Waiter Recommends FROZEN Food to Ramsay! | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Oct 15, 2017
  • The look on Gordon's face...
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Comments • 3 104

  • César Cambron
    César Cambron 3 hours ago

    Gordon sounds sick

  • Game Pirate
    Game Pirate Day ago

    I love how the music changes when he's going through the menu 😂

  • MahoneyP573
    MahoneyP573 Day ago

    I swear if I ever come across a dip shit with a soundboks giant speaker on a hike, I’m gonna crack their head open with a rock and leave them

  • Jake Edwards
    Jake Edwards Day ago

    That wasn’t a cockroach

  • Ivan Hewitt
    Ivan Hewitt 2 days ago +1

    50% that's a box elder beetle
    50% mandatory nino jokes

  • Adam Guralnik
    Adam Guralnik 3 days ago

    That's a box elder bug lol not a cockroach

  • John Kurian
    John Kurian 4 days ago

    2:36 - TRIGGERED

  • Reilly Koe
    Reilly Koe 5 days ago +1

    Who got that stupid voice sing app AD 🤨, liKe TeLl Me SoMeThInG bOi

  • Brandi Elder
    Brandi Elder 10 days ago

    It's a Box Elder bug, not a cockroach.

  • Jolie
    Jolie 15 days ago

    Cockroach committee 🤣

  • Charlie Mann
    Charlie Mann 17 days ago

    That’s a stink bug not a cockroach

  • Amy Lou
    Amy Lou 19 days ago

    That wasn't a cockroach on the bathroom. It was a box elder bug

  • Janet McGinn
    Janet McGinn 21 day ago

    How do you not check the rooms before chef Ramsey and a film crew goes in...

  • Janet McGinn
    Janet McGinn 21 day ago

    Why do people need Gordon to tell them that their kitchens and rooms are disgusting.

  • Tom Watson
    Tom Watson 21 day ago

    Am I the only person who could not sleep in thier rooms?

  • Ember
    Ember 21 day ago

    The beef from that Thai sampler looks like someone stuck a wet cat turd on a stick.

  • El Niperoo 23
    El Niperoo 23 24 days ago

    What a shit hole.

  • Bright
    Bright 24 days ago

    He should use gloves not heathy.

  • Set Qesu
    Set Qesu 26 days ago

    Kenny looked confused at the end lol.

  • BubblyTea-speed art studio

    The roach is a paied actor

  • Brandi W
    Brandi W 26 days ago +1

    Gordon: "Where's the reception desk?"
    Lady: * gestures to empty hallway * "It's right here"

  • Qing Dynastie
    Qing Dynastie 27 days ago

    4:13 the Zombie answer dafuq

  • Red
    Red 27 days ago

    It’s a box elder bug. Not a cockroach! Box elder bugs are innocent. They don’t go in places that are dirty, they just end up places. My grandparents had a tree in their backyard that they were attracted to so they were always in their house. They were my grandpas pets. All of them were either “Bob” or “Phil”.

  • Matt B
    Matt B 28 days ago

    1:40 lmaoo
    *sees a boxelder bug
    "I think that's a cockroach"

  • McDonald's
    McDonald's Month ago

    im gonna offer u ice cream

  • Kerch0w
    Kerch0w Month ago

    4:58 but... they're looking at you..

  • shone de emu
    shone de emu Month ago

    You'd think they would... fix up the hotel a bit more knowing that gordon is gonna be there

  • Υάτε Kαςτιγιανόζ

    Not a cockroach stupid. It’s a box elder beetle. Doesn’t look a thing like a cockroach. It’s impossible keep them out, so we keep them as pets

  • Eagle262
    Eagle262 Month ago

    Can we talk about how good Gordon looks in glasses and a sweater? Damn

  • Matthew Bradley
    Matthew Bradley Month ago

    That was no cockroach at 1:40.
    It's a Box Elder beetle and they are harmless.

  • Wyguy the French Fry

    2:18 Props to the editor for putting in those songs in the span of 8 seconds

  • Andrea
    Andrea Month ago

    Rooms in the hotel: ugly, old, dirty af, have a ton of bugs
    Hotel owner: omg why are we losing money :(((((((( Gordon help :(

    SHESATSU0 Month ago

    Not a cockroach, that is a Box Elder bug

  • Josiah Bjertness
    Josiah Bjertness Month ago

    Gordan Ramsey: sees a north American box elder bug "I think that's a cockroach!"

  • Jammer2k2019
    Jammer2k2019 Month ago


  • Alan Aljenar
    Alan Aljenar Month ago

    The cockroach is a paid actor

  • TTV Foxy703
    TTV Foxy703 Month ago

    It was a stink bug

    LEE YONG KANG - Month ago +1

    At least the hotel need to be cleaned

  • Barbie Broccoli
    Barbie Broccoli Month ago

    That’s an elder bug not a roach 🤣 so conditions aren’t THAT bad.

  • MiKayla Hunter
    MiKayla Hunter Month ago

    That's not a cockroach... 😂😂 that's a pine beetle where I'm from

  • ClumsyRoot
    ClumsyRoot Month ago

    Not a cockroach.

  • Nathaniel Ng
    Nathaniel Ng Month ago

    That's a Boxelder bug not a cockroach

  • Zanobia Saharah
    Zanobia Saharah Month ago

    Just remember, you’re not the captain of the titanic

    *you’re the fucking iceberg*

  • darkfarie94
    darkfarie94 Month ago

    Gordon going into a hotel or Resturant and it’s gross is like a parent inspecting their kids messy room on live tv.

  • Richard Gibbs
    Richard Gibbs Month ago

    Cockroach!? Seriously? Boxelder beetle. Doesn't remotely resemble a cockroach.

  • The_Neon _Flash
    The_Neon _Flash Month ago +2

    4:53 I don't know why, but I love this line. So clever and effective

  • Mango Mango
    Mango Mango Month ago

    You know, as much as I like your shows Gordon. The comment to the waiter was really low. Even for you, I doubt you would like it very much is people made fun of your nose. And trust me, it can easily be made fun of. Hell your whole face is like a Picasso level disaster. The fuck you want the man to do? Grow fucking hair? Suddenly cool off in a old building full of people, with lights that YOU had to have to film? While also wearing a all black full length uniform? You don't sweat? Christ, man. In your own words, fuck off.

  • Pikolow1
    Pikolow1 Month ago +1

    "You're recommending that *I* eat frozen trout?"
    Just the way he said it makes me think he's saying,
    How DARE you give frozen food to *ME!*

  • A s i y a
    A s i y a Month ago +1

    I clicked because Gordon Ramsey was wearing a sweater

  • Andrew Cool
    Andrew Cool Month ago

    Oof 0:30

  • Blain Brookshire
    Blain Brookshire Month ago

    Thats not a roach its a boxelder bug they swarm in the late spring in midwest america. Theyre garden bugs and they swarm everywhere.

  • Daniel lll
    Daniel lll Month ago

    “ YOU’RE LOOKING AT THEM.. goodnight.”

  • MaryArts
    MaryArts Month ago

    Is that really a cockroach? Man...

  • Kameron Moss
    Kameron Moss Month ago

    Gordon acts like a verbally abusive boyfriend that you just stay with just because...

  • Megan Dulaney
    Megan Dulaney 2 months ago

    Woman: I can’t believe it!
    Honey, I’m pretty sure cockroaches aren’t only in that one room.

  • The BM F Project
    The BM F Project 2 months ago

    1:35 i loved this :dfd

  • Mega Bucks
    Mega Bucks 2 months ago

    i love raw food more

  • Alana Banana
    Alana Banana 2 months ago

    Why are hotel owners shocked when they realise their hotel is a dump??
    A motel on the highway might be much cleaner than that room, yuck.

    FIISHLA Jr 2 months ago

    They look the same

  • Ad Hc
    Ad Hc 2 months ago

    The trout has only been frozen once! What's the problem?

  • Toàn Vũ Minh
    Toàn Vũ Minh 2 months ago

    The cat even sounded depressing, why...

  • stefan Lebron Jr moneygram_mayweather

    THE ICEBERG😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • AndreasH900
    AndreasH900 2 months ago

    Though i only eat frozen food pretty much gordon has high standards

  • Katherine
    Katherine 2 months ago

    Run! It's Bates Motel

  • Joe Harris
    Joe Harris 2 months ago

    Id love to see GR go to fawlty towers for a hotel hell episode

  • hash and lexi's world
    hash and lexi's world 2 months ago +106

    That cockroach was freaking out cuz it just met Gordon Ramsay

    • Vighnesh Raut
      Vighnesh Raut 8 days ago

      Oh, the poor bug.

    • TheGreg7291
      TheGreg7291 Month ago +4

      hash and lexi's world it was actually freaking out because he caused it to have an identity crisis. It is a Boxelder bug.

  • Paste Eater
    Paste Eater 2 months ago

    “I think that’s a cockroach!” That, my good English friend, is a Boxelder Bug

  • Thanos
    Thanos 2 months ago

    Nose big sl😂

  • Jim Bo
    Jim Bo 2 months ago

    That was no cockroach but they do need to clean way better

  • fat and furious
    fat and furious 2 months ago

    Boxelder bug

  • maddie k
    maddie k 2 months ago +1

    2:26 Gordon just swinging his lil glasses😂

  • Angelo Santelli
    Angelo Santelli 2 months ago

    That wasn't a cockroach in the bathroom. It was a Box Elder bug. Harmless and as present in the northeast as the other bugs in the window.
    Regardless the dirty fucks should have cleaned the room ahead of any company.

  • do you ever shut up?
    do you ever shut up? 2 months ago

    why is the thumbnail literally me as soon as I get home and my parents start complaining at me

  • Squeakypits
    Squeakypits 2 months ago +1

    Goose undercover

  • Kaylee Rodda
    Kaylee Rodda 2 months ago

    *imagine your taking a number two* *i look down and i’m on the toilet* 💀💀

  • Diamond Slasher
    Diamond Slasher 2 months ago

    Can we guys get Gordon to 10M subs?

  • Bloodhound A&GV
    Bloodhound A&GV 2 months ago

    2:46 MY EYES!

  • Alexander Jordan
    Alexander Jordan 2 months ago

    It wasn’t a cockroach! Ramsey lol it’s a box elder bug relax man haha

  • ll Greenz FG ll
    ll Greenz FG ll 2 months ago

    That’s not a cockroach it’s a harmless bogzelder bug

  • queencleopatra007
    queencleopatra007 2 months ago

    When he picked up those bugs and put them in her hand...oh my god, I would have died if I was her

  • sam parlohaid
    sam parlohaid 2 months ago

    Waiter : eat the frozen food
    Gordon : thumbnail

  • Creep walker
    Creep walker 2 months ago

    Gorden said at the end that the owner is looking at the problems, so Gorden is the problem?

  • M0bilD
    M0bilD 2 months ago

    Nino would've had those rooms spotless.

  • Osama Q Mahar
    Osama Q Mahar 2 months ago

    Jesus Christ almighty 😂

  • Martin Nylander
    Martin Nylander 2 months ago

    Gordon has said; i wouldnt give that to my dog so many times so now i really want to know what he gives to his dog

  • q The Messenger
    q The Messenger 2 months ago

    Am I too late to say that's not a cockroach??? 👀 cus it's a...👀

    • q The Messenger
      q The Messenger 2 months ago

      Boxer maple cherry spotted cockroach. Only found in east northern New Zealand. 👍🏽

  • Clyde Todd
    Clyde Todd 2 months ago

    This dude need to do stand up comedy or battle rap he got bars and jokes for days

  • Celleste Gesner
    Celleste Gesner 2 months ago

    That was def a stink bug not a roach

  • Dank Apprentice
    Dank Apprentice 3 months ago

    did he really call that a cockroach in all my years lmao👽💀💀this is a first for Ramsey

  • Alan Jacob
    Alan Jacob 3 months ago +1

    Nino would have cleaned the room and also took a picture of him cleaning it.😂

  • Motivation With Jammy
    Motivation With Jammy 3 months ago

    Thats a box elder beetle committed to acompaning you on the john.

  • K Ranger
    K Ranger 3 months ago

    That's a boxelder bug (maple bug) gordon

  • DJ ashtray
    DJ ashtray 3 months ago

    If you take one of my cookies then you can bring it to your job.

  • M. T.
    M. T. 3 months ago

    This was posted in my 21st b day

  • lived2def
    lived2def 3 months ago

    To be fair that wasn't a roach.

  • zac chenier
    zac chenier 3 months ago

    Lmaoo that’s not a cockroach

  • ASalty Em0
    ASalty Em0 3 months ago

    That’s not a cockroach it’s a beetle

  • deedee kay
    deedee kay 3 months ago

    "its only been frozen once" like thats something special xD how can he work in the food industry and not know about cool chains?

  • Hannah h
    Hannah h 3 months ago

    lmao puts bugs in her hand show this to your cleaner

  • Luna Ranger
    Luna Ranger 3 months ago +1

    He's sweating cuz he knows frozen food is Gordon's worse nemesis