PS5 Release Date CONFIRMED! DualShock 5 Details, Disc Size & More

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • Scott and Josh run down all those juicy confirmed details, including a Christmas 2020 release date #PS5 #PlayStation5 #Sony
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Comments • 1 312

  • Fresh Prince
    Fresh Prince 4 days ago

    Get shot in Call of Duty
    Dual Shock 5 pulls out an AK

  • sadness-sad
    sadness-sad 4 days ago

    I don't care how the ps5 looks like I just care on how it performs

  • Southtastestory your best wine

    I hope it鈥檒l be able to boot all ps1-2-3 backups too! Otherwise I鈥檒l be pleased to bring it back to Asia for a double softmod and hardmod! It should come with 100 free games! And a bundle of BD-R! No hack=no reason to buy

  • E-Man
    E-Man 5 days ago

    I can finally get rid of my ps2 and get a ps3 now!

  • E-Man
    E-Man 5 days ago

    I was hoping that they introduced a new controller that doesnt rely on charging or batteries but rather using the energy exhibited by the magnetic field and earth's rotatio

  • Spook13Jayy
    Spook13Jayy 6 days ago

    It's a release timeframe that was confirmed, not the actual released DATE. The DATE is the exact DAY. Js

  • Sandy L Godfrey IV
    Sandy L Godfrey IV 7 days ago

    That鈥檚 is so awesome cool for the ps5鉁煃攫煈忦煈忦煈忦煒别煒别煒别煒别煒别煒

  • DeathgGod
    DeathgGod 8 days ago +1

    Here's a crazy idea, go back to the PS3 way of doing things, running majority of the game off the disc :/
    With manual install used for stability improvements.

  • Aloner Stoner
    Aloner Stoner 8 days ago +1

    I鈥檓 going to be in the army when ps5 releases I won鈥檛 have a chance to play it ._.

    ELIAKIM ASIMULIKE 8 days ago

    Storage that storage that!!! I only need FIFA and it better go to VR in the long run

  • David Duncan
    David Duncan 9 days ago

    What good is a 100gb disk when there is still going to be a day one patch the same size?

  • Original Zearoh
    Original Zearoh 10 days ago

    Plug an external into it n u won't have to delete ne thing again. It's great.

  • mecoy
    mecoy 10 days ago


  • mecoy
    mecoy 10 days ago

    I'm gonna go ahead and say good bye to my arms and legs now, because I know that's what it's gonna cost me.

  • tignesboy
    tignesboy 10 days ago

    we really don't need a new controller - i was pissed off when dualshock 3 was not compatible with ps4 and now they try it again.. the ds4 trackpad was biggest waste of time and made it ridiculously expensive.

  • Jason Blankenship
    Jason Blankenship 10 days ago

    This sounds awsome . I've always liked playstation and Nintendo lol. There system switch is a souped up game boy awsome for travel but don't care for it as a home console. Nintendo better step up there game a little for home console ethusiest or they going to loose sales. My switch has been sitting in the shadow of the PS4 lol brand new and one of the joy cons allready stopped working not cool at all.

  • Michael Holman
    Michael Holman 10 days ago +2

    If you live in rural areas you need disc drives because high speed Internet is slow and unreliable in those areas. I'm glad Playstation is recognizing this.

  • Realityy
    Realityy 11 days ago +1

    PS5 I'm gunna buy that in 2023 on Christmas maybe

  • Protodead
    Protodead 11 days ago

    love your face, Josh. keep it up. the face.

  • good news jtr
    good news jtr 11 days ago

    Cool... still waiting for the new xbox

  • Frederick Pendzinski
    Frederick Pendzinski 11 days ago

    Please don't boof the system...

  • TheRealCSD
    TheRealCSD 11 days ago +1

    Why cant we just get what we got with the ps3. Where a disk didnt make us have to download the entire game. All we needed to download was the saved data. I had way more games for ps3 and deleted way less

  • Randy
    Randy 11 days ago

    Sweatshirt sleeves rolled up. For when your cold but your forearms aren鈥檛.

  • Fiction or Nah?
    Fiction or Nah? 11 days ago +1

    The controller will give a little resistance when resistance is in the game. So... We're going to be destroying controllers a lot sooner than we currently do? Nice...

    I just feel like a new PS4 with 4K capabilities would've been good for another 5 years. What's wrong with the PS4?

  • J.O.R.D
    J.O.R.D 11 days ago

    Loveeeeeeee the deadpool hoodie so simple but effective 馃馃従馃槑

  • Rd BB
    Rd BB 11 days ago

    My disc don鈥檛 scratch and I don鈥檛 even put them back in the case . I jus leave em on my ps4. But I only play like 2 disc... and I put them down like reallll gently

  • mac Stanford
    mac Stanford 11 days ago

    trash ps5

  • Anh Huy Huynh
    Anh Huy Huynh 11 days ago

    I will stick around with my FHD monitor instead of 4k tv

  • kiam mon
    kiam mon 11 days ago

    If they make it backwards compatible-with the last 4 PlayStation consoles...this would be the greatest system ever created ......
    Sorry nes,genesis ,snes & Dreamcast ..but it would ....!!!
    The ultimate collectors video games system with the news best system and games on the planet ...I mean that would be crazy...
    Psnow would still be would drive people to be even more Interested in classic gaming and not a lot of people want to go searching for a game physically ..when they can just select ,purchase and own

  • matzer1110
    matzer1110 11 days ago

    All i want to know is price specs and will it be backwards compatible with ps4 games i am so excited next years xmas present defo

  • RodianRN
    RodianRN 11 days ago

    Will i be able to transfer my games with a enxtended storage usb?

  • swellerace
    swellerace 11 days ago

    These new consoles in fact won't really be that all exciting really the next frontier in video games will be the cloud, the internet won't be a problem keep in mind they did say it's for almost all devices if not any device not just consoles, like smartphones for example the whole point is to have games or content anywhere at anytime on any device not just consoles at home, they say the internet will be a problem because of latency or bandwidth issues but hey that could be because your at home with a data limit this is only the console they're talking about putting games not just in the household but everywhere like a gameboy, the new ps5 or xbox one successor with ssd that's not meant for "archiival" or long term storage or just increasing the power really isn't going forward or the future of gaming, along with discs they really are just going backwards repeating history!

  • Miguel Bernabe
    Miguel Bernabe 11 days ago

    I swear there better not be a ps5 Pro

  • ZapDash
    ZapDash 11 days ago

    One dude mixed up Terabytes and Teraflops, the other called a speaker a microphone.
    Do these guys actually know tech terminology?

  • Gage23
    Gage23 11 days ago

    Here's why.

  • Shameer Ahmed
    Shameer Ahmed 11 days ago

    Ps5 should backward compatibility with PS3 also otherwise it's not worth buying

  • Atari2600Stormtrooper
    Atari2600Stormtrooper 11 days ago +1

    Can't wait to see how much more immersive psvr games will be with 3d audio!

  • L
    L 11 days ago

    As long they make a console that doesn't take off like a fighter jet everytime you got a lot going on on the screen

  • Black Zeus
    Black Zeus 11 days ago

    Sounds like the controllers will break down with more than just the joy sticks. Like imagine your trigger getting stuck because it doesn't want to stop adapting

  • Angel Pair
    Angel Pair 11 days ago

    Ps5 specs?

  • scotter140
    scotter140 11 days ago

    I hope the DS5 will have smellovision where games can insert different smells.

    DRAGON_DRIFTER1 12 days ago

    Now for the big question, is Skyrim Elder Scrolls V going to be on the PS5

  • Jeff Lalli
    Jeff Lalli 12 days ago

    I have almost 200 digitally downloaded PS4 games. I hope they鈥檙e backward compatible on PS5.

  • Mang Mike Team Taiaha
    Mang Mike Team Taiaha 12 days ago

    I wonder if ....The Last Of Us 2 will be on PS5

    SAIF THE EDGE 12 days ago

    my concern is the SSD size, PS4's 500GB was TRAAAASH

  • 80 42
    80 42 12 days ago

    We need to a 3.5 hdd

  • Mouritogaia
    Mouritogaia 12 days ago

    i'm already seeing 1000 ps4 games having the remastered version for ps5 have some games on release date.

    Game PUNISHER 12 days ago

    I'll just stay with my ps4 pro for a while I dont wanna buy ps5 just yet mannn why did it came out this soon

  • Jonathan Wood
    Jonathan Wood 12 days ago

    He wants all the teraflops in the new SSD lol

  • Huw Guyver
    Huw Guyver 12 days ago +1

    VR on PS5 is going to be insane. I can't wait! And the current headset is compatible.

  • carl stanley
    carl stanley 12 days ago

    If you want a good way to see ray tracing look at minecraft it looks awesome

    LEXICON DEVIL 12 days ago

    Even if the Sexbox is more powerful they still have no exclusives. Don't say Halo or Gears of war because that's all Sexbox fans seem to claim.

    BIG BAD LUKE 12 days ago

    Of course just when I buy a PS4

  • John Gore
    John Gore 12 days ago +1

    Hard to get excited about new hardware given the current state of games today. Glitchy, incomplete, micro transactions, more lack of single player I'm sure, etc. I'm glad I grew up in the 80s and 90s. Saw se really good games. But being this old, I miss those days.

  • Hello Corp
    Hello Corp 12 days ago

    Will it accept PS4 Games?

  • misc alotastuff
    misc alotastuff 12 days ago

    Hopefully the sata drive will be at least 3 or 4 gigs. The 100 gig ssd needs to be 256.

  • Brandon Rothwell
    Brandon Rothwell 12 days ago

    Dreams ps4 /5

  • jrch mgn
    jrch mgn 12 days ago

    Going to sell my pro if it's confirm that ps5 will be release this 2020.

  • Chris Stathopoulos
    Chris Stathopoulos 12 days ago

    Will the controller have a tuch screen

  • Bish186
    Bish186 12 days ago

    Did you mean speaker when you said mic? Dualshocks dont have mics.