Making a Competitive Game with JavaScript - Gamedev.js Game Jam Devlog

  • Published on May 6, 2021
  • I made a game completely in JavaScript for the Gamedev.js jam.
    BattleBomb on
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    Background music: Wholesome by Kevin MacLeod

Comments • 8

  • Dog

    This game looks very cool! Ill be sure to play it and check it out.

  • A Big Red G

    Nice work!

  • Gamand Singh

    hey its me ,i wanna ask that is javascript a good programming language to make games because i am confused between js and pico 8

  • Gamand Singh

    I wanna know that how many and what programming languages do you know. Because I am a newbie programmer. Please.

  • Gamand Singh

    And also love js

  • Gamand Singh

    I like your game