Inscryption - Part 3

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
  • The true master is finally revealed. Will I be able to defeat him?
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  • cutehulhu
    cutehulhu  +11

    I like how this game boils down to you being trapped in a cabin with a guy who really, really, really wants to be a DM

  • Gabriel Mellino
    Gabriel Mellino 21 day ago +2

    Imagine how powerful markimoo would’ve been if mark chose the NO COST card

  • Justin Losefsky

    The sound design in this game is incredible. The sounds and ambiance are so... satisfying. It's immersive, and chill.

  • balls stuck in the ceiling fan

    Nobody’s gonna talk about how Mark is KING OF THE SQUIRRELS again?!

  • Shoam
    Shoam  +1

    The ringworm is actually to kill the campers who offer to power up your card if you put it by the fire. If you power it up until they eat it, they die and you can infinitely power your card at a camp fire

  • WackoMcGoose


  • Shadow Otter

    i'm impressed mark started off with making one bad decision after another and now he has undying squirrels to really cheese the blood sacrificing to play his powerful monsters

  • WJ ZAV
    WJ ZAV  +486

    You gotta love how Mark has been smashing through all the challenges with his Squirrel, Goat, Urayuli combo. Its like this one player in fighting games who keeps beating everyone with that one cheap but effective combo.

  • Alaina
    Alaina  +851

    Just a friendly tip, you need to keep Stinkbug and Stoat alive, they're special cards, and stinkbug mentioned that she has a plan

  • Tiramewsu
    Tiramewsu 21 day ago +299


  • Michael Blevins

    I can’t believe no one is talking about marks impressive ability throughout this series to give every character a unique yet perfect voice as he reads the text with no context or preparation.

  • Deburke321

    This game has been wild to watch so far, only started playing it recently but it’s really unique

  • bbluekyanite
    bbluekyanite 14 days ago +489

    Another small detail: mark in the last game died still blind in one eye, and the card reflects that

  • Benblueblade
    Benblueblade 21 day ago +153


  • bunnypielily
    bunnypielily 14 days ago +161

    Mark: “why would you bring a shovel, seems suspicious.” Also Mark: has a tactical shovel cause you always need a shovel!”

  • Zboy 115
    Zboy 115 19 hours ago +17

    Leshy: I have taken the moon, I win

  • Dr. Napkin
    Dr. Napkin 14 days ago +152

    Are we not going to talk about how he turned down The Mantis God, TWICE! Imagine that 3 way attack on a stronger card.

  • Jeruhmi
    Jeruhmi  +1

    These squirrels keep losing their bones, maybe that's why they prefer holding nuts.

  • Sn3aky
    Sn3aky 14 days ago +110

    "Now I've got a stinky weasel" made me laugh way harder than it should have.