Greg Davies - Flo Rida Ruined A Classic

  • Published on Nov 29, 2019
  • #GregDavies on what it's like to be middle aged, discovering Flo Rida, and how a family gathering turned into a disgusting group mime session.
    #GregDaviesStandUp from the #JustForLaughs Festival in 2011.
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Comments • 281

  • makienxhemmiktar
    makienxhemmiktar 2 days ago

    TO HIS OWN CHILDREN - that cracked me up hahahaha

  • Deirdre Quinn
    Deirdre Quinn 4 days ago

    After the first 90 seconds nearly got sick (had eggs for breakfast)

  • Milo Jones
    Milo Jones 5 days ago +1

    Sorry Greg.... they've been using the term "Blow Job" for 40 years at least. Your Mom knows what a BJ is. You'd be better with Salad Tossing or something.

    • Romania-kun
      Romania-kun 3 days ago

      Actually, she didn't... he has a routine about that.

  • wendy longville
    wendy longville 5 days ago +1

    He so freaking adorable 😻😄

  • scarlett bazah
    scarlett bazah 15 days ago

    i feel ashamed but i always sing "when you go down" when i hear that song and i didn't know that the original didn't say that

  • Dhruva Shah
    Dhruva Shah 16 days ago

    Its Mr Gilbert

  • New Thought
    New Thought 17 days ago +5

    Greg Davies, Richard Osman and Peter Crouch walk into a bar.
    Yep, it's a tall order.....

  • RwNZ1337
    RwNZ1337 18 days ago +2

    Mary did NOT look appreciative enough.

  • sapsorrow79
    sapsorrow79 26 days ago +4

    I would date this man

  • John Kaitlyn
    John Kaitlyn 27 days ago

    I'm 42 and dont feel like that at all.

  • هلو هو ار يو
    هلو هو ار يو 29 days ago +10

    " mother and my sister pumping aircock in front of my face"
    This guy is a British Legend

      AKIM MIAK 23 days ago +1

      @Russell Glen i hope it didn't mess ur punctuation.

    • Russell Glen
      Russell Glen 23 days ago

      @AKIM MIAK I was in a coma once

      AKIM MIAK 25 days ago

      A coma would be nice

  • H37 !05
    H37 !05 Month ago

    I don't like any of flo rida's "music", it is insulting in it's shallowness.
    That doesn't mean he has to get hit on his fucking head with a pumpkin seed covered baseball bat though..

  • A H
    A H Month ago +1

    I love Greg Davies!

  • Anna WAYWEGO
    Anna WAYWEGO Month ago

    I love you Greg.

  • katex
    katex Month ago

    filming the audience barely having a reaction to his humour does not help, just focus the camera on the comedian; their sour faces ruined the whole video

  • F C
    F C Month ago

    I love this man! He is so funny!

  • F C
    F C Month ago

    I love this man! He is so funny!

  • Selinor578
    Selinor578 Month ago +1

    When he's telling these yarns, does he want us to believe they actually happened? I think some of the audience really DO believe them.

  • Croft Hudson
    Croft Hudson Month ago

    Okay boomer

  • CheebWhackah
    CheebWhackah Month ago

    I want to enjoy his comedy, but I always find it awkward O_o

  • Tim Christopher
    Tim Christopher Month ago

    Guys with Tatoos are pussys

  • pete tuxford
    pete tuxford Month ago

    Etta James........flo fucked that up too, I’m 38 😕

  • Ray Von
    Ray Von Month ago

    he looks pregnant

  • murphh57
    murphh57 Month ago


  • 〈@W&O
    〈@W&O Month ago +1

    I don't think 42 is that old but I guess it's kinda your state of mind and I think taking care of yourself really does make a difference in your older years

  • CallMeDixe
    CallMeDixe Month ago +10

    Greg Davies is one of the best storyteller in stand up comedy. He keeps me interested 100%. When he talks that's all I'm ever focused on.

  • Zack Burton
    Zack Burton Month ago +2

    JaackMaate really fell off 😔

  • GORT
    GORT Month ago

    Just not funny!...

  • biffalump
    biffalump Month ago +2

    This audience did not appreciate that genius routine one but he was brilliant 🤣💕

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson Month ago +2

    Wait-a pony being killed by a golf club? I have questions...

  • crystal delancey
    crystal delancey Month ago

    That is the second bit I've seen him do that made me belly laugh until I cried. Greg Davies is amazing!

  • Leanne Blake
    Leanne Blake Month ago +1

    Davis , Brilliant as always.

  • Maxamillian Steele
    Maxamillian Steele Month ago

    2:50 SKIP TO 2:50

  • Jeff Peate
    Jeff Peate Month ago

    Is he a psycho?

  • Lilly Webb
    Lilly Webb Month ago

    Ok boomer

  • DaftJok3r
    DaftJok3r Month ago +18

    That audience was so ungrateful, I could not stop howling

  • Mercutio
    Mercutio Month ago +5

    It's even better cause we've seen his Mum quite a few times on TV with him

  • lfcwilli
    lfcwilli Month ago +3

    To his own children.... always gets me in the feels

  • Reggie Mech
    Reggie Mech Month ago +3

    The single bead of sweat running down his face at the perfect time when he talks about his mum killing him

  • The Slug Boi
    The Slug Boi Month ago

    JustForLaughs crowd is always so fucking deaaaad...

  • jonas1015119
    jonas1015119 Month ago +22

    I feel like the Kill A Pony With A Golf Club part deserves more attention.

    • Oh-low
      Oh-low Month ago

      jonas1015119 😂🤣🤣

  • Christopher Aguilar
    Christopher Aguilar Month ago +4

    Dead crowd.

  • Næp Sæck
    Næp Sæck Month ago +6

    He reminds me of Bob Parr before he got in shape

  • Pratika Singh
    Pratika Singh Month ago

    I love that song 😂😂😂

  • The False Prophet
    The False Prophet Month ago +1

    The Inbetweeners!

  • Scott Thompson
    Scott Thompson Month ago +4

    Mr.Gilbert's part time job?

  • Robyn Guy
    Robyn Guy Month ago

    Sorry but I find Greg Davis fit as fuck. I'm 23 but I would absolutely get on that no problem.

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi Month ago +1

    We cum tit village

  • IsiahTomas
    IsiahTomas Month ago


  • Luke Rosetti
    Luke Rosetti Month ago

    Great mother, terrible bigot

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans Month ago +3

    What a British legend!

  • ipodguy9
    ipodguy9 Month ago +7

    I was playing dead or alive the other day, and a guy I work with went oh this is flo rida.. I was like :/ :/ gtfo.

    • ipodguy9
      ipodguy9 Month ago +1

      Chrissy Pastelle you say I’m hating someone, then say I’m an asshole, and a hipster dickhead... I like it as I was born in the 80s so was brought up with 80s music. I’m not trying to be trendy or anything like that. Dickhead

    • ipodguy9
      ipodguy9 Month ago +1

      @IVNF I didn't actually have a go at him or anything. I was just shocked.

    • IVNF
      IVNF Month ago +1

      The correct thing to do is play dead or alives better albums, like fan the flame or just anything that they released after 1986. Then such confusion wouldn't arise. Now that is how you show off your musical chops while flaunting a love for 80s music.

    • Chrissy Pastelle
      Chrissy Pastelle Month ago

      Or you could've just said "no, this is the original song that Flo Rida sampled for his song, I'm into 80's music" instead of being an asshole who thinks they deserve Internet points for liking something that's old and hating people who don't. My grandma is more receptive to new music than some of these hipster dickheads, oh my Lord.

  • unitedkingdom offiveeyes

    This guy is not funny...sorry

  • Max Blechman
    Max Blechman Month ago +7

    The guy at 1:24 looks like he teaches people how to play bass on TheXvid

  • Chulumanco Toni
    Chulumanco Toni Month ago +2


  • Zachery Barrett
    Zachery Barrett Month ago +12

    I believe this man makes himself laugh. Loved it!

  • Fuzzy Head
    Fuzzy Head Month ago

    Hilarious fella his taxi pie story is class

  • Indigo Stickman
    Indigo Stickman Month ago +84

    Thumbing marshmallows into a cat's anus.
    Davies at his absolute best

  • PM ScroMo
    PM ScroMo Month ago +65

    I've been an old fart since I was 17. Puberty then straight to middle age.

    • PM ScroMo
      PM ScroMo 14 days ago +3

      @Lieutenant Luxury I'll pay you that. That's a good one.

    • Lieutenant Luxury
      Lieutenant Luxury 14 days ago +5

      "In high school they said his balls would 'drop', but ScroMo still found it strange that all of the other boys found it so easy to avoid treading on theirs"

  • Kitty Smith
    Kitty Smith Month ago +1

    I adore him xD