Avengers 4: End Game Cast Continuously Trolls Justice League - Hilarious Trash Talk😂😂


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  • FilmArtsy
    FilmArtsy  10 days ago +4

    Avengers: Endgame First 25 Mins in 5 Mins: thexvid.com/video/onb4q4-pkg0/video.html

  • Samantha Shenkman

    Marvel is better than DC because we have an army and a hulk it’s like Loki and the avengers teaming up together with the entire army of Wakanda fighting toddlers

  • Marvel Cinemas
    Marvel Cinemas Day ago

    I love Marvel Cinemas

  • Sunny Goswami - Vlogger

    Batman is just a rich guy with gadgets, the brain behind his muscle is usually Albert. Tony Stark could defeat him without even needing the suit.
    Superman becomes like a man with a acute appendicitis with one gram of Kryptonite near him anywhere. Hulk can NOT be killed. Period.
    Deal with that, DC fans.

  • Sunny Goswami - Vlogger

    Justice League who? Priceless!

  • Jake Taylor
    Jake Taylor 2 days ago

    Marvel... because DC is gay af!!

  • Alana Howard
    Alana Howard 2 days ago +1

    I don’t know why the marvel think they will win nearly all of dc have super powers that will destroy them and marvel mostly have normal people 😑🙈🤔🙄

  • Sanal Paul
    Sanal Paul 2 days ago

    Every hero's fall before they rise...n thy will...
    I love marvel movies, but olways been a true fan of DC

  • Felix Jailburger
    Felix Jailburger 2 days ago

    Hugh Jackman

  • Felix Jailburger
    Felix Jailburger 2 days ago

    Marvel's character vs DC characters
    Dc wins

  • Deva sai kumar Bheesetti

    Even DC fans didn't like JL & bat vs sup because of so much interference & poor direction. But now DC's changing, but it's still learning lol

  • Dat's Son
    Dat's Son 3 days ago

    Marvel = Better Movies
    Dc= Better comics, Games, animated series, and literally everything else

  • Some Young Broke Dude

    Renaming an old video for more views?
    ...I can dig it.

  • sushant baweja
    sushant baweja 3 days ago

    I love Batman he is my favourite character but I just hate Ben Affleck as a Batman and want to punch him in the face. I don't know why

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith 3 days ago

    Ebony Maw was better than Stephan Wolfe

  • Queen Alexandra The Great

    DC: Sony, I don't feel so Good.....

  • dad
    dad 3 days ago

    I am not laurence fishburn... 😂😂😂 Best tee shirt

  • Mohammed Kareem
    Mohammed Kareem 3 days ago

    Of course marvel

  • life hacks
    life hacks 4 days ago

    Well........................I have to say , I like their confidence 😂 . Wait till they see what the justice league can do.

  • Solo Aziz
    Solo Aziz 4 days ago

    MCU all the way

  • Bahawal Rlt
    Bahawal Rlt 4 days ago

    Marvel just fucked up justice League works for justice marvel works for money

  • Siva Moodley
    Siva Moodley 4 days ago

    Bruce: we got a superman
    Tony :i got a kryptonite

  • tina Clay
    tina Clay 4 days ago

    “Hell ya! ...Tell em’.....Tell EM!”

  • The Hakimi
    The Hakimi 5 days ago

    why marvel is great because in the past 20 years they introduce a lot of superhero character to film and brough them into 1 team while DC just brought batman and superman and rush to make justice league.

  • The Hakimi
    The Hakimi 5 days ago

    capcom is much better.

  • Selva
    Selva 5 days ago

    Changed yor title to avengers 4 but uploaded 10 months ago what a trick 🤭🤫

  • Jalen Pearsall
    Jalen Pearsall 5 days ago

    What is all this shit about the justice league beating the avengers. They could barely beat STEPHENWOLF until superman came in. Justice league has muscle but Avengers has the muscle and the brains.

  • GIRISH SHINDE official

    To kill thamos marvel did 10 movie isn't it

  • Brian Trigg
    Brian Trigg 6 days ago

    This threat makes me laugh... Why? Cuz its nit really DC or its characters or actors. Its really WB that likes to fuck everything up and all the people that try and get their hands in the movie. If politics didnt fully go into everything and the bs, things would be a lil better.

  • Erwin Torres
    Erwin Torres 7 days ago

    Superman would destroy the Avengers buyhemself 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • kroninx worlds
    kroninx worlds 7 days ago

    Spiderman or black widow can't even fight

  • kroninx worlds
    kroninx worlds 7 days ago

    If you take Tony stark suit off then what is he. Nothing! But if you take Bruce Wayne suit off he's still something.

  • kroninx worlds
    kroninx worlds 7 days ago

    Flash can keep up with superman but quicksilver can't even dodge a bullet

  • kroninx worlds
    kroninx worlds 7 days ago

    Wonder women, superman, and apuaman can destroy the avengers

  • Suprabho Das
    Suprabho Das 7 days ago

    lol..Samuel.L.Jackson wearing "im not laurence fishburne" printed on his tShirt ...lmao.

  • MN Squad
    MN Squad 7 days ago

    I came here to see that boobs

  • NoxDeadly
    NoxDeadly 7 days ago

    Before I die I wanna see Justice League vs Avengers on the big screen

  • Paige Rosebur
    Paige Rosebur 8 days ago

    I fucking love Mackie😭😭

  • titans shall return
    titans shall return 8 days ago


  • mxamiss5
    mxamiss5 8 days ago

    Billion dollar movies rated 90% vs million dollar movies (refunds would be nice) rated 10%

  • Raz 12
    Raz 12 8 days ago

    1:10 this is too funny 😭😭

  • Bhushan Babar
    Bhushan Babar 10 days ago

    Marvel fans are perfect examples of staying with the tide.....bunch of 🤡

  • Palesa Malolo
    Palesa Malolo 10 days ago

    "One has been wildly successful and the other one is still trying to figure it out" DRAG THEM!!! 💀

  • Palesa Malolo
    Palesa Malolo 10 days ago

    So delightful jeez

  • Zachary Talbot
    Zachary Talbot 10 days ago

    Marvel all the way

  • dawox23
    dawox23 11 days ago

    sorry, but Superman is the STRONGEST of all the superheroes...no chance

  • Malachi Green
    Malachi Green 11 days ago

    Also : hulk vs Superman
    Iron man vs Batman
    Dr strange vs Dr.fate
    Captain America vs. Wonder Woman

    SpiderMan vs Blue Beetle
    Falcon vs Green Lantern
    Ant man vs Atom(I forget his actuall name for the guy in DC that shrinks)
    Scarlet witch vs Zatanna
    Quick silver vs The flash
    Thor vs Shazam
    Anyone I missed

  • Malachi Green
    Malachi Green 11 days ago

    Don’t wanna start anything but she said “we have a hulk” and “ he can’t die... too strong” ummm I think Superman vs hulk can differ

  • Marvin Reyes
    Marvin Reyes 11 days ago

    Marvel+Dc = the whole universe
    Thanos snaps his finger and half of the population wiped. That half who are wiped was DC.

  • Joseph Warren
    Joseph Warren 12 days ago

    Superman vs thor batman vs ironman aqua man vs hulk and cap vs wonderwoman cap is the only one that might lose

  • Srutheesh Sivan
    Srutheesh Sivan 12 days ago

    DC's best movie is" Aquaman"

  • Abomination
    Abomination 13 days ago

    Marvel would create Martha, and Thomas. Then Batman, Superman and Aquaman wont come in there path😂😂😂

  • Iris McCartney
    Iris McCartney 15 days ago

    Pom coming for their necks

  • MarvelAnime !
    MarvelAnime ! 15 days ago


  • Kameshwar Mahato
    Kameshwar Mahato 16 days ago

    So Aquaman has banged the box office and Shazam is also on its way. Wonder Woman 2 is also not very far away. All the hardcore Marvel fans should know that a majority of Marvel characters are copy of DC character. Your most powerful villain in MCU i.e. Thanos is a copy of Darkseid from DC universe. Stan Lee has given us many good characters but he must have been a very shameless person to call Thor as his creation and mocking Superman. Entire Thor-verse is taken from Greek mythology and Stal Lee is taking pride in his lies. Why Superman can fly have a reason and it has been explained in comics.

  • Siddharth Bhairy
    Siddharth Bhairy 16 days ago +2

    RIP Stan lee😢😭🥀

  • Karen Anthea
    Karen Anthea 16 days ago

    I mean Michael Keaton(Batman 1989) and Ryan Reynolds(Green Lantern) are now Marvel characters.....sooo.......

  • Kaylee Haverkamp
    Kaylee Haverkamp 17 days ago

    Ik u said no offense to D.C.fans but I want to yell at them bc they should be thanking D.C. for me to get in to marvel bc when I got into D.C. I traveled into other universes and yeah D.C. does have awesome villains but they also have also awesome superheroes so if you want me in marvel universe than don't throw shade and I found a lot of movies you made are like D.C.'s and they were released after like batman vs superman was released before civil war and justice league was released before infinity war

  • C.J Rex
    C.J Rex 17 days ago +1

    7:23 awwww Tom is so cute

  • posh an
    posh an 18 days ago +1

    who sold out more comics ?
    Ans: DC
    But why ?
    Ans: cause they got better stories Than marvel does
    so why their movies were not good ?
    Ans: I don't know

  • Fidel Sanchez martin
    Fidel Sanchez martin 18 days ago

    Se acabará los actores rateros que roban a la compañía pendejos todo lo que obtengan será confiscados especialmente el pendejo de Hulk rateros no les gusta el pago ala verga no quiero Netflix ni producir DVDs piratas o vender películas negros de mierda

  • William Garcia
    William Garcia 18 days ago

    Thank God DC's comics are better.

  • Marvin Scott Jr.
    Marvin Scott Jr. 18 days ago

    I enjoy both dc and marvel..of course the dark knight rises and wonder woman are my favorites from DC..whereas..all marvel movies I love

  • Zayn Malik High notes
    Zayn Malik High notes 18 days ago

    Oh hulk is not on the movies then how he is ?9:34

  • shaik ibrahim
    shaik ibrahim 18 days ago

    I also like Marvel but being celebrities ,what are they giving to people by comparing the co-stars movie and trolling them

  • sirvagya Anand
    sirvagya Anand 18 days ago

    Guys, let's face it Marvel is best!

  • -CO2-
    -CO2- 19 days ago

    MCU made people care and fell in love with a walking talkin tree and a raccoon while DCEU cant even make a likeable Superman and made Batman a comedian.
    Is there really a debate?

  • Jose Fuentes
    Jose Fuentes 19 days ago

    Anyone else find Clarence annoying? Not what he says, but how he cuts across whoever's talking.

  • Almira Bugaoan
    Almira Bugaoan 19 days ago


  • Krigs Hunter
    Krigs Hunter 19 days ago

    These people are morons, Superman alone could wipe the floor with them all in 20 seconds fact

    • Cole Pratt
      Cole Pratt 19 days ago

      Doctor Strange could beat him

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips 20 days ago

    You morons are whiny we all know our hero Shaggy could kill Marvel and DC with a snap of his fingers so fuck off.

  • Mumtahin Dipto
    Mumtahin Dipto 20 days ago

    typical mcuretards

    • Cole Pratt
      Cole Pratt 19 days ago

      Oh I'm sorry, are you being sarcastic or are you fucking retarde?

    GARVIT ARYA 20 days ago

    Marvel is the best

  • Willow Martin
    Willow Martin 21 day ago

    Rest in peace stan lee

  • Vijay Mass
    Vijay Mass 21 day ago

    These marvel actors are childish a*holes like marvel films.

    • Cole Pratt
      Cole Pratt 19 days ago +1

      You're actually a moron if you think that, you DC fans are so out of touch with reality

  • Tejas Saxena
    Tejas Saxena 21 day ago +2

    WHO'S BETTER??❤❤❤

  • Saif Almusawi
    Saif Almusawi 21 day ago

    Darkside is more powerful than Thanos and Superman defeated Darkside by himself..... if wanna check it out go C death battle Daekside Vs thanos.

  • gobblefish 64
    gobblefish 64 22 days ago

    Holy shit! Rip Stan Lee

  • FilmArtsy
    FilmArtsy  22 days ago +5

    Avengers: Endgame Official Trailer #2 Update: thexvid.com/video/o8v1z5fgkp8/video.html

  • Ash Joy
    Ash Joy 22 days ago

    We got Chris Evans babay deal with dat! -Mackie😂

  • Revenant777 x
    Revenant777 x 23 days ago

    Marvel comics have always been top notch writing and artwork against their main rivals. Now, they continue to confirm it with movie form of story telling.. RIP DC

  • Dileep Kumar
    Dileep Kumar 23 days ago

    It's nice to see their spirit after facing a disaster like infinity war..👏👏

  • dickheadmilkyway
    dickheadmilkyway 24 days ago

    marvel movies are amazing. DC movies are garbage. Even the best dc movie is only decent at most. Although i must say that dc had much better cartoons

  • Adi Da Gamer
    Adi Da Gamer 24 days ago

    Hold up wtffff that Chinese dude from doctor strange is british?! Yoooo das messed up

  • Sebastian Laquerre
    Sebastian Laquerre 24 days ago

    If it were to happen the JL has no chance of winning (at this point). They have 5 members, the Avengers have like 20 and they also have the MVPs.

  • saneesh prasad
    saneesh prasad 25 days ago


  • Michael Davies
    Michael Davies 25 days ago

    Watching this shows you that's it's just how good the cast is together. Part of the reason I think they need to keep Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool because he fits right in with this cast

  • Agi S.
    Agi S. 25 days ago

    To be fair, DC really does have amazing villains and Gotham really brings the best out out those characters. Provides everyone with an interesting backstory. What I like about Gotham is that it's not just black and white. Characters work together, fight each other, for new allies etc. The heros in Marvel are great but they will always do good things and there are not many different villans.

    MOSTAFA 26 days ago +4

    So after seeing all these comments! Is it just me who love both marvel and dc!! Stop fighting guys it doesn't matter what is better every one have different taste! So if you like one of them just keep it for yourself or share it..but If you like marvel don't talk Shit about dc and if you like dc don't talk Shit about marvel!! #ShowRespectSon!!

  • kapri25
    kapri25 26 days ago

    The sad thing is DC villains are more interesting than their heroes...

  • Frederick Martin Palma

    7:15 thats badman!

  • Silver Moonlight
    Silver Moonlight 27 days ago +1

    Damn we just don’t have a Jason Mamoa

  • Jordan Bonev
    Jordan Bonev 27 days ago

    still ben affleck batman is way better then green monster(sgi)

  • Kayleigh Crandall
    Kayleigh Crandall 27 days ago

    I hate the sea and I love avengers

  • Paul cross
    Paul cross 27 days ago

    Half of you on here don't know what you talking about DC was before Marvel and you only know about Marvel though movies. DC did not steal the flying of Superman from Marvel. Superman came out in 1939 name a Marvel heroe from then

  • Arianna Gamboa
    Arianna Gamboa 28 days ago

    Yes Stan Lee

  • Comic Book Guy
    Comic Book Guy 28 days ago

    Hater comment - Avengers 3 sucks.

  • A Team
    A Team 28 days ago

    Marvel has their share of hit and misses. The first two Thor movies were mediocre, Thor 3 was awesome, but because 1 and 2 were not so good, I didn’t see Thor 3 in the theater. Ironman 1 was awesome, 2 was Okay, but 3 yikes. Captain America was pretty good, winter soldier just a little boring . Ant man 1 pretty good, but two just Okay. Guardians of the Galaxy pretty good, but vol. 2 lost me, it’s too long. Age of Alton is a marvels Batman vs Superman. Doctor Strange and Spider-Man Homecoming pretty good. Black panther good and infinity War pretty good.

  • Tango Azzurri
    Tango Azzurri 28 days ago

    pathetic...what the hell is this DC vs Marvel shit? Cant you all just enjoy it both?

  • vlogsBhaderwah #walkingwanderers

    Well which one of them can challenge superman😂