• Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • Faze Zone Wars Part 2 with Replays, Thiefs, Dubs, Megga, Adapt, Sway, Tilt and Kay like for more!
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  • Lil_Duck
    Lil_Duck 3 hours ago +1

    Why do you cuss but tell the m not to

  • TCC_Playzzz btw
    TCC_Playzzz btw 10 hours ago +1

    sway,mongral,or jarvi

    • Gta Runner
      Gta Runner 2 hours ago +1

      Hate mongral and sway is dumb and not good JARVis best player in the world

  • Mr._ Shortman
    Mr._ Shortman 13 hours ago +1

    You know adapt high as fuck😂

  • Ali A
    Ali A 15 hours ago

    Replays is annoying as shit like always

  • Conor Lacey
    Conor Lacey 18 hours ago

    It's a good vid but I can't understand anything that's been fucking said

  • BrickmanGoesSailing

    Who do you think is the best faze fortnite player

  • Parker Zoubek
    Parker Zoubek Day ago

    Where tf is sway this whole time

  • Tuba Akan
    Tuba Akan Day ago +1

    Jarvis 1v1 me my name is RaNgE oPs and if your scared from 1v1ing s season 3 player i dont know what to say

    • Eneos YT
      Eneos YT Day ago

      Tuba Akan no life tries to convince somebody who doesnt even know you exist lol

  • Swrvy XL
    Swrvy XL Day ago

    Replays complained about his ping and the whole time he was on 20 ping

  • GeologyRocks
    GeologyRocks Day ago +1

    Thats insane jarvis

  • theLoyalOne
    theLoyalOne 2 days ago

    Kay was on 400 ping

  • Lucas VELEVSKI
    Lucas VELEVSKI 2 days ago

    I feel adapht

  • Eisa Banday
    Eisa Banday 2 days ago

    Who is Better
    Like for Jarvis
    Comment Megga

  • John Dixon
    John Dixon 2 days ago

    Can i join faze

  • Viz3 Vix3n
    Viz3 Vix3n 2 days ago +1

    Like if they should do a console vs PC ZoneWars

  • ZyTrex Haul
    ZyTrex Haul 2 days ago

    Megga is sooooo underated

  • Alloutsweat Keep
    Alloutsweat Keep 2 days ago

    I play on mobile and I’m a actual god at it

  • Alloutsweat Keep
    Alloutsweat Keep 2 days ago

    Injustice stared and n Ed help

  • Alloutsweat Keep
    Alloutsweat Keep 2 days ago

    Subscribe plz

  • Alloutsweat Keep
    Alloutsweat Keep 2 days ago

    James Charles is at your house like to undo comment to never come home

  • TTV.Crisp juju
    TTV.Crisp juju 2 days ago

    Jarvis you r my hero I love how good u r at fortnite thanks for all the great content

  • Amir Chaney
    Amir Chaney 2 days ago


  • Paul Vidal
    Paul Vidal 2 days ago

    Jarvis is no bad in wars zone!

  • Its Dexter
    Its Dexter 3 days ago

    Why aren’t they doing 6.0

  • CHC Aran
    CHC Aran 3 days ago

    Kay is trash

  • flamerunner runs flames

    megga and dubs destroying everything

  • Azid Mx
    Azid Mx 3 days ago +2

    Jarvis:Im AcTuAllY INsaNe BroO

  • Danyal Zyad
    Danyal Zyad 4 days ago +1

    Kay's ping was so high kay is a good player

  • Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

    What is wrong with Adapt's Audio?

  • yahya elmaine
    yahya elmaine 4 days ago

    1:23 adapt in area 51

  • clam chowder
    clam chowder 4 days ago

    Y is sway such a zone wars bot

  • lil scrap
    lil scrap 4 days ago

    There lagging at 30 ping?🤣

  • dinis_ _xpto
    dinis_ _xpto 4 days ago +1

    I love Sway

  • Moha Ijjd
    Moha Ijjd 4 days ago

    Megga is a noob1v1 me megga you or bad

  • clam chowder
    clam chowder 4 days ago

    Kays face is so concentrated but hes bad

  • Rekkie
    Rekkie 4 days ago +2

    you expected a comment that gets like well guess what your lucky have a good day

  • Faze_landen Jackson
    Faze_landen Jackson 4 days ago +3

    Why the don’t have no black people in faze

  • Demented Cypher
    Demented Cypher 5 days ago

    Bruv everyone’s so scared of sway 😂😂

  • Team Blaxxx
    Team Blaxxx 5 days ago

    Not zone wars pro wars

  • Jfnoobface Yt
    Jfnoobface Yt 5 days ago

    Jarvis you insane bro

  • II Titanz II
    II Titanz II 5 days ago

    Thiefs microphone is better than the gameplay

  • PrinceMJ
    PrinceMJ 5 days ago

    Replays the most annoying faze member

  • retromirror
    retromirror 5 days ago

    How ironic that it’s always the kids who win

  • gap_ alcazar
    gap_ alcazar 6 days ago +1

    4:03 lmaoo

  • Rb_NightKiller 01
    Rb_NightKiller 01 6 days ago

    This is the number jarvis says holyyyy +1

  • Rhys5X
    Rhys5X 6 days ago

    Thiefs voice sounds retracted af

  • VAlmxghty DanixlV
    VAlmxghty DanixlV 6 days ago

    whas the second zone wars with the doors

  • Breon
    Breon 7 days ago +9

    The last number of like is who you are
    1. Highsky
    9. Megga

    Im starting it off with 1 like

    BLACK GOAT 7 days ago

    Can you do one with mongraal

  • MattHDGaming XD
    MattHDGaming XD 7 days ago +1

    Where's Martoz

  • Ismael Espinal
    Ismael Espinal 7 days ago

    Inmegien faze tfue there?

  • Mauri Mejia
    Mauri Mejia 7 days ago

    6:08 is my fav part listen to meggas scream

  • Zach’s Life
    Zach’s Life 7 days ago

    Where is highsky1?

  • Taz
    Taz 8 days ago +6

    10:40 - 10:43
    had me dying for sum reason lmao

  • Nighty_Gaming
    Nighty_Gaming 8 days ago

    All the faze seems trash compare to jarvis sway and mongraal

  • blue cookies420
    blue cookies420 8 days ago +1

    Is it just me or does faze adapt look high or drunk 🤣

  • Lukas Larsson
    Lukas Larsson 8 days ago

    Nio v sway that's what I want to see

  • Scuntic XD
    Scuntic XD 8 days ago +1

    Why isent FaZe Apex there?

  • Wasty
    Wasty 8 days ago +2

    @1:56 kay was trying his hardest smiling and dies by fall damage lol

  • bryan vejarano
    bryan vejarano 8 days ago

    adapt is smackedddddddd 😂

  • Ulrik Aarnes
    Ulrik Aarnes 8 days ago

    DUbs won almost like all of em LOL hes so good

  • MejbornHD
    MejbornHD 9 days ago

    i love faZe clan kan i joim Faze

  • legendary _mus.k
    legendary _mus.k 9 days ago

    Dubs might actually be the best player on fortnite

  • Ss Brxcks
    Ss Brxcks 9 days ago +15

    Does anybody else realize jarvis smacked sway twice

  • lori filipiak
    lori filipiak 9 days ago

    My dream is to play with u my in game name is bballojf25

  • lori filipiak
    lori filipiak 9 days ago

    My dream is to play with u my in game name is bballojf25

  • TheNameIs Jonzy
    TheNameIs Jonzy 9 days ago +1

    Now do zone wars with mongraal lol

  • alonso torres
    alonso torres 10 days ago

    Must be nice having rare skins

  • Robertskov Robertskov
    Robertskov Robertskov 10 days ago

    Faze thiefs is a bot

  • Slow Productions
    Slow Productions 10 days ago +4

    Faze replays i don't have the ping for this has 24 ping

    me.... 678ping UR TRASH

  • Sinister _Sickle0
    Sinister _Sickle0 10 days ago

    Subscribe to me if your watching in July 2019

  • Xander Hanke
    Xander Hanke 11 days ago

    Kay's face tho

  • 8 subscribes 0 videos
    8 subscribes 0 videos 11 days ago

    I thought sway could be winning like almost every game

  • 8 subscribes 0 videos
    8 subscribes 0 videos 11 days ago

    Why is every picture u find if sway his head if fucking tilted and his making a weird ass face

  • Isaac Lozoya
    Isaac Lozoya 11 days ago

    I feel so bad for adapt

  • Fortnite Legend
    Fortnite Legend 12 days ago

    If u don’t like my comment Donald trump will be president for ever like to undo

  • larry Bob
    larry Bob 12 days ago

    What about highsky

  • lh gamer17 ya
    lh gamer17 ya 12 days ago

    Why do British people say holy so much

  • Xpert Xpress
    Xpert Xpress 12 days ago

    Do a reupload with mongraal plz 🙏🏻

  • Timothy Trotter Sr.
    Timothy Trotter Sr. 12 days ago

    I got sway

  • Timothy Trotter Sr.
    Timothy Trotter Sr. 12 days ago

    Sway is the best

  • Ergys_ GG
    Ergys_ GG 12 days ago

    Idk why adapt was in this video

  • Power Gaming
    Power Gaming 13 days ago

    They should do zone wars with fans

  • DaleOof
    DaleOof 13 days ago

    Yay replays

  • Shilo Noder
    Shilo Noder 13 days ago

    To Be Continued

  • Poisegamer Xxx
    Poisegamer Xxx 13 days ago

    Faze Kay is so bad I could easily clap him

  • SurGe KxngarooSnipxz l

    Jarvis: Wait,is this the physcopath
    Me: Lmao 😂

  • Gatorade2k •
    Gatorade2k • 14 days ago +1

    Nickmercs would get destroyed

  • Ivan Maldonado
    Ivan Maldonado 14 days ago

    *60 ping* Replays-“I’m never editing in west again”

  • Ivan Maldonado
    Ivan Maldonado 14 days ago

    *60 ping* Replays-“I’m never editing in west again”

  • MYLO ツ
    MYLO ツ 14 days ago +1

    Everyone is shit accept form Jarvis and faze say “Controller players” shout out controller gang!!

  • bossman 789
    bossman 789 14 days ago

    You need to 1vv1 okybo he is insane

  • Icy
    Icy 14 days ago

    Jarvis plays pc
    Kay yOur iNSanE bR0

  • Rowzayy09
    Rowzayy09 14 days ago

    *ropelay* Jarvis Who You Wanna Be? Im nUtS bRo

  • jay xxlopezxxx
    jay xxlopezxxx 14 days ago +1

    Wait faze banks is not member😂😂lezzgoooo

  • Davina Comarcho
    Davina Comarcho 14 days ago


  • Servicka
    Servicka 14 days ago

    12:29 This „ ohhhh“ was glorious

  • JJ_gamer69
    JJ_gamer69 14 days ago +1

    That was insane jarvis

  • JJ_gamer69
    JJ_gamer69 14 days ago +1


  • Virgomountain YT
    Virgomountain YT 14 days ago

    To everyone watching have a good day 😁