Nintendo Labo VR review: what virtual reality should be

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Nintendo Labo VR is a fresh take on virtual reality gaming. VR can be isolating, but Labo VR is centered around quick, shareable games designed to be played with friends. You can fly like a bird with the wind blowing in your face, paint with an elephant’s trunk, and take photos of underwater fish. There’s also Toy-Con Garage VR, which lets you code and play your own VR games. Labo VR will work with Nintendo Switch games like Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which makes Nintendo’s belated foray into VR well worth the wait.
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Comments • 332

  • The Verge
    The Verge  5 months ago +102

    What Switch games would you want to play in VR?

    • Kohl
      Kohl 4 months ago

      Mario kart

    • Ultrawing Gaming
      Ultrawing Gaming 5 months ago

      Splatoon. I would totally come back to splatoon of they added VR support for it. but prime 4 would also be great with the blaster one too.

    • Brendan 2
      Brendan 2 5 months ago

      Fort it’s lol... but it would give an advantage or disadvantage

    • Basim Khokhar
      Basim Khokhar 5 months ago

      Mario kart 8 deluxe. Hands down without a question

  • JahnDude
    JahnDude 2 months ago +1

    "You're basically sticking the Switch's 720P screen on your face, plus the resolution is not great and the display is a little blurry."
    Are you not just saying the same thing 3 times?

  • Ero-Usagi-Sama
    Ero-Usagi-Sama 3 months ago

    She's beautiful

  • Admiral Snackbar
    Admiral Snackbar 3 months ago +1

    The labor vr has so much potential with 3rd party games, I really hope Nintendo goes that route

  • Rashadow
    Rashadow 4 months ago +1

    "What VR should be"? I want my hands be free for interactions in games. I want to play the same time as my co players. So what is it all about this? Shouldn't this video be tagged as payd or advertising?

  • Jonathan P
    Jonathan P 4 months ago

    like this chick

  • Suvajeet Datta
    Suvajeet Datta 4 months ago +1


  • Mindblow
    Mindblow 4 months ago

    1:30 holding it up all the time?
    that's not how VR should be... it's not how it is anyway ...

  • Mindblow
    Mindblow 4 months ago

    ... at 790p ....
    the headaches ...

  • James Burns
    James Burns 4 months ago

    Awesome video. I feel like you’ve really understood what Nintendo is doing here. This is a unique experience that blends physical and digital. Very cool.

  • Angel Valdez
    Angel Valdez 4 months ago

    OK, but seriously, real talk, am I the only one who started swearing profusely and cursing the heavens when she said that you could not play Pokémon snap with the camera?
    However if I think about this, Pokémon go has a photography AR experience. if Pokémon let’s go got some DLC, they could make a VR experience with the camera by adding a photography feature to the games that already exist and will exist in the future on this platform

  • slosher
    slosher 4 months ago

    Great review

  • yusepbcn
    yusepbcn 4 months ago

    So VR must be mimicky? I am pretty happy with my vive and beat saber + elite dangerous. This is not proper VR.
    I own a switch and I am pretty happy with it without VR.

  • Wthie Ribabt
    Wthie Ribabt 4 months ago

    So, it's basically VR for children, women, and soyboys. I think I'll pass.

  • CapijuanHarlock99
    CapijuanHarlock99 4 months ago +1

    Labo VR insults and hurts the VR industry. Please try another VR device and dont let this be your idea of VR...

  • Rob Nijlaan
    Rob Nijlaan 4 months ago

    cardboard nonsense.

  • William Hetherington
    William Hetherington 4 months ago

    Dami is HAWT

  • Raid_Arsenal
    Raid_Arsenal 4 months ago +3

    a cardboard and rubberband vr headset. guess nintendo had losses with their last console

  • Nazraq S
    Nazraq S 4 months ago

    "What virtual reality should be"
    Fragile. Disposable. Low resolution. No position tracking. Requires you to hold it to your face. No full length games. Less powerful than a cell phone.
    It sounds like The Verge thinks that virtual reality "should" be worse. I hope they enjoy playing Zelda one handed.

  • World Builder
    World Builder 4 months ago

    Bwaaaahahahaha only Switch users would consider this VR!

    • Adam L.
      Adam L. 4 months ago

      What’s your issue? These kits are incredibly well engineered, unique, and fun. Sure this VR is different than most, but it’s not trying to be like the others. It’s trying to be different. I think it succeeds at that.

  • Solidus T
    Solidus T 4 months ago

    I would love to play some Labo with Dami & Allegra.

  • conrad eli
    conrad eli 4 months ago +1

    Over priced piece of carbord

  • Aji Setiawan
    Aji Setiawan 4 months ago

    More Dami Lee is better!

  • JoveroIV
    JoveroIV 4 months ago

    Resolution isn’t great and the screen is a little blurry....? That seems a bit redundant but were you speaking to the art design of the games or using layman speak so people might understand what the not great resolution translates to?

  • The Enthusiasm Project
    The Enthusiasm Project 4 months ago +1

    “They’re turn-based games meant to be played with a friend.”
    I’ll see myself out.

  • Kyle Ernst
    Kyle Ernst 4 months ago

    Nintendo VR is so much fun! Everyone should try this!

  • Fruitarian
    Fruitarian 4 months ago +2

    This is way much better then any htc or oculus vr

  • Strumento
    Strumento 4 months ago

    Every fold has a purpose, but not for some phones.

  • Gianni
    Gianni 4 months ago +1

    This is what vr should be... HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA. OK queen

  • Shabaab Kamal
    Shabaab Kamal 5 months ago


  • Nick Bu
    Nick Bu 5 months ago +1

    Came from the Galaxy Fold video. Just to see Dami

  • DR. Gonzo
    DR. Gonzo 5 months ago

    😑 herro

  • Rodier Ratafakus
    Rodier Ratafakus 5 months ago


  • J2 digital
    J2 digital 5 months ago +2

    I never got to play Pokemon Snap growing up! POKEMON SNAP FOR LABO VR! plz & thx.

  • uhmpr0
    uhmpr0 5 months ago +2

    thank you Verge-Chan AYAYA

  • Richard Cermele
    Richard Cermele 5 months ago

    And how long do those constructions actually last?

  • TopTextBottomText
    TopTextBottomText 5 months ago

    What VR should be=First Person
    What VR “should” be=Third Person

  • Holzkohlen
    Holzkohlen 5 months ago

    I would probably enjoy building that stuff more than actually playing with it.

  • Marc Ivan
    Marc Ivan 5 months ago

    How nudely

  • Nganthoi Tongbram
    Nganthoi Tongbram 5 months ago

    More Dami Lee please

  • Jungaii Cumla
    Jungaii Cumla 5 months ago

    The egg lady?

  • Alex Chipman
    Alex Chipman 5 months ago +3

    Sony: PS5!
    Me: Meh
    Nintendo: Foldable cardboard VR goggles
    Me: YESSSlewkrlkjfsd

  • James Healey
    James Healey 5 months ago +1

    It doesn't have a strap? So you'll have to hold it to play Breath of the Wild? That's a bit disappointing.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 5 months ago


  • Arrowinaknee 277
    Arrowinaknee 277 5 months ago

    Vr should be holding a 720p screen up to your face to play short mini games with no replay value. Eh sounds fun but I think I’ll keep my vive

  • eggs
    eggs 5 months ago

    She's a qt 3.14

  • The Deviant Developer
    The Deviant Developer 5 months ago

    What VR should be.... if you want to do it for 3 minutes till your arms get tired. Ridiculous.

  • Kang Han
    Kang Han 5 months ago

    Is this video recorded in HDR? Black looks weird on my non-HDR screen.

  • Marcus Anderson
    Marcus Anderson 5 months ago +1

    Dami has zero personality outside of presenting. She seem to take the haunted drawing very seriously.

  • The Bad Elf
    The Bad Elf 5 months ago +1

    I had to give the video a thumbs down when she said "and I'm here for it".

  • Paulo Dominguez
    Paulo Dominguez 5 months ago

    It’s funny how people are buying paperboard.

  • Jack McInnis
    Jack McInnis 5 months ago +2

    They didn’t add a strap because they could lower the age rating because if the child didn’t feel good they could pull the headset away.

  • Aries73
    Aries73 5 months ago

    I can think of quite a few 3rd parties looking to create headgear compatible with Labo VR.

  • TurboPikachuX
    TurboPikachuX 5 months ago

    3:58 Pokemon snap isn't the only missed opportunity. I also REALLY want Virtual Boy games to be made available as DLC for Labo VR from the eShop.
    That said, I really like Labo VR, and 720p despite it's low resolution is actually not as blurry as I feared, very comparable to seeing a 3DS XL's 3D screen from a comfortable distance.

  • idonotmakevidsyet
    idonotmakevidsyet 5 months ago +1

    "Keep in mind that we adults are dumber than kids"

  • steve sutton
    steve sutton 5 months ago

    You ladies want a real VR experience? 100% serious.

  • IronRangr
    IronRangr 5 months ago

    Is she a cartoonist too?

  • Noodle
    Noodle 5 months ago

    give us rec room on switch! we need good graphics on mobile vr

    • Kirascendant Avatar
      Kirascendant Avatar 4 months ago

      yeah, not a chance. Not enough FPS, Framerate, processing power, or sensor hardware.

  • Dustin
    Dustin 5 months ago

    I didn’t know it was so geared for multiplayer. 😞

  • ContraZombie4
    ContraZombie4 5 months ago

    People keep raving about Pokemon Snap, but it doesn't seem ANYWHERE near as engaging as people say.
    If Pokemon Snap came out today, it'd be more so a "Wii Play" than a "Wii Sports", so to speak.
    Wii Play was popular at the time, but ultimately quickly abandoned after the novelty wears off.
    Whereas Wii Sports is a simple, engaging game that people both remember fondly, and can go back to ANYTIME.