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Lady Gaga - Shallow (Live) WITH BRADLEY COOPER - Full Video - Enigma Vegas Residency

  • Published on Jan 27, 2019
  • Brad Cooper is in the audience. Lady Gaga calls him up to (reluctantly) sing Shallow with her!
    If you REALLY want to skip the drama, they start singing at 3:06.

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  • wayne lam
    wayne lam 21 hour ago

    how dare that lady gave that face to Bradley!

  • Alexis Guerrero
    Alexis Guerrero 21 hour ago

    per fect

  • Chris Simons
    Chris Simons 21 hour ago

    She is the talent of a life time just perfect she doesn’t need anyone

  • yudriana olaya
    yudriana olaya 22 hours ago

    I love it... So much, 👌💖

  • Erica Byrne
    Erica Byrne 23 hours ago

    There in love u can see it

  • Mick Doody
    Mick Doody Day ago

    Umm they are together

  • Allisha Staflík

    Beautiful!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!Beautiful!!!!

  • Cat Perez
    Cat Perez Day ago +1

    2019 💋

  • Dakini 108
    Dakini 108 Day ago +1

    So 15.2.19 news saying the lady Splits with her fiancé .. Bradley follow your heart...🥰🌈❤️

  • Sebastian Diesel

    Epic moment! Tears****

  • Nerd Girl Crystal
    Nerd Girl Crystal Day ago +1

    I’m crying. I love this song. The way he’s staring at her. This is love people. I don’t care what anyone says 😭😭😫😫❤️❤️😍😍

  • Coelhinha Borboletas


  • Sheila T PG
    Sheila T PG Day ago

    Igat kaau!


  • Felicity Advani
    Felicity Advani Day ago +1

    what a combination/ Lady Gaga I always knew you could sing but Bradley you are hot and you can sing too. You tick all my boxes. I am an old lady from Australia but still can admire.

  • Camcalen Hunter
    Camcalen Hunter Day ago

    idk but she in love???

    JASON Z Day ago +1

    Time to dump the supermodel drone for someone of substance. I loved her aesthetic in the movie and her apparent inexperience coming on stage. Truly, one of the most beautiful moments I’ve seen in cinema in a very long time.

  • Calyx Twenty-one
    Calyx Twenty-one Day ago +2

    After watching this video, it is very obvious that at least, Lady Gaga has fallen head over heels in love with Bradley. Just observe her facial expressions. And their last hug, it means a thousand things, so it seems.

  • Lork Lorkman
    Lork Lorkman Day ago +1

    Gone are the days when concert goers didn't have cell phones. The days when people lived in the moment. Fucking sad.

  • Kathryn Emard
    Kathryn Emard Day ago

    You can feel how strongly they care for each other. Very touching.

  • lunablu
    lunablu Day ago

    By no means would I ever wish the breakup of a happy relationship for anyone...but there's no denying there's something there.

  • dontrell75
    dontrell75 Day ago

    6:47 S W O O N

  • MoonShark 21
    MoonShark 21 Day ago +2

    Have ever noticed yourself watching something happy and smiling and not remembering you making yourself smile? That’s what happened to me at the beginning

  • thepeace inside me

    That's probably the worst pain when you really know that someone loves you but you know you can't be together I don't want to continue this if it's going to hurt and get worse I'm going to have to back out🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴

  • Matt McDonough
    Matt McDonough Day ago

    So awesome!

  • Chris Cox
    Chris Cox Day ago


  • David Godinez
    David Godinez Day ago

    Why can't the audience let them sing the song? I don't want to hear Tonya next to me singing along haha! I payed for Gaga Damit!!

  • CrystaltheIcewing !

    I legit hate it when the people sing along I JUST WANNA HEAR THE ACTUAL SINGERS SING

  • Heather Alvarez
    Heather Alvarez Day ago

    That look is of pure LOVE! Wowww

  • Selene Luna
    Selene Luna Day ago

    Se miran con tanto amor ❤😍

  • Freddy M
    Freddy M Day ago

    Crowd singing suck the big one. Shut the fuck up .let the pros sing

  • Summer Pant
    Summer Pant Day ago +1

    I seriously think these two are soulmates. They’re energy together is undeniable for sure just how they look at each other it’s like their meant to be together.

  • Zoro
    Zoro Day ago


  • Marc Jones
    Marc Jones Day ago

    Legit wanna know what nikes he’s wearing

  • David Lyons
    David Lyons Day ago

    They Should just get Married... Love is Precious and few will have it like this...

  • pascal rio
    pascal rio Day ago

    bravo ! lady gaga vue de bretagne ouest france !!!!!!!

  • S Cheek
    S Cheek Day ago

    A good actor can make you believe that they are or what you see... Brad is pimping it all the way to the BANK

  • TheAlikaki
    TheAlikaki Day ago +1

    Τhe way he looks at her!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Detox
    Detox Day ago

    lmao why does gaga look like detox

  • Amy Sack
    Amy Sack Day ago

    who was Bradley sitting with in the audience?

    • Garrett Gagnon
      Garrett Gagnon  Day ago

      He was sitting with director Todd Phillips!

    • Georgiana Jones
      Georgiana Jones Day ago

      I was wondering the same thing. I really thought it was Jeffery Dean Morgan, but I honestly can't tell for sure

  • Anita Hecklund
    Anita Hecklund Day ago

    Bradley was married briefly back in 2005, to actress Jennifer Esposito...she looks like she could be Lady Gaga's sister!! He is definitely attracted to Lady Gaga!! Hmmmmmm...!!

  • Cyreena Ryan
    Cyreena Ryan Day ago +1

    Lol the one man screaming the loudest in the beginning.

  • EJ Pingco
    EJ Pingco Day ago

    I do love their movie... im so cried at the end❤

  • Petra Govind
    Petra Govind Day ago

    she obviously loves him. They must have realized they are twin flames and cant be together. At 6.06 you can see she wants to cry.... Poor Lady Gaga

  • Trucker Dave 215

    They look in love

  • David McQuire
    David McQuire Day ago

    well its not the worst out there ,but better then most. Off key but at lease can kind of understand the words

    ALEK BEAVER Day ago

    They definitely get along well:) you can love a friend! Just a thought!

  • P.Lopez Lopez
    P.Lopez Lopez Day ago

    It looks like in the 4:05 gaga has just got some cocaine

  • Virginie nénette


  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Day ago

    The way they ran into each other

  • Walter Chapman
    Walter Chapman Day ago +1

    It was fair but I've heard better from Gaga. Bradley is a much better actor than a singer.

  • cc
    cc Day ago +1

    Absolutely Love It!

  • emili ya
    emili ya Day ago

    thats even trully than the movie ❤

  • Marlene Garbutt
    Marlene Garbutt Day ago +1

    @ 2:05 min "You don't deserve this!" LMAO

  • Giancarlo Puddu
    Giancarlo Puddu Day ago

    roba da fantascienza, figata stratosferica.

  • Nicolas
    Nicolas Day ago

    Putain les frissons 😘😍

  • Maria Leitner
    Maria Leitner Day ago

    They bove singin soooooo beutyful 💗💗💗😍i love them

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse Day ago +1

    Fireworks !

  • Fiorenzo Casalanguida

    7:14 Undertaker is back!!

  • Stephen Magee
    Stephen Magee Day ago


  • Vasco Ribeiro
    Vasco Ribeiro Day ago

    I hate her character as Lady Gaga...a "gaga" in portuguese is an old man that forget about everything and pisses himself...

  • Javier Negracuco
    Javier Negracuco Day ago +1

    Química ⚗

  • Jose Maria Hernandez Ortiz


  • CJ O
    CJ O Day ago

    In n my mind this is the alternate ending to 😭💙💚💛💜

  • Christina Whoo
    Christina Whoo Day ago +1

    I wish someone would look at me the way Bradley looks at Lady Gaga. They're sooo great!!

  • thepeace inside me
    thepeace inside me Day ago +1

    Hope for true love ♥️💕🎨

  • Prof. Awesome
    Prof. Awesome Day ago

    dafuq is she wearing?

  • Hanka Tináková

    I love lady gaga

  • Joanne Suraya
    Joanne Suraya Day ago

    Performing with someone with so much charisma will do that to you. He's not in love with her.. he's just amazed to be in the presence of such talent. I think this chemistry is real, but it's real for most musos out there... It's just something you share when charisma meets charisma... :)

  • Brent Desselles
    Brent Desselles Day ago +1

    It was rumored that they were actually dating, not sure how true that is. I don’t think he was married but I thought she was, but then again what does that mean in today’s world.

  • María Jesus Muñoz

    BRUTAL! ❤

  • Bella Mj
    Bella Mj Day ago +1

    He made me shy by just looking at her...

  • Kindred
    Kindred Day ago

    Put your fucking phones down you retards enjoy the moment the fuck us wrong with people.

  • poop dolla. kobgoate

    no booty

  • Mihai Stoian
    Mihai Stoian Day ago

    Two of the most beautiful people în the world. ..

  • Indira Alonso
    Indira Alonso Day ago

    amazing, I just saw the film last night and I was crying from the start to the very end...the soundtrack is genious and seeing Bradley cooper singing and lady gaga acting was so mesmerizing ...still cannot belive this!!!!

  • Pavel Mencl
    Pavel Mencl Day ago

    This is so awkward. She looks like she's getting bullied into this and he looks like he's watching her to not do anything 'stupid'.

  • Angela
    Angela Day ago +1

    Couple of the century if they were together

  • patrick beecroft
    patrick beecroft 2 days ago

    concert's are spoilt with all the screaming,,people go to hear the performer not some bitch that cant control her screams.

  • raynarayskye
    raynarayskye 2 days ago

    Singing Trash Panda. I love it!

  • Shon Zkii
    Shon Zkii 2 days ago

    5:19 I'm in love with someone's baby

  • J.J McQuade
    J.J McQuade 2 days ago +1


  • Tirsha Smith
    Tirsha Smith 2 days ago

    These two... I feel the chemistry, the artistry, and the deep down love and respect they have for one another. Chills all the way thru.

  • L &L
    L &L 2 days ago +1

    omg why are they not TOGETHER!!!! their energy together, dynamite! damn!

  • Pascal Gerber
    Pascal Gerber 2 days ago


  • Ozzie OxenFree
    Ozzie OxenFree 2 days ago

    Everyone is taking videos so they can post it online to make their social media "friends" jealous. Get a fucking life u losers.

  • David Nicholas
    David Nicholas 2 days ago

    Love it. I hope the both get Oscars.

  • Angela Magic Salveson
    Angela Magic Salveson 2 days ago +1

    They did that movie together so I'm sure that's just playing out on stage. And I'm sure they became close friends as well. I guess only actors that play parts where they're in a relationship can understand the residual feelings you may have afterword.

  • Lucas Dudley
    Lucas Dudley 2 days ago +1

    Y’all its 100 percent acting. I work in the industry I’ve been in their meetings. Trust me. 100%

  • Ramona Woeste
    Ramona Woeste 2 days ago

    it must have been love....

  • Blink8533
    Blink8533 2 days ago +1

    I really think she loves him and was waiting for something.

  • jennxed1974
    jennxed1974 2 days ago

    Their connection is palpable . Amazing and beautiful and rare.

  • xmassan20906
    xmassan20906 2 days ago

    Shallow? I thought she was famous for swallow?

  • Nevile Ruas
    Nevile Ruas 2 days ago

    very very cute... good one people...

  • 3dberserk1
    3dberserk1 2 days ago

    Irina call me. I'm available

  • Ray Powers
    Ray Powers 2 days ago

    Lady Gaga is awesome !!!!

  • Jack Gookler
    Jack Gookler 2 days ago

    Treasure toll

  • Zhiyang Lu
    Zhiyang Lu 2 days ago

    Sam Elliott in the back: hey Jack you forgot to take your pills again.

  • Monica Zarate
    Monica Zarate 2 days ago

    This girl brings the best out of this man.

  • Jess Barton
    Jess Barton 2 days ago

    fuck why am i crying hahahah