Avengers 4: Endgame Cast Continuously Trolls Justice League - Hilarious Trash Talk😂😂

  • Published on Mar 28, 2018
  • Avengers: Endgame First 25 Mins in 5 Mins: thexvid.com/video/ONB4q4-PKg0/video.html
    You can watch JUSTICE LEAGUE TROLLING AVENGERS here: thexvid.com/video/cwv1d8D6_bA/video.html
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    This video includes the following artists,
    chris evans, scarlett johansson, robert downey jr., tom holland, paul rudd, elizabeth oslen, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cobie Smulders, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Paul Bettany, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Anthony Mackie, Idris Elba, &, Sebastian Stan,

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  • FilmArtsy
    FilmArtsy  Month ago +98

    Hi, Guys! Watch Captain Marvel Hilarious Bloopers and Gag Reel here: thexvid.com/video/fag7fwZUXSs/video.html

    • sushi_study22
      sushi_study22 13 days ago +1

      Tiara Bowman it was actually great and funny as well. You should watch it!

    • Astin Aleywine
      Astin Aleywine Month ago +1

      Tiara Bowman I thought it was the worst mcu movie yea. Pretty much a girl power movie

    • Tiara Bowman
      Tiara Bowman Month ago

      Astin Aleywine welp not seeing that then..... I was gonna see it but is it rlly bad?

    • Astin Aleywine
      Astin Aleywine Month ago +1

      Captain marvel was one of the worst mcu movies to me.

    • Jimmy Smith
      Jimmy Smith Month ago +2

      Dc loses and marvel wins? 😟😣😟

  • Asmr Soundz
    Asmr Soundz 10 hours ago

    The thing is
    Marvel figures our a way to connect every marvel movie together to one movie unlike DC like in justice League how did they know about each other how did Batman know flash like common!

  • Mauwy
    Mauwy 16 hours ago

    I grew up watching the animated Batman and Justice League animated series as well, and back then Tim Burton’s Batman made me traumatized with Catwoman, Penguin, so to say Batman was the best up until Dark Knight trilogy, didn’t even bothered to watch Ben Affleck, also this is coming from someone as who grew up with Superman w Clark and Lois tv series? That one back until late 90s? So yes DC I like the heroes/villain, its just that DC films are meh except Wonderwoman, Suicide Squad was ?? What’s going on now when I was watching. So yep DC has the best interesting villains, but Marvel made MCU great through the years with all the continuity and character devt superheroes and villains. Its like DC films just wanted the big bucks but did not focus much in storytelling, just tossed all the characters, and all ya know

  • Emmanuel Garcia
    Emmanuel Garcia 19 hours ago

    Where the DC supporters

  • Emmanuel Garcia
    Emmanuel Garcia 19 hours ago

    But still Justice League would kick their ass

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood Day ago

    Man I can feel that Marvel Fans don’t even read comic books.

  • Daniel Joseph
    Daniel Joseph Day ago

    Samnsaid it best. DC is home for the interesting bad guys lol!

  • VMP2000
    VMP2000 Day ago

    I am a DC fan and I can't be heated since they can't make a good movie

  • Raphael Mecattaf
    Raphael Mecattaf 2 days ago

    Sam Jackson’s t-shirt “I’M NOT LAURENCE FISHBURNE” 😂 Dead

  • Quakex
    Quakex 3 days ago

    DC ain’t got nothing on Marvel. We have the Holy Chris Trinity.

  • Just some Guy
    Just some Guy 3 days ago

    . . . Shazam. . .

  • AlphaJumbo
    AlphaJumbo 3 days ago +1

    just because people dont have the same opinion you dont have to trashtalk about dc, dc has more reputation in comics and marvel has more reputation in movies but the dont have to disrespect a dead man aka stan lee
    Deal with it if no one respects your own opinion but in my opinion marvel is better because thats mostly the gen z's childhood but the DC is where the people born in like 1975 and thats their childhood, so you cant force people what to like and you cant trashtalk because people have different opinions.

  • Jolie Lo
    Jolie Lo 3 days ago

    Go to hell DC

  • funky fellow
    funky fellow 3 days ago


  • Din mamma
    Din mamma 3 days ago

    They actually think avengers are stronger than the justice league even tho they have Batman and god like people who are as strong as hulk and Thor and Batman wins ez

  • Raghav Varma
    Raghav Varma 4 days ago

    if someone used the infinity stones again, we could have a Marvel-DC crossover.

  • Yami Vegito
    Yami Vegito 4 days ago

    Marvel or DC?

  • TJ Soriano
    TJ Soriano 4 days ago

    Dc: we have all strong heros
    Marvel:we have iron man *snap*
    Dc: *dusted*
    Shazam: loser im not dusted *arms dusted*
    *shazam got an arms of a donkey*
    Shreck: wHaT aRe YoU DoInG tO mY dOnKy
    Captain america: *i can do this all day*

  • delvina irish
    delvina irish 5 days ago

    Marvel... all the way. Ha ha ha

  • Fire_Productions26
    Fire_Productions26 5 days ago

    F***k? Is there an extra u?

  • Jam And
    Jam And 5 days ago


  • Barry Rudd
    Barry Rudd 5 days ago

    Marvel doesn't have a psychopath like Joker

    Even marvel copycats a bunch of DC characters

  • Ceice
    Ceice 6 days ago

    D.C. is trash

  • Shiga Haruki
    Shiga Haruki 6 days ago

    5:32 is the best reply

  • Gerald Walls jr
    Gerald Walls jr 6 days ago

    DC just don't have the talented Marvel knew what they was doing Gal was great is the only talented actresses on DC

  • Ange lx
    Ange lx 6 days ago

    Stan Lee is the best

    TOONYMAN STUDIOS 7 days ago

    Is there a dc version of this?

  • Anxii shootah
    Anxii shootah 7 days ago

    Look we got 3 Chrises and a Hulk and a Scarlett and Iron Man. The cherry on top is Stan Lee. Beat that💅😎

  • Crazybots Ej
    Crazybots Ej 7 days ago

    Try not to CRINGE !! :,\

  • Genius of the Console
    Genius of the Console 8 days ago +1

    My favorite all DC superheros

  • Robert Robert Jr.
    Robert Robert Jr. 8 days ago

    Lol HULK does not die
    Deadpool: Am i a JOKE to you

  • Daniella Cordova
    Daniella Cordova 8 days ago +1

    RDJ: "listen when they get a Bucky we'll start talking"
    Me: "exactly"

  • Rahid Mondal
    Rahid Mondal 9 days ago

    Captain America - hail hydra
    Chris Evans - hail DC
    Just a joke, don't offend 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • JM
    JM 9 days ago +1

    SLJ wearing an "I'm not laurence fishburne" shirt is epic

  • Zachary Brown
    Zachary Brown 10 days ago

    Dc would kick marvels ass bc the characters are too overpowered

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart 10 days ago

    Lets be honest tho who the fuck prefers dceu to mcu

  • Rukhsana Kousar
    Rukhsana Kousar 10 days ago


  • AlphanuberLeo
    AlphanuberLeo 11 days ago

    Hi FilmArtsy. Why are Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne and the ex-wife of Legolas in the post-end credit scene of this video?

  • Patrick O'Brien
    Patrick O'Brien 11 days ago

    Sam Jackson wearing a shirt that says "I'm not Lawrence Fishburne" is fucking amazing

  • Diamond Spider10
    Diamond Spider10 11 days ago

    We can’t lie marvel has it in the bag when it comes to the cinematic movies. But DC is the bombshell with their comics and animated movies

  • Tobi Oduntan
    Tobi Oduntan 11 days ago

    Get someone who looks at you like Scarlett looks at Chris at 3:08

  • The house Of j
    The house Of j 12 days ago

    I mean if they fought against the jla they will clearly lose coz the jla has more power than them

  • Kevin Romero
    Kevin Romero 12 days ago +1

    what Stan Lee said about superman just flying... Thor flies the same way?....

  • Suzanne Davila
    Suzanne Davila 12 days ago

    They all act like children. Batman will always be more popular. Marvel is for little kids DC is dark and more for adults. Your movies arent that great Marvel theres just a lot of kids that like the idea of super heros so their parents take them to see it.

  • Davila Angel
    Davila Angel 13 days ago

    Love them both but Superman alone can beat them

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 13 days ago

    I have no respect for anyone who behaves like this. It’s pathetic, insecure, and selfish.

  • Manbha Khongjee
    Manbha Khongjee 13 days ago

    If you wanna believe in fairy tales like a kid go for Marvel.
    If you want imagination to take on a deeper understanding go for DC.
    But it doesn't matter if you think of it, Batman vs Superman and civil war resembles the same story of one side fighting for each other's good intentions.
    Infinity war and end game matches with justice league with the whole (Thanos with the infinity stones) and (Steppenwolf with the mother boxes)
    But my inner child screams iron man but the adult me says Gal Gadot 😉

  • Austin Samson
    Austin Samson 13 days ago

    I think if avengers face dooms day then all avengers will die in seconds

  • Austin Samson
    Austin Samson 13 days ago

    Superman is enough for all avengers

  • Bhabani Mishra
    Bhabani Mishra 13 days ago

    Avengers your movie story is so bad

  • I
    I 13 days ago

    Better than Justice League, worse than Dark Knight

  • ZedPlayzGames_x d
    ZedPlayzGames_x d 13 days ago

    We all know who those 3.3k dislike are

  • Something Cool
    Something Cool 13 days ago

    Haha what fans of the justice league

  • lynsi goforth
    lynsi goforth 13 days ago

    tbh DC would win against marvel I mean they got superman, green lantern, the flash, wonder woman, and batman. yeah they got hulk but superman has freeze breath that could freeze him and then superman could do a mega punch and crush hulk to pieces. but I still love marvel and dc the same. no hate. r.i.p. Christopher reeve aka superman. and plus Ryan Reynolds is green lantern and Deadpool soooo.

  • gryffindorgemini
    gryffindorgemini 14 days ago

    I mean marvel has holy Chris trinity that's enough lol

  • Student Ayden Noelle
    Student Ayden Noelle 14 days ago


  • georgina wildschut
    georgina wildschut 14 days ago

    Marvel fan all the way!🙂

  • Maze Maze
    Maze Maze 14 days ago

    Scarlett: Chris Hemsworth not as Thor but just Chris Hemsworth. 😂

  • Jishan Mallick
    Jishan Mallick 14 days ago

    They r saying truths

  • Zia Maroof
    Zia Maroof 14 days ago

    Marval always has better storyline

  • Jamen Thomas
    Jamen Thomas 14 days ago

    Marvel for Movies and DC for tv shows and animated films

  • Catracho C
    Catracho C 14 days ago

    I am more DC Universe fan and I like Marvel but it is what it is both of them can't be in the same timeline, it is Marvel's universe time enjoy it while it last. DC Universe time is coming and it will be good...
    All comments are hilarious and no offense taken.

  • Cameron Neal
    Cameron Neal 15 days ago

    Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are literally one of thes best duos in the MCU that nobody really knows about😂😂😂

  • ienjoilife007
    ienjoilife007 15 days ago

    I appreciate both because, you couldn't have won without the other...

  • samrat bhattarai
    samrat bhattarai 15 days ago

    Baki say who I even don't know his name may be who work on the marvel will even don't know his name

  • Wandering Shadow
    Wandering Shadow 16 days ago

    DC vs marval
    Animated shows:DC
    Live actions:marvel
    Bad guys:DC

  • Judith Ikeh
    Judith Ikeh 16 days ago

    Chris Evans doesn’t want to fight because he knew Steve Rogers would be too old to fight

  • I'm always right
    I'm always right 16 days ago

    marvel have good live actions but in animated movies and video games part DC is in a whole another level

  • Alex Thiyam
    Alex Thiyam 16 days ago

    The love the fact that stan lee totally destroyed superman... Love that scene... Haha superman just do this and he flies without any means of propulsion lol🤣🤣 SAVAGE

  • Johnny Colon
    Johnny Colon 16 days ago

    Who cares if marvel copy dc or dc copy marvel, at least we can all agree that both universe got interesting characters

  • kei
    kei 16 days ago

    marvel movies are funny, but... dc has all the legendary characters, i hope they start making their characteres justice with amazing movies asap.

  • Diego Yepes
    Diego Yepes 17 days ago +3

    I feel like if a Marvel vs DC thing happened, Scarlett Witch would get some serious PTSD from The Flash

  • Hapsetshut
    Hapsetshut 17 days ago

    They have a Bucky, his names Jason Todd. God if they could get their shit together and do a really good Under the red hood movie

  • Hapsetshut
    Hapsetshut 17 days ago

    "I'm not Lawrence Fishborn" XD Is that a custom shirt or can I get that somewhere?

  • Kodukula Anirudh
    Kodukula Anirudh 17 days ago +2

    Fight the justice League ?
    Lol, Supes solo's
    Or more accurately, slaughters
    Just for fun, love these guys
    But they got to be realistic
    DCEU power levels are more in line with the comics
    MCU has a different focus

  • TheDuckfrak
    TheDuckfrak 17 days ago

    3:03 to 3:13 scarlett looks so weird at chris

  • dylan adams
    dylan adams 17 days ago

    i got the spider-man audi commercial before this video and watched the whole thing instead of skipping 😅

  • Capo Griffith
    Capo Griffith 17 days ago

    Tbh all The mcu has to do is bring in a comic like Sentry & no one stands a chance . Not even superman prime . Not even rune king thor . Sentry & the void are BEAST

  • A R
    A R 18 days ago

    Kinda disrespectful tbh, I love both and they should at least have respect for the ones who do the same thing as them, Marvel may have better movies but DC has literally everything else better.

  • Griselda Pereira
    Griselda Pereira 18 days ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how great the Tom impersonating batman scene was ?!?

  • C. I. A.
    C. I. A. 18 days ago

    Wong could beat everyone by himself... Change my mind

  • Kalese Stepto
    Kalese Stepto 18 days ago

    What I've notice while in the comment section is that some hardcore fans are very toxic.

  • Manoj Varughese
    Manoj Varughese 18 days ago

    Legend says Feige kept re- releasing Desperengers to beat Avatar.

  • Joey Ruth
    Joey Ruth 18 days ago

    DC ain’t got nothing on Marvel

  • glencannondr
    glencannondr 18 days ago

    Marvel to DC fans: "You could not leave with your failures. Where did that bring you? Back to me."

  • AllStar 0625
    AllStar 0625 18 days ago +2

    Marvel has better live action movies but DC has better animated movies in my opinion

    • ienjoilife007
      ienjoilife007 15 days ago

      Without DC "Batman" there wouldn't be any comic book movies, case and point!

  • fright panic
    fright panic 18 days ago +4

    I am CAPTAIN fan but...SUPERMAN can sweep up entire marval..🤑

  • David Meladze
    David Meladze 18 days ago +1

    hulk is the cryptonite

  • The Bloody Hound
    The Bloody Hound 18 days ago

    4:36 his leg looks so skinny

  • God Speed
    God Speed 18 days ago

    Endgame was fucking trash!!!!!

  • Saumy Mishra
    Saumy Mishra 18 days ago

    Chris Evans shaves makes a film and then again starts to keep beard .

  • Sara Foust
    Sara Foust 19 days ago +1

    RDJ: When they get a Bucky we'll start talking.😂

  • Aprilhippie
    Aprilhippie 19 days ago +2

    Here’s how the fight between Avengers and Justice League would go:
    Scarlet Witch kicks everyone’s ass. Done

    • ItsGregBR
      ItsGregBR 17 days ago

      Aprilhippie i hope the mcu shows Wanda's true power

  • Frank Contreras
    Frank Contreras 19 days ago +1

    What’s weird about DC vs Marvel is that DC’s animation is way better than Marvel. Yet DC somehow can bring it to the big screen

  • Dianto Xentar
    Dianto Xentar 19 days ago +1

    Marvel : we have a hulk
    DC : we have a batman

  • I am Jase
    I am Jase 19 days ago +5

    With a exception or two, Superman could kill every Avenger if he so desired.

    • ienjoilife007
      ienjoilife007 15 days ago

      Everyone has plot armor no matter what.

  • Vinny Prada
    Vinny Prada 20 days ago +6

    1:43 "We have the hulk you guys"
    Thanos: "Yeah, about that"

  • Shahfaisal Khan
    Shahfaisal Khan 20 days ago +2

    In the whole video I just noticed scarlet hair cut.

  • Bat Coon
    Bat Coon 20 days ago

    Marvel is the best

  • Ridge Josephs
    Ridge Josephs 20 days ago

    Ok ill give it to Marvel the movies they made is way way better, but thats it. Marvel owns the big screen while DC owns when it comes to Series and Comic Animated movies.