True Facts: Cats' Killer Senses

  • Published on Jun 14, 2020
  • True Facts Poster!
    Thank you to Dr. Alexis Noel at for allowing me to show her work. Click on the link to see other remarkable work that Dr. Noel has done! Her work on the cat tongue led to work on a better hairbrush!
    Sweet receptors:
    Pupil shapes:
    Footage used under license from:
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  • Patrik Kořenář
    Patrik Kořenář Year ago +4025

    Thanks for giving Et. al some recognition. He is so underrated in the media, despite his presence in so many influential papers. Same thing as Feat. in music industry.

    • Matt Britton
      Matt Britton 3 months ago

      I’ve seen a whole stack of “pushrooms” too. Not entirely sure, but it’s literally labelled on the door so I know that’s what it is.

    • Tanya Queen
      Tanya Queen 3 months ago

      @cryw01f oh boo. Do you feel smarter than others now? Hope that feels great.

    • Tanya Queen
      Tanya Queen 3 months ago

      @Brandon James true. But I'm still telling everyone that Feat. is my favorite rapper.

    • Tanya Queen
      Tanya Queen 3 months ago

      @Hayley Robertson same

  • ArchetypeGotoh
    ArchetypeGotoh Year ago +3765

    “Cats can’t really focus on things closer then 11 inches, which is a bit of a problem when you use your face to kill things”
    One of the best lines

    • Mister Nakkerhoofd
      Mister Nakkerhoofd 16 days ago

      That and 'The eye of Sauron'.

    • CommentAndFavorite
      CommentAndFavorite 2 months ago +1

      I burst out laughing, and I dont laugh easy 😂

    • casbott
      casbott 3 months ago +3

      Okay, market idea…
      Reading glasses for cats.

    • Linda Isherwood
      Linda Isherwood 3 months ago +3

      My vet says it’s more like 6 inches for “ domestic” felines like my Floozie.

    • metamorphicorder
      metamorphicorder 7 months ago +2

      Sounds like something rogan would say.

  • Kenzo
    Kenzo Year ago +708

    "Cats can't really focus on things closer than eleven inches" This statement has literally answered so many questions for me

  • TinLizzie Studios
    TinLizzie Studios Year ago +208

    “...young people are want with grrrrrapes.” Omg I’ve lost one of my four nipples laughing so hard.

    • LeftHandDon'tKnow
      LeftHandDon'tKnow 6 months ago +1

      @Anti - Ethnic Cleansing It can be both :) The nice middle ground in our modern english is "as they like to do" with "like" being that nice middle ground between "something that is preferred" and "commonly done"
      If you have a preference for something, you are also wont (haha) to commonly pursue that thing :)

    • Anti - Ethnic Cleansing
      Anti - Ethnic Cleansing 6 months ago

      I thought it was more like a preference or desire than “commonly.”

    • LeftHandDon'tKnow
      LeftHandDon'tKnow 9 months ago +13

      @꧁WupperElfe꧂ response to a super old comment here we gooo: it's "as young people are wont to do", wont is not the same as want, though they are pronounced the same. Wont means -> a person or person's particular habit, or a customary behavior. So it is ye olde english way of saying "as some young people commonly do with grapes"

    • ꧁WupperElfe꧂
      ꧁WupperElfe꧂ Year ago +1

      That doesn't make any can you "be want" with something?!

  • Redwolfvirus
    Redwolfvirus Year ago +1145

    LOL, petition for Jerry to be introduced as "Jerry my two-nippled friend" whenever Zefrank refers to him in a video

    • Pynaegan
      Pynaegan 2 months ago +1

      @Tyler " dinit you hear the last sentence"
      Not when you're *LAUGHING* that dammed hard!

    • Tyler
      Tyler 11 months ago +10

      @Elvenkind bro he has four dinit you hear the last sentence

    • TheMajician
      TheMajician 11 months ago +3

      Since you mentioned me, yes I think this is a good idea.

    • remliqa
      remliqa Year ago +24

      Well Jerry himself said that he doesn't have two nipple. It is unclear whether he have less or more ( I suspect more considering he mentioned that some people have 3 nipples).

  • FreeHomeBrew
    FreeHomeBrew 11 months ago +45

    When he said cats can't digest plants and can only digest meats and fats etc. I felt super bad for all the "vegan cats" out there. Damn.

    • jeanne ratterman
      jeanne ratterman 23 days ago

      @AtarahDerek wow! This helps me understand so much better the vegan-meat issue. Thanks!

    • Anti - Ethnic Cleansing
      Anti - Ethnic Cleansing 3 months ago

      Nah, I never did such research. I was only 16 years old when I became a vegetarian, and my entire focus was school and boys 😄 (and I still have never done such research 30 years later lol).
      I don’t remember craving chocolate either when I gave up meat. I know that I craved sugar though when I quit smoking years ago, to the point that I gave myself cavities. I don’t know why I craved sugar so much then though. Maybe it was giving me some sort of dopamine rush that I was formally getting in cigarettes?
      I’ve never liked seafood from day one, so I’ve never had any such habit with that. I’ve never been the type that eats a lot of salads either. I love vegetables, but when I eat a salad, it tends to take me a lot of time because I like to put a lot of stuff in it, so I end up not making them very often.
      Being a vegetarian is super easy (it is veganism that requires doing research to make sure you are getting enough nutrients)…
      As long as you aren’t eating garbage, you won’t have any problems getting all of your vitamins and minerals as a vegetarian.
      When my body has some sort of craving for iron, that is when I usually find myself making eggs. That will come in spurts where sometimes I eat plenty of eggs, and other times I will go a long time without eating any.
      Like I said earlier, I stopped craving actual meat six months after I cut it out of my diet, although I will have cravings for a few of different meat substitutes I like sometimes (it’s only three that I like… MorningStar Farms fake sausage patties/links, their fake bacon, and Trader Joe’s fake ground beef, which doesn’t really taste anything like real ground beef at all).

    • AtarahDerek
      AtarahDerek 3 months ago +1

      @Anti - Ethnic Cleansing A craving for meat is typically a craving for red meat in particular--meaning what you were actually craving (more likely than not) was iron. You may have also had a lot of chocolate cravings at the time. If you put a lot of research into a vegetarian lifestyle before switching, you learned to include lots of dark colored and/or cruciferous vegetables, which are high in iron. If you did that, then it was consciously choosing iron rich foods that cured your craving for meat. People who are addicted to red meat, but want or need to go vegetarian (e.g. people with alpha-gal syndrome from a tick bite), may struggle much more to make the transition because iron rich veggies also tend to be less popular, meaning people don't want to eat them, and thus they continue to crave the nutrient they lack in the food they know provides it.
      And if you're a seafood addict, then you may be deficient in iodine. This means you're at risk of thyroid illness and need to actively supplement your iodine.

    • FreeHomeBrew
      FreeHomeBrew 6 months ago +1

      @Anti - Ethnic Cleansing It's funny you name it "gut feeling". Reminds me of that remark I read somewhere that your guttural bacteria may actually influence what you eat based on _their_ needs. This was related to a story about bad food (lots of sugar, fried stuff) and how if those bacteria crave that, they'll somehow make you crave it as well. So if you starve them of what they need, you'll lose those cravings too.
      As for nutritional needs, these vary from person to person. I feel much better being on a high meat diet. The bits I don't like I cut out and feed to my rats. They'll not eat it if they don't like it either.

    • Anti - Ethnic Cleansing
      Anti - Ethnic Cleansing 6 months ago

      Well it was explained in this video that cats do have different sense of taste, as in much less taste than humans. Just sayin’.
      Side note: I used to crave meat because I was raised on it. Then I became a vegetarian at age 16 and stopped craving it after around 6 months post quitting it. The thought of eating it actually began disgusting me (and some meat even disgusted me before I quit eating it - I would be picky by cutting out veins and tendons and got grossed out by a Carl’s Jr hamburger as my last final straw for when I gave it up). I’ve never had any nutritional deficiencies in the 30 years since then, so idk if your gut feeling is a universal reality.

  • LemmingFNSR
    LemmingFNSR Year ago +112

    In breaking news, Sir David laughed so hard at zefrank that he fell out of his chair & fractured his hip. As he was being taken away by paramedics he was heard to say “I wish I could narrate documentaries like that”

  • Tony R
    Tony R Year ago +523

    “Stank mouth”... so relieved to have the technical term for my cat’s expression after sticking his head in my gym shoes.

    • Elirien
      Elirien Year ago +15

      We always called it "yuck face".

    • Surkey
      Surkey Year ago +14

      Did a cat piss in your gym shoes?

  • Wolf Cry
    Wolf Cry Year ago +589

    “Try it when your roommate is in the bath”
    “For science”

    • John Doe
      John Doe 10 months ago +2

      6:33 i thought cats always landed on their feet

    • Surgical
      Surgical 10 months ago +21

      - Mark!! What the hell?!
      - Calm down, Jim. I’m sciencing.

  • Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith Year ago +4751

    "It's like the internet, except communicated by pissing all over stuff. It's basically the internet."
    This is the kind of scientific detail that keeps me coming back.

    • tony baloney
      tony baloney 12 days ago

      Technically, it's called P-mail!

    • CP418
      CP418 17 days ago

      I had to replay it to make sure I heard it right…perfection!

    • Alden Consolver
      Alden Consolver Year ago +1

      I just howled the first time I saw that

    • James The-Doctor
      James The-Doctor Year ago +35

      "Okay, it's a bit of a fart in a hurricane if you're trying to stop a charging giraffe."
      It's the selection of the most accurate scientific methods and measurement tools that got me hooked so long ago.

  • Blake
    Blake Year ago +72

    You know if zefrank taught all my classes I might have actually learned stuff instead of getting bored and writing mental fanfiction the whole time

    • Blake
      Blake Month ago

      @jonel filipek Probably sci-fi or fantasy haha

    • jonel filipek
      jonel filipek Month ago

      What genre of fanfic did you mentally writing? Just curious.

  • Kevin Price
    Kevin Price Year ago +199

    "after their cat has a quick chat with it's eye of Sauron". Killed me

  • tichu7
    tichu7 Year ago +420

    "cat got your tongue?" "you'll find its just the opposite, Mr Bond".

    • Codi Serville
      Codi Serville 7 months ago +1

      Genius line

    • Gina Harden
      Gina Harden 7 months ago +2

      literally LOL

    • ScriptKeeper
      ScriptKeeper 7 months ago +8

      Someone NEEDS to find that scientist and show her that part!!!! I need to know what her reaction would be!!!!!

  • Davey Catoe
    Davey Catoe Year ago +167

    I'm never ready when he says it like that, kills me every time lmao

  • brainchasm
    brainchasm Year ago +4955

    The domestic cat: a being only 12 inches tall, yet somehow, magically, its butthole is always at our eye level. Fascinating.

    • Han Boetes
      Han Boetes 3 months ago +1

      @the yolorosa true, and that's why cats keep showing their behind if your body language shows you don't like what you see. Give them a compliment, and they will relax about it and stop doing it.

    • Linda Isherwood
      Linda Isherwood 3 months ago

      @Katie Kane You’re right about the grain. I feed Floozie grain free, high quality kibble. That makes her poos hard, so she gets 1/3 can of wet food every day and that helps with the hard poos and she thinks it’s a treat. Vet said to add more water to it, which really helps too. Floozie’s so furry can’t see the pink eye, lol. Princess Fluffy Butt is her nickname.

    • sweetmissirish
      sweetmissirish 3 months ago +1

      @the yolorosa many mammals have to help their young go to the bathroom

    • the yolorosa
      the yolorosa 5 months ago +3

      @Katie Kane In reality, it's a remnant from kittenhood. Mama cats have to stimulate their babies to go to the bathroom by licking them and just like when they knead you, it's a sign your cat thinks you're their mama. So congrats: you are cat mom!

    • Chris Sparks
      Chris Sparks Year ago +1

      Simple: you're either low or the cat is high! Wait.

  • Sadarax
    Sadarax Year ago +15

    "As one does.... in Science." Always makes me chuckle. I might start using this line in life.

  • Raya Zara
    Raya Zara Year ago +40

    Things this video made me realize: Tigra has vertical pupils for no reason other than that they look Cool.

  • Azrael Storm Thunder
    Azrael Storm Thunder Year ago +59

    “Have a chat with the eye of Sauron” That is a ridiculously hysterical image 😂

  • Philip Hockenbury
    Philip Hockenbury Year ago +65

    So you’re telling me that cats need reading glasses. Adorable

  • RandomChicky147
    RandomChicky147 Year ago +57

    "Cats have very good night vision... When the lights come up at the club, they're not as surprised by who they've been dancing with."
    😆 Who can relate?

    • Sam I am
      Sam I am 5 months ago

      And since they don’t drink, they never have Beer Googles on!

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago +2

    @4:29 and @5:39, the key to understanding why the domestic cat's eyes are vertically thin and then go large round like that is "Depth of Field" in relation to "Aperture/Pupil Size". A wider pupil size in a certain direction yields a tighter Depth of Field (DoF). So, when the pupil is thin horizontally, then horizontal edge features (like vertical blades of grass or vertical lines) over a long range will be relatively in focus (let's say objects 2.0m out to 20m for example). When the pupil widens, then the DoF shrinks and only objects within a certain range will be in focus (like 8.0m to 12.0m). So, the cat's eye can use this along with varying focus with its crystalline to gather more info to pinpoint distance.

  • Machtyn
    Machtyn Year ago +1

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the pheromone glands between the toes on the cat when it started licking there.
    Also, that lion vs giraffe attack was incredible, impressive! Poor cat got launched. Serves it right, what was it thinking trying to attack a giraffe?

  • TheOnlyAirtreck
    TheOnlyAirtreck 11 months ago +12

    “This is a bit of an awkward blind spot to have if you use your face to kill things” 😂😂😂

  • TechnoKat Lord of all Cats

    ZeFrank is secretly all our favorite uncle who sneaks us the good stuff when the other adults aren't looking.

    • Symmetry Milton
      Symmetry Milton Year ago


    • Stephanie Sharifi
      Stephanie Sharifi Year ago


    • Karen W.
      Karen W. Year ago +9

      @Bluecho4 and candy. BEFORE dinner.

    • Bluecho4
      Bluecho4 Year ago +16

      In this case, "Good Stuff" is akin to those animal magazines/books that every child voraciously consumes.

    • Feye Fall
      Feye Fall Year ago +2

      The good life advice?

  • Zman44444
    Zman44444 Year ago +1

    This is genuinely fascinating as a biologist. I wasn’t able to take animal physiology. But damn.
    Evolution has a remedy for just about everything.

  • Denise Angonese
    Denise Angonese Year ago +1

    I want to share these with someone, but I don’t know anyone with exactly my sense of humor who could really understand the awesomeness of these videos. Brilliant 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • whats up Chris
    whats up Chris Year ago +126

    "A fart in a hurricane when your trying to stop a giraffe" . 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • donutz37
    donutz37 Year ago +681

    BBC Head of Wildlife Dept: "what the hell are we gonna do when David Attenborough dies?"
    3 million TheXvid Subscribers: "well...... ....we know a guy"

    • ghodalarkiAmeriki
      ghodalarkiAmeriki 7 months ago

      Except Zefrank knows how to pronounce the letter R, and not add an R where there isn't one. Unlike David A.

    • Gina Harden
      Gina Harden 7 months ago

      ...can't have him

    • Statistically Improbable Twat
      Statistically Improbable Twat 11 months ago +10

      @꧁.꧂ there’s only 2 immortal people. Queen Elizabeth II and Sir David Attenborough. By the way, David, the queen is single now, shoot your shot.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Zefrank's narration is just so addicting to listen to, I'd listen to this man narrate the extinction of humanity if I could.

    • jonel filipek
      jonel filipek Month ago

      You can, if you happen to be the last two of us.

    • 3 totally normal humans
      3 totally normal humans 11 months ago +1

      '' As you can see, this giant f**king rock is hurling towards ee-arth. In conclusion, we're all f**ked. Imagine throwing a tennis ball at a ball of jelly with ice in the middle. That is what this rock will do. :) ''

    • Sumo
      Sumo Year ago

      Damn, 3k likes all cuz your just some guy without a mustache

    • Dakota Bruce
      Dakota Bruce Year ago

      The bebes all died

    • greenrod64
      greenrod64 Year ago


  • Angel Bahmer
    Angel Bahmer Year ago +46

    “Oh really? Harry Styles has four?” All my years of being the one direction fandom have lead up to that moment

  • William Riker
    William Riker Year ago +1

    Make more of these! They're hilarious! Makes my day to watch them.

  • King Panda God of Taste

    This is such a good episode, one of the best. Super in depth and interesting. More like this please.

  • HippieCowgirl
    HippieCowgirl 6 months ago +1

    “You think it would be meow”. that little gem almost got by me . Keep em coming zefrank, keep em comin

  • King Cicero
    King Cicero Year ago +1570

    "Et al, who's like the best scientist, he's on all the papers" has to be the best thing ive heard this week. I needed this shit.

    • Savage Salvage
      Savage Salvage Year ago

      Refer to Nezumi Ws' comment (just above my comment) for further explanation.

    • Natalie Wegscheider
      Natalie Wegscheider Year ago +5

      @illest Read the second comment above you, it's from me so you can't miss it. Above that is also a good explanation.

    • illest
      illest Year ago

      i don’t get this joke mind explaining ?

    • Deigo Watsitya
      Deigo Watsitya Year ago +4

      RoZaSims ohhhhh thanks for explaining that >_> I’m stoopid ;-;

    • Natalie Wegscheider
      Natalie Wegscheider Year ago +9

      @Chronic Gaming it's latin and means something like "and others". It is used in scientific papers for authors
      For example: John, Susan et al.
      Edit: It's an abbreviation - so the period after it is always there!
      Edit 2: I can't write others

  • ElysetheEevee
    ElysetheEevee Year ago +1

    I had a typical cat that had polydactyl kittens. One, a gorgeous pointed longhair mix had seven toes up front and five in back, aside from dew claw. His paws were so large (he was a big boi) that they just looked like cat-sized punching gloves. His seal point coloring didn't help at all. Miss that boi....

  • Eric Sell
    Eric Sell 8 months ago +1

    Wow, that bit about the different shaped/oriented pupils was totally new and very cool!

  • Otpyrc Ralph Pierre
    Otpyrc Ralph Pierre Year ago +1

    Phreakin Hilarious!
    My sister had a pure white cat. It would jump out from behind the furniture when you least expected it. She named it Bonsai. My Dad called it "Spot", because when it was walking away from you, all you could see was that "spot".

  • Kevin Rickey
    Kevin Rickey Year ago +1

    That was a very cool Cat documentary, it's data is newer that what I learned along time ago and took for granted! I must say, your humor is so good, your videos are extremely well done. Thank You so much for really making me laugh, Thank You

  • Abyssal Voyager
    Abyssal Voyager Year ago +1301

    I am honestly shocked that cats having barbed penises wasn't even brought up once.

    • mattpetty1
      mattpetty1 Year ago

      @Zenigundam Tigra was neutered. The Vet didn't want to understandably go near Lion-o.

    • Annihilator27
      Annihilator27 Year ago

      I mean that was all I was thinking about.

    • David Claudy
      David Claudy Year ago

      My girlfriend is a DVM(veterinarian). She told me that cats have barbed penises and I couldn’t believe her at first. But...she is a Vet, so I just went with it. Glad mine doesn’t have any bards. That would be inconvenient to say the least. Plus, what would she say, when I tell her “I’m stuck”. Like she’d believe me anyway.... 🤔😉

    • Riley S.
      Riley S. Year ago


    • Charlii
      Charlii Year ago +2

      You've lead me down a rabbit hole that I cannot get out of. I now know that we used to have barbs too and now I cant stop thinking about what modern life would look like...
      I honestly don't know if I hate you or love you right now, but I will say thank you for rekindling the spark that made me interested in biology.

  • Sharon Zeman
    Sharon Zeman Year ago

    Omg I just love your narration, it is the greatest. This is how it should always be. I hope you never quit making videos. Edit: Also thank you so much for these videos. They really are the best. I lol so much during your videos. This is what we all need. Thank you. Keep up the awesome job.

  • Felicity Cordell
    Felicity Cordell Year ago +1

    I love that ZeFrank is making videos again. For years I just kept showing my friends the old videos haha

  • Kenny Hagan
    Kenny Hagan Year ago

    Thanks again. You keep on with the crazy naturalist thing and it's just great. May the spirits of Marlon Perkins and Jaques Cousteau always be with the people at ZeFrank.

  • Strf 9040C
    Strf 9040C Month ago

    “A quick chat with its eye of Sauron” that had me laughing for a while

  • Tanner Wade
    Tanner Wade Year ago +1931

    Zefrank's voice is the only reason I'll sit through a sponsor reading.

  • Tucker Sanford
    Tucker Sanford Year ago +21

    "Et Al. He's the best scientist, he's on like... all the papers." LOL

  • Bryant Martinez
    Bryant Martinez 11 months ago

    I've just found this, and I like nature/animals. But the twist of being insultive and weird puns. Is just perfect and very entertaining, definitely got my subscription.

  • CatMom
    CatMom Year ago

    The vibrissae have a direct pathway to the lobe that interprets where in space the tactile sense is being found, giving the animal a sense of space & time. It also helps the animal to tell if it can squeeze through small spaces.

  • harmful creator
    harmful creator 10 months ago

    I love your edits Mr editor keep up the amazing work and making us happy during these upsetting times

  • Steve 82
    Steve 82 Year ago +18

    "Et al is like the best scientist, he's on all the papers." -ZeFrank
    That's hilarious

  • Rawr Dino
    Rawr Dino Year ago +5

    I like how you actually learn something while watching this

  • LaMar Porter
    LaMar Porter Year ago

    First time coming across this guy’s videos...and I’m so glad I did. He’s hilarious!

  • Jerry Grimes
    Jerry Grimes 27 days ago

    The metaphor at 6:00 makes me feel like your writers are trained educators _or_ you quoted a brilliantly articulate resource.
    That was such an effective way to make an complex concept concrete!
    I'm sending this to my brothers immediately.

  • Budgiesaur
    Budgiesaur Year ago +929

    I learned a lot about pupils today, that is how eyes do

  • Charles Davis
    Charles Davis Year ago

    A highly informative as well as amusing presentation. Thanks... and more please.

  • Andrew Risser
    Andrew Risser Year ago +1

    i love how you have one sided conversations with your editor. I find it endearing and funny.

    DNTME Year ago +1

    I refer to the piss-scenting thing as "Pee-Mail." When your dog is stopping to sniff something from time to time, it is just checking it's pee-mail. All pee-mail is automatically CC'd to everyone. No PM's in the animal world. Well yes, PMS maybe but that's something else.

  • Harald Veland
    Harald Veland Year ago

    Ze... You once created one of the art works I will remember the most when I get old: The music created from heartbreaks. These commercials in-video are frankly about as far beneath you as a... I was going to say a Ze-Frankenesque joke about how far beneath you it is, but I'm bummed out and I frankly can't think of any. I love your flims. You're the gift that keeps giving. You're the opposite to commercialism. Thank you for all the joy you have brought to my life. And you have brought so much. You just sometimes save the day for me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you

  • All Encompassing Evil
    All Encompassing Evil Year ago +19

    "You know when you try to smell your own breath without using your hand, and you think no one notices...? This is what you look like." 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Flightless Lord
    Flightless Lord 2 months ago

    The work Et Al has done for humanity is honestly amazing.

  • Raymond Fagan
    Raymond Fagan 11 months ago +5

    I love the callback to evolution adding or subtracting nipples on cats.

  • Katie Papp
    Katie Papp 11 months ago +1

    You know, I hate ads...but I love them as long as you are voicing them over. I never skip them because I can't wait to see what greatness is yet to come.

  • George Blue
    George Blue Year ago +7594

    “Et. al, he’s like the best scientist, he’s on all the papers.”

    • Chris Brinkley
      Chris Brinkley Month ago

      I just got home from work and I’ll park at my park

    • Mateo Brainardo
      Mateo Brainardo Month ago

      So Frikkan pFunny!

    • Michael Cole
      Michael Cole Month ago +1

      "... it's like the internet except communicated by pissing all over stuff... it's basically the internet."

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young Month ago +2

      @Al Sorensen then you should have appreciated it when Frank ACTUALLY WROTE IT.

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young Month ago

      Talking about you specifically, George Blue.

  • Ath3na
    Ath3na 7 months ago

    "A cat's tongue is a little 'ruff'... you'd think it'd be meow, tho"
    Got me 💀

  • El Chopie
    El Chopie Year ago

    I love how the guy I feel serious while he's explaining all these scientific facts yet he still makes of use funny jokes like the Jabba the Hutt one

  • DaemonNapster 69
    DaemonNapster 69 Year ago +1

    ZeFrank: Whatever the hell this is - referring to its pupil shape.
    Cuttlefish that can adapt its pupil shape to deal with different light intensities.
    Cuttlefish: Am I a joke to you?

  • Donavon Bain
    Donavon Bain Year ago

    Zefrank has to be the best science teacher ever! Funny! Yet also informative!

  • K. A. U.
    K. A. U. Year ago +2649

    Me, looking at my tiny cat sleeping with her little feets sticking up in the air on a comically large pile of pillows and blankets taking up the majority of my couch: Ah yes, nature's greatest predator.

    • Lt ChugaCast
      Lt ChugaCast Month ago +1

      One time a single house cat drove an entire species of bird to extinction. They were Native only to an island with a lighthouse and the keeper got a cat. Soon after all the birds were gone. Genocide Kitty don’t give a shitty.

    • Farmer Fpv
      Farmer Fpv Month ago +1

      I own my cat, she brings me silverware, retrieves balls and birds, sits, stays, rolls over, comes when I call her, and goes into her kennel when told. Yall just don't know how train your cats. They take advantage of weak people. She's a Labrador breed.

    • Grace
      Grace Month ago +1

      @CSN My cats were killing machines out the gate, tho not from breeding, they were pretty standard red mackerel tabbies (a little longer/taller than average, but not to Maine coon size) and they developed their hunting skills cuz they were left on a woman's porch and she decided since she already had dogs and small children she couldn't let them inside. She put out water dishes and cat food and put out the word that she had cats needing to be adopted, but since they had to stay outside they got very used to supplementing their diets with fresh kill. Which they 1000% continued once we took them home.

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  • Matthew Dean
    Matthew Dean Year ago

    So glad I've found this channel. Funny and informative.

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    Its just hard to notice because our pupils are round. But if you focus on the pattern of the iris, or a vein on the sclera, and have someone tilt your head, you can see the eye remain at level.

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