

    Why did no one say angel on wing

  • ء
    ء 4 days ago +3

    I love you JJ but money doesn't buy style...

  • Jonah 07M
    Jonah 07M 4 days ago

    How come everyone white is on the left, what u trying to say?

  • Cyber
    Cyber 4 days ago


  • Callum Wooden
    Callum Wooden 5 days ago

    JJ the kinda guy to

  • Fall Fieber
    Fall Fieber 5 days ago

    4:50 why did nobody use "halle" for berry?

  • Andre Gnome
    Andre Gnome 5 days ago +1

    Should have done medication for treatment

  • Martha Bowes
    Martha Bowes 7 days ago +2

    Come on for the last one fairies I would’ve said tinkerbell

  • Mx1air
    Mx1air 7 days ago

  • Mx1air
    Mx1air 7 days ago

  • Erin Allan
    Erin Allan 8 days ago +16

    JJ- *looks at word and knows it*
    Everyone- *say a word*
    JJ- *uh idk treatment?*

  • Sudhir Ganesh
    Sudhir Ganesh 8 days ago +3

    For the berry round one of them could’ve gone with rasp ez

  • Abbie Fox
    Abbie Fox 8 days ago +2

    for vessel you could have said blood for blood vessel

  • James Cordery
    James Cordery 8 days ago +3

    Vikk is on drugs in this video

  • Lucas SIeyes
    Lucas SIeyes 9 days ago +4

    do a sidemen escape room, like if u agree

  • Mahdi Jafari
    Mahdi Jafari 9 days ago +2

    I just want to punch vik in the face

  • alex
    alex 9 days ago +7

    Jj won cuz - and - = + so he had 1M points

  • BryanVlogs
    BryanVlogs 9 days ago +1

    How is sidemen not at 10 mill subs

  • Bubble Shawty
    Bubble Shawty 9 days ago +3

    All the dark people are on the left and all the light people are on the right 🤣🤣

  • Sophia Young
    Sophia Young 9 days ago +5

    you guys should play granny, don’t know why i just think it’ll be hilarious 😂🤷‍♀️

  • Couch Time
    Couch Time 10 days ago

    I've gotten six unskippable Gatorade ads.
    I'm so fucking done

  • Brenon Fiwchuk
    Brenon Fiwchuk 10 days ago

    For treatment they should have said: chemotherapy.

  • Declan Blake
    Declan Blake 10 days ago

    Jj is allowed to be retarded he’s got 20 million subs and he made the sidemen

  • gabriel shabo
    gabriel shabo 10 days ago

    They could have said : blood .... vessel

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 10 days ago

    10:52 vik-let it sit, let it sit!

  • Matthew
    Matthew 10 days ago

    Ethan probably has the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen

    • JΛMΛ
      JΛMΛ 7 days ago +1

      they're Yeezy 700s, Ethan thinks they look good just cause they're by Kanye

  • Harlowe Bercovitch
    Harlowe Bercovitch 11 days ago +1

    It amazes me that jj gets Zeus from tinkerbell

  • OdinAPX
    OdinAPX 11 days ago

    shut the fuck vik

  • Kermit
    Kermit 12 days ago +1

    Faze steal from Sidemen
    Sidemen steal from Faze
    It’s a simple life cycle

  • Dr Random
    Dr Random 12 days ago

    Play articulate

  • Gursharan Singh
    Gursharan Singh 12 days ago

    KSI chested at treatment 😂

  • Power Gaming
    Power Gaming 12 days ago +2

    Josh was actually smart
    Plane = plain (spice level) = nandos

  • Young Ming
    Young Ming 12 days ago

    Ethan is such a good host i mean they all are but hes the best imo

  • rune friis
    rune friis 13 days ago

    yo vik shut up

  • chocolate ice cream
    chocolate ice cream 13 days ago

    for the vessel one u could of said vein or artery

  • phyco fan
    phyco fan 13 days ago

    For treatment i would of said leg

  • myah jones
    myah jones 13 days ago +3

    I didn't know someone could be as slow as JJ and I thought I was slow 😂🤦🏽

  • Will Obiajulu
    Will Obiajulu 13 days ago

    Its always Josh and JJ xS

  • phsychomonkey
    phsychomonkey 14 days ago

    What is the highest number Ethan can count to?

  • Nat Topping
    Nat Topping 14 days ago

    Vik was so annoying man stfu and be patient

  • NunnyMW
    NunnyMW 14 days ago

    They using the watch dogs font

  • Alisha Corley
    Alisha Corley 14 days ago

    Ethan I was confused on what you had to do at the start until they started doing it😂

  • Ignas Pukelevičius
    Ignas Pukelevičius 14 days ago

    2 to Josh & JJ 4 to Vikk & Harry 5 to Tobi & Simon

  • Stacks
    Stacks 14 days ago +1

    Wtf was they talking about vessel.
    Ex youtube wtf u on about

    • JΛMΛ
      JΛMΛ 7 days ago

      Vessel was a TheXvid rival in the early days.

  • DrinkingTed3bear
    DrinkingTed3bear 14 days ago


  • DrinkingTed3bear
    DrinkingTed3bear 14 days ago

    Simon has the gayest notions for a straight dude

  • Jaime Cobley
    Jaime Cobley 14 days ago

    When the password vessel appeared I’m triggered how they didn’t state the obvious which is “blood” I kept shouting BLOOD VESSEL like ahhh I need to calm down

  • Charlene Raymond
    Charlene Raymond 14 days ago

    JJ is to the Sidemen what Josh is to JustKiddingParty

  • Mike Jun
    Mike Jun 14 days ago

    why does everyone treat jj like shit lol

  • Armaan Bhulji
    Armaan Bhulji 14 days ago

    19:08 miniminter you gotta pee?

  • Emma Hewitt
    Emma Hewitt 14 days ago +1

    I’m surprised no one said Blood for Vessel

  • Dative
    Dative 15 days ago

    Fam why did they not just say blood for the word vessel, like it's so easy. I lost too many brain cells there...

  • IRiimzii
    IRiimzii 15 days ago +1

    Word: Tinkerbell
    Eveybody: Fairy
    JJ: ZeUs

  • karima benssaleh
    karima benssaleh 15 days ago

    Didnt fase clan do that

  • Hussein Ahmed
    Hussein Ahmed 15 days ago

    Josh is so stupid damn!

  • Bad Dub
    Bad Dub 15 days ago

    Berry - Just say Halle

  • kyle dunn
    kyle dunn 15 days ago +1

    When vessel came up I would have said blood