Anthony Davis LAKERS DEBUT! BEST Highlights & Plays from 2019 NBA Preseason!

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Check out the best highlights by Anthony Davis from the Los Angeles Lakers | 2019-20 NBA Season
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Comments • 108

    BABY GIRL Month ago

    not everyone you idiot most not everyone has length and athleticism

  • Mitchell Kim
    Mitchell Kim Month ago +1

    AD is doing EVERYTHING that Dwight Howard was supposed to during his first stint with Lakers. Dwight you sorry ass

  • Jiboia Jinn
    Jiboia Jinn Month ago +1

    I'm a Celtics fan, but my money's on LA winning the finals this season, so much size, athletiscm, talent, and experience on that roster now. I feel like adding one lights out shooter, a solid play making PG, and some defense off the bench will make these guys the top force in the league. I got money on an LA vs LA WC final. Thatd be fucking sick.
    Edit: and they can probably sleep in their own beds at home during away games lol.

  • Anthony Moreno Ventura

    If Lakers don't be good from 3pts line they won't win championship

  • Op Puncake
    Op Puncake Month ago

    When you have 6 minutes of straight scoring and savagery you know someone is gonna be a serious number this year.

  • Ledrewmayor
    Ledrewmayor Month ago

    Lmfao at 3:19
    Nuff said. Lmfao

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H Month ago +4

    Remember when Davis had multiple 40 point games against the warriors in the 1st round a few years ago? Now its actually going to mean something when he goes beast

  • 溫雲強
    溫雲強 Month ago

    Championship team

  • TheGod ElChapo
    TheGod ElChapo Month ago

    The only team I can think of that can defend this team is the 76ers because of the height of that team. Other than that good luck to the rest of the league.

  • Alex Amerling
    Alex Amerling Month ago

    Let's get it! Go Lakers :)

  • grapplerke
    grapplerke Month ago +1

    AD is clearly a better player than Giannis. This reminds me of the days when David Robinson was like today’s Giannis, but Hakeem was clearly the better player.

  • Israelite Awakening

    Mikan Wilt Kareem Shaq Pau AD home of the superb!

  • Danilo Lopes
    Danilo Lopes Month ago +5


  • VonTray Johnson
    VonTray Johnson Month ago +7

    00:30 - 00:35
    So... Am i the only one that hear him say the lack of height on the Brooklyn nets?😂

    • Sam Ford
      Sam Ford Month ago +2

      VonTray Johnson I know right smh

  • Alejandro rubion
    Alejandro rubion Month ago +2

    Davis for mvp

  • KLAW
    KLAW Month ago +2


  • T Paulzz
    T Paulzz Month ago +5

    Hope AD win MVP

  • Steezy T
    Steezy T Month ago

    New lob city? 🔥

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    This is not his debut!!

  • Bronny B
    Bronny B Month ago

    2011 was my fav nba season. Every comment section was poppin with lebron jokes. Now we get these pitiful haters. Atleast come with somthin new besides the play on his name.

  • Jay Stiles
    Jay Stiles Month ago +18

    Ladies and gentlemen it's almost here the NBA season of Anthony Showtime Davis and he gonna have a monster season too

  • A.z Baller
    A.z Baller Month ago +3

    If your black,brown and white like this if u dont u r not a human

  • James Dolan
    James Dolan Month ago +2

    Wow these comments are so cringey & corny

  • Vade Mgaming
    Vade Mgaming Month ago +1

    Im so happy i got him in fantasy

  • Jason S p u r l e y
    Jason S p u r l e y Month ago +1


  • Thyron Liey
    Thyron Liey Month ago

    2018-19 nba champions 💪

  • Drippy Sauce
    Drippy Sauce Month ago +13

    (Lebron voice): AD is on da way BABY!!!

    ADRIAN POZO Month ago

    Why such good?

  • Avoayo Voltaire
    Avoayo Voltaire Month ago

    Ben simmons pls..

  • Elijah Ward
    Elijah Ward Month ago

    If the lakers dont win a 🏆 in 2 yrs AD is gone

    • Elijah Ward
      Elijah Ward Month ago

      @Fresh Evans 😂😂😂

    • Fresh Evans
      Fresh Evans Month ago +3

      A.d LeBron back to back to back 3peat champs put yo money where yo mouth is

    • Xyche
      Xyche Month ago

      @Ka Kjj tf you talkin about lol AD cant even brought his team to wcf there's no nothing to ruin when AD got nothing no achievements his biggest achivement is getting to Semi finals that's it stupid

    • Ka Kjj
      Ka Kjj Month ago +2

      Elijah Ward no ad is gonna go next year after LeBum ruins his career

  • Lakers Dynasty
    Lakers Dynasty Month ago +2

    You make me want to step Our HIGHLIGHTS game up. Good job

  • Ka Kjj
    Ka Kjj Month ago +4

    Great teammates mj played with = pippen, rodman
    Great teammates LeHelp played with = wade, bosh, Allen, kyrie, love, ad, Shawn Marion

    • Bronny B
      Bronny B Month ago +2

      Man I was going to say all the hall of famers he played with but you lost me with shawn marion. Lmfao

    • James Dolan
      James Dolan Month ago +5

      Nigga said shawn marion lmao .

    • mike gritzbach
      mike gritzbach Month ago +4

      Pippen is one of, if not the best defender in NBA history, and Dennis Rodman is the best rebounder in NBA history. Allen, Love Shawn Marion are not on that level cut it out. The only comparables would be Wade, Bosh and Kyrie. He won 2 rings with Wade (falling out of his prime) and Bosh. He won a ring with Kyrie (who doesn't play defense) while having to play in an era against a top 5 team of all time. Give LeBron someone who doesn't look to score and just grabs 20 rebounds and locks up plus another guy who locks up the best player on the other team

  • Big John Boatright
    Big John Boatright Month ago +39

    *AD* & *King James* will be hands down the best one two punch in the NBA good luck defending the both of them in pick & roll! 🏀💜💛💪 🏆

    • Jiboia Jinn
      Jiboia Jinn Month ago +1

      First time in history that both LA teams have the best duos in the league lol. Shit this might be the first year that both LA teams play each other in the WC finals, thatd be dope! Its like playing at home every game cause I'm sure the crowd be a solid mix of fans from both teams lol

  • #ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD

    Bronsexuals gonna wake up from their lovely dream on Tuesday when Kawhi runs LeBum and AD outta Kobe’s building

    • #ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD
      #ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD Month ago +1

      Kesly Joseph Only to Bronsexuals and white nerds... lmao nearly everybody that played the game has Kobe Top 5

    • #1 YouTube Fan
      #1 YouTube Fan Month ago +1

      lebron living in you head rent free and u dare call lebron fans bronsexuals lol

    • Taco Bell
      Taco Bell Month ago

      Kobe ain't even top 10.

    • Bronny B
      Bronny B Month ago +1

      Then you will wake at the same time and realize you a broke pitiful man. Tht wishes he had the athletic ability to go head to head against the guy at your local gym busting yo ass in pickup.

    • Michael Bathan
      Michael Bathan Month ago

      We'll see...

  • #ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD

    Imagine MJ begging his agent to get Hakeem after missing the playoffs while activating “playoff mode”.. I can’t. MJ at that age was dropping 45 and closing out the Jazz who beat Duncan/Robinson and Shaq/Kobe in the playoffs

    • #1 YouTube Fan
      #1 YouTube Fan Month ago

      @#ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD the cavs faced the pistons who actually had ben wallace the year before and took them to 7 games sure they lost but that just shows you that ben wallace didn't make as big of an impact as you would think.

    • davidcici11Evolution
      davidcici11Evolution Month ago +1

      @#ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD i will give you kudos for remembering the role players on the Cavs team that went to the finals back in '07 arguably the worst team that had ever played in the finals. And the East had some bad teams make the finals that decade (The Nets who were actually underrated in some aspects). You just are a Lebron hater. That '07 Cavs team had no business being in the finals i dont even think the last Cavs finals team belonged in the finals yet Lebron single handedly willed them to the finals.

    • #ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD
      #ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD Month ago +1

      davidcici11Evolution The Pistons without Ben Wallace.. the Cavs team wasn’t weak. They were ranked 2nd defense, had Larry Hughes(all star) an Big Z (all star)... Boobie Gibson dropped 19 in the 4th quarter to close put the Pistons in Game 6 while LeHelp went 3-11

    • davidcici11Evolution
      davidcici11Evolution Month ago +1

      @#ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD Pistons and Celtics? He single handedly beat the Pistons and took a weak ass team to the finals. MJ would never do that. I dont care how weak the East was that is an amazing feat. Also LBJ was damn near an under dog in all his final appearances with an exception of one (Mavs) that he lost.

    • #ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD
      #ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD Month ago +1

      davidcici11Evolution LeFraud played against weak east teams. 0-5 in a playoff series against a team with an All-NBA player before joining Wade in Miami.

  • #ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD

    LeFraud is done winning rings and MVPs.. AD gonna leave during free agency when The Klaw sweeps LeFraud out of Kobe’s building

    • bread_n_butter
      bread_n_butter Month ago

      Your fifth account? Get help

    • My name is Connor
      My name is Connor Month ago +1

      @That Guy lol you just hate the truth huh bitch?

    • That Guy
      That Guy Month ago

      Ur obsessed with Lebron how many times you gonna comment ur bs? Ur doing this for the sake of Jordan who doesn’t even know u exist

    • Grey King
      Grey King Month ago +2

      @Jo Get what is wrong with you? you horny ass bitch, want some guys in the locker room wanting to fuck each other.

    • Ka Kjj
      Ka Kjj Month ago +3

      Jo Get stfu bronsexual

  • EXP Productions
    EXP Productions Month ago +24

    Lakers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Clippers

    • junior L
      junior L Month ago +1

      EXP Productions you just did what he supposivley does 🤣🤣

    • EXP Productions
      EXP Productions Month ago

      @Ka Kjj oh shut up, you're a good for nothing without a life, I bet you don't have a decent job, you write multiple hate comments on one video to seek attention, what a loser 🤣🤣

    • Ka Kjj
      Ka Kjj Month ago +1

      EXP Productions Idiot

  • LeBron’s Dads Played Together #Ravens 12-2

    Anthony Davis will carry LeBum and the LeGBT community will say that LeBum is the “GOAT”. LMAO.

    • Fresh Evans
      Fresh Evans Month ago

      We got another hater on the sideline thts going to watch my Bois shine like a light

    • Dre ThaLegend
      Dre ThaLegend Month ago +2


    • Jo Jo
      Jo Jo Month ago +1


    • Ka Kjj
      Ka Kjj Month ago +2

      LeBron’s Dads Played Together w

  • Tyler Elchin
    Tyler Elchin Month ago


  • LeBron’s Dads Played Together #Ravens 12-2

    Kobe only needed Kwame Brown to make the playoffs in the west. LeBum needs a prime Anthony Davis.

    • Fresh Evans
      Fresh Evans Month ago

      Haha man u sound like a bball player who never made it. Lol u mad at the world chump

    • Bronny B
      Bronny B Month ago

      Kwame and Kobe against the world huh. Lol

  • Taylen JorDan'07
    Taylen JorDan'07 Month ago +59

    He finna be a god this year

    • Mark Richardson
      Mark Richardson Month ago

      The fact that you said lebrow deserves a like😂

    • Jay Stiles
      Jay Stiles Month ago +5

      Pelicans AD or Lakers AD? Lebrow will dominate the NBA this year

  • Ka Kjj
    Ka Kjj Month ago +2

    Bronsexuals gonna say Ad is washed up when LeBum chokes away yet another series

    • Fresh Evans
      Fresh Evans Month ago +1

      Look folks this is wat u call a true hater people get a good look because u won't see another hater like this dude ever again

    • Fresh Evans
      Fresh Evans Month ago

      @Cute XD hahaha

    • Cute XD
      Cute XD Month ago +1

      Your father told me he give some blow job to my dog and hes not your real father because your mother poker fuck to all addict people so who is your real father you dint know because so many😂

    • Big John Boatright
      Big John Boatright Month ago +3

      L 👎

  • Ryan and Randy Lynn


  • Ka Kjj
    Ka Kjj Month ago +4

    At least ad can make the playoffs in the west unlike LeRoid

  • Ka Kjj
    Ka Kjj Month ago +5

    Ad gonna carry LeBum