2001 National Championship - Duke vs Arizona

  • Published on Feb 8, 2013
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    National player of the year Shane Battier led the Blue Devils to their third national championship after defeating the Arizona Wildcats 82-72. Battier collected 18 points, 11 rebounds, six assists and two blocked shots, while Mike Dunleavy Jr. netted 21 points. Although Arizona trailed by just two at halftime, the Blue Devils dominated the final five minutes of play, even holding Arizona scoreless for the remaining 2:50 seconds. The Blue Devils' Mike Krzyzewski tied Bob Knight, his college coach at Army, with three national championships and his ninth title game appearance.
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  • Sneezy-E
    Sneezy-E 5 days ago +1

    Maryland had Duke beat in the Final Four and blew it. Should’ve won back to back ‘01 and ‘02

  • Sw33t Skillss
    Sw33t Skillss Month ago +2

    Luke Walton , Chris duhon , Shane battier , Carlos boozer, Gilbert arenas, Richard Jefferson, mike dunleavy, Jay Williams....this was a nba game lol

  • Swat
    Swat Month ago

    I remember watching this game in high school and wanting to go to a school with a Good college basketball/football team. Lol i was in love with college sports. Can’t believe this was 18 yrs ago! 35 now!

  • Jason Peter's
    Jason Peter's Month ago

    Arizona? They should have AT LEAST 3 Titles. In saying that thier lucky to have 1. Cuz thier 1 Title was a team that wouldn't even be one of Arizona's alltime top5 teams. Arz fr 1999-03? Those were incredible teams. Then with Sean Miller last decade Arz has has averaged a top3 recruiting class every season for last decade up to 2019. Thier one lone Title was in essence? A fluke. An average team that just caught fire.

  • Jason Peter's
    Jason Peter's Month ago

    Arizona best team was their 2002-03 team. Go Google that teams roster. Its unreal. Kansas hardest game in route to 03 Title game.

  • Jason Peter's
    Jason Peter's Month ago

    This Duke team is one of top3 college basketball teams ever

  • Jason Peter's
    Jason Peter's Month ago

    I hate Duke, but this is thier best team ever. They would take 8 of 10 vs 1990-92 Duke teams

  • Lorenshyne
    Lorenshyne 3 months ago

    NOt the most talenteed team??? Jason Williams - Duhon - Dunleavy - Battier - Boozer cmon thats a playoff team right there

  • Bo Stephens
    Bo Stephens 3 months ago

    This was the year that I hoped that this would be the Championship.... Not knowing Duhon yet, Duke 4 other starters was all NBA first rounders, and Arizona had NBA guys all throughout their roster, with the most underrated guy being Gilbert Arenas. He was drafted in the 2nd round, everyone was tripping that he declared after this game. But talent wise I say this Final Four this year (also Maryland & Michigan St) and the 2008 Final Four with (Kansas,Memphis,North Carolina, UCLA, Players: Derrick Rose,Russell Westbrook,Kevin Love, Darren Collison,Tyler Hansborough, Ty Lawson,Mario Chalmers) was thee most talent riches final fours in history.

  • Jess E
    Jess E 3 months ago

    Duke had a deep team plus Coach K said in the beginning of the year, that they were going to win the National championship

  • Byron Blue
    Byron Blue 3 months ago

    Why did they put this game up? Nothing special about this game

  • Christian Burruel
    Christian Burruel 4 months ago

    hope to see a rematch of both these teams soon

  • LilDrizzy51
    LilDrizzy51 4 months ago +1

    the amount of talent & college basketball legends & great nba careers on this court was unbelievable.

  • Robert Will
    Robert Will 4 months ago +1

    J Williams point the nail in the coffin.

  • Yo Mama's Cup of Tea
    Yo Mama's Cup of Tea 4 months ago +6

    Everybody talks about Gilbert but Rich Jefferson was nice!!!

  • Lord Hugenstein
    Lord Hugenstein 4 months ago

    Ahhhhh. .another total fuck job by the zebras that handed the flopping pukes from duke another bogus national title. Call phantom fouls on the opposition while letting duke foul all the time with no calls. . . .force the oppositions best players and key players to the bench with bogus fouls. . . so the pukes from duke can play against second stringers . . more of the same old same old from the pathetic no credibility ncaa. . .Who can ever forget the post game press conference. . .when rat faced fink Coach K(ries to the the officials all game) was asked about the controversial officiating. . . and all he could say was. . ."Well. . . .I think the officials called the game in a manner to keep the stars in the game". . . . TRANSLATION. . .the zebras let the pukes from duke get away with murder AGAIN!!!!!

  • Ty Lito
    Ty Lito 4 months ago

    Gils.in my top 3

  • superpoopoo1000
    superpoopoo1000 4 months ago +19

    But why didn't Arizona run 1-4 flat??

  • Kevin Toto
    Kevin Toto 4 months ago +6

    This was when whole college lineups were goin to the nba

  • otis youngblood
    otis youngblood 4 months ago

    College teams were stacked b4 the one and done

  • Isaac Wu
    Isaac Wu 4 months ago

    dat Duke team is stacked.

  • ShowtimeLA88
    ShowtimeLA88 4 months ago

    These teams were fucking loaded.

  • Mohmar-Kwesi Nosakehne'

    The DUKE B-Ball Program IS the BEST in Division I Hoops. HOW COME ? The Program has a HALL-Of-FAME HC, who Knows How to 'coach' with the Talent he Has.
    People often Forget that In the early yrs, Coach K didn't have the 'BLUE-Chippers' like he gets TODAY. Those Key McDonald's ALL-American HS Players, like former Coaches, DEAN SMITH (UNC), TERRY HOLLAND (UVa), the late JIMMY VALANO (NCSU) & LEFTY DRISSELL (UMd) were 'landing into' their Programs. It took Years of Recruiting Experience by Coach K & his Staff to Get the Top Talent. But, they started Comin. BOY, OH BOY, DID THEY:
    .....Yada Yada Yada.....and NOW,
    " SUCCESS......Recycles itself Under the RIGHT Circumstances....."
    If I Had a Son, or Grandson, who wanted to Play College HOOPS, I would WANT him to be Coached by Coach K. WHY ?
    " DUKE has 5 NATIONAL Titles & a Dozen FINAL Fours. "
    ENOUGH Said...

  • Sir Nice
    Sir Nice 4 months ago

    James Edwards was a beast for Zona!

  • Sir Nice
    Sir Nice 4 months ago

    Duhon is a weird looking mofo. Looks like a swole cab driver with little legs.

  • TBlancoo!
    TBlancoo! 4 months ago

    Stacked ass duke team

  • Channel Of Kool
    Channel Of Kool 4 months ago


  • Stan Smith
    Stan Smith 4 months ago +9

    Remember when Agent 0 used to pull desert eagles on his teammates? Lol.

  • カータービンス
    カータービンス 4 months ago


    TRU FACTS 4 months ago +3

    1 of The Best Duke line up in my opinion '01... Then the early '90s, '15, '10...& hopefully Zion & Barrett....

  • Rickey Ye
    Rickey Ye 4 months ago

    7:59 streetball alert

  • Akdjanzzz
    Akdjanzzz 4 months ago +1

    Duke coach still look the same 😂

  • LaDarrius Sheridan
    LaDarrius Sheridan 4 months ago +4

    Both teams was loaded but Duke had more talent man it’s crazy all the nba players that are on the court and especially on duke side

  • DeShaune
    DeShaune 4 months ago

    Where's Zion?

  • shroomysoup
    shroomysoup 4 months ago +1

    "Not the most talented team"... LOL wut?

  • eman X
    eman X 4 months ago

    Shane Battier found the fountain of youth when he hit puberty

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 4 months ago

    Ayton couldn’t go this game he was hurt

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 4 months ago +2

    Where is Deandre Ayton ?

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 4 months ago

    Gilbert fuckboy Arenas

  • ComeOnBaby 1234
    ComeOnBaby 1234 5 months ago

    Damn almost all of them play important roles in nba in the future

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof 5 months ago


  • Froggy Dog
    Froggy Dog 5 months ago +1

    The game where Jay Williams’s rode the back of AZ PG like he was a pony at the end of the first half and the refs swallowed their whistles so he wouldn’t pick up his 3rd foul. Fixed game.

  • Morris Bailey
    Morris Bailey 5 months ago +4

    I’m a simple man. I see Gilbert, I watch. I click like.

  • Doctor Too-Much
    Doctor Too-Much 5 months ago

    just watch how the game had FARmore tension and was FAR more dynamic than todays spread out 3p-shootout/iso ball only crap with a gazillion absolute non contested dunks and 150 points . on a closer look ...theres nothing left which is or can be called contested or defense

  • Hi9hli9ht
    Hi9hli9ht 5 months ago +3

    The refs clearly favored Duke all game in this fix job. So sad. I watched the whole thing live

  • Essag Ghim
    Essag Ghim 5 months ago

    Jay Williams could’ve had a great career

  • pogz
    pogz 5 months ago +4

    2001 to 2019 coach K Face still the same 😂😁

  • LoyaltyOverEveryting
    LoyaltyOverEveryting 5 months ago

    I use to fuck with Chris Dun so tough back in the day after my two favorites J-Will and Mikey Dun graduated.

  • Randy Capia
    Randy Capia 5 months ago

    Battier as leader as he was in the nba

  • 3xtra Terrestrial
    3xtra Terrestrial 5 months ago +1

    This breaks my heart

  • Bear 7
    Bear 7 5 months ago

    These teams then were close to the last in team chemistry and teamwork. Now it’s all one and done teams. No chemistry and no experience. These teams back then played together for a couple yrs at least and had great team chemistry. Great team chemistry leads to great basketball and championships.

  • ponypower8
    ponypower8 5 months ago +1

    There were so many players in this game who made it to the NBA. Shows how really good these 2 teams were.

  • Luke Joles
    Luke Joles 6 months ago

    Just look at the talent back then compared to now in one game you had 10 NBA all star players not including what the other teams had now today your only guaranteed maybe one all-star out of the whole draft 2 at the most and most of that is caused by how soft the game has become

  • Marcus Davis
    Marcus Davis 6 months ago

    man the talent on that floor

  • Devvv
    Devvv 7 months ago

    How many did Arenas get?

  • S R
    S R 7 months ago +1

    I miss Agent Zero

  • TwinTheBooster
    TwinTheBooster 7 months ago +1

    Here from the duke game vs Clemson 💙

  • Jeezus C.
    Jeezus C. 8 months ago

    I can only imagine how frustrating this game must’ve been to watch as a Wildcats fan back in ‘01 way too many mistakes were made on there end.

  • membersonlydave
    membersonlydave 8 months ago

    Fuck Carlos Boozer.

  • Chris McGlynn
    Chris McGlynn 9 months ago

    Both teams are loaded.

  • Ushiab
    Ushiab 9 months ago

    What a game lol

  • Andrew C.
    Andrew C. 10 months ago +2

    It's too bad Arenas was hurt, banged shoulder in the semi-final against Michigan State.

  • Jordan Rios
    Jordan Rios 11 months ago

    Arizona choked.

  • Jordan Rios
    Jordan Rios 11 months ago

    Almost all these dudes were really good NBA players.

  • Intelligent Brother
    Intelligent Brother 11 months ago

    Luke Walton was trassshh

  • PhoenixSuns NZ
    PhoenixSuns NZ 11 months ago +2

    I wonder if Walton would have made the NBA if his Dad wasn't a player?

  • EdGlennJayden tv
    EdGlennJayden tv 11 months ago

    Jason willaims good point guard with a bad freethrow

  • mustafa saleh
    mustafa saleh 11 months ago

    Boxers under the Long shorts

  • Eyesopen Notshut
    Eyesopen Notshut 11 months ago

    There hasn't been a game since then with that much talent

  • Julkifli Ferolino
    Julkifli Ferolino 11 months ago

    Williams was also has a "what if" career

  • True Carter
    True Carter 11 months ago

    Don't forget this is the first team who had a starting five in which they were all McDonald's Highscool All-Americans.

  • Southsideman
    Southsideman 11 months ago

    K won so many he didn't even celebrate

  • DerrickRoseisMVP
    DerrickRoseisMVP 11 months ago +30

    Cool story VIA J Williams Instagram account. At 11:09 you see Duhon give Williams the ball. Apparently before the season the team was told to write down their goal for the season. Williams goal was to be throwing the ball in the air after they won the championship. Duhon remembered that all year and gave Williams the ball to throw up.

  • Vinny Smoove
    Vinny Smoove 11 months ago

    Walton Jefferson Woods and Arenas vs Duhon JWilliams Boozer Dunlevey Battier. Crazy ass game

  • Hater8
    Hater8 11 months ago

    Zona got cheated. Refs were so for Duke with so many bogus calls