• Published on Oct 17, 2018
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    Halloween is the happiest time of the year! Which is why David, Jason and I felt compelled to try every single halloween treat we could get our hands on. And when you're an adult, you don't have to waste all that time trick or treating!
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  • D E M O N Jordan
    D E M O N Jordan 6 hours ago

    my bf name is ryder da fuq xD

  • Makayla Jones
    Makayla Jones 6 days ago

    Awww Paige said she wanted david and Liza to get back together 💕

  • Makayla Jones
    Makayla Jones 6 days ago

    5:15 idk why but David’s little twitched are so cute

  • Aedan Mannion
    Aedan Mannion 7 days ago +1

    Based on his channel you can tell josh is still a little chunky boi on the inside

  • sean potter
    sean potter 8 days ago


  • jaz and carrot
    jaz and carrot 12 days ago

    awwwwwwww David dumb adorable cute face at 3:46

  • Brad Roe
    Brad Roe 13 days ago

    You are awesome #wolfpeck

  • Sahai ChinSang
    Sahai ChinSang 19 days ago

    3:47 oh my... Look at David's face... He looks so adorable😂😂

  • Simran Dave
    Simran Dave 21 day ago

    david was being so cute in this video I can't

  • Connor Morgan
    Connor Morgan 25 days ago

    David: I’m not eating that
    Josh: I’ll have some
    David: Oh, then I’ll have some

  • Bella Mastronardi
    Bella Mastronardi 25 days ago

    David’s face at 8:50

  • Lily. Xo
    Lily. Xo 28 days ago

    I actually eat like David

  • ItzJenna Marie
    ItzJenna Marie 29 days ago

    Josh: "I don't even know what these are!"

  • Joel Belah
    Joel Belah Month ago

    I love how your videos are longer then David's

  • Emily Bohmann
    Emily Bohmann Month ago

    I love how they're instantly so hyper from all the sugar.

  • Haley Hall
    Haley Hall Month ago +1

    When they made the Reese’s sandwich I can just feel the sugar hit the wisdom teeth and cringe 🤦🏽‍♀️😖😂😂

  • Kayla Brito
    Kayla Brito Month ago

    Older candy

  • Gacha Kara
    Gacha Kara Month ago

    Josh should of been the gost peep bc his career is *dead*😂

  • Zikeyzz
    Zikeyzz Month ago

    16:04 has me dead😂😂😂

  • AriaVille
    AriaVille Month ago

    14:37 WAY too funny😂
    15:54 David third wheeling😂

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl Month ago


  • Abbey Smith
    Abbey Smith Month ago

    lets take a moment to adress that david was complaining about the carbs and calories and shit about a few candy bars, then he goes and makes a fucking reeses and oreo créme sandwich and shares it with fucking everyone

  • Abbey Smith
    Abbey Smith Month ago

    the maid is just milling around behind them and cleaning their mess like a mom cleaning up after her kids and her kids really annoying friends

  • Noah Rangel
    Noah Rangel Month ago

    Does anyone know where the drop top Oreos joke is

  • Savanna Ramirez
    Savanna Ramirez Month ago

    20:47- 20:50
    The part where David said thanks for having us josh seems kinda weird but also makes him look kinda cute

  • Cassie Leverson
    Cassie Leverson Month ago

    This video is a representation of how I imagine David to act in class…I would’ve loved to go to his school lmao

  • Cassie Leverson
    Cassie Leverson Month ago

    5:12 David’s facial expression when he’s talking about the razor blades in kids candy are so cute

  • maxwell
    maxwell Month ago

    watched this video an unhealthy amount of times. still expect josh to say itssa juss a tasste at 3:11

  • Serennity Gomez
    Serennity Gomez Month ago

    I love David so much the faces he makes and what he says is so cute❤️

  • Mandy 777
    Mandy 777 Month ago

    You said half of my family’s names in this video
    Justin- my brother
    Amanda- me
    Ryder- my son (a.k.a my male cat)

  • Mason Wilkin
    Mason Wilkin 2 months ago

    I was thinking David was jack o lantern cuz he has so many personalities and josh was he ghost because they disappear like his career

  • allyson gowing
    allyson gowing 2 months ago

    Josh did the same thing morgan did in shanes vlog 9:06

  • Dylan V.
    Dylan V. 2 months ago +1

    5:09 look at David 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lilly Gaunt
    Lilly Gaunt 2 months ago

    I hate how they just bit into the KitKat without breaking it like it was no big deal

  • Litterially Dud
    Litterially Dud 2 months ago

    Why did David know exactly how many calories were in a Big Mac?

  • Litterially Dud
    Litterially Dud 2 months ago +1

    Why did David know exactly how many calories were in a Big Mac?

  • Addison Rennaker
    Addison Rennaker 2 months ago

    None of the youtubers:
    Still none:

  • Brittney N
    Brittney N 2 months ago +1

    Josh- use hello fresh because it’s good for you and super easy!
    Also josh- *has full on junk food candy mukbangs.*

  • AriaVille
    AriaVille 2 months ago

    15:53 David's face😂

  • AriaVille
    AriaVille 2 months ago

    14:50 Too funny and cute

  • Ms. Eclipse
    Ms. Eclipse 2 months ago

    Brooo the ad for the video was for type 2 diabetes

  • Tabitha Zavala
    Tabitha Zavala 2 months ago

    20:59-21:04 killed me😂😂

  • Jessie Nguyen
    Jessie Nguyen 2 months ago

    Everyone is wearing a black shirt/hoodie with a white design at the top corner while Jason's over here not getting the memo..... 😂

  • Jason Arizmendi
    Jason Arizmendi 2 months ago

    “If your over 6 feet you’re not allowed to trick or treat anymore” - Josh
    *Me standing 5’7 in a ninja costume* “You god damn right, out of my way taller adults”

  • evilkitty2007
    evilkitty2007 2 months ago

    reminder, regular oreos are technically vegan, but reduced fat ones are not....so keep that in mind

  • Abbey Watson
    Abbey Watson 2 months ago

    Did you get that cute little orange pumpkin bucket at Kroger? Love Krogs!!! They actually have cute Halloween decorations. Also Halloween Oreos are the best!! For some reason the Oreos taste better in Halloween form.

  • spill that tea
    spill that tea 2 months ago +1

    15:05 that was cute

  • Carin Ghara
    Carin Ghara 2 months ago

    wee loveeeee

  • Babies Of Mine
    Babies Of Mine 2 months ago

    Paige:*causally gropes David’s shoulder*

  • Drew Winchester
    Drew Winchester 2 months ago +1

    David just bitches the whole time in every mukbang video..

  • Nick Dovolos
    Nick Dovolos 2 months ago

    Casually puts a mid roll ad during the ad in the video

  • Habi
    Habi 2 months ago

    Jason's the Dad Josh is his eldest son is, David is the youngest and troublesome kid

  • Ashley H
    Ashley H 2 months ago

    David said its horrible but took a second bite of the peep😂😂

  • Marissa Robledo
    Marissa Robledo 2 months ago

    I like how Jason said all the comments r gonna b abt Paige and not me but really the comments r abt how cute David is 3:46-3:48 😍😊😆😂💞

  • The Moments
    The Moments 2 months ago

    david was being so adorable 🥰🥺

  • Tiffiny Amira
    Tiffiny Amira 2 months ago

    You are so right about needles and razor blades being put into Halloween candy being a myth. I am taking a criminal justice class called crime myths and read an interesting article about it. Anyways it has never actually happened.

  • madison j
    madison j 2 months ago

    I was this voodoo doll and it was super cool and one time I was a marionette

  • madison j
    madison j 2 months ago

    “Oooooo so many calories “

  • madison j
    madison j 2 months ago

    David looks at calories.... I do too but I eat it then. And regret it later

  • madison j
    madison j 2 months ago

    Oh ...𝘩𝘦𝘭𝘭𝘰