Family Guy - Peter Becomes Quagmire's Pimp


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  • Solder Girl
    Solder Girl 9 hours ago

    Peter is abusive where is joe to arrest him

  • Emerl The Legendary Fighter


  • JakeTheMadCoder
    JakeTheMadCoder 5 days ago

    what is the outro music

  • Smokey Blaze
    Smokey Blaze 5 days ago

    " you know I hit u and pimp u out cause I love you right " currently can't breathe 😂

  • Courtney Johnson
    Courtney Johnson 9 days ago

    Peter ate that pizza 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elvis Car Reviews
    Elvis Car Reviews 12 days ago

    😂 😂

  • Smail
    Smail 13 days ago

    What's the outro song called?

  • Wolf
    Wolf 18 days ago +2

    *t h a n o s p e t e r*

  • Liquid
    Liquid 19 days ago

    He Take Care of you😂😂😂

  • Liquid
    Liquid 19 days ago +2

    What Hell you Just Say To Me you Trippen Boy😂😂

  • Jerry aka Jay Owens
    Jerry aka Jay Owens 23 days ago

    Nawwwww maaaaaan! See real pimps, get ALL DA'Money because if the pimp only gets a cut and she needs to be bailed out, is he supposed to just come up with a percentage of the money! If she needs anything then she can beg nicely, and if HE decides she deserves it then it'll happen, otherwise...she gets the pimp hand! Pimpin' ain't EZ!

  • Funkyboodah
    Funkyboodah 23 days ago

    oh that was disturbing to watch

  • RigoGames YT Theater
    RigoGames YT Theater 24 days ago +1

    Peter: Not Great
    Me: You Mean This Video

  • Romel Lazy
    Romel Lazy 25 days ago

    What kind of apartment has a door bell?

  • mzlisalou
    mzlisalou 25 days ago

    Is it just me or does the toaster look like a cross at 2:20

  • Petter V
    Petter V 27 days ago +2

    What’s the name of the outro song? swear I’ve heard it a million times

  • Anon
    Anon 27 days ago

    Big Pete, Mr. Big pete,
    Big meat pete, The Griffin of Pete, Peter the Griffin . Literally the pimp names I can think of

  • keithjohnson839
    keithjohnson839 27 days ago +1

    Why you all dressed up for church? Lol

  • death convention
    death convention 27 days ago

    The friendship in this one, reminds me of my old friend.

  • StormySounds FromAfar
    StormySounds FromAfar 28 days ago

    It costs him $50

  • Jordan Romo
    Jordan Romo 28 days ago


  • Lisa Brownlee
    Lisa Brownlee 29 days ago

    This is awsome

  • Kaeble
    Kaeble 29 days ago

    And it ended happily ever after.

  • pokemon gaming
    pokemon gaming 29 days ago +1

    Just no brian 1:59

  • slimjimsause
    slimjimsause 29 days ago

    y o u t r i p p i n b o i

  • Nathan Stitt
    Nathan Stitt 29 days ago


  • Daniel Petersen
    Daniel Petersen Month ago

    Im a pimp named slick back

  • Jr Griffin
    Jr Griffin Month ago

    hole in a pizza :D

  • Daniel Levinson
    Daniel Levinson Month ago

    If the screenwriters wanted to be realistic, Peter should have started abusively coercing Quagmire much sooner... AND he should have exhibited signs of *sinister* alacrity when Quagmire made his business proposition.

  • MrWildcard531
    MrWildcard531 Month ago

    Peter: Fun isn't something one considers when whoring out Quagmire. But this...does bring a smile to my face
    I can't help but think of Thanos everytime Peter clenches his fist like that.

  • Seth Collazo
    Seth Collazo Month ago +1

    0:31 Wow the sound designers of family guy sure do a good job

  • Rexy1000
    Rexy1000 Month ago

    4:31 I almost died choking on juice that it came out my nose 🤕

  • Maybe Idubbbz, I can be, I might not tho

    Because if health stuff
    What kind, your fat, your well everything

  • Team DriveAlot
    Team DriveAlot Month ago

    I wonder what car peter drives ...

  • Kyle C.
    Kyle C. Month ago +1

    Every single time I see Brian it's like I hate him more

  • Revenant Gaming
    Revenant Gaming Month ago

    ‘Brian’s douchiness should infuriate me, but he seems happy. So I’ll just sit back and do nothing’ *credits roll* ‘Can’t do it let’s get him fired.’ I’m dying

  • Nazeem
    Nazeem Month ago +1

    So does he know a pimp named slickback?

  • I am fin I am diffrent



  • Penguin Fluffy
    Penguin Fluffy Month ago


  • Flaming hearts
    Flaming hearts Month ago

    Brians a douch

  • PaladinJN01 Studios
    PaladinJN01 Studios Month ago +2

    Why is the “Subscribe” watermark written in Angry Birds font?

  • Adonissherlock
    Adonissherlock Month ago

    The pizza ... ffs

  • Dee Lee
    Dee Lee Month ago

    Sit on his penis donut.

  • Emmanuel Mensah
    Emmanuel Mensah Month ago

    4:37 Peter was ready to use the pimp hand

  • Emmanuel Mensah
    Emmanuel Mensah Month ago

    Peter's pinp walk is perfect

  • Larry DOYLE
    Larry DOYLE Month ago

    KOMA QEDRÎ CAN Month ago

    hai gais at 2:23 what is the song name

  • Sdgtdp
    Sdgtdp Month ago

    Is it just me or does Lois sound extra annoying in this clip???

  • Phil Jon
    Phil Jon Month ago +1

    Quagmire has a nice bod to bid. ☺️😉😀

  • Mama
    Mama Month ago +1

    season 15 ep 3 you can watch for free on cartoonsons

  • Eliseo Gotay
    Eliseo Gotay Month ago

    You can have something of mine that smells like bread... Ugh, i threw up a little in my mouth.

  • Memes For life
    Memes For life Month ago

    “Just so you know it takes me a longggg time”

  • fortnite gameing
    fortnite gameing Month ago


    4BILLION Month ago


  • Demon-鬼
    Demon-鬼 Month ago +1

    Brian’s a douche
    God I hate him

  • Chuck Finley
    Chuck Finley Month ago


    INSANE CYCLONE Month ago

    What is that song at the end

  • chris agurs
    chris agurs Month ago +1

    "I don't sleep at night because a health stuff" someone should really check him out

  • TheDogfighter129
    TheDogfighter129 Month ago

    I have a half assed thug pimp like this at my school🧐

  • Asbestos Fish
    Asbestos Fish Month ago

    Peter was not wearing enough jewellery to be a pimp.

  • Ava tale
    Ava tale Month ago

    Something thats normal:
    Going up to old ladies and asking for their bread when they CLEARLY have a burger with it

  • David Hays
    David Hays Month ago

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS MY KINDA DOG

  • Devil Sob
    Devil Sob Month ago


  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins Month ago

    Wait, why the Macie Jay ending

  • Perry Conrad
    Perry Conrad Month ago

    Wtf did he just chew on a condom

  • Younan Younan
    Younan Younan Month ago

    You hostin family feud 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • shrill marrow
    shrill marrow Month ago


  • Stan Grey
    Stan Grey Month ago

    Brian was always the scumbag here

  • Inky Splaters
    Inky Splaters Month ago

    I hate Brian so much. I missed the really early seasons Brian.

  • chap666ish
    chap666ish Month ago

    One day. One day.... One day I will laugh watching a "Family Guy" clip.
    Hasn't happened yet.

  • PaNz
    PaNz Month ago

    2:40 to 2:48 is fucking great.

  • Rottinghere
    Rottinghere Month ago

    s m e l l s l i k e b r e a d . . .

  • Peter Irungu
    Peter Irungu Month ago

    Peter with that ill pimp walk

  • Nilo Rac
    Nilo Rac Month ago

    Quagmire must be a very low class cheap whore since he only got 40$ out of it... yeah I paused and counted the 5$ bills so what? Wanna fight about it??

  • Sincerely Sincerely

    WHAT THE HELL DID YOU SAY TO ME. Damn, peter set up 5 appointments...
    That’s nasty (Cleveland’s voice)

  • my boi
    my boi Month ago

    tf are all the comments dialogue from the video

  • Marisol Mora
    Marisol Mora Month ago


  • Succubus
    Succubus Month ago


  • Nwinja 4
    Nwinja 4 Month ago


  • Jack Bjorn Wulf
    Jack Bjorn Wulf Month ago +1

    3:36 sums up my life

  • Mr. Deadpool
    Mr. Deadpool Month ago

    Watch how Peter walkes in 0.5speed...awesome Animation xD

  • Brian Boyles
    Brian Boyles Month ago

    Always get the money before the sex!
    Deadshot(Suicide Squad): No money, no honey

  • Grace_TV
    Grace_TV Month ago

    Does anyone know the song at the end screen?

  • Justextreme
    Justextreme Month ago

    Big Pete has 3 of the infinity stones. Run in fear.

  • Seth Roberts
    Seth Roberts Month ago

    “You can have something of mine that smells like bread.”

  • jen s
    jen s Month ago

    time to make sum 🌳

  • christa letcher
    christa letcher Month ago

    Brians such a douche in this episode it pisses me off

  • nsuspartanlegion
    nsuspartanlegion Month ago

    So this episode was produced by Pimpin Ken....

  • PastaPlays
    PastaPlays Month ago

    Munchie on my bunchie

  • Henry Estrada
    Henry Estrada Month ago

    4:09 😂

  • Shrek Fvckedyourbitch00


  • Mario Mythes
    Mario Mythes Month ago

    *Aaah Not great*

  • WithoutUHere
    WithoutUHere Month ago +1

    "I wanna bet 100 bucks" "don't you want to pick a team?" "nah just take it"

  • Gregory House
    Gregory House Month ago +1

    “Peter whatcha doing dressed up for church? This ain’t Easter” hahahahaha

  • General Heavy
    General Heavy Month ago

    Peter’s so mean

  • The DANK Duck987
    The DANK Duck987 Month ago

    4:38 the infinity rings

  • Alex Calhoun-Davis
    Alex Calhoun-Davis Month ago +3

    This episode was hysterical. Mostly because Quagmire deserves it. But also Peter as a pimp would be impossible not to be funny