Tomorrowland Winter 2019 | Announcement

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
  • Tomorrowland Winter - 13 - 14 - 15 March 2019 - Alpe d'Huez - France.
    In 2019 high in the French mountains a new tale in the history of Tomorrowland will be written: "The hymn of the frozen lotus"
    Experience Tomorrowland in a totally new surrounding and during the most magical season of the year… Winter
    Tomorrowland Winter
    13 - 14 - 15 March 2019
    Alpe d'Huez - France
    Available Packages:
    Mysterious 7-day Package, 09 - 16 March 2019
    Fascinating 4-day Package, 12 - 16 March 2019
    (All packages include: 3-day festival ticket, lodging and lift & ski pass)

    Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever
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  • Josue Sousa
    Josue Sousa 2 days ago

    Ooooo good

    NIRANJAN Das 2 days ago

  • Corey Aviation
    Corey Aviation 3 days ago

    Holy shit im so hypeeddn dlridtsxsjøcuscyoscyoscocYOcdcoycsoycæitzulu7/"z"+4*rh'jg74ru*)63

  • Tom Smart
    Tom Smart 3 days ago

    OMG ! YAY!!!!! I Love Alpe d"huez!

  • xXLOGXxGaming22 TM
    xXLOGXxGaming22 TM 4 days ago

    enfin en france vivement qjai 18 ans mdr

  • Donatho valdianqui
    Donatho valdianqui 8 days ago

    Line up ?

  • Yashik Popinz
    Yashik Popinz 9 days ago

    My dream

  • mike dark
    mike dark 9 days ago

    Italia ❤

  • Joker Tapia
    Joker Tapia 9 days ago


  • The Garrix Fan
    The Garrix Fan 9 days ago


  • Guerrero Colombiano
    Guerrero Colombiano 9 days ago

    OMG next year i most go to my first tomorrowland!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BOUGNO Rachid
    BOUGNO Rachid 10 days ago

    J'espere que les belges seront les derniers à pouvoir prendre leur ticket

  • BOUGNO Rachid
    BOUGNO Rachid 10 days ago

    I hope we, french people, will have priorities on the tickets.
    So these fckg belgians will have to wait after the others to take their tickets and feel the pain !

  • Comentando Sobre Tudo
    Comentando Sobre Tudo 10 days ago

    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Brasil

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith 10 days ago +1

    What is this.

  • Rosyforgetmenot
    Rosyforgetmenot 10 days ago

    This voice makes me want want to sleep is that weird?😆😆

  • ᴊ. ɢ
    ᴊ. ɢ 10 days ago

    This looks brill.

  • SongNoFound _
    SongNoFound _ 10 days ago

    A 1h40 de chez moi, aucune raison de pas y aller !

  • Mirko Sordilli
    Mirko Sordilli 11 days ago

    Canada will be there.

  • T Fixer
    T Fixer 11 days ago

    Try Canadian winter :)

  • Sachin Vakkund
    Sachin Vakkund 11 days ago

    Who is going

  • Victor David Pacheco
    Victor David Pacheco 11 days ago


  • Jung
    Jung 11 days ago

    That's the Indian national flower and the new political party's (BJP) symbol.

  • Perla Ruiz
    Perla Ruiz 11 days ago

    Alguien más estudia y se ve a futuro siendo rico y ejerciendo su carrera con mucho dinero y yendo a tomorrowland?:(

  • Wolfzat Adaemus
    Wolfzat Adaemus 11 days ago

    i tought tommorowland like disneyland but when researching more deeply these, well nope is not disneyland kindy thing. Kinda dispointing :3

  • Grasiela Fernandes
    Grasiela Fernandes 11 days ago


  • сука
    сука 11 days ago

    Think of how many people there were to check the line "uncommon flower"
    Before it ended up in this teaser

  • Dan Scott
    Dan Scott 11 days ago


  • Inhotep Division
    Inhotep Division 11 days ago

    Help me to find the name of man who speak in this video !! Who is the voice of tomorrowland??

  • Stéphane Couchoud
    Stéphane Couchoud 11 days ago +3

    YEP !

  • Johnny Dickshot
    Johnny Dickshot 11 days ago


  • Ayesha Amjad
    Ayesha Amjad 11 days ago

    Why does this remind me of Tinkerbell 🤨

  • Anjola Xo
    Anjola Xo 11 days ago

    Wait is this a movie or what????

  • l l Festival record - youtube

    New conception!

  • Katherine Rafael
    Katherine Rafael 11 days ago

    The New Tomorrowland

  • vincent marandola
    vincent marandola 12 days ago


  • FLATOUT1012
    FLATOUT1012 12 days ago

    You guys know that it’s just DJs pressing the play button right?

  • ニンジャー隊
    ニンジャー隊 12 days ago

    Make some noise!!!!

  • ニンジャー隊
    ニンジャー隊 12 days ago

    Make some noise!!!!

  • Witless Reviews
    Witless Reviews 12 days ago +1

    So this isn't a sequel to Disney's Tomorrowland?! Lameeee

  • Rap Party
    Rap Party 12 days ago

    This is insane!

  • krisq14
    krisq14 12 days ago

    Neil Pruitt?

  • Javi ruiz
    Javi ruiz 12 days ago

  • Goddess Angel
    Goddess Angel 12 days ago +1

    Is this dedicated to doctor who?

  • Goddess Angel
    Goddess Angel 12 days ago +1

    And what about yesterday land?

  • Goddess Angel
    Goddess Angel 12 days ago +1

    Wait what about winter land?

    DJ JACSON 12 days ago


  • LorenzoDaGamer
    LorenzoDaGamer 12 days ago

    Good luck when your toes get amputated

  • lochlainn Maguire
    lochlainn Maguire 12 days ago

    Not gonna lie thought this was a teaser trailer to another tomorrow land movie 😂😂😂😂😂

  • cheese32165
    cheese32165 12 days ago


  • Cahan McLaughlin
    Cahan McLaughlin 12 days ago +3

    'Tomorrowland Winter 12/13/14 March' - Umm is someone gonna tell them March isn't in Winter or...

  • Noham Fitch
    Noham Fitch 12 days ago

    Omgggg France!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • Silver Wing
    Silver Wing 12 days ago

    I have no idea what’s going on but that flower animation bit looks beautiful.

  • Saintsinnz
    Saintsinnz 12 days ago

    What the FUCK? Dance music getting commercialised to fuck by big business.. cheesy as fuck. Bring back spontaneous events..
    Not saying it won’t be good, amazing even.. but “hymn of the frozen locust” that’s some tacky shit but I’m just an old skool raver.. no doubt the the cameras will be in the air instead of the hands. Make it a good one any folk anyone goin

  • Doodly
    Doodly 12 days ago

    Oh ptn tomorrow en France aïe aïe aïe 🔥

  • Chill Sensation
    Chill Sensation 12 days ago +1

    Is this Morgan Freeman talking? :o

  • Leo Johnson
    Leo Johnson 13 days ago +1

    But what is it? it an animated movie?.....a winter theme park?

    • Leo Johnson
      Leo Johnson 12 days ago

      Cahan McLaughlin oh ok....thank you so much for informing me😘

    • Cahan McLaughlin
      Cahan McLaughlin 12 days ago +1

      Its like Coachella except its pretty much all electronic dance music. You have like a hundred different music producers playing each day its like a theme park except all the attractions are concerts happening at the same time.

    • Leo Johnson
      Leo Johnson 12 days ago

      Cahan McLaughlin thanks for letting me know😘 it abit like Woodstock or cochella or glastonbury....without the debauchery and more ice?

    • Cahan McLaughlin
      Cahan McLaughlin 12 days ago +1

      Its a Winter music festival obviously lmao you not know what Tomorrowland is?

  • PyroHD623 I
    PyroHD623 I 13 days ago

    Tomorrowland in Germany?

  • Hassan Dawas
    Hassan Dawas 13 days ago

    Before watching the vid Am I the only one who thought this was a teaser trailer or something for a tomorrowland (movie) sequel?

  • George Macpherson
    George Macpherson 13 days ago

    1) When is this years one going to be on
    2) Isn't it usually in Belgium

  • Cuenaticz MC Cue
    Cuenaticz MC Cue 13 days ago

    Okey I'm more in Hardstyle and Hardcore Stuff but this is interesting

    CREPUS_ CULAR 13 days ago


  • Gil Wojak
    Gil Wojak 13 days ago +1

    *Tomorrowland is life* ❤

  • Trailer Boutique
    Trailer Boutique 13 days ago

    I Still remember this voice 💙
    People Of Tommorow 🔥🔥🔥

  • Martin Tang
    Martin Tang 13 days ago

    Is this a movie

  • narcassistic necessity

    How more illuminati

  • XxopmxX yuyu
    XxopmxX yuyu 13 days ago

    I love tomorrowland!!😍😍

  • Abdullah Mukhtar
    Abdullah Mukhtar 13 days ago

    I thought this was gonna be a sequel to the George clooney movie oops

  • NXS
    NXS 13 days ago

    Ok. Im in.

  • Mai Blizzard
    Mai Blizzard 13 days ago

    I wish I was old enough... I'll put 2021 on my bucket list.

  • Jack Hardie
    Jack Hardie 13 days ago

    Oh yes I'm there

  • Juilienne
    Juilienne 13 days ago +5

    My dyslexic ass read it as *The Hymen of the Frozen Lotus*

  • Global Rub
    Global Rub 13 days ago +1

    Aun no a sido el de 2018 y ya hablan de 2019

  • Esteban Gomez
    Esteban Gomez 13 days ago +1

    los que solo hablamos español pues, vemos el vídeo :3

  • Erick Yohan Rodriguez Garcia

    Pero que hermoso ❤❤❤ #Tomorrowland El mejor festival del mundo ❤❤❤❤❤❤Tomorrowland Forrever ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    _JONATHAN_ 14 days ago

    Tomorrowland en France !!!

  • Random Play
    Random Play 14 days ago

    from where we buy the tickets plz confirm

  • Spe
    Spe 14 days ago +3


  • Luca Quattrocchi
    Luca Quattrocchi 14 days ago +3

    So excited! Who's coming??!

  • luiza bakumenko
    luiza bakumenko 14 days ago +2

    It’s nice trailer and all but we have no idea at all whats it gonna look like, they should have inserted some scenes from the movie

    • Mona Salman
      Mona Salman 8 days ago

      cartoon sandraila

    • TheZeus012345678
      TheZeus012345678 13 days ago

      luiza bakumenko it has never been done on the mountains before he they could have done it?

  • David Cooper
    David Cooper 14 days ago +1

    this grave voice gives shivers to everyone!

  • Stefano Ledda
    Stefano Ledda 14 days ago


  • Fabian Avila
    Fabian Avila 14 days ago

    Tomorrowland hallowen for 2020

  • Mick Jockins
    Mick Jockins 14 days ago

    O M F G ;'D

  • DJ Scatox
    DJ Scatox 14 days ago


  • jose miguel
    jose miguel 14 days ago

    In 2018 is not going to be tomorrowland????what??? isn`t each year'

    • TheZeus012345678
      TheZeus012345678 13 days ago +1

      Each year you have one in July in Belgium. Next year you will have 2 editions: 1 in winter in France in the mountains and 1 in summer in Belgium as usual.

    • Burnzee05-
      Burnzee05- 13 days ago

      jose miguel tickets are sold out for this year it's in Belgium

  • 翁元霆
    翁元霆 14 days ago

    OMG! COOL!

  • deni sherlock
    deni sherlock 14 days ago

    Hope they bring back George Clooney...

  • Paulo Gabriel
    Paulo Gabriel 14 days ago +3

    *_Tomorrowland de inverno? É isso msm produção? 🇧🇷_*

  • Zion's World!
    Zion's World! 14 days ago +3

    Who are these French people or something?

  • Zion's World!
    Zion's World! 14 days ago +1


  • limites 77
    limites 77 14 days ago


  • Eddy Malou
    Eddy Malou 14 days ago

    YEAAAH chez nous les mecs! 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • J. RO
    J. RO 14 days ago +1

    Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy!!!This will be amazing, Thank you so much Tomorrowland!!

  • *OTH Funnys*
    *OTH Funnys* 14 days ago +3

    Tomorrowland Like everyone who comes

  • *OTH Funnys*
    *OTH Funnys* 14 days ago +2

    2019 im coming

  • PolishPudding
    PolishPudding 14 days ago

    Oh yes!!!!

  • Kevin Drt
    Kevin Drt 14 days ago +8

    Bien sûr nous aussi on a une priorité pour les tickets comme ces putain de belges ?

  • axelou02
    axelou02 14 days ago +15

    Bienvenue en France Tomorrowland !