Tyson Fury Spits Out Some Horrible British Snacks | Snack Wars | SPORTbible

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
  • We played Snack Wars with heavyweight champion of the world, Tyson Fury. Being the athlete that he is Tyson was on a diet at the time of recording so he nibbles most of the food rather than eating it - but he was in great form.
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Comments • 691

  • johny cohn
    johny cohn 4 days ago

    We can get the sausage and egg McMuffin in Britain as well....

  • Paige Beveridge
    Paige Beveridge 5 days ago

    Tommy furys brav

  • George Dronfield
    George Dronfield 6 days ago

    The laughing is so unbelievably annoying

  • TheDopeRope
    TheDopeRope 6 days ago

    Half of the British items I have never seen and I've been in Britain all my life.

  • Gubney K
    Gubney K 7 days ago

    Irn Bru is 100x better than root beer

  • brian Walters
    brian Walters 7 days ago


  • DirtyLilMeatSlab
    DirtyLilMeatSlab 7 days ago

    These ain't horrible snacks

  • Billy joe Ireland
    Billy joe Ireland 7 days ago

    Proper kolier ain’t ye

  • Jack
    Jack 8 days ago


  • Anonymous G
    Anonymous G 8 days ago

    Tyson : I’m a rapist
    Crew : hahahahaahahahaha

  • Podge
    Podge 8 days ago

    I love jaffa cakes

  • Tyler Castaneda
    Tyler Castaneda 10 days ago

    This is the first time I’ve watched one of these videos where America won

  • Harlem_SnipeZz
    Harlem_SnipeZz 10 days ago +1

    *Tyson spits out Jaffa cakes*
    Me: meh
    *Tyson liking McDonald’s more than greggs*
    Me: wtf?
    *Tyson letting USA win*

  • Madison Ligon
    Madison Ligon 12 days ago

    bro why is no one talking about how massive his hand looked when he grabbed the spray cheese bottle

  • Mohammad Zaman
    Mohammad Zaman 13 days ago +1

    Fury : It is a very serious book about dealing with suicide and depression.
    Ladbible crew: HAHAHAHAHA

  • WoodyTv
    WoodyTv 14 days ago

    Tyson fury:Smashes table
    Camera crew:howling with laughter

  • Ben Gardiner
    Ben Gardiner 17 days ago

    Hold up a greggs is way better than a maccies 😂

  • Angie
    Angie 18 days ago

    How can you misspell Irn Bru when it's right there on the can?

  • BunkerNutPlays
    BunkerNutPlays 21 day ago

    Love how they spell irn bru wrong even tho u can see how it's spelt in the video 🤣🤣

  • mr.porkychop
    mr.porkychop 27 days ago

    I don’t think his taste buds are right

  • Tipperary
    Tipperary 29 days ago +1

    I've never had root beer before but Tyson and Colin Farrell have both said it tastes like toothpaste.

  • liluzibertical
    liluzibertical Month ago

    Crew be laughing tooo much

  • Peamush
    Peamush Month ago

    **crew laughter**

  • AnimeGirl 8792
    AnimeGirl 8792 Month ago

    Idk who he is but I’m here for funny scene

  • HMSConduct
    HMSConduct Month ago

    The crew are scared of Tyson

    CRZY THOMAS Month ago

    Fish guts v marshmallow fluff was not fair at all idiots

  • Liam Eaton
    Liam Eaton Month ago

    Tyson wudda prefers a crate of stella and a teenth of bugle

  • AcRIBro
    AcRIBro Month ago

    what a traitor to the brits didnt pick jaffa cakes or greggs

  • R H
    R H Month ago +8

    Every 5 seconds: *crew laughter*

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith Month ago +1

    No sane person on this earth would ever choose twinkies over Jaffa cakes.

  • Gold Shinobi
    Gold Shinobi Month ago

    Tyson: breathes
    The crew: HAHAHAHA

  • jack yates
    jack yates Month ago

    Fair play but they need to stop laughing. They fuckin ruin the video
    Take note you beauts

  • Thelsnyc S
    Thelsnyc S Month ago

    He barely even eat the food! No fun! Hah

  • Anthony Hawes
    Anthony Hawes Month ago

    Fury was robbed.

  • Tommy Quinn
    Tommy Quinn Month ago

    Tyson moves

    Crew ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha the knew Kevin hart

  • Fancy Scull
    Fancy Scull Month ago

    Lee Mack's been hitting the gym recently

  • Chef Koch
    Chef Koch Month ago +1

    My brother is disciplined as fuck. Even dont makes a big bite. Soon the two time heavy weight champion of the wooooorld

  • DarkByDesign
    DarkByDesign Month ago

    all that money and they still do shit like this

  • Oxic 285
    Oxic 285 Month ago +1

    Will the crew stop laughing

  • Joe Baron
    Joe Baron Month ago

    1:49 you can see the scar tissue above the eye. Needs to bring it on more in Wilder rematch; not try to to dodge for 12. Wilder had worked out his movements by the 12th. Needs to bring a surprise to the table.

  • M Ali
    M Ali Month ago

    He's just taking the piss who hates Jaffa cakes a big mong

  • TheExposers
    TheExposers Month ago

    Bruh Maccies is english

  • Lil St
    Lil St Month ago

    No normal English person eats this

  • Theodore Bagwell
    Theodore Bagwell Month ago +1

    Can you please tell the people behind the camera to SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • Ross Turpin
    Ross Turpin Month ago

    The crew are laughing just as much as they did with Aaron Paul.. what’s up with these people 😂😂🤷🏼‍♂️

  • muskelon !
    muskelon ! Month ago

    Is the crew super high
    Why else would you be laughing at EVERYTHING

  • Sam Gallagher
    Sam Gallagher Month ago

    "hi my names tyson fury" crew laughs

  • Reece Rothwell
    Reece Rothwell Month ago +1

    I saw him in a McDonald’s once 😂

  • Endermann Pearls
    Endermann Pearls Month ago +1

    Tyson fury breathes


  • thegoldennugget59
    thegoldennugget59 Month ago

    America will win in February too

  • Katie Lightfoot
    Katie Lightfoot Month ago

    how the fuck is mcdonalds only american ya bitch LOL its also english-

  • Alexander Guest
    Alexander Guest Month ago

    Crew laughs...no one else does. ...

  • Gavin Miller
    Gavin Miller Month ago

    Wtf is this sh**e!?

  • king trailblazer
    king trailblazer Month ago

    L0L it's Not good for me..!!. But
    well done on A.J'S return to the media & press for that was his lov...!!.
    THE main stage big A.J the man all the new shows and TV that A.J loved was never far away znd hes back..!!!

  • John Aaron Greenslade

    *LETS GO*

  • YellowTripleG
    YellowTripleG Month ago

    The iron bru looked tiny in his hand

  • Shabbeer737
    Shabbeer737 Month ago +1

    When I hear him I want to clear my throat

  • Trospher
    Trospher Month ago


  • Nick M
    Nick M Month ago

    I actually quite fancy Logan Paul

  • william cutsforth
    william cutsforth Month ago

    I don't know Who he is but he needs to die for hating jaffa cakes

    • dj shitrape 283
      dj shitrape 283 Month ago

      he gotta do it himself cuz aint nobody beating him in a fight