Top Crazy Russian Homemade Inventions 2019 #69

  • Published on Sep 23, 2018
  • Top Crazy Russian Homemade Inventions 2019 #69
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Comments • 1 367

  • Yakiv Parkhomenko
    Yakiv Parkhomenko 14 hours ago

    Nothing russian in this video

  • Zakir Anderson
    Zakir Anderson Day ago

    Are you sure that leafsprung compound crossbow is russian made! This guys wearing safety goggles and hand protection.

  • Tom Barry
    Tom Barry Day ago

    So this is what Russian oligarchs do in their spare time --
    Вот что делают русские олигархи в свободное время

  • Andrii Koliada
    Andrii Koliada 2 days ago

    What idiot called the video?
    On the first video Ukraine.
    Then an American.
    If such errors in the first video about what to say next!

  • Ruslan Kalynovsky
    Ruslan Kalynovsky 3 days ago

    Russian weekdays :)

  • Vsem Gabzdec
    Vsem Gabzdec 3 days ago +2

    1st ukrainian
    2nd unknown
    3rd muslim
    4th loock like ukrainia again
    ebtvoyumatь where is rassian ?

  • Anderson Silva
    Anderson Silva 4 days ago

    Ai o balde de sabugo vai pro banheiro kkkk

  • Seiko Hiamamura 2.0
    Seiko Hiamamura 2.0 4 days ago

    data fake

  • jose young
    jose young 4 days ago

    Russos tem tanto dinheiro por que não coloca um suporte no celular para que a imagem fique menos tremida ?

  • L
    L 4 days ago

    The farming machinery was good but the rest was rubbish.

  • Ruslan Kiss
    Ruslan Kiss 5 days ago

    1:48 Bamboo in Russia???No,no,no....

  • Junior Mints
    Junior Mints 5 days ago

    Everything in Russia looks like it was made in the 1950’s. Especially the people.

  • Harley Me
    Harley Me 5 days ago +1

    is good... but mine is made with leaf spring of truck... so it go through everything.. last test it drove a rebar through 12 2x4's

  • Noural Deen
    Noural Deen 6 days ago +2

    cool .. I Love Russian life
    Like from Syria

  • mi si
    mi si 6 days ago

    They only live with veggies, im suprised i havent seen a t-rex around.

  • Нажмудин Айсакаев

    Противотанковый арбалет

  • Rick L.
    Rick L. 7 days ago

    4:45 The orange spinney thingy brings this equipment into full ROSHA compliance.

  • Rick L.
    Rick L. 7 days ago

    #1 crazy like a fox

    APOKOLYPES 7 days ago

    most machines not russian

  • 渣渣辉啊
    渣渣辉啊 8 days ago


  • 渣渣辉啊
    渣渣辉啊 8 days ago


  • Shakeel Ahmad
    Shakeel Ahmad 8 days ago

    4:40 is Indian

  • Mopar Gaming
    Mopar Gaming 8 days ago

    That bow its alittle off lol

  • Šimon Macháček
    Šimon Macháček 8 days ago +4

    Half of the machines are actually genius and not crazy at all.

  • Mario Reglin
    Mario Reglin 8 days ago

    Worse than primitive. I don't want to think about their airplanes.

  • Rob Carstuff
    Rob Carstuff 9 days ago

    Looks like those mowers are just tamping down the grass.

  • Ульяна Волкова

    привет ПИДОРЫ 😂😂😂😂🖕😂😂🖕😂🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Nazar Kyazov
    Nazar Kyazov 9 days ago

    Это технологии блять это росия детка как там маза фака

  • CKeis99
    CKeis99 9 days ago


  • Randy Myers
    Randy Myers 10 days ago

    Can't believe the number of people that think those are lawn mowers. You can be sure they are not smart enough to invent anything.

  • А Ф
    А Ф 10 days ago


  • 351ky
    351ky 10 days ago

    4:32 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jamie Monte
    Jamie Monte 10 days ago

    So you Re-made an already perfectly good invention called a LAWNMOWER?!?!? Except your version is a COMPLETE & TOTAL P.O.S!!!! NICE JOB!! GREAT TIME MANAGEMENT:)

  • Bill Hrn
    Bill Hrn 11 days ago

    Corncob pipes

  • Tony Mind
    Tony Mind 11 days ago

    50 cal crossbow...

  • JanRhino
    JanRhino 11 days ago +1

    @2:37 TURBO CONQUERING MEGA EAGLE!!! He's bloommin' British!

    SACTICAL BAG 11 days ago

    Stop spoiling it for us Americans . It sounds like all Russian to us and on behalf of the U.S. this video rocks with very cool and useful inventions .

  • Eric Taylor
    Eric Taylor 12 days ago

    2:00 This is just a model of a rather old invention, a water powered hammer.

  • Wayne72LEVRAI
    Wayne72LEVRAI 12 days ago

    I don't see any inventions here.

  • Alano Moris
    Alano Moris 12 days ago

    Fuck off

  • from bratsk with love
    from bratsk with love 13 days ago

    its no russia/ fuck you ) osfol

  • seagsm trash seagsm trash

    It is Ukrainian inventor. Russian are sucks.

  • GrassPossum
    GrassPossum 13 days ago

    The windlass guy and his mate at 4:00 is not speaking Russian. Those are Americans. In fact no confirmed Russians I saw. The title is fraudulent.

  • Ucan Kizmiaz
    Ucan Kizmiaz 13 days ago

    reinventing the wheel, part xxxxx

  • Mike Bryden
    Mike Bryden 13 days ago

    why was the guy pushing the guys legs together to blow on the fire..

  • Hooha888
    Hooha888 13 days ago +4

    This video just sucks!
    No wonder there's no subscribers!

  • Potato aim XD
    Potato aim XD 14 days ago

    No wonder so many dislikes smh

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 14 days ago

    That cross bow was sketchy as fuck...

    SHARK BITE 14 days ago

    Clickbait shit

  • fattyz1
    fattyz1 14 days ago

    Where are moose and squirrel?

  • Serjio Laskarzhevsky
    Serjio Laskarzhevsky 14 days ago

    Where are the fucking Russians?

    O-LIDER ESTRATEGIA 15 days ago


  • Bill T
    Bill T 15 days ago

    NOT Russian inventions.. A corn sheller, a mulcher and a string cutting weed cutter. Sorry, but have been in the USA for centuries.

  • Bartesimson
    Bartesimson 15 days ago

    Elles sont où les inventions?, parce que j'en ai pas vue

  • Alex Brillante
    Alex Brillante 15 days ago

    SVD Dragunov) Imagine if the leaf spring breaks, and the disk with all the dope in the forehead

  • unitram
    unitram 15 days ago

    Russian my ass

  • Thicc Boss
    Thicc Boss 16 days ago

    Old dude loves to fuck up corn in every way possible.

  • NooMax4ever
    NooMax4ever 16 days ago +2

    Just a not as good copy of something already done, but gets the job done.
    Thank god for fast forward.
    This only works because people nowadays don’t do these jobs anymore, but we should.

  • Gerard Mensoif
    Gerard Mensoif 16 days ago

    Guillaume tell?

  • Ro'ber Harpane'
    Ro'ber Harpane' 16 days ago

    There I was thinking the Ruskies were leap frogging the U.S. with all this hypersonic stuff they keep advertising,, after watching this,, my fears have been allayed..

    • minutes ago edited
      minutes ago edited 16 days ago

      Make no mistake in your thought process, comrade. Russia is no less advanced as us in USA.

  • Clava Clavinov
    Clava Clavinov 16 days ago


    SAMGUN MAGNUS 16 days ago

    John 3:16

  • Adan Valdez
    Adan Valdez 16 days ago

    Marca ACME

  • William Boye
    William Boye 17 days ago

    The guy that made a crossbow cracks me up!

  • Highlander 123
    Highlander 123 17 days ago

    Gotta give it to em , those are some innovative ideas! 👌

  • Alex Dalex
    Alex Dalex 17 days ago +1

    WOW! Those people soon will catch 1980s :)

  • Honkler TheClown
    Honkler TheClown 17 days ago

    All powered by pielemieni and cuka blyat

  • Robert Pawlak
    Robert Pawlak 17 days ago


  • SuperPaul2006
    SuperPaul2006 17 days ago

    Aww no popcorn?

  • Dmytro Parkhomenko
    Dmytro Parkhomenko 18 days ago

    First one is Ukrainian. Third one speaking English. 1st and 4th are silent. 5th is an industrial mowwing attachment.

  • Oliver Forsch
    Oliver Forsch 18 days ago

    End of the 19th century :-)

  • Vadim Nazarov
    Vadim Nazarov 18 days ago

    Перший дядько з України. First men create popcorn its Ukraine.

  • Eduardo Oliva
    Eduardo Oliva 19 days ago

    Que idiotices.

  • Rick W
    Rick W 19 days ago

    Love that first one. In 20 seconds you get plenty of first class ass wipers.

  • Aaron Buckmaster
    Aaron Buckmaster 19 days ago

    This is great. Russians are as inventive and crazy as American Red Necks. Well all people are innovative, but crazy takes a special kind. Some people say crazy is just stupid. It’s really a combination of ability, and I don’t give a shit.

  • Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS

    hey Ivan: you need to get one of those ventilator extreme's. I love those crossbows. Yours looks like you robbed parts from your daughters bicycle.

    • Arioch The
      Arioch The 17 days ago

      Archer speaks English though?

  • Sunshine TV
    Sunshine TV 20 days ago

    That crossbow is good for taking down dragons

    CANAL COMÉDIA TOTAL 20 days ago

    Show de bola

  • Protocolo Plumas Verdes

    JAJAJA..!!! d(*_-)7

  • Василий Белозерский

    бля ну англичане значит тоже американцы диз конечно

    CONRAD WILEY 21 day ago

    That First Thing Look Like A Still Sound Like Popcorn Machine *

  • Wostok
    Wostok 21 day ago

    Автор идиот . где ты здесь русских увидел ?

  • angusandleigh
    angusandleigh 22 days ago

    ...home made gadgets yes,

  • Aleksanndr Grushenko
    Aleksanndr Grushenko 22 days ago

    Це українське!

  • skyofdust skyofdust
    skyofdust skyofdust 22 days ago

    It ain't crazy if it works

  • vitalie panait
    vitalie panait 22 days ago

    еще одно подтверждение что афтар закомплексованный ебанутый типа руский

  • Jim Moore
    Jim Moore 22 days ago +1

    cam driven windlass crossbows aren't a Russian invention. They were (probably) invented in China c.600-500BCE.

    • hawk2million
      hawk2million 12 days ago

      @Javier Bonilla except that "specific type" was made by a British guy. His channel is Turbo Conquering Mega Eagle.

    • Javier Bonilla
      Javier Bonilla 20 days ago

      It refers to that specific type, using those parts etc., don’t be too smart about it.

  • Воронов Василий

    Дядька с кукурудзой порадовал. Волиняка !!!

  • insanleo1971
    insanleo1971 23 days ago

    Me dormí viendo este vídeo.

  • Darr247
    Darr247 23 days ago +1

    Some of the cornstalks are caught... he should reach in there and pull them out.

  • JAMES Bond
    JAMES Bond 23 days ago

    Some video not russian

  • Андрей Конопля

    Не всё там русское!

  • Peter J Mallia
    Peter J Mallia 24 days ago

    Great inventions,clever ideas bright minded peoples,but are any of these people really Russian. I thought I'd seen that crossbow guy making them from Australia.
    Anyway all ideas are good ones as long as they serve a purpose and make life easier for you unless they get you or someone else killed then not so good,haha!

    • Arioch The
      Arioch The 17 days ago

      Archer clearly speaks English.
      Corn man clearly speak Ukrainian, East-ukrainian creole with Russian probably.
      Don't think this has anything with Russia

  • Iliya Ivanov
    Iliya Ivanov 24 days ago

    че за хуету я посмотрел?

  • Iowa pumping and farming Boys

    Creation not invention

  • pewpeat
    pewpeat 24 days ago +1

    none of these are inventions they are poor performing DIY projects

    • Keith Robinson
      Keith Robinson 22 days ago

      Right? Congratulations on (re)inventing the lawnmower? And only slightly more efficient than a scythe...

  • تركي الحارثي

    Not only Russian 😏

  • Miron swyst
    Miron swyst 25 days ago

    Wouldn’t it make sense to buy a lawnmower

  • T A
    T A 26 days ago

    None of these were crazy inventions and none of em were russians

  • 79klimov
    79klimov 26 days ago +1

    Where did you see the Russians here? !! A video about a Ukrainian, an American, and a Tajik ... but not a single Russian.

    • 79klimov
      79klimov 25 days ago

      Vivi Gaitan A person there does not speak Russian, but Ukrainian or Belarusian. A man with a crossbow is generally American or English, because it does not censor and speak English.

    • Vivi Gaitan
      Vivi Gaitan 26 days ago

      79klimov do you speak Ukrainian?