• Published on Jun 30, 2019
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    YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
    You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
    Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
    Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police
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  • DailyDrivenExotics
    DailyDrivenExotics  Month ago +340

    Skip the rental counter! Sign up for Turo here:
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    • Clan Killas® Gaming!
      Clan Killas® Gaming! Month ago +1

      Adarsh S Dude, we all can watch videos based on what “your setup” can handle. For example, on AUTO, my devices always puts my videos on 1080p. Step your game up, homie.

    • eichler721
      eichler721 Month ago

      Yes get the Supra. I am not an huge fan of Tallguy but he is alot better then he used to be. Hope he straightens up and grows up more. Hope to see when you all get a Hypercar that day will be epic

    • TsiG
      TsiG Month ago

      Yea dde need a 1300 hp supra and a 1300 hp type r integra

    • Joseph Alex
      Joseph Alex Month ago

      Turo is crap

  • WhatA Giiggle
    WhatA Giiggle 3 days ago

    Is he looking over the top or through the window

  • Keylen and Makyrin
    Keylen and Makyrin 6 days ago

    7:32 the car sneezed

  • Boris Cresnov
    Boris Cresnov 6 days ago

    Yup. 4th gen supra, skyline and 3rd gen RX-7

  • the pizza Player
    the pizza Player 7 days ago

    When ever I see a supra I just like R.I.P Paul walker

  • Paulo Serra
    Paulo Serra 7 days ago +1

    Inspirational right there!!!
    Don't give up of fighting for my goals.
    I will achieved my set of initial goals soon.
    Videos like these one, suits me like fuel.
    Thank you DDE (Dave for this absolute amazing vid).
    Like someone said earlier in the comments:
    Giving the story of Tall Guy Car Reviews as subtitle, that was respect.
    I've subscribed DDE Channel only a few days ago and I don't know but I think, I'm very close to perhaps 200 videos watched? I will have to check my liked video list.
    But, that's only because the type of people that makes DDE be like the way it is. GENUINE.

  • Bboyrox432
    Bboyrox432 7 days ago

    I live in MN, near north Minneapolis. It’s gets ROUGH 16 y/o kids killed weekly

  • John Power
    John Power 7 days ago

    Please get a Supra ❤️🙏

  • LouSharkGuy
    LouSharkGuy 8 days ago

    Just asking why do they blur out the speedometer is it to avoid speeding tickets?

    • Ismaeel Lahrie
      Ismaeel Lahrie 7 days ago

      No cos if a police officer sees it they can give them a fine

  • anonymous_bmx_and_stuntrider anonymous

    Damn so many people hating on tall guy 🤡

  • chucka187
    chucka187 8 days ago

    Just shows no matter where ya come from or mistakes you’ve made, you can still be successful. Learning from your bad decisions and not letting them hold you back from being a better person. Big props to this guy 👊🏻

  • Dean Gibbons
    Dean Gibbons 8 days ago

    Slim a cool legendary guy man very cool Dave salute to u as well love the vid bro 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Krome Yosh Media
    Krome Yosh Media 8 days ago

    School is the way! I wanna challenge myself to get a Porsche 911 GT3 by next year this time. RS? Maybe a stretch, but if we can get there? We'll get there!

  • hugo cahill
    hugo cahill 9 days ago

    I remember this guy back when he had that dodge charger I think it was that

  • btalbert 508
    btalbert 508 10 days ago

    “Steve has left the chat”

  • Daniel Lukas
    Daniel Lukas 12 days ago

    YESS DDE need a Supra -Love it and love your Vlogs
    Keep up the good and entertainin Work
    Greets from Vienna (Austria)

  • Fear No Limits
    Fear No Limits 13 days ago

    are you dave the one at kindig customs? because i watch it like everyday. and your like the same man. crazy

  • Adrian Bisialski
    Adrian Bisialski 14 days ago

    Love Toyota Supra my dream car. Big Up from UK

  • Olas
    Olas 16 days ago

    Minnesota represent!!

  • jersey mike
    jersey mike 18 days ago

    Wat he go to jail for?

  • Ionfuckncare
    Ionfuckncare 18 days ago

    Always nice seeing a fellow turn his life around

  • Saucy Philosophy
    Saucy Philosophy 19 days ago


  • Spawny_95
    Spawny_95 20 days ago

    Story starts at 9:30

  • KeepBackALI
    KeepBackALI 20 days ago


  • Rettikal
    Rettikal 21 day ago

    Love the video dude

  • Calvito Bonito
    Calvito Bonito 21 day ago

    Congratulations 👊🏾

  • Cole Palmer
    Cole Palmer 21 day ago

    “The best part about supercars is you literally fall into them” I 100% disagree 😂

  • SkipTracer9501
    SkipTracer9501 21 day ago

    certainly not my favorite body style for the Supra.

    • Ezaia
      Ezaia 21 day ago

      Your crazy

  • sprayingz06
    sprayingz06 21 day ago

    Twin turbo. I seen a single 76mm

  • _Sweat_YT
    _Sweat_YT 21 day ago


  • Anthony W
    Anthony W 21 day ago

    What a waste of cash but then you are black

  • Adrian Rodriguez
    Adrian Rodriguez 21 day ago

    That is tallguycareviewslol

  • SuperSpeederSpazz
    SuperSpeederSpazz 22 days ago

    3 weeks and y’all got a million views on a vid he doesn’t even get 1 million views on a vid on his channel lol talk about scammed tf out of him

  • Truckin4Cheddar
    Truckin4Cheddar 22 days ago

    That’s great advice Dave. I’ve been saying that forever, if a cop wants to power trip there nothing you can do on the side of the toad to win. Deal with it later at the courts.

  • austin page
    austin page 22 days ago

    He a minasota boy like me tell him north minasota gang msg

  • so yummy
    so yummy 22 days ago

    the dudes not making a lot on youtube never had more then 600k on few videos -even if 550k subs hes averging 160k video - so im sure hes leasing theses supercars - im sure he owns the hellcat but in two years hes not making the money from youtube

  • tenz123
    tenz123 23 days ago

    fucking fake shit

  • 01hondascott
    01hondascott 23 days ago

    video: inmate gets out of jail and buys super car.
    me: Buys gun and shoots neighbor
    also me: see ya in 15-20 years in my McLaren Bitches.

  • Richard Bekkers
    Richard Bekkers 24 days ago

    steveeee hehe cool

  • SandStorm XII
    SandStorm XII 24 days ago


  • Pentiumboots
    Pentiumboots 25 days ago

    Old boy can play in the next fast and furious. He has that vibe.

  • Emiliano Torres
    Emiliano Torres 25 days ago +1

    “I’ve driven every Mclauren except the F1”
    Asks to drive it
    “I’ve never drove a Mclauren spider”
    Wtf I can’t be crazy bruh

    • Emiliano Torres
      Emiliano Torres 20 days ago

      MovesIn Silence fuck up nigga

    • MovesIn Silence
      MovesIn Silence 21 day ago

      You never drove a Mclaren in your life if you cannot spell it correctly.

  • Odd 2See
    Odd 2See 25 days ago

    G Squad in here 💯

  • pntdblack
    pntdblack 25 days ago

    Talk about a positive role model. This man took a negative way of life and turned it around with a positive attitude and a good work ethic to where he is today. People of all nationalities and backgrounds love and respect him everywhere he goes for that! He gives hope to everyone who's had a tough life and to those that thought there was no future for them after being in prison!

  • CodeName Clan
    CodeName Clan 25 days ago

    What type of shitty channel blurs the speed

  • Awesome Face
    Awesome Face 25 days ago

    He was so nice man! Just do it

  • Justin C
    Justin C 26 days ago

    Did I blackout or something? I didn't actually hear the part about how he actually paid for it. He went to prison and worked landscaping and at subway. What happened between that and owning a Mclaren?

  • P0w 3r
    P0w 3r 26 days ago

    Why do u guys blur out ur speed?

  • Stelios Zissimou
    Stelios Zissimou 26 days ago

    Your driving like old ladies

  • Michael Stratos
    Michael Stratos 26 days ago

    2:09 why am I watching a commercial why am I here?

  • doworkson 8686861
    doworkson 8686861 26 days ago

    About time!! #dope

  • Harvey Weizmann
    Harvey Weizmann 26 days ago

    When "regular people hear the word McLaren they probably think of MacLaren the baby products company.

  • Rishi Chandra
    Rishi Chandra 26 days ago

    G Squad in the house.

  • DJ H
    DJ H 26 days ago

    Still a lowlife criminal

  • Migit 6'5 Migit
    Migit 6'5 Migit 26 days ago +1

    No hate but it's a fact that a felon has hard times trying to get a job....let alone a good paying one. So obviously to buy that car. He is definitely getting money off the book. Facts.

    • Chandler Powell
      Chandler Powell 26 days ago

      Migit 6'5 Migit he saved up money and put 50,000 down on the car. He’s not making money on the side just grinding his ass off. Plus he just won a lawsuit.

  • Scott Maclean
    Scott Maclean 26 days ago

    Hit me up guys

  • mike mantzey
    mike mantzey 26 days ago

    There’s no rentals in Montana

    MR.OVARY MASSAGER 26 days ago


  • N N lice
    N N lice 26 days ago +6

    That Supra got power to day get short and dark comes early,good traction and big turbos make earth to spin faster:))

  • ICheeseIT _
    ICheeseIT _ 27 days ago

    He can barely fit in it

  • Owen Lasher
    Owen Lasher 27 days ago +1

    Yo the green Pharrell’s I’ve got those too 😂😂👌

  • Alex Mangal
    Alex Mangal 27 days ago

    10:20 the reflection of the camera man 😂😂

  • johny z
    johny z 27 days ago

    that first minute, is pure genius

  • Phillip Magdolen
    Phillip Magdolen 27 days ago

    Hey man big props on turning your life into the the man and idol for some ...BUT the title of this vid i just don’t like made a mistake and owned it great things come to great people

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia 27 days ago

    The app GetAround is MUCH better with prices starting as low as 20$!!! Limited location but when it grows, It will wipe Turo out. Don’t forget , all you need is a debit card and license (no picture necessary) to sign up and start renting!! I’m not even sponsored.

  • Amazin Jason
    Amazin Jason 27 days ago +3

    Bro I have a supra to
    Does that mean I have a supercar because its on DailyDrivenExotics
    But its all stock

  • GrimCS
    GrimCS 27 days ago +2

    when steve said "bigger than alot of things on me dave" i literally last my legs lol

  • Justin
    Justin 27 days ago

    That’s crazy I watch his videos and it’s crazy hearing that he got locked up the same year that I did he got out the year before I did. In fact a year 1 month and a day before I did

  • Bear Good
    Bear Good 27 days ago

    Thats my dream car...

  • Yo & Shy
    Yo & Shy 27 days ago +5

    bruh said "its bigger than a lot of things on me Dave" 😕pause lol

  • Yo & Shy
    Yo & Shy 27 days ago +2

    bruh said "its bigger than a lot of things on me Dave" 😕pause lol

  • Yo & Shy
    Yo & Shy 27 days ago +2

    bruh said "its bigger than a lot of things on me Dave" 😕pause lol

  • Yo & Shy
    Yo & Shy 27 days ago +2

    bruh said "its bigger than a lot of things on me Dave" 😕pause lol

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 27 days ago

    Mad respect to this guy.

  • The Architect
    The Architect 27 days ago

    Thought I'd give you a chance and NINE!!! NINE EFFING ADS IN 12 minutes,..dude I've NEVER in my life seen so many TheXvid ads, not even HALF As many! Want to loose subs. That's a good way. For sure done now. Good Luck!! Rediculous!