I Trained Like Daredevil (Feat. DeStorm, Rebecca Black & Jordan Shalhoub)

  • Published on Aug 28, 2017
  • I trained like Daredevil for a month by learning martial arts tricking, boxing, and fighting while blindfolded! Major props to Chris Brewster, Daredevil’s stunt double on the Netflix Show!
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    Thekla Hutyrova, head coach - theklahutyrova
    Ed Bossert (sensory deprivation training) - edbossert
    DESTORM POWER - thexvid.com/user/DeStorm
    REBECCA BLACK - thexvid.com/user/rebecca
    JORDAN SHALHOUB - thexvid.com/user/jordx007
    JOSEY MONTANA MCCOY (Tour Guide) - joseymccoy
    ANNA GRACE BARLOW (Secretary) - thexvid.com/channel/UCPUoOrDENkRke5Ag49-JMgQ
    Written and Directed by Garrett Kennell www.garrettkennell.com
    Director of Photography - Matt Miller, DP mattmillerdp
    Produced by Michelle Khare
    Associate Producer / 1st AD - Janelle DeChancie janelledechancie
    1st AC / BTS - Alex Anderson
    Gaffer - Sam Mosco
    Swing - Kevin Stiller www.kevinstiller.com
    Swing - Eli Kurlfink
    Production Sound, Sound Editing and Mixing - Christina Gonzalez www.christinamgonzalez.com
    Score by Alex Winkler
    www.alexwinklermusic.com • www.soundcloud.com/alexwinkler-2
    Production Design / Art Department - Josh Lopata joshlopata
    Unscripted Editor - David Zucker
    PA - Casey Hilliard
    VFX - Tim Hendrix www.timhendrix.xyz
    Donald Mills - Stunt Coordinator - sideswipedonald
    Brandon Melendy - bdonski
    Jay Kwon - jaykwon249
    Thekla Hutyrova - theklahutyrova
    Oscar Leiva - sirkicksalot360
    Will Greenburg - will_greenburg
    Featuring "Foolish (Crash Cove & Schier Remix)" by Rebecca Black! I am obsessed with her new music, go check it out on Spotify and Apple Music! :)
    We’re not sponsored, we’re just badass! BUT! If you want your product or company to be featured in an upcoming episode, email me at: michellekhare+business@gmail.com!
    Filmed at Studio 71, XMA Martial Arts
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  2 years ago +836

    We worked so, so hard on this video y'all! I hope you enjoyed the insanity of that finale fight -- it's our biggest one yet! Weren't Rebecca, DeStorm, and Jordan so phenomenal?! (thumbs up if u agree xoxo) p.s. what superhero should i train like next? :)

    • GachaCookieDipz 1122
      GachaCookieDipz 1122 4 months ago

      I predict you try spider Gwen 😉

    • jack daniels
      jack daniels Year ago

      Michelle Khare how did you do that all blindfolded

    • Kayra Karasülük
      Kayra Karasülük Year ago

      Michelle Khare daredevil does like 10 different martial arts so it’s gonna take long

    • Nawab
      Nawab Year ago +1

      you should train like Saitama.
      100 Push ups. 100 sits ups. And 100 squats. Then a 10 Kilometer run. Do it every single day!

    • Nikki Walker
      Nikki Walker Year ago

      Michelle Khare Dang girl!!

  • Peridot Phoenix
    Peridot Phoenix 14 days ago

    This was like if Mulan was a superhero 😂

  • itssam here
    itssam here 21 day ago

    Black widow!!!!!!!!!!

  • Catalin Cristian
    Catalin Cristian 24 days ago

    Why do this when we ca make love. We burn a lot of calories

    DRAGON ANGLEIX Month ago

    His not technically blind he sees red but ok

  • LeafAudiobooks Hunter

    Michelle is such an inspiration for me, every time she does stuff like this I don't feel scared to try new things and I feel such a huge feeling of adrenaline and feel so inspired!

  • _ţĕäł ķýłä_
    _ţĕäł ķýłä_ 2 months ago

    BRO!!! This is my favorite one that was so cool😎😎

  • TurtleTeeth
    TurtleTeeth 2 months ago

    5bis is too cringy

  • Abigail Baker
    Abigail Baker 2 months ago +1

    I would seriously love an actual MK ULTRA on Netflix or just on TheXvid!!!!!! Tho like for it to be done!!!

  • Noelle Caraway
    Noelle Caraway 2 months ago

    When you are blind you don't get heightened senses. That's not a thing. 80% of your senses is sight so when you lose that your brain forces itself to focus on your other senses. But your sences don't get any stronger they stay the same but your just more focused on them.

  • Elizabeth TW
    Elizabeth TW 3 months ago

    i understand what michelle is going through. i broke my foot during gymnastics and i have ptsd from it, i cant do what i used to do because i’m so terrified

  • Diego FE
    Diego FE 5 months ago

    I cant believe i didnt see this sooner

  • Viridiana Zepeda
    Viridiana Zepeda 5 months ago

    In reality it doesnt help much

  • Ira Mapa
    Ira Mapa 5 months ago

    And self-defense

  • Ira Mapa
    Ira Mapa 5 months ago

    Your so good at acting

  • carmen lawrence
    carmen lawrence 6 months ago

    This is bird box before it came out

  • KalikaInLeather
    KalikaInLeather 6 months ago

    Ok just in the middle, but this one's so good! Awesome training and teachers!!

  • Jeanluk Volker
    Jeanluk Volker 7 months ago

    Good job. Continue training. Become MK ultra. Reach your destiny!!

  • Kiara Clemons
    Kiara Clemons 8 months ago

    No no no she a good guy hits her in the head

  • Adriana Fannin
    Adriana Fannin 8 months ago

    please train like black widow next!! She needs more representation!

  • Asare Owsu
    Asare Owsu 8 months ago

    You make it seem easy

  • HaileyEraina
    HaileyEraina 9 months ago

    nobody better mess with michelle ! she gon kick their ass ‼️‼️

    HEATH 9 months ago

    Little did she know. . .*he had censors to help him scan his surroundings in his mask*

  • It's Elissa, not Alyssa

    How on earth does this have less than a million views?

  • Anonymous Guy
    Anonymous Guy 9 months ago

    I bet you'd love hanging out with Anis Cheurfa! He's one of the world's best trickers and he's the stuntman who played Tron in Tron: Legacy. He's also based somewhere in LA

  • Eugene Dowdy
    Eugene Dowdy 10 months ago

    Michelle kinda fine but you did a good job

  • Caleb Torres
    Caleb Torres 11 months ago

    Bro she got a fat ass

  • Pokemon Prime
    Pokemon Prime 11 months ago

    When are you doing season 2 of MK ultra

  • Mars Ultor
    Mars Ultor 11 months ago


  • Bel Quis
    Bel Quis Year ago


  • Neil P
    Neil P Year ago

    That last flip man!I'm blown away

  • Erin Johnson
    Erin Johnson Year ago

    If she had more than a month this woman would be unstoppable

  • Catjlawgtc 15
    Catjlawgtc 15 Year ago

    Soooooo BADASS would you try training like the green arrow

  • NotToBeDisclosed
    NotToBeDisclosed Year ago

    very chuck

  • Michaela-anne James

    Michelle that was kickass. And you kicked ass!!!!! You did great, I want to learn backflips. I've always had issues learning it. Thank you for the entertainment. Keep up the awesome stuff.

  • Fort Worth’s Most Wanted

    very well done and fun to watch! keep up the great work!

  • Giancarlo Escobar

    He's blind but he can see he trained so his other senses can strengthen

    TRIGGRED Year ago

    Rebecca black

  • Kota Le Artist
    Kota Le Artist Year ago

    are you planning on being a stuntman or something because you would be amazing

  • Yahir Valdez
    Yahir Valdez Year ago

    Is MK actually blind

  • Bella Baccam
    Bella Baccam Year ago

    12:11 was so fake

  • LadyAJ
    LadyAJ Year ago

    That trainer looks so damn young holy shit

  • Selena Jones
    Selena Jones Year ago

    You're one of the coolest females ever

  • Mia Vergari
    Mia Vergari Year ago

    You are literally such a bad ass. You're my hero! You're so strong and amazing!!! Keep doing what you're doing, I love your videos!!!!

  • Help me get a Rainbow name in tuber Simulator

    I think she could knock out jake paul

  • Aaron Mancha
    Aaron Mancha Year ago

    I really like the series make more

  • Samira
    Samira Year ago

    I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!! Can you train like the Green Arrow or Hawkeye or something involving archery?

  • Erin Rae
    Erin Rae Year ago

    Michelle, if you don't become a pro stuntperson I will be so sad. You have earned this above and beyond.

  • fearfulcat
    fearfulcat Year ago

    You are badass Michelle.

  • daisy doo
    daisy doo Year ago

    It must've fallen out... wink wonk

  • MidnightCanvas
    MidnightCanvas Year ago

    Jesus you're fearless

  • גלעד סוירזנסקי

    "Does this mean we get pizza?" Honestly me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Eileen Gannon
    Eileen Gannon Year ago

    This is so inspiring ❤️ I now have a motivation playlist just of your videos

  • Kage316
    Kage316 Year ago

    "But we are literally Google"
    Shut up and take my like , comment , subscribe

  • Daniel Bailey
    Daniel Bailey Year ago

    I literally got chills watching you train and overcome your fear. I have never witnessed someone suffer a serious injury from gymnastics but I still have that same fear and cringe even when I just watch people do flips. Not to mention you aced that back flip; and the follow up kick was flawless, easily my favorite combo in the scene, if not the whole series.

  • Saurav Jyoti das
    Saurav Jyoti das Year ago

    Next video try.. Thor

  • E Hoen
    E Hoen Year ago

    So uh... there’s one way to collab!

  • Ramey Miller
    Ramey Miller Year ago

    certified BAD ASS!

  • Abigail Lawrence
    Abigail Lawrence Year ago

    The most unrealistic part of this video is the guy putting the usb in on the first try lol

  • S Zaman
    S Zaman Year ago

    i love the video but you didnt do al,l of the training you didnt learn silat or stick fighting