GTA 6 Holiday 2020 Release Date...NEW Playstation 5 Details Revealed & First Look PS5 Console!

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • GTA 6 Holiday 2020 Release Date...NEW Playstation 5 Details Revealed & First Look PS5 Console!
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    In today’s Grand Theft Auto 6/PlayStation 5 video - A NEW image has surfaced online of the first version of the PS5 which reveals more details on how the console will work...AND does this confirm the leak/report that GTA 6 will arrive Holiday 2020 for PS5 Only?
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    Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻
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  • MrBossFTW
    MrBossFTW  Month ago +50

    GTA 6 Holiday 2020 Release Date...NEW Playstation 5 Details Revealed & First Look PS5 Console!

    • Nabeel Shafiq
      Nabeel Shafiq 29 days ago

      People say GTA 6 will come to next gen consoles well I don’t believe that because if they release the game on next gen consoles Rockstar wont get enough profits..Remember back in 2013 they released GTA V on Xbox 360 and PS3 not Xbox one or PS4 because they knew at the time lot of people don’t have these new consoles..

    • Lord Derp
      Lord Derp 29 days ago +1

      It's a dev kit, the PS4 Dev kit is a large silver box that looks more like an old school projector.

    • golden almond
      golden almond 29 days ago +1

      mestopheles369 good one 👌

    • mestopheles369
      mestopheles369 29 days ago

      @Fui Gebhardt1 then why are you following him like a dog.

    • Fui Gebhardt1
      Fui Gebhardt1 29 days ago

      @Rondo9prime I assume you were being sarcastic. Literally all of his GTA 6 videos (like every other video he makes) are not legit.

  • Tannisha Spears
    Tannisha Spears 7 days ago


  • aaron bradley
    aaron bradley 13 days ago

    I think the design looks awesome

  • ThatOneGuy 123
    ThatOneGuy 123 17 days ago

    That thumbnail offends me because there’s no helicopter in the top left corner of the “GTA VI” cover

  • goku 2k
    goku 2k 19 days ago

    Why it look so fake

    BLACKLITE NEYNEY 21 day ago

    The big space on top or on the side is to hold or store your controller true fact btw

  • Jai Norman
    Jai Norman 23 days ago

    GTA 6 wow!!!

  • isa Ahmed
    isa Ahmed 24 days ago +2

    I hope the three amigos don’t die in gta 6

  • Butters Scotch
    Butters Scotch 24 days ago

    Looks like the hood scoop of an old muscle car

  • Butters Scotch
    Butters Scotch 24 days ago

    Dat shut looks dumbasf

  • Chazzie317
    Chazzie317 24 days ago

    Looks like my Sony alarm clock

  • Alandrea Thompson
    Alandrea Thompson 24 days ago

    That look like shit 🤢🤢

  • Prabkirat Singh
    Prabkirat Singh 25 days ago +1

    My dream is PlayStation

  • IlnxshlI
    IlnxshlI 25 days ago

    Looks like a DVD player

  • Gerardo Jauregui Franco

    -Rockstar employee goes to take a sh**t.
    -Mrbossftw: NEW GTA 6 LEAK!! rockstar employee made a sh**t that looks like the gta 6 map of vice city. Maybe this is a clue from rockstar. 😂😂

  • Eli Guerrero
    Eli Guerrero 26 days ago

    Why is this kid still clickbaiting and making gta 6 videos, it ain't 2016-2017 no more, besides this channel is dead so why don't you just stfu and delete and everyone will be happy once and for all and for the same thing to happen for the other gta youtubers

  • Andy Vecchiarelli
    Andy Vecchiarelli 26 days ago

    looks like the n64!!!!!!lolloloolololol

  • DuPz0r
    DuPz0r 26 days ago

    Of course you ripped off the VI logo I made on Reddit without asking. A-hole. You realise I made that logo myself from scratch, not using GTA's official logo. So you're infringing my copyrights by not getting my permission?

  • RandomHero BFK
    RandomHero BFK 27 days ago

    You're the worst click baiting pos on TheXvid. Both gta 6 and a ps5 in the title and picture? Two things we wont see together for at least another couple years

  • Thomas J Shears
    Thomas J Shears 27 days ago

    PS5 players be sipping the glory in for a whole month ,😁😁😁😁

  • carmax johnson
    carmax johnson 27 days ago

    Its just a prototype there not going to look like this

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor 27 days ago

    Can you get off my recommended page. Im not even subscribed to you.
    Get your shitty content away from me

  • Tim_en
    Tim_en 27 days ago +1

    This channel is garbage

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 27 days ago

    This is fake tho this image was already made 2 years ago

  • magnificent knows best

    That prototype looks ugly af.

  • Tague Relyea
    Tague Relyea 28 days ago

    It’s a dev kit bro .

    ANIME TV 28 days ago

    کیر توش وقتی بیاد نمیشه خریدش تو ایران فقط قیمتش وقتی بیاد دهن سرویس کنه 😑😑

  • Chris
    Chris 28 days ago

    Dev kits don't mean anything. LMAO Look at Playstation 4 Dev kits. Ps4 looks nothing like a ps4 dev kit did. These speculations are just getting annoying.

  • AClass
    AClass 28 days ago

    I hope that's not the ps5. I hated that design the day I first seen it.

  • Maurice
    Maurice 28 days ago

    That's a Ps5 Dev kit. Why people are thinking this is real, is beyond

  • Tuli Gaming
    Tuli Gaming 28 days ago +1

    PS4 jet sounds
    Ps5 rocket ship

  • Colin Little
    Colin Little 28 days ago +2

    I like the first look of the design, im not realy focus on the looks its the power of the console that maters!!!

  • WarpedTrekker
    WarpedTrekker 28 days ago

    If the PS5 looks like that and is that huge, bigger than the original PS3, then forget it. Slim it down to the current size of the PS4, and without all those ugly lighted buttons and v-shape nonsense. I want it completely black and non-obtrusive when it sits in my A/V rack.

  • Rozzi747jet
    Rozzi747jet 28 days ago

    Long as it works speculation is overrated I'll only believe what's on psn thier utube channel when it's released as far as ps5 goes. speculation its just a money grab for ratings .

  • RyanRBLX
    RyanRBLX 28 days ago

    xbox scarlet is better

  • Dee 670
    Dee 670 28 days ago

    I think GTA 6 release is 2022

  • Joeri Sijtsma
    Joeri Sijtsma 28 days ago

    you guys know it also hovers above the floor? realy awesome :P

  • White Snake
    White Snake 28 days ago

    Looks like a toilet

  • Mega0193
    Mega0193 28 days ago

    Looks like a futuristic floppy drive

  • Robert Van Zyl
    Robert Van Zyl 28 days ago

    It sucks ps4 is the best

  • Adrian Nevarez
    Adrian Nevarez 29 days ago

    Stop, please

  • calis krit
    calis krit 29 days ago

    Ps5 won’t look like this dude.. it will more or less look like PS4.. and gta 6 will probably be out in 2023 or 2025.

    • Adrian
      Adrian 27 days ago

      Stop hating on 2024

  • Bladed Omega
    Bladed Omega 29 days ago

    I have to admit the real reason why i watch bosses vids is because of the goofy thumbnails, they deserved to be click on for that haha

  • Hattin Productions
    Hattin Productions 29 days ago +1

    Im down with the new design. Got a retro feel and not only that but we need better air flow so my PS5 doesnt develop jet engine syndrome.

  • Tolga Bey
    Tolga Bey 29 days ago

    I just hope that the ps5 isnt that loud as the ps4, cause when it gets cooled, the ps4 sounds like an F-16

  • EAGLE ONE ___
    EAGLE ONE ___ 29 days ago

    New years

  • hold my noodles
    hold my noodles 29 days ago +2

    MR TRASH FTW: First look on ps5 console

  • Evert Ridder
    Evert Ridder 29 days ago

    you suck !!

  • system.out.print: hello,world

    World's largest lies of 2019
    Gta 6 on PS5

    • Adrian
      Adrian 27 days ago +1

      Yeah it will probably drop around the same time the ps6 releases that sounds totally legit to me

  • navnish bhardwaj
    navnish bhardwaj 29 days ago

    im fucking loving the design. im happy its not plain and simple but psycho loooking and spaceship looking. cant wait for new god of war

  • LittleWolfy813
    LittleWolfy813 29 days ago

    It looks awful not buying the ps5

  • shadowhunter92
    shadowhunter92 29 days ago

    I just got the ps4 last year now they announced the ps5

    The ps5 prototype looks absolutely weard and so wrong

  • Telruin
    Telruin 29 days ago

    Is it shaped like a V because of roman numerals? (All the extra air intake might also be handy... especially when it's placed on a shelf with little space around it)

  • King Glo
    King Glo 29 days ago

    This man stay clickbaiting in his videos lmao

  • Marc Cioffi
    Marc Cioffi 29 days ago

    This guy can’t be this dumb to actually think rockstar would release a game a year from now and none of us know anything about it, we will get a trailer MAYBE by 2020. We all know this, stop making bull shit videos

  • Justin Audinett
    Justin Audinett 29 days ago

    Sony better try a better desing caz I'm change to Xbox once dis is real ,plus I'm sure GTA 6 won't be good as GTA 5 from wat I'm see in dis video.

  • tzkro
    tzkro 29 days ago

    it looks like a toilet seat ...

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 29 days ago

    The PS5 clearly ain't gonna look like that just shut up... done with this video already

  • Anthony Blanco
    Anthony Blanco 29 days ago

    They need to remake the ps5 cause that’s ugly asf

  • Artee B
    Artee B 29 days ago +2

    There is no way in a million years GTA6 will release holiday 2020 they haven’t even announced it yet