OnePlus 7T Pro: Tiny Tweaks to Excellence!

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • OnePlus 7T Pro. And the Mclaren edition. It's basically a 7 Pro timeshifted 8 months.
    Huge thanks to SuperSaf!
    OnePlus 7 Pro Review:
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Comments • 3 938

  • szewei85
    szewei85 4 hours ago

    Haha nice

  • Al Sazib
    Al Sazib Day ago

    Who is listening from Bangladesh??

  • joojoo612
    joojoo612 Day ago

    I wish Marques would get off the Pixel-train. The Pixel is a turd. Has been for years. "Bring it up to compete with the Pixel?" Seriously? That would be a downgrade for sure.

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan Day ago

    Im trying to buy an unlocked Huawei, Xiaomi or OnePlus phone that will work on the Sprint Network. Any suggestions?

  • Felix Perez
    Felix Perez Day ago

    What phone should I buy???

  • I Made Toast
    I Made Toast 2 days ago

    The McLaren is 5G ready, so definitely a big upgrade there buddy. Yes they are selling it through TMobile.

  • Godz Gift
    Godz Gift 2 days ago

    Now that the mclaren is coming to tmobile how much will it cost?

  • Princess Rapunzel
    Princess Rapunzel 2 days ago

    I got macro in my Nokia six! The phone is still amazing! 😂😂

  • Harnoor Singh
    Harnoor Singh 3 days ago

    Small upgrade makes sense when they come on one plus with a “T” , and they don’t make any sense when they come on iphones with an “S”

  • Harnoor Singh
    Harnoor Singh 3 days ago


  • Md Saif
    Md Saif 3 days ago

    Thank you... I have been wanting someone to put a simple video like this. Good job

  • chairya2
    chairya2 3 days ago

    Not much improvements, but also barely any price differences with only 50€. Id say the newer version is worth it if you dont have the older one already

  • Diego Mata
    Diego Mata 5 days ago

    Whoa!! There's a camera that pops out!

  • Kelvin Hudson
    Kelvin Hudson 5 days ago

    The pop up camera kinda makes me horny hahhaa

  • seng kiat khor
    seng kiat khor 5 days ago

    Can review vivo IQOO pro 5G edition?

  • shriram thakur
    shriram thakur 6 days ago

    @MARQUESBROWNLEE Why don't mobile manufacturers going for a single camera like Nokia 808. as per my knowledge, his old camera is still best than today's all smartphones. It can be way better than before with new processors and technologies.

  • Go Raid
    Go Raid 6 days ago

    Watching on my OnePlus 7T Pro

  • AlvinRey83
    AlvinRey83 7 days ago

    Wrong. Sprint has the One plus 7 pro in stock. Only some stores will have it. Otherwise you can order a OnePlus 7 pro and get with 5-7 business days. It is sold in America just have to know where

  • Avenger Of Titan
    Avenger Of Titan 7 days ago

    Please review xiaomi note 8

  • Kevin Menjivar
    Kevin Menjivar 7 days ago +2

    If only this phone was being sold in the US then I would’ve gotten it over the note 10+

  • Khalil Abdallah
    Khalil Abdallah 7 days ago

    Bro i just got a oneplus 7t pro mclaren edition ad at the the beginninh of this vid

  • JAY
    JAY 8 days ago

    Which one should i buy if i want to. Iphone 11 pro max or oneplus 7tpro mclaren ??? Please reply Marques.

  • R Estacio
    R Estacio 9 days ago

    OnePlus 7T(weaked) Pro

  • Dark Gamers
    Dark Gamers 9 days ago

    Oneplus 7t Pro sucks

  • Ken Fregien
    Ken Fregien 9 days ago

    Why Verizon doesn't doesn't carry Oneplus phones sucks , they push 2 main phones , iPhones & Samsung... there are a few others like LG & Motorola but really the big 2 are the best options. Tons of great midrange phones out but a lot of them are CDMA which Verizon doesn't support but at&t does as well as T-Mobile i believe , might just switch to at&t...tired of Verizon's BS tactics.

  • Rikesh Lad
    Rikesh Lad 9 days ago +19

    Watching this on the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition 🙌

    • Alexander G
      Alexander G 8 hours ago

      @Rikesh Lad True. Its also pretty as a picture. I clean mine every five minutes.

    • TryingToCode
      TryingToCode 16 hours ago

      Watching this on 7 pro

    • Rikesh Lad
      Rikesh Lad 4 days ago

      I upgraded from the 3T

    • MrCosmin94
      MrCosmin94 4 days ago

      I will upgrade from 7 Pro to 7T pro but im not getting the McLaren edition. I like the blue one more, the clear case and stock icons/wallpaper. And 8gb of ram are enough

    • Ana R
      Ana R 5 days ago

      Where did u got it from ?

  • Ana Guerraa
    Ana Guerraa 10 days ago +1

    Where can I buy it even if it's not sold in the US website?

  • Avinash Krishna
    Avinash Krishna 10 days ago

    Hi MKBHD. I have been following you a very long time. One thing you didn't notice the subtle 1. If you put case carefully at camera and laser autofocus it makes symbol 1 representing one in OnePlus

  • Anthony Salerno
    Anthony Salerno 11 days ago

    I wish this phone had wireless charging and was waterproof. Those are 2 major things the one plus 7 is severely lacking. If it had those 2 things and a batter camera it would be perfect

  • Anthony Salerno
    Anthony Salerno 11 days ago

    This is an awesome phone but I still prefer the note 10😁 I like the s pen and I have a galaxy watch and galaxy buds so the note works better with that. I hope for the note 11 adds a 90hz refresh rate that's literally all the note 10 is lacking.

  • V Alok
    V Alok 11 days ago +1

    Watching in my OnePlus 7T pro McLaren edition!
    It's a piece of art!!

  • Tyquan Sanders
    Tyquan Sanders 11 days ago +2

    MKBHD If you or anyone else is looking for the 7t Pro McLaren edition, T-Mobile will be selling it as a 5G device. Considering T-Mobile just announced their launchimg their 5G December 6th that's probably when their gonna sell the phone too.

  • maladore
    maladore 12 days ago

    Why does the issue of Pictures over Text Messaging never get addressed?
    They show up compressed and completely illegible. OnePlus is the only phone so far I've noticed that does this. Garbage.

  • Memories
    Memories 12 days ago

    If it's not broken then don't fix it.

  • Mohim Forever
    Mohim Forever 12 days ago +1

    7t pro and 7t pro Mclaren is 🔥

  • Mohim Forever
    Mohim Forever 12 days ago +1

    The best device in the universe!

  • Sheng Lazarte
    Sheng Lazarte 12 days ago

    What game was he playing at 1:30?

  • Zaynoun Sunna'a
    Zaynoun Sunna'a 13 days ago

    The phone looks awesome, I am really interested in getting one .. BUT!! I am really concerned with the overheating issues news I am hearing about it

    • Rohan Hrishiraj
      Rohan Hrishiraj 11 days ago

      Bro calm down i use a OnePlus 7tpro and there is no heating issue at all. It has a cooling technology in it.

  • Yemek'o
    Yemek'o 13 days ago

    smaller updates? yes every iphone from 2g to iphone x

  • El14Z 05
    El14Z 05 13 days ago

    Who needs 12 gb ram on a phone??😂

  • maxx1991
    maxx1991 13 days ago

    Is mclaren oneplus still for sale

  • Dheeraj K S
    Dheeraj K S 14 days ago

    Where is Xiaomi note 10pro video?

  • DJ Kavish
    DJ Kavish 14 days ago

    Hi, It's a humble request to please check the Audio recording of the cameras app and check if it records loud music properly means without any distortion. As many of the Android devices fails to record a good audio quality.
    Also if you could research and let me know if this is the problem with software or the microphone is not of good quality.
    Apple phones record the Audio clearly.

  • Sam Ewald
    Sam Ewald 14 days ago +1

    Upgrading from OP5 to the 7T pro in a few weeks, been with OP since the OP1 and have always enjoyed their phones

  • GunMasterG9 YT
    GunMasterG9 YT 14 days ago +1

    You are the best

  • Maciej Maj
    Maciej Maj 15 days ago

    The Best smartphone of 2019

    • Leo Castrillo
      Leo Castrillo 13 days ago

      But it doesn't have an AMOLED display no?

  • KingAlli
    KingAlli 15 days ago

    Hey Marques,
    You probably won't even see this but just in case you do(or anyone else close to you), I just wanted too say I love you videos and am very inpired to make my own tech channel. I have major plans and if you want to know more you can contact me(just reply to this comment), and I really was just looking for some tips. I'm asking you and no other youtuber because you just... are the most... good, I guess. So yeah, all I'm asking is for some tips, and hopefully this doesn't ruin what you think of it, but I'm 11 yrs old. Yeah, that's all, have a great day!

  • Mr S
    Mr S 15 days ago

    One plus phones come with virus from factory... this is a skip

  • Jonathan Dos Santos
    Jonathan Dos Santos 15 days ago

    I loved the curved display..

  • Mmo Sixteen
    Mmo Sixteen 15 days ago

    Get the 7 pro with 5G from sprint. Litterally cheaper than the 7t pro

  • Kevin Saavedra
    Kevin Saavedra 15 days ago

    Update, It is coming to the US but only available through T-Mobile

  • Neanna Lee
    Neanna Lee 15 days ago

    Oneplus must ditch 6gb ram and go directly to 8gb ram.
    Eg 8 128 and 8 256

  • Jonathan Gonzalez
    Jonathan Gonzalez 16 days ago

    When will this be out?

  • Yug Anghan
    Yug Anghan 16 days ago

    @MKBHD I'm confused between the onplus 7t pro 8gb ram 256ssd and the oneplus 7 pro 12gb ram 256ssd , which one should I buy ??? should I go for 12gb ram (7 pro)or snapdragon 855+(7t pro) ???

  • Batsmithpro
    Batsmithpro 16 days ago

    So when's the 7T Pro coming to the US?

  • TyphoonBlade, TheRelaxedFlier

    3:27 - T-Mobile: ...yet...

  • Brandon Haines
    Brandon Haines 16 days ago

    It's coming to Verizon and T-Mobile

  • Stef Tormans
    Stef Tormans 17 days ago

    I’m an iPhone user and I would like to buy a new Oneplus phone, because the Oneplus 7 pro and 7T pro costs are the same in my country, I’m thinking of the 7T pro, but I’m also wondering if I should buy the normal Oneplus 7T... it’s a difference of 150 euro’s in my country and I’m not used with a curved screen... anyone who can give me some advice? Thanks! :)

  • chris valenzuela
    chris valenzuela 17 days ago

    Where can I buy the one plus 7t pro?

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta 17 days ago

    You know there is a very thin line between inventing a new catchy word or phrase and proving for the mass that you're totally idiot !!! *Techtober* what is this really ?!!!
    MKBHD is no longer HD .... He's SD= standard definition ..... Idiot keep it with these stupid phrase and you will become HD Ready !!!! He he he