• Published on Jan 14, 2022
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  • Stephanie Chambers
    Stephanie Chambers 3 months ago +22889

    The girl at the end had my laughing in tears

  • SussyBaka
    SussyBaka Month ago +1581

    The "wtf" had me laughing to death

  • CreamyMemes
    CreamyMemes 7 days ago +313

    Justin: Hey girl can you help me on a yt video?
    Molly: Sure

  • Louis Toding
    Louis Toding 2 days ago

    I like the way how molly says "HE GUESSED MY NAME!" While having food in her mouth

  • Stoic
    Stoic 7 hours ago +1

    She loses all the attitude and looks genuinely concerned when she notices the note 不

  • Blue bish
    Blue bish 3 months ago +13082

    Molly: he guessed my name look its on his chair
    girl:gets close to the camera
    girl: wHat ThE fOuK

    • Aboodi Minhag
      Aboodi Minhag 8 hours ago

      @Victor Vanhulle NO PROBLEM

    • Seidon
      Seidon Month ago

      We watched the same video

    • Blue Fade
      Blue Fade Month ago

      Best comment

    • spongya fi繳
      spongya fi繳 Month ago

      @Victor Vanhulle he was being sarcastic aswell

    • ViiperzzX
      ViiperzzX Month ago

      @Leanna Blake an Geneva no shit

  • Vortexprime 99
    Vortexprime 99 4 days ago +59

    tell me this is staged with out telling me its staged
    me: yes.

    • 165 dakika dilci
      165 dakika dilci 11 hours ago +1

      It is easy to get peoples names on omegle if you have some tricks up your sleeve its not staged

    • George Periccos
      George Periccos 22 hours ago

      @DuxD her name is Ben dover

    • DuxD
      DuxD Day ago

      Her name is Candice

    • Madeline
      Madeline Day ago +2

      This is definitely real. Besides there's no invisible camera man

    • idk
      idk 2 days ago

      Ok, I don't think so some might bre

  • Rashed Ahmed
    Rashed Ahmed Month ago +2

    I wonder sometimes if either he is a magician, or he plans these videos with his contestants.

    • DeadDoctor
      DeadDoctor Month ago

      no, he literally recorded 2 videos and put an omegle logo on it

  • Tiffany Henao
    Tiffany Henao Month ago

    This is my favorite because the end part is funny

  • Ricardo Ricardo
    Ricardo Ricardo Month ago


  • Keva Russell
    Keva Russell 25 days ago

    The last girl had me in tears lol

  • ZeneX Polarium
    ZeneX Polarium Month ago

    A new face on the meme is born! 不

  • Marc W.
    Marc W. 2 days ago

    How is your Omegle screen a full phones length

  • Lani love you and gray would are my dream you

    The end is epic .

  • Thokku Gaming
    Thokku Gaming 2 months ago +126

    Him: hey girls lets make some video and we put omegle logo on it so all the stone-age cavemen viewers think i guessed your name

    • tim van den eng
      tim van den eng Month ago

      @psu the year was 2017 i think. Not sure since it was a long time ago

    • tim van den eng
      tim van den eng Month ago

      @psu yeah you're right i guess i was just lucky that time since they had no router security of any kind and they we're using a really cheap data plan

    • Glass of milk
      Glass of milk Month ago

      Stay mad 幓阞幓 瘀

    • EdgeXCX
      EdgeXCX Month ago

      @tim van den eng no its not possible

    • 晨阞伝幓 鉆
      晨阞伝幓 鉆 2 months ago

      @THATdude bingo. We used to do similar things in 2014.... Seeing it trend now is hilarious.

  • Seif2009
    Seif2009 5 days ago

    bruh i watched 20 times and laughed harder each time cyz of dat "wtf"

  • Elqurvia
    Elqurvia 3 days ago

    I was like imagine if she has the same name as me he stands up YO WTH MY NAMES MOLLY AS WELL必

  • Blodvad
    Blodvad Day ago

    Ask their name prior with another guy and that's how you solve the dilemma.

  • MR. GaMeR
    MR. GaMeR 11 days ago +6

    That "wtf" at the end got me 不

  • Mrjoemarc Official
    Mrjoemarc Official 4 months ago +1936

    The ending is epic. wtf

    • led lights
      led lights 3 months ago

      Jesus loves You

    • Reality
      Reality 3 months ago

      666 like pogchamp

    • Alko setelia
      Alko setelia 3 months ago

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    • Keylee Hyde
      Keylee Hyde 3 months ago +4

  • Ricky Truslove
    Ricky Truslove Month ago

    I am just in tears hahah omg so funny梗不不不不

  • Yudy L
    Yudy L Month ago

    I'm laughing so hard

  • DuxD
    DuxD 13 hours ago

    It would have been funnier if after he asked if he could guess their names they said no

  • Jaxson Watkins
    Jaxson Watkins Month ago

    How does this dude know these names

  • Gulzat Abdyldaeva
    Gulzat Abdyldaeva 20 days ago

    The girl in the blonde had me laughing

  • ar
    ar Month ago +5

    This guy is spongebob irl, he basically know everyone

  • Adalia Castell
    Adalia Castell Month ago +1

    It's funny how the guy was trying to find out her name but he know's her name but he just did'nt want to tell.不不不

  • Matthew Whitmore
    Matthew Whitmore 19 hours ago

    It could be real. Maybe. He could have had a friend go on some obscure chat topic so there isn't a lot of people to flip through. The friend gets their name. Gives it to him. Then he flips through the same topic until he find the familiar face of watever. Maybe 仄儭

  • Stephen C
    Stephen C 4 months ago +7689

    Plot twist: he has short term memory lost and put that sign to remember where he keeps his stash of Molly. This was just a coverup.

  • moops
    moops Month ago

    The sound affect was so accurate though

  • Enchantress Anime Witch

    Ohh i get it ,he just watches people's conversation by hacking and once he knew that he connects with them like he meeting them first time

  • Lol moin
    Lol moin Month ago +1

    ,,Can you act like your name is Molly? Yeah, for sure

  • Afton_WuzHere;)
    Afton_WuzHere;) Month ago

    Howwww- Ive never seen someone who can guess peoples names 劾

  • L 3 m 0 n b 0 y
    L 3 m 0 n b 0 y 4 months ago +425

    The way the blonde girl was like "Wtf" in the camera was just so funny

  • Taylor and Caden
    Taylor and Caden Month ago

    The last one tho

  • Seif2009
    Seif2009 4 days ago

    Never gets old

    DRC CODM 7 days ago

    The fourth girl popped on with wtf....

  • Kinsey Moran
    Kinsey Moran Month ago

    That girl at the end had me dying不不

  • Ariana Vermillion
    Ariana Vermillion 4 months ago +1592

    Okay that was crazy. I wasn't expecting that one.

    • DeadDoctor
      DeadDoctor Month ago +1

      @Supriya Acharjee This probably isnt even Omegle. He just put a logo over a video he recorded with a few friends lol

    • ime Stojanov
      ime Stojanov 4 months ago

      Its not staged, he has another dude on omegle that gets girls names and he has an ip grabber for their location..

    • DoThe Roar
      DoThe Roar 4 months ago


    • Hydroflasks
      Hydroflasks 4 months ago

      @汪uigi no obviously not a lot of people have do that thing on omegle

  • Stubborn_578
    Stubborn_578 25 days ago

    I love how that girl at the end just pokes her face in lmao

  • Adriana Tewete
    Adriana Tewete 2 days ago

    the end 不

  • Mollie Taylor
    Mollie Taylor Month ago

    When he said its not his face was so creepy

  • Leen
    Leen Month ago +7

    The end 凌劾

  • N
    N 4 months ago +50

    These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day.弘

  • 銋銋
    銋銋 5 days ago

    Nice edit 不

  • Dennis Koenen
    Dennis Koenen 2 days ago +1

    "w t fff" make laugh soooo hard

  • 徉﹪adalinah
    徉﹪adalinah Month ago

    Her:WhAt ThE f-

  • Anonymous Kp
    Anonymous Kp 16 days ago

    Lol i noticed that the other people had the same "snorting" reaction when he told 'em the wrong name.
    Like how can 3 vds have ppl reacting the same way ("snorting")

  • Banana Man shorts
    Banana Man shorts 4 months ago +557

    That ending has to be absolutely hilarious

    LVGUY 13 days ago

    That piggy at end 不

  • hey you no u
    hey you no u Month ago +4

    The bass drop is the funniest

  • Michael Gribble
    Michael Gribble 20 days ago

    Omg the girls faces and the wtf had me laughing I nearly passed out

  • Emmaleigh Albers
    Emmaleigh Albers Month ago

    I got some Dutch vibes

  • Deidara Uchiha
    Deidara Uchiha 4 months ago +3

    Can we just appreciate how these shorts make our day better

  • Be good channel
    Be good channel Month ago +2

    I swear you can't guess my name

  • Karla Laney
    Karla Laney 2 days ago

    Its scary how good guys can lie

  • David Burley
    David Burley Day ago

    This aint magic, just creepy

  • #Brit the angel
    #Brit the angel Month ago

    Damn he guessed it

    ENTITY!SBACK 4 months ago +9

    These shorts are so entertaining they make my day better

  • Maisy Parkins
    Maisy Parkins Month ago

    The girl at the end had me dying

  • J癡nne
    J癡nne 3 days ago

    good job guys, nice acting.

  • Morten Nesheim
    Morten Nesheim Month ago

    If Justin dosent know my name Im gonna cry

  • Prasaia Merrin
    Prasaia Merrin Month ago +1

    You will never guess how to say mine

  • N1coY1
    N1coY1 Month ago

    I rly wanna know how this guy knows people names

  • Michael Burke
    Michael Burke 6 days ago

    Anybody worried he getting arrested 不

  • melissa singh
    melissa singh Month ago

    Thats hilarious

  • wolfygir9
    wolfygir9 Month ago

    Omg that's hilarious

  • Jack Playz
    Jack Playz 4 months ago +13

    these shorts never fail to entertain me

  • muscleway18
    muscleway18 20 days ago

    1000 omegel girls later

  • Dora The Explorer
    Dora The Explorer Month ago

    Her: look its right there
    Blonde girl: What the fu-

  • Sandy Morales
    Sandy Morales 3 days ago

    It made laugh the one in the end

  • Giti Mayton
    Giti Mayton Month ago

    Perfectly cut moments

  • dragon of warrior
    dragon of warrior 3 months ago +16

    "How staged do you want this to be?"
    Him: "Yes"

    • Gdoggyfresh
      Gdoggyfresh 2 months ago +2

      Its actually a thing if yuu have the

  • Emanuel Hernandez


  • sutemati
    sutemati 3 days ago

    How the hell does he do that

  • 休沱lossoms
    休沱lossoms 2 days ago

    His eyes are so so pretty. Wavy at the ends. Like really beautiful.

  • SantianoBe
    SantianoBe 6 days ago

    So how meny times does he do this same stock?

  • Vaishak Shetty
    Vaishak Shetty 4 months ago +374

    That beat was at another level



  • Shayeera Noor
    Shayeera Noor Month ago

    You can't guess my name I never met anyone who can spell/say my name right

  • Melanin Queen
    Melanin Queen 28 days ago +2

    Send help Im addicted to these videos

  • XXdRAgoNsLYEr12?
    XXdRAgoNsLYEr12? Month ago

    Ok guess my name you will never get it right

  • Androse Simon
    Androse Simon 2 months ago +454

    I laughed when a girl came just to say 'WTF'!

  • Jordan McCallister
    Jordan McCallister Month ago


  • idcwys
    idcwys 6 days ago


  • Pg!Shuichi saihara
    Pg!Shuichi saihara Month ago

    The blonde girl at the end is a fucking mood 不

  • Umair XD
    Umair XD 12 days ago +1

    This is a cropped clip from omegle this is not a live reaction otherwise the background above the omegle video wouldn't match the same as his!

  • Maury
    Maury 4 months ago +251

    Justin Is Getting Even More SUS Than Before

  • CleverMvp_BG
    CleverMvp_BG 5 hours ago

    You can't find my name 不不hahaha is very hard

  • xXpikachuFanXx
    xXpikachuFanXx 2 days ago

    Molly* he guessed my name look on his chair other girl* Wtf lmao

  • Lindsay Shereni
    Lindsay Shereni Month ago

    Her eyes opened so wide not even my bank account is that wide

  • XTrapz
    XTrapz 9 days ago +1

    This dude looks 20 and there like 15

  • solace
    solace 3 months ago +1737

    "what the fu-"
    that got me so good for some reason

  • Legend gamer
    Legend gamer Month ago +1

    How do you know people's names?

  • TheSword
    TheSword Month ago

    How do you know their names!

  • Samy Abdel hamed Abdelsalam

    The ghost scare me when they scream I thought there was something on the chair when I read outlook

  • Proxy008 D
    Proxy008 D Month ago

    Are you sure you're not reincarnated You look like Peter from The Brady Bunch... Suspect

  • JRam Official
    JRam Official 2 months ago +4

    I'm living for their friendship it's like they got diverse personalities especially the last one

  • Donna Treece
    Donna Treece Month ago

    How does he always do this

  • CupcakesweetEmma
    CupcakesweetEmma Month ago