Raspberry Pi Cases | Ashens

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Do YOU have a tiny little computer that you're running old games on? Do YOU wish it looked like something that it isn't? Do YOU wish I'd stop capitalising the word "you"? Well, this is probably a video that could potentially interest you maybe!
    Cram your Raspberry Pi into a case shaped like a Mega Drive, SNES or NES, then fire up Retropie and not care what the case looks like because you're concentrating on the screen!
    Also featured - several disappointing cases not made by Retroflag, who have absolutely nailed it.
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  • darthbuzz
    darthbuzz 4 hours ago +1

    That is, quite literally, the first time I have ever heard anyone say 'sproing'.

  • Marie Lawson
    Marie Lawson 19 hours ago

    I feel out of touch... this is the first time I’ve even heard of a raspberry pi..... 😕

  • BachieGaga 9
    BachieGaga 9 Day ago

    I'm feeling very NESbian. Socket to socket scissoring

  • Construction Toy Dude

    Ashens could review old bits of string and I'd watch it.

  • The Cooper Tech Kid
    The Cooper Tech Kid 7 days ago

    They sell them on aliExpress 👍

    KOTYAR0 12 days ago

    Wait. Why tf this doesn't have more views? And only 500 comments?
    This is freaking brilliant!

    KOTYAR0 12 days ago

    "We call that a teaser"
    Absolutely шикарно ^_^

  • Danya Crust
    Danya Crust 14 days ago

    i love this dudes videos. Just a british dude talking about stuff he likes and dislikes. It's fuckin great. It's like an easy listening kinda thing.

  • Alberta Malachi
    Alberta Malachi 15 days ago +3

    Teacher: "What does your father do?"
    Kid: "My father plays with things and talks to the sofa."
    The proper way to do it is as follows.
    Teacher: "What does your father do?"
    Kid: "My father is an internet influencer. He reviews things that he and other people find interesting. He's good at what he does."
    Teacher: "Oh that's pretty nice."
    Kid: "And he talks to the sofa."
    Teacher: "Oh... alright then."

  • Colin M
    Colin M 23 days ago

    Shame I cant afford this

  • Johnny Nimble
    Johnny Nimble 23 days ago

    Game weevils tho.

  • Postghost
    Postghost 25 days ago

    I want to make one out of an actual Sara Lee raspberry pie packet.

  • Jonothan Thrace
    Jonothan Thrace 25 days ago

    Waiting for the Official Ashens Game Child rPi Case.

  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 26 days ago

    I've seen a few cases that look like C64s, Spectrums, and BBC Micros before now; I'm surprised you didn't cover them (unless you plan to at a later date).

  • jubuttib
    jubuttib 28 days ago

    I watched this video. I saw the piece of paper that says "Please remove the SD card before installing the RASPBERRY PI". I read the other instructions. I *still* forgot to remove it, and now the microSD card is broken in half. Goddamnit man.

  • Forever Computing
    Forever Computing 28 days ago

    "pi" in other languages would be pronounced "pee"

    The American one looks like a toy!

    SMIFFY 29 days ago +1

    The cheapness of that American SNES case made me feel physically uncomfortable.

  • Sydney Bean
    Sydney Bean Month ago

    *holds up American-style SNES*
    Seriously though, how did the American market give off such a strong "WE LIKE SQUARE, WE LIKE EDGES, WE LIKE RECTANGULAR RAISED SURFACES" impression for Nintendo to go to the effort of changing the design like that? At least the Famicom was equally as square as the NES, or thereabouts.

  • Lee Morrow
    Lee Morrow Month ago +1

    Stay fresh, cheese bags

  • Christopher Tregenna
    Christopher Tregenna Month ago +2

    I wonder if Ashens has heard about the tragic news that a Funko pop movie is in the works

  • jayc2469
    jayc2469 Month ago +1

    Hearing Techmoan-Ashens at 0:01 was truly bewildering

  • Aihara
    Aihara Month ago +1

    Ashens: The person whose been reviewing and criticising cheap products since 2008

  • Rob
    Rob Month ago

    Was there lots of clipping in this video for anyone else or are my speakers being a bit screwy?

  • Howard Rose
    Howard Rose Month ago

    I have one of those NESPi cases.. which yellowed just like the real thing 😂

  • Pinto Bean
    Pinto Bean Month ago

    Has anyone did a review on the Nintendo switch lite? Think it's been released last week maybe? Idk but I'm wondering if the controllers come off like the original one.

  • Ed Howden
    Ed Howden Month ago

    Should I just setup a direct debit directly to you so you can start sending me all the cool things?

  • Xdturdnugget
    Xdturdnugget Month ago

    This guy is like Nerdcubed!

  • donkfail1
    donkfail1 Month ago

    I need a Game Child case for it!

  • BladedEdge123
    BladedEdge123 Month ago

    "Lets just put that away and pretend I didn't spend money on it." is like, the catch-phrase of first world money having people problems if ever there was one.

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson Month ago

    I went nuts and picked up the 7" touch screen and the SmartiPi case for my Retropie setup and it is quite nice.
    I went the extra mile and extended the card slot out where you can get to it and added a rear case extension and speakers, so the whole thing is a compact and effective system. Love this stuff!

  • Earwig 999
    Earwig 999 Month ago

    I have a metal case which acts as a heat sink as well, helps it run over clocked much better.

  • HdE's Totally Unoriginal Gaming Show

    I do like a nice Pi case! Those RetroFlag ones are especially good, as well. So far, the only one I've forked out for is the MegaPi. There's a brilliant tutorial on MeanMachineDean's TheXvid channel that shows folks how to install the Pi into it. Really shows how easy it is to get started with these things.

  • Gelynn
    Gelynn Month ago

    I've had a friend tell me about RasPi before. I wonder what the best monitor/keyboard options are. I've seen lapdocks, meant for smartphones, but I'm not sure that's more affordable than just getting a laptop.

  • C by GE light bulb
    C by GE light bulb Month ago

    Man, I'm definitely going to to own the Gpi and be half through link to the past before the second video comes out

  • Raguleader
    Raguleader Month ago

    It'd be great to get a Raspberry Pi case modeled after an old IBM 5150. Maybe have the USB and MicroSD passthroughs go to the disk drive bays on the front.

  • Craig Grassham
    Craig Grassham Month ago

    May be a bit of advertising from Stuart but I ended up getting a SNES case (always loved the Super Nintendo despite the mega drive case being beautiful)
    £20 well spent, really nicely made and easy to sort out, power button simple to set up with retropi too.

  • reanimatedfish
    reanimatedfish Month ago

    Because poor literacy is cool.

  • Doogeedoo12
    Doogeedoo12 Month ago +1

    Am I the only one that doesn't know what he's talking about and waiting for the video of him eating an expired pre-packaged dessert?

  • Lee Collins
    Lee Collins Month ago

    i have these cases and the gpi case thats coming up in the next video! well worth every penny

    AVFCAM Month ago

    I’m unsure why you prefer the Mega Drive one when the access to the ports is on the bottom...

    AVFCAM Month ago

    I’m unsure why you prefer the Mega Drive one when the access to the ports is on the bottom...

  • YHK
    YHK Month ago

    Imagine having the same background and intro for 10 years, yeah

  • evacuatedspace
    evacuatedspace Month ago +1

    No, we want Pi to look like ORAC from Blake's 7!

  • Taylan Everitt-Story
    Taylan Everitt-Story Month ago +1

    You still make videos and they literally haven't changed :O

  • MrTuwanda
    MrTuwanda Month ago

    Ashens: I'm surprised you haven't done an American dollar store special yet. Poundland has been done a lot, I think you need to stop by a dollar store next time you're in the US and see what you can find.

  • Aza-Industries
    Aza-Industries Month ago

    It took me forever to get a GPI case, retroflag is the worst company at getting it's products into the hands of consumers.
    They never stock enough, they stock in geo-blocking shops that don't ship globally, they take forever to send out small amounts to other countries.
    They never give a shit about preventing scalpers from buying multiple stocks.

    They suck.

  • Mikey C
    Mikey C Month ago

    I've got a NESPi case. Looks great.

  • BengolRaven
    BengolRaven Month ago

    finally a teaser that actually got me excited for more!! thanks Sir Stuart

  • DC
    DC Month ago

    Me sooo horny for pi

  • lyiriyah
    lyiriyah Month ago

    Ashens, get a Pi4, you could probably run PS3 games on it if you could find an emulator and a ROM

  • Ian Hutchison
    Ian Hutchison Month ago

    If you played the video's ending at a shopping center, would it be a mall teaser?

  • MrClassiccarenthusia

    From reviewing microwave dinners to Pi.. My how far we have come.

  • No no
    No no Month ago

    BTW lots of cases will break the sd card if you try to remove the rpi from the case without first removing the SD card. I've broken at least two.

  • No no
    No no Month ago

    Be aware that raspberry pi 4 have changed their layout a little bit, and likely will not fit in earlier cases.

  • MinusNoir
    MinusNoir Month ago

    Mmmm ... Raspberry pie!

  • k
    k Month ago

    I let out a groan of actual satisfaction when the second NES case appeared. Damn did that look good compared to the first one.

  • 9NecroW9
    9NecroW9 Month ago

    Really liking the hardware themed videos recently :)

  • alchamist academy
    alchamist academy Month ago

    I personally thought the xbox crystals was sleek.I mean lets face it the original xbox is one of the ugliest looking consoles of all time.

  • Irongrip62
    Irongrip62 Month ago

    But ashens, none of these (except the last one) were life sized!

  • Gareth Witty
    Gareth Witty Month ago

    Damn you sir for keeping us in the dark...