Waiter Recommends FROZEN Food to Ramsay! | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Oct 15, 2017
  • The look on Gordon's face...
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  • Izzy Grooves
    Izzy Grooves 18 hours ago +1

    Waiter: suggests the ice cream sundae
    Gordon: hE recOmMenDEd fRoZeN fOoD >:(

  • Panicked Scorpio
    Panicked Scorpio 19 hours ago

    To be fair, that was a box elder bug, not a cockroach. You can’t keep them out of operating rooms.

  • Lewis GoPro Adventures

    Ramsays visiting your house, would you seriously not clean the room before he arrives? Wtf lol

  • ZagoNeko
    ZagoNeko 2 days ago

    Don't worry ramsay, that wasn't a cockroach, just a squash bug.

  • Real Frosty The Snowman

    Me: hey that pork actually looks good
    Gordon: this chicken is dry.
    Me: oh. Oops.

  • Real Frosty The Snowman

    This title is just asking for distaster

  • My2CommonSense
    My2CommonSense 2 days ago

    That’s not a cockroach.

  • Carolyn Hastings
    Carolyn Hastings 3 days ago

    Its a box elder bug not a cockroach still gross

  • Munster 1404
    Munster 1404 4 days ago +1

    As a big eater, I do value quantity over quality. That chicken portion would have definitely made my day.

  • Lee Murrison
    Lee Murrison 4 days ago

    That is a kissing beetle, can be leathal after multiple bites and causes Chags disease.

  • Kaian凯安
    Kaian凯安 4 days ago

    5:10 Legend has it, Kenny is still sitting there, staring and wondering....

  • Airik Luna
    Airik Luna 5 days ago

    The living bug looked like a box elder...

  • Camryn Durant
    Camryn Durant 5 days ago


  • Austin Hance
    Austin Hance 6 days ago

    Waiter: Recommends frozen crap
    Ramsay: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • Jack Chong
    Jack Chong 6 days ago

    At this point I wanna be Gordon's dog

  • Sierra Stephan
    Sierra Stephan 6 days ago

    Lol, that was a boxelder bug XD

  • Liam Bell
    Liam Bell 7 days ago

    Box elder bugs, or, box elder fucks.

  • Thomas Neal
    Thomas Neal 8 days ago

    No ones gonna talk about that cat catching food in the air like a dog in the beginning b roll?

  • Nathan Mosier
    Nathan Mosier 8 days ago

    That's not a cockroach bruh, pretty sure it's a box elder bug 🤓

  • AngelRasmus3
    AngelRasmus3 8 days ago

    'It's like an insect funeral home'


  • RinaMiyavi
    RinaMiyavi 8 days ago

    That wasn't a cockroach. It was a boxelder bug

  • Kenny Budhwa
    Kenny Budhwa 8 days ago

    Not a cockroach those things can fly and are called love bugs there an invasive species in Canada

  • Jcup Leemas
    Jcup Leemas 9 days ago

    That awkward moment where a cockroach meets Gordon Ramsay before you

  • Melissa Nguyen
    Melissa Nguyen 9 days ago

    Ew bugs and roaches

  • Joe abdallah
    Joe abdallah 10 days ago

    I'm just like I can't believe it.!!!!

  • Tulio Cedillo
    Tulio Cedillo 10 days ago

    You gotta have some big balls to recommend frozen food to Ramsey

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 11 days ago

    That was a box elder bug, not a cockroach

  • High King Dovah
    High King Dovah 11 days ago

    Oh my god there’s FROZEN food.
    Are you telling me this FAILING business on a show called Hotel HELL has FROZEN food?!

  • Jason
    Jason 11 days ago

    Your not the captain your the iceberg lol

  • General Mtn
    General Mtn 12 days ago

    Mission successful, hotel is closed 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bone Jones
    Bone Jones 12 days ago +1

    You DARE call him Ramsay?? It’s MR. RAMSAY

  • VeLo RAAGE
    VeLo RAAGE 13 days ago

    The editing in the American version is just so dramatic and builds up that suspense.

  • Luke Pennington
    Luke Pennington 13 days ago +3

    Anyone else just go on a rampage of watching his videos

  • Matthew Belanger
    Matthew Belanger 13 days ago

    Not a cockroach but still gross

  • Not all Gaming
    Not all Gaming 14 days ago

    the first that have real fear of gordon level XD and he know it ahahha

  • Miranda
    Miranda 14 days ago

    He just called out the waiter for being bald too 😂😂

  • —The_Big_Fork —
    —The_Big_Fork — 16 days ago

    Waitress: the food is frozen
    Gordon Ramsey: u disgust me😑

  • Big Ben #7hunnit #Rapist #ABisMyBihh

    I love how all British people talk shit in such creative ways

  • KlueZ
    KlueZ 16 days ago

    "Goodnight. Fuck may"

  • Jeovane Cruz
    Jeovane Cruz 16 days ago

    LMFAO 💀😂

  • Necessary Evil
    Necessary Evil 17 days ago +1

    That was a potato bug Gordon lol

  • Ronny Gonzalez
    Ronny Gonzalez 18 days ago

    This should be the cleanest place on earth but it's to bad that they have Mr clean as a waiter

  • Ricky Houdini
    Ricky Houdini 18 days ago

    I understand you're a chef not a zoologist but that is not a cockroach.

  • Gerard D'Amour
    Gerard D'Amour 18 days ago

    "It's only been frozen once..." lmao re: frozen fish to Ramsey

  • John Dreasher
    John Dreasher 18 days ago

    box elder bug, completely harmless

  • Legendary Bird Wizard Pink Peacock

    You can tell the waiter was nervous right when he was messing with the oil bottles

  • Lord Nicky
    Lord Nicky 20 days ago

    That’s a really good quote: “ you’re not the captain of the titanic, you’re the fucking iceberg

  • SnekyDoodle
    SnekyDoodle 20 days ago

    I got a Gordon Ramsey ad on a Gordon Ramsey video.

  • MFA16365 Abboud
    MFA16365 Abboud 20 days ago

    Fucking karen

  • Thailand production
    Thailand production 21 day ago

    It good to see thai food in this video

  • Heather Bauer
    Heather Bauer 21 day ago


  • Jiminy Lummox
    Jiminy Lummox 22 days ago +2

    Walter Recommends FIRE trucks and MOSTER trucks
    like so brody sees

  • Double D Dat Dude
    Double D Dat Dude 22 days ago


  • Gabriel Vicente
    Gabriel Vicente 22 days ago

    How do you get trout from California and be expected not to freeze it. Wouldn't it go bad???

  • Richard Davis
    Richard Davis 22 days ago

    That wasn't even a cockroach😂😂 it's an American bug called a Box Elder

  • Vandenk
    Vandenk 22 days ago

    2:42 Dab

  • loganlocke1
    loganlocke1 22 days ago

    He knows that is in a cockroach. That's a tree bug. He could be such a pretentious prick

  • OG Fight night
    OG Fight night 22 days ago +1

    This vacation went tits up

  • katherine
    katherine 23 days ago

    the hotel is Nastie but that was a boxelder bug and not a cockroach

  • Catbag
    Catbag 24 days ago +1

    They're too fucking lazy to even pretend to work judging by what Gordons room looks like.

  • Angie Bustillo
    Angie Bustillo 25 days ago +2

    Gordon Ramsay is the Simon of the cooking industry

  • AttackTitan 913
    AttackTitan 913 25 days ago

    Chef Ramsay is one hell of a chad. In addition to being a master chef, he is an incredible TheXvidr. That title is perfect, the capitalization of the word frozen serves to drive home the absurdity of the situation and plays on his never ending war against frozen food, and the fact that he actually delivered on the clickbait leaves the viewer satisfied and confident that he honestly advertises the content of the video.

    • Lee Lemon
      Lee Lemon 22 days ago

      I doubt Chef Ramsay runs the channel/uploads with how busy he is. Plus, according to an interview, he doesn’t even watch his own shows to avoid obsessing about his appearance and statements.
      But he did find time to earn his black belt in karate.

    • Hamish Munroe
      Hamish Munroe 24 days ago

      I don't know where you eat dude, but f I went to a restaurant and was recommended something that was sitting in a freezer, I'd be furious. If you're paying restaurant prices you want fresh food

  • Justin Justice
    Justin Justice 25 days ago +3

    Who needs pesticide to kill roaches when Gordon Ramsay can scare them to death?

  • Jah89bless
    Jah89bless 25 days ago +1

    Have more respect for that Cockroach.
    He is the founder of the hotel.

  • Nate Grabowski
    Nate Grabowski 25 days ago

    At least the owner takes some responsibility

  • MPK
    MPK 26 days ago +1

    t rex foot sounds good. wish they were alive to try one.

    • Lee Lemon
      Lee Lemon 22 days ago

      MPK Try crocodile or alligator if you haven’t already!

  • Joseph Mason
    Joseph Mason 26 days ago +1

    "It's not like you're the captain of the Titanic...you're the ICEBERG!" He has to stay up at night coming up with these one liners.

  • pakines
    pakines 26 days ago

    "T-rex foot" LMAO

  • TheReal10bears
    TheReal10bears 27 days ago

    It's a boxelder bug not a cockroach

  • TInkerbell X
    TInkerbell X 27 days ago +2

    “A cockroach community to welcome me”😂😂😂😂

  • Austin LeValley
    Austin LeValley 27 days ago

    That wasn’t a cockroach tho...

  • MavrikUSMC
    MavrikUSMC 28 days ago

    For all the times he haughtily spit out food, I give him credit for still staying in that room.

  • Samuel Jenkins
    Samuel Jenkins 28 days ago +1

    Love how he calls a elder wood beetle a roach, I hate both but one is relatively harmless

  • Charles Larson
    Charles Larson 29 days ago

    there's a reason that certain people are better off dead, such as baldy mcsweaty fuck

  • RoboRat
    RoboRat 29 days ago

    That wasn't a cockroach that was a boxelder bug