Thirty-nine bodies found in lorry in Essex I Times News

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Thirty-nine bodies were found in a lorry container on an industrial estate in Essex.
    Mo Robinson, 25, a self-employed haulier from Co Armagh in Northern Ireland, has been arrested on suspicion of murder.
    Detectives are working to piece together the movements of the container, which has Bulgarian number plates. The lorry is thought to have arrived in Holyhead from Ireland via Zeebrugge in Belgium on Saturday.
    Police are working to identify the dead.
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Comments • 900

  • Wilf BM
    Wilf BM 2 years ago +3

    I hope the paramedics and police officers get all the help they need after dealing with this

  • Terence  Bennison
    Terence Bennison 2 years ago +19

    Obviously this port hasn't been given the same amount of security and it makes you wonder just how long it's been going on, and how many people have come in this way. These people have paid a heavy price for this and the people organising their transport will no doubt be counting the money without a second thought for these poor unfortunate dead migrants.

    • Terence  Bennison
      Terence Bennison 2 years ago

      @Mlan doesnt bear thinking about, does it?

    • Terence  Bennison
      Terence Bennison 2 years ago

      @Mlan doesnt bear thinking about does it? Hopefully they will tighten security up.

    • Mlan
      Mlan 2 years ago

      Terry Bennison makes u think about how many times this has happened before

  • Th3r3alfuzzball 95
    Th3r3alfuzzball 95 2 years ago

    I feel sorry for the driver to be honest. Imagine driving miles with all those bodys in your trailer then being arrested

  • Rob parky
    Rob parky 2 years ago +59


    • Trampster
      Trampster 2 years ago

      @Anne K Industrial estate road right outside the DHL chilled/frozen goods warehouse. Look on Google maps.

    • Anne K
      Anne K 2 years ago

      S. Bolme .. Don't think so, he is meant to have pulled into an industrial parking lot 25mins away from where he collected the trailer !?

    • S. Bolme
      S. Bolme 2 years ago +1

      @Anne K I really wonder about that too. Perhaps it was at the place where it was going to be delievered..?

    • Broadsword 007
      Broadsword 007 2 years ago

      Another person who does not understand that l was talking about the term 'container" Your response was purely backlash as' the truth hurts' Be quiet now.

  • Verity Muir
    Verity Muir 2 years ago +5

    Apparently the driver was allegedly captured on CCTV 30 mins before the horrifying "discovery" at the depot pulling over and opening the back as if to facilitate something or someone getting out. Some are alleging he discovered them - went into panic mode after realising they were all dead and Proceeded with the "delivery" and feigned shock at the depot. He is allegedly a member of a human trafficking gang based in Ireland. Cold storage freights are now used to thwart thermal scanners, another awful deadly tactic of traffickers that has Just resulted in 39 deaths.

  • Aka_angrygoose
    Aka_angrygoose 2 years ago +105

    He was released without charge he had no idea the fridge was sealed by customs so who really is guilty because the driver certainly isn't

    • Peter Barton
      Peter Barton 2 years ago +1

      Where did you get he was released from? What a plank!

    • MasterRiffics
      MasterRiffics 2 years ago +2

      words don't make someone innocent

    • Dav serban
      Dav serban 2 years ago +6

      I'm sure there are heaps working for customs & border which are involved in a lot of this trafficking business its not like they are as honest as they are made out to be, some extra cash will go a long way.

    • MR .TEA.
      MR .TEA. 2 years ago +7

      Some one in customs be in the shit .no way seal a lock not check .unless someone not doing there job or getting back hander .pretty hard not notice 39 people back of a lorry if you opened it .couldn't think any thing more awfull the police and emergency services all those involved to see and have to cope with.someone got to break the news to the families .tragic.

  • H DHIL
    H DHIL 2 years ago +84

    Terrible reporting, and irresponsible behaviour form the media

  • Sylvia Holmes
    Sylvia Holmes 2 years ago +7

    Lot's of Russian trolls and bots posting nasty provocative drivel in comments trying to skew the tone - which is very firmly one of an awful and dreadful tragedy.
    Information is still emerging so not appropriate to comment too firmly. It would be very sad if that young man willingly participated in a trafficking scheme that ultimately resulted in those 39 deaths. Horrific.

  • Gws2
    Gws2 2 years ago +10

    damn, if only belgium was a safe country, these people woulnd't have had to flee the horrors of beglium and risk their life.

  • goof verdinus
    goof verdinus 2 years ago +27

    so they slander this guy internationally without a process?, Classic Times.
    disgracefull journalism.

    • Peter Barton
      Peter Barton 2 years ago

      How stupid do you sound now!

    • Anne K
      Anne K 2 years ago

      goof verdinus .. journalism has always been disgraceful, nothing new here ... Anything for a fast buck that's MSM for you, what they want to print fast and quick first, facts and truth later ...

  • snake555510
    snake555510 2 years ago +3

    I think its wrong to show picture of the driver, most people who watch news only hear half a story. Meaning that his reputation been destroyed whenever or not he is innocent or guilty.
    If he is innocent I would sue the media for defomation.

  • Mary Chambers
    Mary Chambers 2 years ago

    God help these poor people may they find peace ,god help the man he's got to live with this tragedy .

  • Highgizmo🌐com on the internet helps a lot

    I know that guy from somewhere, he won’t ever do anything, the drivers of the lorries don’t know what is inside the containers! it shouldn’t be his fault..

  • Michael
    Michael 2 years ago +3

    R.I.P to the 39 people.
    Shame on the Media for naming the lorry driver before all the facts have been established. The driver is most likely a victim in this too, just doing his job.
    The failure lies with government for underfunding border control. The deaths are by the hands of the smuggling gangs who prey on desperate people.

  • Nancy Blake
    Nancy Blake 2 years ago +5

    It sounds like they were going to be released at the side of the road before leaving the freight at the delivery depot by the trafficker(s), but when the people smuggler(s) opened the freight to let them out discovered they'd all passed away so went ahead with a charade of not knowing they were there and proceeded with the delivery and played ignorant .
    That would've been their only option as 39 bodies would not be easy to conceal.

    • IvGotBallsOfSteel
      IvGotBallsOfSteel 2 years ago

      I would imagen they would just set fire to the trailer tbh

    • Verity Muir
      Verity Muir 2 years ago +2

      @Dickie 3! probably a low level dupe used by people higher up in the trafficking gang.

    • Dickie 3!
      Dickie 3! 2 years ago

      But the driver wouldn’t off been that stupid to realise that anyone could survive in the back off a refrigerated trailer for long, so if he knew he would off known he’d kill them all. So I doubt he knew, more like they all climbed into the back somewhere or he was told to collect the trailer and deliver it as that was his job, the truck would off had a security seal/tag on it when he collected it, so he can’t open the trailer as it’s company if security tag sealed.
      More likey he parked up for 5 for a piss or check his say nav or whatever, the. Did a walk around trailer check and seen his security tag was broke and open the doors to check.
      Any normal person would know it would kill them being in a back off a fridge trailer. I’m sure he’s just a guy doing his job. He’s probably a victim too

  • Helen buchanan
    Helen buchanan 2 years ago +5

    Awful. They're investigating the Irish firm he works for as possibly being a front for a people trafficking ring.
    It's possible they went to let them out at the side of the road before delivery at the depot, only realising something had gone catastrophically wrong at the moment of opening the storage unit and discovering all 39 had perished. They proceeded as normal to the depot and pretend to be unaware of what was in the back. 39 bodies are not easily concealed - so this was, in that scenario their only option outside of digging a mass grave - which would've been conspicuous. People smuggling is a ruthless and evil trade. The governments of Europe know it's happening but do too little to thwart it.
    They need to strengthen borders and pressure foreign governments to impose harsher penalties and sanctions upon individuals and firms who engage in it . Awful!!!

    • Uncivilized Anglo
      Uncivilized Anglo 2 years ago

      Nothing political will stop this, nobody has the balls to, apart from a few certain eastern europe countries.

  • ChannelX24
    ChannelX24 2 years ago +4

    How about the upmost respect for the driver who's name and face have been plastered all over?!

  • Gameplay Videos
    Gameplay Videos 2 years ago +10

    Nice of the media to release a guys name and photo just as the investigation is starting. These are reasons why the public can't stand or trust the media.

    • Gameplay Videos
      Gameplay Videos 2 years ago

      @Protoman hes been arrested on suspicion of murder. Suspicion that's it, so they plaster the guys face all over. According to what I know so far those containers are sealed and the driver took over the cab a short time so fail to see how the press feel it's irrelevant to get some guys face and name all over.

    • Protoman
      Protoman 2 years ago

      The guy probably hasn't been charged or isn't a prime suspect. I'm not too familiar with British laws, but I assume suspects would have the same protections or similar as they do in the U.S..

  • Dickie 3!
    Dickie 3! 2 years ago +2

    I cannot believe the driver would off known about the people in the trailer, as he would know they wouldn’t survive in a refrigerated unit for long.

  • xcomfan
    xcomfan 2 years ago

    Any one knows if the lorry had to be empty? I see no other reason for driver to stop and randomly open the back. And if it was loaded it would have been sealed.

  • tasha
    tasha 2 years ago

    they had to release the man’s name and face in order for the word to spread further and if anyone has any information on the suspect they can come forward

  • Rsl C
    Rsl C 2 years ago +8

    The name nor the picture of the knife attacker from a few weeks ago in Manchester hasn't been released. The Syrian refugee who slammed a truck into 9 people in Limburg this month has received the same treatment. This guy's face has been shown to the public even though he just drove the truck - didn't load it and I'm sure he was not supposed to opened it/unload it (I guess the company he works for specializes in people trafficking and someone else was supposed to open it and move the people to another location once in England).
    The antisemitic attack that took place in Halle, Germany that was committed by an ethnic German, has been flooding the news and the guy's name and picture are well known. There is even a wikipedia page on it right now, even though only 2 people died (still inexcusable).

  • Josh
    Josh 2 years ago +4

    Well if we had harder borders this wouldn't happen in the first place.

  • Fudge Weasel
    Fudge Weasel 2 years ago +4

    Interesting that every comment I've seen here calling for tighter border checks and complaining about "the one's that got through" or similar is from someone who can't even *spell* "border".

  • Flame Lily
    Flame Lily 2 years ago +9

    I doubt the driver knew the bodies were in the trailer. It was refrigerated and it would be normal for the driver to pick up a preloaded locked trailer. The police have to interview him of course, but I am not going to jump to the conclusion that he is guilty. I feel sorry for the driver, if he is innocent he will be very traumatised by this.

    • Yet Again
      Yet Again 2 years ago +1

      @Mary Kennerley I received notification for your other post (reply) but for whatever nonsense YT reason it hasn't published in the thread (well, I can't see it in the thread anyway!) Just a sentence to let you know i've seen it and I agree.

    • Yet Again
      Yet Again 2 years ago

      @Mary Kennerley Precisely and I agree with innocent until proven guilty. However, exactly that which you initially describe ensures plausible deniability for a guilty person.

  • Rebecca Mozirer
    Rebecca Mozirer 2 years ago

    My dad lived near where this happened

  • Mr Boombastic
    Mr Boombastic 2 years ago +5

    It’s not drivers fault, no one sane in their right mind would drive 39 people across borders knowing there is 39 people in his lorry and act like it’s just another routine drive, he perhaps didn’t even know anything about it and maybe shocked to find what he did in the back once he stopped at the final destination.

  • john kennedy
    john kennedy 2 years ago +19

    its so sad for these poor people to lose their lives in this manner....but this is why we need stricter guidelines for immigration and illegal immigrants as the left-wing don't help matters encouraging these people to come here with the promise of housing and money.this is why boarders are required in all countries then maybe this sort of thing wont happen again.

    • Someone Else
      Someone Else 2 years ago

      I'm quite liberal but I agree that borders need to be more heavily secured and illegal immigrants shouldn't be allowed to stay, or supported. Legal immigrants, of course, I'll welcome them, but if you come here illegally, you're taking resources away from people who were born here and came here legally, and you're likely going to get yourself killed in some way.

    • wholly spokes
      wholly spokes 2 years ago +3

      I feel sorry for the poor bloody driver who found them and called 999 and then had the media label him a murderer and plaster his face over the interweb while being in custody ...nice

    • GoatFader
      GoatFader 2 years ago +1

      Its not just the ''left wing'' sadly, the fake conservatives are fully on board with mass immigration to supply a cheap workforce for corporations and drive up house prices.

    • Rob Linn Bailey
      Rob Linn Bailey 2 years ago +1

      The main issue is in the uk we don’t have mandatory ID cards, the NHS is walk in, plus there’s a lot of cash in hand work. People can live and work in the uk completely undetected which makes it a very attractive destination for trafficking. This is an incredibly heartbreaking event, let’s hope something is done to prevent a repeat of this.

  • ranatang boo
    ranatang boo 2 years ago +3

    Media judge and jury and excutiner on this poor guy ...murder they even know what that word means...more like man slaughter.....if this guy didn't know what he was carrying at back of lorry...and if its air tight you wouldn't be able too hear a sound..poor guy.must be tratimisized what happened.

  • SuperBigwinston
    SuperBigwinston 2 years ago +18

    The blame should go to politicians who refuse to toughen up on illegals.

    • Anne K
      Anne K 2 years ago

      SuperBigwinston .. mainly MSM for their propagandist lies .. For their need to be the first one to print something they actually have no knowledge as to whether they're right or wrong about in their statements and don't give a shite either ...

    • SuperBigwinston
      SuperBigwinston 2 years ago

      @Finlay Craig Oh of course perhaps they are on a budget holiday. Whatever they are doing they should not have been in the trailer at all. If people broke the law getting into UK they have no right to claim to stay full stop.

    • shaun o'mercy
      shaun o'mercy 2 years ago +2

      @Celyn Eldr is this a safe and legitimate way then?.... We are an island nation and our borders should be protected at all cost. We should toughen up on border patrols and if need be bring in our armies to patrol the borders and seas, instead of being in other countries fighting their wars, why not protect us for a change?

  • The Blue One
    The Blue One 2 years ago +2

    God I love Essex

  • StabStabStabStabby
    StabStabStabStabby 2 years ago +1

    These people were dead before they were in the UK. I feel bad for the driver. He's obviously a tramper that picks up cargo to deliver without knowing exactly what's inside, like 1000s of other drivers in the UK. He was the one who alerted the police and now his life is effectively ruined.

  • Rob Palmer
    Rob Palmer 2 years ago +7

    what led the paramedics to that container? seems like a random thing to do

    • Anne K
      Anne K 2 years ago

      Lord Jock .. apparently the trailer didn’t leave Ireland, only the cab part. The trailer with the supposed dead bodies in which Mo is supposed to have collected, has been stated as having come from Belgium/Zeebrugge and arrived by ferry at Grays in Essex in the early hours ??!! Stranger and Stranger - odder and odder !!?? Something not right about any of it ......

    • Anne K
      Anne K 2 years ago

      Lord Jock .. if as has been said by other truckers that it was a Fridge Trailer that was sealed and couldn't be opened by the driver who collected it from the port, then how did he know there were all those dead bodies inside ??!! Had he reached its destination ??!!

    • Th3r3alfuzzball 95
      Th3r3alfuzzball 95 2 years ago

      The driver called them

  • Jake_6n2
    Jake_6n2 2 years ago +5

    All I’m saying is go on the guys Facebook profile and you’ll see the truth. He has been released and is also the one which phoned the ambulance

    • Jake_6n2
      Jake_6n2 2 years ago +1

      Peter Barton go on his Facebook and you’ll see then he was released from the cell ya plank

    • Peter Barton
      Peter Barton 2 years ago

      Where did you get that he was released from? What a plank!

  • david irving
    david irving 2 years ago

    Of course he knew there were people in the trailer, Why did he pull out of the docks and travel a couple of miles up the road to a remote area of an industrial estate then cut the seals to look in the trailer. He knew exactly what he was doing.

  • SuperNick 207
    SuperNick 207 2 years ago +1

    Seems like he got the cargo. Drove down the road. Went to let them out. Opened the doors and realised they were dead. Tragic. Still innocent until proven guilty and they shouldn't release names and addresses unless it's in the public interest.

    • uberdude25
      uberdude25 2 years ago +1

      Having a nosey at his facebook page, his friends recently complementing him on his big fancy house and garden.
      At 25 he either has very rich parents are does many runs in his expensive lorry.

  • Just Chillin
    Just Chillin 2 years ago

    If proven innocent, the man might be entitled to financial compensation for defamation and various other issues which arise. If found guilty, he is entitled to a prison cell for life.

    • Just Chillin
      Just Chillin 2 years ago

      @Gareth H forgive me, as the sources I've read have obviously given me wrong information. Appreciate being given the right set of facts.

    • Gareth H
      Gareth H 2 years ago

      @Just Chillin All of this is just factually incorrect. News sources will never assume guilt, that would be prejudice and they would be prosecuted. His name was given by a member of the public and where he lives was obtained from his FaceBook account - the police released no personal details apart from "25-year-old man from Northern Ireland". Also, he has not been released and is still being questioned.

    • Just Chillin
      Just Chillin 2 years ago

      @Gareth H Yes, that's not what I was talking about. As this carries on, news sources, blogs etc most likely will, refer to him as a murderer or human trafficker. When he might not be either, in which case he MIGHT be entitled to sue for defamation. His name and where he lives/where he's from has been spread everywhere and from my understanding he has been released, he most likely isn't able to go home or if he has, he definitely won't be able to leave his home because, whilst he has yet to be proven guilty of anything, most lay people only see the surface and will already brand him involved in the murders at least. His life for the most part is over, the police released his details prior to conducting a full investigation, that makes them liable for anything that happens to him until the investigation is concluded.

    • Gareth H
      Gareth H 2 years ago

      In what was was he defamed? He has been arrested for questioning nothing more. Nobody has reported anything different. If somebody is found with 39 bodies in their vehicle they are going to get questioned.

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich 2 years ago +1

    39 people lost their lives...🙏😔💔

  • Mark Whitehouse
    Mark Whitehouse 2 years ago +6

    The driver is innocent

    • Tony James
      Tony James 2 years ago

      Restumy Bahram not true. If you drive a contener across Europe, crossing numerous countries, I’ve done it myself in August, you have to go through Serbia, Hungary, Austria,Germany,Belgium, France. He would of definitely known that someone was inside. Not to mention that according to company, they are supposed to check the load inside for security reasons.

    • Bache chardy
      Bache chardy 2 years ago

      toonmag50 but in a lot cases of drivers didn’t have any clue
      The clandestine at the back of their lorry all on the hands of smugglers my friend.

    • toonmag50
      toonmag50 2 years ago +2

      If you know this then tell the police. A key witness like you shouldn't waste time on TheXvid.

  • mark Gocher
    mark Gocher 2 years ago +2

    This has been going on day after day for years now. why now is it just becoming a thing ?

    • Yet Again
      Yet Again 2 years ago

      @Sal Vulcano This sort of thing has been going on for some 30 years (reported illegal entries on every scale) and if unsuccessful but discovered by the criminals do you think they inform the authorities? As for, *"And we don't report on if it succeeds because of the fact that we don't know it actually happened."* ... no sh!t. Why do you think I said it and therefore that's why you cannot make any such claim that this doesn't happen often. For all you know a mass illegal entry like this could be happening multiple times every day at every port.

    • sandlerr
      sandlerr 2 years ago

      @Yet Again No it doesn't, not often in Europe, especially not in Britain. And we don't report on if it succeeds because of the fact that we don't know it actually happened. We just know it's happening gradually. And we do report on it if it is unsuccessful and someone dies.

    • Yet Again
      Yet Again 2 years ago

      @Sal Vulcano Yes it surely does happen on a mass scale like this and often. You only know because of two tragedies. What about all the times it's successful, or not successful even, but the authorities (and us) never find out.

    • sandlerr
      sandlerr 2 years ago

      Because it doesn't happen on a mass scale like this, this often. The last thing something like this happened was in 2000.

  • Rodney Cooper
    Rodney Cooper 2 years ago

    The authorities are trying to make it tough for drivers by trying to hold them responsible. What happens if the container gets moved from a truck to a train.

  • T Jemilua
    T Jemilua 2 years ago

    They were found dead in Grays as well ... that’s crazy man

    • Broadsword 007
      Broadsword 007 2 years ago

      " large docks, Tilbury and DP World, thousands of containers enter Thurrock weekly. So it's expected.

  • Amar Abidali
    Amar Abidali 2 years ago +14

    God bless them

  • Mamuna Hafeez
    Mamuna Hafeez 2 years ago +1

    In my opinion I think that the 39 people who lost their lives were trying to get into this country but suffocated inside the lorry, I don't blame the driver as murderer because he was probably doing his job other than that he did take a photo of himself while driving he looked as if he was also into this, the UK is a big country and a bit rough to get into, hopefully the police will find others who are also into this :(

  • David Smart
    David Smart 2 years ago +1

    Shame on you, The Times and The Sunday Times...the man is 'suspected', not 'convicted'. I hope he sues you stupid for plastering his name and face all over the news.

  • Brian Pan
    Brian Pan 2 years ago +3

    The driver passed out when they opened the back. He's innocent. Let him go.

    • Brian Pan
      Brian Pan 2 years ago

      @Carl os , he was an innocent victim. You apparently believe people are guilty until proven innocent.

  • suroj
    suroj 2 years ago +14

    This is what happens when you promise the world to people from less well-off nations promising then everything if they come over here. Along with uncontrolled borders people take the risk.
    This isnt much different from thr familes with children who drown crossing the sea.
    And what does our media do? Do they acknowledge the aforementioned? No.. They throw the poor truck drivers name and face at every possible avenue to divert attention.
    These people are sick.

    • suroj
      suroj 2 years ago

      @Silk Worm drama is a good way to divert attention.
      Now they have a white working mans face to pin on the horrible reality of human trafficking.

    • Silk Worm
      Silk Worm 2 years ago +1

      To divert attention? Unlikely. They just want drama and clicks.

    • suroj
      suroj 2 years ago +1

      @Trouble Came Calling We don't have open borders? right...
      I'll tell you what. Next time. Why don't you go to Brussels "for a better life" and allow some other people to come to the UK and stay in your house "for a better life".

    UK-ALPHADOG 2 years ago

    if you end up in Grays essex you may aswell end it lol but jokes aside R.I.P poor sods!

  • Ramsay Bolton
    Ramsay Bolton 2 years ago +3

    Must've been a smuggling operation gone wrong.

    • AI Ken
      AI Ken 2 years ago

      @uzumaki nagato I doubt. The UK isn't considered a rich country compared to China. Only Europeans and Africans would go there.

    • House of Zuma
      House of Zuma 2 years ago

      Kidnapped women or children we are becoming very American in behaviour

  • jollywollyU
    jollywollyU 2 years ago +6

    Poor guy. Face has been all over the media like he bundled them in there and got paid

  • Astrid
    Astrid 2 years ago +4

    This is like that last episode of Criminal UK :(

  • Moonwalker of the Cuckoo Variety

    Thanks TheXvid, I was probably enjoying my day a bit too much

  • Alan Cummings
    Alan Cummings 2 years ago

    I knew there would be trouble as soon as I heard Uber was doing takeaway delivery’s.

  • Mihai Csl
    Mihai Csl 2 years ago +77

    It's a fridge trailer so i am thinking that this types of trailers are allmaost air sealed or close to that and when you stick 39 people in there they gonna run out of air...

    • geoffdundee
      geoffdundee 2 years ago could be they werent equipped for winter conditions in the UK and had summer shorts and t-shirts on

    • Cockoff Gewgle
      Cockoff Gewgle 2 years ago +2

      The Wire had a plotline similar to this.

    • Rob Linn Bailey
      Rob Linn Bailey 2 years ago +1

      If this wasn’t a refrigerated trailer do you think they would have survived? It was the cold/lack of air that killed them?

    • Ian Goldsworthy
      Ian Goldsworthy 2 years ago +4

      @Scott Johnstone That's the trouble now, These Trafficking gangs are so complex they even have there own employed in certain roles or pay off the staff astronomically without harm coming to there loved ones so the "Goods" get through.
      If @Mihai Cls picks up a container and find there is humans in there he will be interrogated for it

  • Ben Tomlins
    Ben Tomlins 2 years ago +2

    The driver obviously hasn't done it. The media showing his name and face is plain wrong.

  • Antonio Montana
    Antonio Montana 2 years ago

    How were they able to find the bodies? I understand the paramedics discovered them before the police but how did the paramedics get there in the first place? Just curious

    • DeOranjed
      DeOranjed 2 years ago

      @Napoleon Wilson well the government pays out hundreds of millions to House these people!

    • Napoleon Wilson
      Napoleon Wilson 2 years ago

      Antonio Montana agreed what news or events are they trying to bury. As if the Government gives 2 shits about 40 dead illegal immigrants.

    • DeOranjed
      DeOranjed 2 years ago

      This whole story stinks. Not much makes sense.

  • Protoman
    Protoman 2 years ago

    Say what you want, that's pretty awesome truck.

  • Ieuan Mills
    Ieuan Mills 2 years ago +2

    And what makes everyone so sure that it's not another container full of immigrants? Why are we calling them victims this quickly, and calling the driver a killer?

    • Olivia Nguyen
      Olivia Nguyen 2 years ago

      u know that carry people on their lorry through the security is illegal. but this guy still do, and he can go through the security because the 39ppl were dead before he comes to the security.

  • The Other Side
    The Other Side 2 years ago +1

    *All these illiterates commenting here don't know that when someone is found connected to an incident like this, the person comes under immediate suspicion. Allowing him to go doesn't mean dropping the suspicion on him. That's like granting bail. Not an acquittance. He is still a prime suspect.*

    • The Other Side
      The Other Side 2 years ago

      @Yet Again *Still on his identity? Now you know he switched off the cooling system after crossing the border which led to the suffocation of the passengers.*

    • Yet Again
      Yet Again 2 years ago +1

      Your entire premise has now become a bunch of nonsense for which there is actually no evidence currently in the public sphere and moves away (again) from you original post. You managed all of that on your own. Your bomb analogy is a fallacious argument, also a self construct of your own mind. You can't miss the point in both threads we are conversing any more than you are. So again, *no-one I think disagrees with your original premise,* but his anonymity should be maintained. He is innocent of everything, including your made up most recent post until proven guilty. It's very simple and that is what people are commenting on majoritively as being wrong here. The actual crime is a completely separate issue to his identification.

    • The Other Side
      The Other Side 2 years ago

      @Yet Again *Wait. Let's put this in another way....... while considering the facts of the matter.*
      *This is not some random crime case. We are talking of 39 human bodies found inside a truck. Under what circumstance did he get to drive that truck? Was he offered money by some random stranger to deliver a truck somewhere without him asking what the contents are?*
      *Are you going to be making this argument if your family had been blown up by a bomb placed in that truck which that guy brought near your home cause some random stranger told him to?*
      *This is a very sever issue and no, even if he had no idea what the contents are, as long as it is a shady deal (like being told to deliver the truck somewhere by a stranger), he remains a prime suspect.*

    • Yet Again
      Yet Again 2 years ago +1

      Again you miss the point. *"No-one I think disagrees with your premise (Got it?)"* ... but plastering everything about the man, including his identity etc..... is not acceptable.
      Lets put it another way. You get fingered for a crime (of which it matters not if you are innocent or guilty, but especially if innocent) would you be happy with your picture, name and so on being plastered across the entire national press. Some people will assume guilt. Some people will abuse him or his family as a result etc..... He should be kept anonymous until at least charges are formally applied.

    • The Other Side
      The Other Side 2 years ago

      @Yet Again *There is no part of the report that says he is a criminal. The media rightly called him a suspect.*

  • Brianna Kilgannon
    Brianna Kilgannon 2 years ago +1

    I honestly think i have seen this man before

  • Jessica Soraia
    Jessica Soraia 2 years ago

    Does anyone know why the 39 bodies was inside the lorry ?

  • Malc Spring
    Malc Spring 2 years ago +13

    Why are the media referring it as a container. It is an insulated fridge trailer. The people will have sufforcated. A similar thing happened a few years ago. They were Chinese if I recall. An absolute tragedy. I can't begin to imagine the terror they went through. Unimaginable.

    • FrankEdavidson
      FrankEdavidson 2 years ago

      No one said it was a shipping container Not all containers are shipping containers frevisake.

    • FrankEdavidson
      FrankEdavidson 2 years ago

      @Name Who the hell cares.

    • Malc Spring
      Malc Spring 2 years ago +2

      @FrankEdavidson It is a refrigerated trailer. I used to drive articulated trucks and have driven enough of them in my time. In any case it doesn't matter. What matters is the fact that their death must have been terrible. Terrifying.

    • Ian Goldsworthy
      Ian Goldsworthy 2 years ago +1

      Oh yes I heard about that...It was in Dover they discovered the bodies wasn't it. Awful that.

  • wr1jongin
    wr1jongin 2 years ago +32

    Please take his name and photo down

    • wr1jongin
      wr1jongin 2 years ago +1

      @Peter Barton I still stand for what I said earlier as the police and the media were not 100% sure of the situation back then. He could have been innocent, but now I guess proven otherwise. All I mean is to find hard evidence before assuming someone is guilty!

    • wr1jongin
      wr1jongin 2 years ago +3

      @Acronyx Yes, but it can be quiet down. The longer the name stays on, the more people in the future will know. I would want it taken down either way if it were me. And then sue...

    • Acronyx
      Acronyx 2 years ago +1

      Damage is done. His life is ruined now either way.

  • Falstaff 1893
    Falstaff 1893 2 years ago +1

    I see the Immigration Authorities are still letting Hundreds of illegal boat people cross the channel & not sending em home & yet a young Irish trucker is hung out to dry when no facts are produced that he actually knew the Chinese immigrants were on board the container when in fact people smuggling into the UK is now out of control ??

    PHILLIP ROBINSON 2 years ago +3

    I hope you get sued by the driver and he takes you to the cleaners.

  • cindy
    cindy 2 years ago +14

    Rip to the 39 souls who died 🙏🏾❤

  • james richards
    james richards 2 years ago

    the national front have been singing, 'here's to you, mr robinson.'

  • young french
    young french 2 years ago

    Murder Yh right
    someone is out of a astronomical amount of coin definitely a ventilation issue

  • Lor Manias
    Lor Manias 2 years ago


  • Sahil Sambyal
    Sahil Sambyal 2 years ago

    I feel bad for the driver but a single doubt if somebody can clarify. I understand that drivers picking up trailers from dock are not allowed to open it. Then how come this driver opened it that too at 1:40 in the morning?

    • Sahil Sambyal
      Sahil Sambyal 2 years ago +1

      @Dickie 3! thanks for your input. Yes that might be the case then.

    • Dickie 3!
      Dickie 3! 2 years ago +2

      That’s the only doubt I have, why would the driver open the back doors at 1 am, if not at his delivery location, I’m a lorry driver myself, most trailers with goods on are security tagged with a seal, the only thing I would suggest is that he parked up for a break/rest and he checked his trailer and maybe noticed the tag seal was broken and looked inside to see if there was anything untoward or stolen. Then seen the bodies and called an ambulance

  • Maaruks
    Maaruks 2 years ago +3

    who are those dead people? why didn't they take a flight?

    • Anne K
      Anne K 2 years ago

      Maaruks .. They were Chinese, 8 women 31 males .. R.I.P to all those poor souls that perished ....

  • tanveer khan
    tanveer khan 2 years ago +1

    His just a driver I don't reckon he is to blame I bet he never new what he was shipping

  • nobody
    nobody 2 years ago +125

    HTF do they get past customs

    • frantic storm7
      frantic storm7 2 years ago

      @shizzlers0135 25/10/19. Released are you sure? At this date he is still in custody.

    • Anne K
      Anne K 2 years ago

      Carrie Halliday .. I think your possibly quite right re France saying illegal immigration from Calaise is our UK problem .. I've also come across this knowledge ....

    • Anne K
      Anne K 2 years ago

      bogart99 .. Your comment is confusing .. The actual container is thought to have come from Zeebrugge in Belgium. It was collected by Mo Robinson with his cab in Grays in Essex and may have been bound for Holyhead in Wales on its way, maybe, to Northern Ireland ....

  • Drone Scaper
    Drone Scaper 2 years ago +16

    It's funny how how we care more for these people in death than we ever did in life

    • DeOranjed
      DeOranjed 2 years ago

      @Ger - No, not to push brexit.
      You could easily say it has the opposite effect. More deception has been made to stay in the Union!

    • Jodie Reynolds
      Jodie Reynolds 2 years ago

      I don't care at all

    • Ger -
      Ger - 2 years ago

      There’s nobody in the trailer it’s made up to push brexit and close the borders

    • Me Me
      Me Me 2 years ago

      Because in death they can't do us any harm.

    • ThatNormalBunny
      ThatNormalBunny 2 years ago +4

      @CreativeAmerican - I don't know I've looked at a few cakes said to myself that looks like shit and then the next minute it is gone

  • erh yj
    erh yj 2 years ago +18

    But god bless customs because they found 50 pouches of golden verginia british made tobacco in my car that I was driving back to almost where it was made and threatened to take the car and contents off me

  • MrBibibip
    MrBibibip 2 years ago

    These people literally commited suicide.Im sure they knew what can happen to you if you stay in a freezing place with no oxygen for a long time

  • me and I
    me and I 2 years ago

    What the heck. 39 lives.

  • Zara
    Zara 2 years ago +3

    Mo Robinson is a handsome guy, those eyes..😍😍

  • Mick Hughes
    Mick Hughes 2 years ago

    If containers are not opened why not , they were opened to fill them you never know could be full of illegal stuff

  • OnAJourney
    OnAJourney 2 years ago

    It's not a container trailer, it's a fridge trailer..probably to keep the bodies cool, like in a morgue.

  • chees burger lady
    chees burger lady 2 years ago

    what kind of people whould have done this! this is so sick!

  • Le Val
    Le Val 2 years ago +2

    I don’t think this guy had a clue he had migrants. I might be wrong but if he’s innocent then the court should have held his identity. They let it get out to the press, which makes me think he has more of a role to play. In my personal opinion, if these people just stayed in China (which is financially better off than Britain), they’d be alive today. Yes, it might be suppressive but what use is it in England if you’re illegal?

    • Peter Barton
      Peter Barton 2 years ago

      You are wrong then! What is it like to be so wrong?

  • Mike O'Regan
    Mike O'Regan 2 years ago

    What we are not told - who discovered the bodies, under what circumstances? How long since the victims died? Where was the container sealed and were the seals intact?

    • Dickie 3!
      Dickie 3! 2 years ago

      The driver called the ambulance I believe

  • GoldenChild101
    GoldenChild101 2 years ago

    God my dads family live in Essex so I’m quite shocked

  • Glyn
    Glyn 2 years ago +10

    People have been leaving flowers and saying nice things for the 39 dead. I wonder what things they'd have been saying if they had all got into the country. Bet they wouldn't have been very nice.

    • Uncivilized Anglo
      Uncivilized Anglo 2 years ago +1


    • MoistGoat
      MoistGoat 2 years ago +6

      ​@Ultimate Reviews Everyone that dies is a saint then?
      Don't be so dramatic.

  • The Tears of Jungkook
    The Tears of Jungkook 2 years ago

    I highly doubt it was the driver and here is why
    the lorry came from Bulgaria, Bulgaria imports a lot of food items such as meat and these have to be kept in cold conditions and not exposed to the external environment. The truck came from Bulgaria to Ireland and this is when the driver came in, why would he open the truck when he was told there are perishable items, he is not in charge of the items in the truck, he is just the delivery man, you would not expect the postman to know what is in your package. This is the same as arresting a royal mail postman for doing a delivery to a house containing drugs, the driver is innocent

    • Gareth H
      Gareth H 2 years ago

      The trailer did not come from Bulgaria, it has not been back there since 2017. The driver is not innocent just because you say so, he has to be questioned.

  • Lydia Moore
    Lydia Moore 2 years ago +4

    These people usually do anything on risking their life to get to their destination I guess it is destiny don't do what I won't do

    • Janice Taylor
      Janice Taylor 2 years ago

      @PajamaJazama 😁😁😁😁😈

    • PajamaJazama
      PajamaJazama 2 years ago

      @Lydia Moore Lol, what adorable comments. Bless you dear :)

    • Lydia Moore
      Lydia Moore 2 years ago

      It sad but you know people take dangerous measure and put their life at risk it has been seen numerous times the length an measures that people can take with there life health an safety start with your self

    • Lydia Moore
      Lydia Moore 2 years ago

      What about the boat loads of hundreds that would have been toooooo risky for me

    • Rad Ranks
      Rad Ranks 2 years ago

      Ya right a normal person would definitely lock and seal themselves in a fridge

  • Sillius Soddus
    Sillius Soddus 2 years ago

    He isn't guilty of this yet & might not of known that he was collecting dead bodies as the trailer could of been hard security locked on the back doors. Or it could of been a breakable one, but a lot of drivers are to scared to break them to check the load as they are then accused of theft, or attempted.
    But that's beside the point. It hasnt stopped the police or media naming this man for murder investigation & showing his picture, address & facebook details.
    I can tell you now & you have to admit. If this man was of ethnic background, they WOULDN'T disclose any information about him at all.
    Plus, if your dumb enough to get into freezer trailers to illegally get into another country & travel all that way, then you get what you ask for... Simple

  • marnie p
    marnie p 2 years ago +1

    EVERY lorry coming into the UK should be checked!, not eany meany miny mo!

  • Mental Retard
    Mental Retard 2 years ago

    How were these 39 people persuaded to get into a dark air tight refrigerated container? They might be desperate but not suicidal. Were these people alive when the lorry entered the UK? What led Mo Robinson to alert the paramedics if he was not aware of the cargo? If he was, why would he do such a stupid act, risk getting caught during checks? This case is not as simple as many are making it out to be.

    • Someone Else
      Someone Else 2 years ago

      They likely went in willingly, it would be rather hard to force 39 people into somewhere. Mo likely heard something or did a usual check of the goods, only to find a horror show in the back and instantly called the police, or he was a dumbass who made some sort of deal and didn't realise they'd run out of air and freeze to death. The fact he called the ambulance gives me the impression he was unaware of the 39 people and is innocent of this crime. Presumably, they snuck in, or was helped by a guy in customs.

  • Black Dahlia
    Black Dahlia 2 years ago

    Guilty as sin.

  • MasterRiffics
    MasterRiffics 2 years ago

    Like something from the dark web or a horror movie

  • Aexception
    Aexception 2 years ago

    That is not a container 😂 thats a Reefer trailer

  • Steven Meszaros
    Steven Meszaros 2 years ago

    Hold on there familys
    End of day they were trying to get in the countrys illegally sure there family 👪 they were taking a risk going to england in back of a lorry 🚛 so want was the plan we will call you when we get to UK 🇬🇧
    Come on don't feel sorry 🙏 for them sure they risk the high price

  • OutlawsGaming
    OutlawsGaming 2 years ago +1

    The power of media.

  • miiples
    miiples 2 years ago

    everyone's out here making theories and im just shitting myself
    it's 11pm Britain we shouldn't be watching this-

  • HaveBad Day
    HaveBad Day 2 years ago

    It’s obvious what happened, a smuggler tool in 39 illegal migrants for profit but made no provisions for oxigen and therefore they died of carbon monoxide poisoning.
    The driver opened at the other end, saw what happened and legged it .

    • Dickie 3!
      Dickie 3! 2 years ago

      HaveBad Day the driver didn’t leg it though, called an ambulance

    • Clio Aspinade
      Clio Aspinade 2 years ago

      @HaveBad Day Yes, CO². I thought you meant there was a CO emission from the refrigeration unit.

    • HaveBad Day
      HaveBad Day 2 years ago

      Clio Aspinade oh... it’s carbon dioxide isn’t it

    • HaveBad Day
      HaveBad Day 2 years ago

      Clio Aspinade 😶their lungs ...

    • Clio Aspinade
      Clio Aspinade 2 years ago

      Where would this carbon monoxide come from?

  • K.B.S and I oop AND I OOP

    What if he says “iM taKinG ThEm To theIr GraVe”

  • Alex Bickers
    Alex Bickers 2 years ago

    I don't understand how the authorities got to the trailer so quickly? at that time of night? like how did they know there was something in there? did the driver park it illegally or something? and the police came to check it out? or did the driver call the police himself thinking something wasn't right?

    • DeOranjed
      DeOranjed 2 years ago

      Nothing makes sense about this story.

  • Abyss Neurax
    Abyss Neurax 2 years ago +5

    Guy who was arrested:
    *Mission Failed, we’ll get em next time*