Avengers: Infinity War Cast Continuously Trolls Justice League - Hilarious Trash Talk😂😂


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  • Jorge Humberto Castillo Acuña

    DCEU worst enemy, warner bros

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson Day ago

    Uggh. Exactly what I say when I here Batman and Superman. Probably the most overused characters ever.

  • janeene24
    janeene24 2 days ago

    0:22 Sebastian was like, 'I don't know her'. 😄

  • The movie Maker
    The movie Maker 4 days ago

    Iron Man versus superman Batman versus captain America Thor versus Aquaman quicksilver versus the flash wonder woman versus scarlet witch Black widow versus Harley Quinn vision versus martian man Hunter Green arrow versus Hawkeye Green Lantern versus falcon The Hulk versus killer croc Thanos versus doomsday Deadpool versus deathstroke dead shot versus Black panther Stanley versus captain boomerang groot versus Shazam winter soldier versus Nightwing Spiderman versus the joker oh wait never mind marvel would just win all the fight anyway

  • Legions and legends
    Legions and legends 5 days ago

    Tom as batman... Fucking hell I'm crying.

  • Legions and legends
    Legions and legends 5 days ago

    Superman is weak to magic and large enough impacts, if thor and hulk dp'd him he'd go down.[ sorry if you imagined both hulk and thor fucking supes in the rear.]

  • Travas S
    Travas S 5 days ago

    I love how to make it 10 minutes long he just threw in a bunch of trailers from Marvel movies

  • bernie rapirap
    bernie rapirap 6 days ago

    ...the only intelligent answer here was coming from the king of wakanda...truly a king ..enlightened and knows exactly what the problem is....

  • Jennifer Adams Franklin

    So mean. Let's hope the DC eventually gets it right. No use clowning them on it. ha!

  • Mitchell Carter
    Mitchell Carter 6 days ago

    "Groot puck that away"
    "I am Groot"
    "WOOAAHH Language!"
    gets me every time lolz

  • Mermaid Wanders
    Mermaid Wanders 7 days ago

    Anthony: I’ll take care of Affleck, you take care of the British kid. 😂 he doesn’t really like Tom does he? Lol

  • TlAnTo k2
    TlAnTo k2 7 days ago

    Chadwick Boseman, black banther has the worst marvel movie direction and writing i have ever seen.

  • TlAnTo k2
    TlAnTo k2 7 days ago +1

    Samuel L Jacksin is that your way of saying marvel villains suck In the marvel movies because actually villains are always right in marvel unless they whant to destroy the world wich makes the heros wrong most of the time how do you explain that. I rarely see super heros save people in marvel movies and dc wich defeats the whole purpose of calling them super hero they are super humans in super hero movies. Just read the comics they are way so much better.

  • Jeanne Phifer
    Jeanne Phifer 7 days ago

    Look I'd like to just to let you know I like all the heroes whether they be DC or Marvel after all aren't they all supposed to be on the same side what kind of message are we sending our young children with this route rivalry going on they're all heroes in these children's eyes and adults too we all talk about Good Guys bad guys it should not matter what company do them up they're all supposed to be heroes and they're all supposed to fight the bad guys so let's stop this rivalry because it doesn't send a good message to these young people looking up to all of these Heroes they are all heroes and we should embrace all heroes think about it

  • christian velasco
    christian velasco 7 days ago +1

    I wanna see an Avengers vs Justice League movie. Probably wont happen though since WB is competition for Disney in the movie industry.

  • WoW Videos
    WoW Videos 7 days ago

    Kids calm down they both are not even real.

  • WoW Videos
    WoW Videos 7 days ago

    Both are bullshit

  • WoW Videos
    WoW Videos 7 days ago

    Fuck both of them

  • WoW Videos
    WoW Videos 7 days ago +1

    Kids in comments marvel vs DC marvel will win DC will win lol they are not even real. If you wanna see real super hero go and watch some footage of ww1 and ww2

  • Ainsdog
    Ainsdog 8 days ago

    The dark Knight shits on any marvel movie

  • Riyan Gajbhiye
    Riyan Gajbhiye 8 days ago

    After watching DC animated movies my thoughts are changed.

  • Riyan Gajbhiye
    Riyan Gajbhiye 8 days ago

    There is one super hero in DC universe . Batman because of him i want that DC also should also be on top like Marvel.

  • Caped Crusader
    Caped Crusader 8 days ago

    I admit that the DC cinematic universe is Shiiite compared to Marvel. But if you take the actual super heroes such as from Comics. DC would kick the hell outta Marvel and that would be Avengers’ “Extinction”

  • Rads ical
    Rads ical 8 days ago

    Tom Holland’s has me in stitches lmao. I felt like I was watching the Batman from the superhero cafe in HISHE

  • Rads ical
    Rads ical 8 days ago

    Boseman’s review was on point tho.

  • arjun juneja
    arjun juneja 8 days ago

    Hulk was about to die in infinity war.

  • Ray Quaza
    Ray Quaza 9 days ago

    Im a marvel fan but best superhero movie is Dark Knight

  • Big Mac
    Big Mac 9 days ago

    everyone said Shazam was going be good movie you are drinking your own bath water with a straw!!! LMFAO 😄😃😂😂😁

  • Chucho Macias
    Chucho Macias 9 days ago +1

    Honestly speaking tho not all the dc super heroes but most of them would kill the avengers easily

    BROTHER SAM 10 days ago

    Marvel and DC... Both r good. Stop comparing

  • David Anonymous
    David Anonymous 10 days ago

    Anthony Mackie is such a jock.

  • David Anonymous
    David Anonymous 10 days ago

    2.5K DC fans dislike this video.

  • busybillyb33
    busybillyb33 10 days ago

    7:30 Tony Stark: So you're the Bat-ling. Crime fighting Bat. You're Batboy?

  • Ian De leon
    Ian De leon 10 days ago

    If your a true comic book fan you can appreciate both marvel and dc. Stop comparing two different universe.

  • Skynation Idrice
    Skynation Idrice 11 days ago

    I'm a Dc fan but i think dc should only stick to comics and animated movies because that's what they are good at....only

  • Anwer Aydan
    Anwer Aydan 11 days ago

    Let's all admit it without making up shit like "civil war doodoo cause it made no sense." DC's shit and Marvel's lit.

  • oldiel b. wolf
    oldiel b. wolf 12 days ago +8

    It is funny, you know they are "trolling DC" but without DC they wouldn't have done any movie and a lot of them wouldn't be famous right now

    • Oh Mari
      Oh Mari 17 hours ago

      they're 'trolling' shitty dceu movies, not dc in of itself.

    • Zack Phelps
      Zack Phelps 8 days ago

      So DC made Kevin feige think about an iron Man movie? That makes sense lol

    • The Laughzone
      The Laughzone 10 days ago +1

      oldiel b. wolf trueee

  • Stark Infinity
    Stark Infinity 12 days ago

    Truly dc is better than marvel

  • Travis Ethan
    Travis Ethan 13 days ago

    Batman would plan how to take down the Avengers. Wonder Woman, Superman, flash, green lantern, and Martian man hunter would absolutely kill them. We already know Superman can take the Hulk. Superman would make quick work of Thanos, legit would throw a planet at him, fry his brain with heat vision.
    I love the avengers, but the real justice league is WAY more powerful.

  • luigi esposito
    luigi esposito 13 days ago

    well I am more a dc fans than a marvel one , but Raffalo has right. justice league sucks, and plus this guys are working together now for a while. they are really a team as the avangers. justice league was just a bunch of differents scenes put together without a real plot. you can clearly see that there is not a movie in justice league. good on this guys, and plus they have got Scarlett, the hot actress around atm. Nobody can deny that

  • Graeme Rodger
    Graeme Rodger 13 days ago

    Disney Marvel have saved Spiderman from the butchering he got at SONY.
    It fills most fans with confidence as to what will happen with F4 & X-Men.
    It's what DC needed to do, but I think most people would say they've not succeeded to the same extent as Marvel (and lets face it, in a 2 horse race, you're only getting one comparison).
    The DC TV series are, IMO, superior to Marvels attempts. I just wish there was more synchronicity between the series and the movies for both franchises (for example, TV Flash is better than movie Flash).

  • Kamal Hari
    Kamal Hari 14 days ago

    The best superhero movie is christain bale's Batman

  • That Dude
    That Dude 14 days ago

    Superman one million would whoop the avengers alone

  • Yael Sixx
    Yael Sixx 14 days ago

    I fn love mcu. Too bad DC's only better in making comics, creating characters, videogames, animated tv shows, animated movies, villians,.

  • Giselle DoCarmo
    Giselle DoCarmo 14 days ago

    Dang they are asking Chris hemsowth questions about civil war when they are doing a the hunstamns winter war interview Oof lmao

  • Giselle DoCarmo
    Giselle DoCarmo 14 days ago

    Bruce: we have a Superman
    Tony; we have a vision
    Bruce: we have a Wonder Woman
    Tony: we have a black widow and scarlet witch
    Bruce: we have a cyborg
    Tony: we have a hulk
    Bruce: touché

  • XxPro KitxX
    XxPro KitxX 14 days ago

    DC: We have Justice League
    Marvel: We have Stan Lee

  • kickassssnation027
    kickassssnation027 15 days ago

    Tom Holland imitating Nolan-verse Batman reminds me of CollegeHumor in its heydays.

  • EpicJoker _
    EpicJoker _ 15 days ago

    "WE hAVe ThE HulK" superman would tear his ass apart

  • I learned how not to be jealous!

    Groot died twice

  • Haisea Umik0
    Haisea Umik0 15 days ago

    Well ilike both marvel and DC, but after they introduced ben affleck as batman I could not watch any more movies with him anymore.... Batman trilogy with Christian Bale is epic, for me he is the true batman. Man of steel is great too. But that superman vs batman ruined the whole franchise for me... I just cand stand that expressionless ben affleck portraying batman! The movie tempo wasnt great either, as well as the acting. Then came wonderwoman, I was really pumped for it but thr plot is a messc I personally did not enjoy the movie at all. Of course marvels movies arent all good too, there are some that just make me want to fast forward the scenes, however they made the movies with nowadays viewers in mind, they are fun and relatable, besides the best about marvels movies are the relationships between the characters. In my opinion that is what made them come on the spotlight much more.

  • Michael Bleckler
    Michael Bleckler 15 days ago

    Obviously none of the Avenger cast read comics because Justice League would wipe the floor with the Avengers. No seriously there getting there information from the movies. Read the comics. READ THE FUCKING COMICS!!

  • Jacob Salas
    Jacob Salas 16 days ago

    Anthony Mackie is a cocky asshole and Chadwick actually gets it. Literally 3/5 DCEU movies were meddled with and WW was almost meddled with too. Let's not forget CEO's wanted to cut a very iconic scene from that movie and Patty left the project before due to creative differences. It took Zack Snyder to get her to sign on.

  • Skeletor.
    Skeletor. 16 days ago

    Avengers 4 coming out we haven't seen the trailer yet but we know it's better then the teen titans trailer. Like wtf was that.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 16 days ago

    Yo tf I never knew Wong was british

  • Chuechuw
    Chuechuw 16 days ago

    I wonder who disappeared in DC universe😂😂😂

  • *_school shooter_*
    *_school shooter_* 16 days ago

    Wong u legend

  • Scandy
    Scandy 16 days ago

    stanlee thing whooo hooo hoooo 😂

  • Scandy
    Scandy 16 days ago

    stanlee thing whooo hooo hoooo 😂

  • Christine Ramirez
    Christine Ramirez 16 days ago

    IMO DC is great, no one has been good enough to make a decent movie. I bet if the directors that did the MCU did them, everyone would change their tune.
    DC just needs someone who can do them a little 'justice'.

  • ba55letmysoulfly
    ba55letmysoulfly 17 days ago

    “We have Chris Hemsworth. Not even Chris Hemsworth as Thor, just regular Chris Hemsworth.”

  • Jackie P
    Jackie P 17 days ago

    The only chance DC has is Wonder Woman 😷

  • Hareesh Royal
    Hareesh Royal 17 days ago

    SUPER MAN is most powerful than all marvel hero's

  • bachemaqbul
    bachemaqbul 18 days ago

    MARVEL make movies for the mainstream. DC (Zack Snyder) made very sophisticated movies, which have definitely more class...

  • Jennifer Ortiz
    Jennifer Ortiz 18 days ago

    I like Dc characters more but I like marvel movies

  • John Hart
    John Hart 18 days ago

    I love both love me both yeah I was peeved of after batman Vs superman but justice league was awesome I was peeved of after infinity War but I know 4will be awesome Stan Lee is legend when I come back in my next life Ill be Stan Lee but I dig DC so I just hope there are enough people like me love me both

  • Sheena Siobhan
    Sheena Siobhan 18 days ago

    Honestly at this point wonder woman is carrying the DCEU.

  • SWAT 1611
    SWAT 1611 18 days ago

    I am happy that the guys at WB havent given up yet. The last time things went horribly wrong, they just straight up abandoned the ship.

  • Deejay Baccam
    Deejay Baccam 18 days ago

    See for 1 the actors/actress in these movie only no what they do about any comics... Because of the role otherwise they don't know shit. 2 most of you judge not all but MOST judge the DC universe and Marvel based on MOVIES. Which is dictated by factors of directors, producers, cgi, etc etc which SHOULD not reflect on what really matters.. they're origin stories, powers, traits. That is where you should get your information for debate on who's more superior. IF YOU JUDGE DC OR MARVEL BASED ON MOVIES YOU ARE NOT A TRUE FAN OF EITHER SAME GOES FOR THE ACTORS IN THEM THEY KNOW NOTHING BUT WHAT THEY'RE PAID TO KNOW.

  • ananya dutta
    ananya dutta 18 days ago

    The best thing about DC universe-Henry Superman Cavill

  • Royelle Gacha ツ
    Royelle Gacha ツ 19 days ago

    Oooh D.C fans saltier then Wendys fries!!!

    • Electro4669RBLX
      Electro4669RBLX 14 days ago

      As a D.C. fan I can say there is like no D.C. fans here lmao.

  • Virtual Kingdom
    Virtual Kingdom 19 days ago

    Guys, it’s really not a competition, we all know Marvel wins. I mean just take a look at the universe they created... it has more lore and depth that’s believable than DC. The only thing DC did right was the Dark Knight series.
    Marvel has struck gold on just about every single movie... also just remember Venom is coming out this October. Just saying.

  • Morpheus
    Morpheus 19 days ago

    Who’s the cute chick in the pink shirt?

  • monaca morgan
    monaca morgan 19 days ago


  • Ge@r&@rcher
    Ge@r&@rcher 20 days ago

    Well I cant blame them for making fun of the DCEU
    Although I have to point out, their "speedy guy" is still alive.

  • Noscopes gaming
    Noscopes gaming 20 days ago

    Giant killing bugs

  • Blazer Stoner
    Blazer Stoner 20 days ago

    I would definitely love to see a cross over. Anything is possible in comics and movies, so why not?! I love all superheroes (Superman is my all time fave) and would definitely like to see a movie version in which superheroes from both universe get together to save Earth. Could we not do that?!
    The one thing missing from Justice League team, IMHOP, is the camaraderie between the superheroes. Watching the Avengers team, you feel that teasing and constant interaction between the characters and that sense of "togetherness" the team has, which is just significantly absent in Justice League. I hope they do a better job in JL2 or whatever the next movie coming out for DC Universe team is called - I heard it is no longer called Justice League 2.

  • felix galindo
    felix galindo 20 days ago

    I Love his "I'm not Lawrence Fishburne shirt"

  • Hanso Hashashi
    Hanso Hashashi 21 day ago

    Dc vs Marvel
    I am waiting

  • Alpha Grace
    Alpha Grace 21 day ago

    I would like a movie of Marvel and D.C both heroes and villains clashing together.

  • CDHfilms
    CDHfilms 21 day ago

    Anthony is the coolest!

  • ThePhantomWolf
    ThePhantomWolf 21 day ago

    Crop in a few trailers and boom 10 min monetized video xD

  • ThePhantomWolf
    ThePhantomWolf 21 day ago

    the only thing i like from DC is the whole batman thing, others... not so much...

  • kabutar lal
    kabutar lal 22 days ago

    The problem with Dc is that their owner studio does not have best vested interest in them yet, they do whole lot of other stuff, when a new owner solely own ONLY DC and start making movies out of and getting out of dark themes then we will see good stufff, Shazam series is fantastic like deadpool by the way so funny

  • cove81
    cove81 22 days ago

    DC has a problem with rebooting every 7 minutes. It would be like Iron man being played by 5 different actors.

  • D M
    D M 22 days ago

    I just wanna hear questions like “who’s richer? Iron Man or Bat Man”, then answers like “of course I am Iron Man, I pay for everything, design everything.” You know, RDJ being Tony Stark. 😄

  • Kirbae
    Kirbae 23 days ago +1

    3:25 wtf i thought it was someone else talking while i was scrolling through the comment section lol

  • Lonnie Contreras
    Lonnie Contreras 23 days ago

    Anthony Mackie is such an instigator.

  • snehal chandran
    snehal chandran 23 days ago

    Well dc always went for better story rather than commercial stories that marvel makes.. true comic fan would see and understand that.. and anyway Stan Lee always made spoof of DC comics and somehow people got into it seriously.. lol

  • F U B A R methink
    F U B A R methink 23 days ago

    if its fair fight no kryptonite involved (his 1 and only weakness) superman alone would slap all avengers who have many weaknesses.

  • defender of the good
    defender of the good 24 days ago

    Besides batman joker and wonder women dc dont have shit :l superman sucks the most.

  • defender of the good
    defender of the good 24 days ago

    Dc is a joke

  • Wesley Self
    Wesley Self 24 days ago

    I think that people are forgetting about how successful DC has been for years. Like literally, YEARS. Marvel just became good.

    Batman v Superman is actually a great film. It’s complex, and people probably have trouble wrapping their minds around hard concepts. The film includes political issues and rational choices based in an irrational world. Superman would be a threat with all of his power, and Batman saw that Superman could destroy the world if he wanted. An older, paranoid Batman decided that he was the only one with the ability to take him out, and a film is made. Remember, this Batman is a Frank Miller Batman, so the story does make since in the context of that Batman.
    Also, Batman didn’t stop fighting Superman because their mothers’ names are the same, but because Batman realized that Superman was just an average dude, not just an alien. He has a mom too, and loved ones that care for him. At that moment, Batman realized that he was about to kill another individual like Joe Chill killed his parents. The usage of “save Martha” allowed Batman to stop fighting for a moment for clarification. Again, he realized that Superman has a mom too, and is just an average dude. An average dude who has powers that can save the world. This leads to Justice League, where Batman has redeemed hope in the world because of Superman’s selfless act, where he dies. This transition for Batman allows him to put his past behind him, and allows for a more team oriented Batman. One that works with others to solve problems, which is something that Batman has had trouble with in the past, especially since the death of Robin. The usage of Martha has thus turned Batman into a better person.

  • Faker Sama
    Faker Sama 24 days ago

    Im A Marvel Fanboi But Lol Flash Gonna Woop Their Asses

  • MiCa Love
    MiCa Love 24 days ago

    Tbh Marvel are coming out with the best movies but if this were to really happen DC would destroy them hands down

  • NEPTUNE117
    NEPTUNE117 24 days ago

    That part where hulk is running behind black panther and captain America, never really happened.

  • Dee McGee
    Dee McGee 24 days ago

    This was the best!

  • Taha 6
    Taha 6 25 days ago +1

    7:26 he just sounds like batman from the dark knight rises!!! Lol 😂

  • Delta Foxtrot
    Delta Foxtrot 25 days ago

    Sorry folks. Superman would destroy all of the MCU by himself.

  • Daniel Jolliffe
    Daniel Jolliffe 25 days ago

    you should really work on your audio levels. i shouldn't have to touch my volume slider mid way through a clip