USB drive DESTROYED by customer; Louis attempts data recovery anyway.

  • Published on Feb 1, 2019
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Comments • 654

  • Lucas Stephen
    Lucas Stephen 16 days ago

    You're the Bob Ross of computer repair

  • Krip Killa7615
    Krip Killa7615 Month ago

    But can he re over data on a chip if I drill a hole in it?

  • SteeVeeDee
    SteeVeeDee Month ago

    Well son - when you grow up in the future do you think you will have your own jet pack and go to the moon?
    No dad - I think I'll just watch videos of someone fixing electronics.

  • Miguel S. P.
    Miguel S. P. 2 months ago

    Damn that´s crazy. Good job!

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 2 months ago

    All that work to restore 3MB of data.

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh 2 months ago

    ♫ OmniVice, OmniVice ♫
    ♫ Every morning you greet me ♫

  • stevehovey70
    stevehovey70 5 months ago

    VCC D- D+ GND

  • OmniscientWarrior
    OmniscientWarrior 6 months ago

    Used so much flux that the device started to float and drift when left unattended. Still not too much flux.

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 6 months ago

    Could die to have a boss like Louis

  • Dima Dimov
    Dima Dimov 6 months ago

    When you solder the original usb connector back on, the area looked like it had some brown or burned funk. I supposed it was in condition to still be soldered on, I thought you would need to clean the area first. Elaborate when can you leave burned solder and it still works?

  • Arthur Teeshuke
    Arthur Teeshuke 7 months ago

    Louis, you're supposed to lower brightness to basically the lowest levels possible when you zoom in to show anything on solder as it reflects light too much when the surroundings are so much darker. When I take pics of my solder under the scope I sometimes use the lowest brightness but usually it's at around 2 out of 10.

  • Olmstead Technologies
    Olmstead Technologies 7 months ago

    Louis: "Tell me who hurt you, little flash drive"
    Keep it up and I'll wet my pants. Killin' me, dude.

  • Soul Of Artorias
    Soul Of Artorias 7 months ago

    what is that gel he applies to the board?

  • RonkoDDR
    RonkoDDR 7 months ago

    You CAN recover data from iPhone?!?! but Apple says you can't! How can you dare to say otherwise??? ;-)
    Keep up the good work! :-)

  • chibiebil
    chibiebil 7 months ago

    what is so good with lead

  • Benjamin Niess
    Benjamin Niess 7 months ago

    Rossmann ist ein Drogeriemarkt

  • Kimathi Kirimi
    Kimathi Kirimi 7 months ago

    Hi Ross, just want to say how much I like your work ethic.

  • kingneutron1
    kingneutron1 7 months ago

    Jazus, that's the worst damage I've ever seen to a poor innocent circuit board - almost looks like dude dropped it in acid
    Incredible that you were able to recover data - brilliant work!

  • WireTamer
    WireTamer 7 months ago +1

    'if we are going to go to all this work to bring it back we might as well make it a work of art'
    ... the very essence of culture

  • BROAdWAYexpressN
    BROAdWAYexpressN 7 months ago

    Where do you get those thin copper cable strands from?

  • tunespt
    tunespt 7 months ago

    Everybody rapes solder joints.... funny part, you mostly repair crapple stuff, but use windows on the desktop :D

  • crazyeye1
    crazyeye1 7 months ago

    Someone send this guy all of HC's hard drives. He'd get to the bottom of it.

  • Roberto Abud
    Roberto Abud 7 months ago

    ok ill send you a HDD i destroyed with thermite(did not really do this) and a hammer, Good Luck XD

  • Bill A
    Bill A 7 months ago

    Oh so now they're competing with the world famous Driver Savers?! Yep, even Drive Savers sends their hard jobs to the Rossmann Group for data recovery... tsk-tsk

  • BetaLeaf
    BetaLeaf 7 months ago

    I kept expecting Rossman to say "Show me on the doll where he touched you" but it never happened. Slightly disappointed. Otherwise yet another great vid.

  • Matt Risen
    Matt Risen 7 months ago

    That shit hurt my eyes, I feel as though I have been wronged by having witnessed what had been done to that drive. Well done on saving it.

  • Christopher Moss
    Christopher Moss 7 months ago

    Man, if I were a microvascular surgeon, I think I could find a use for you!

  • Paul Dub
    Paul Dub 7 months ago

    That was an awesome save

  • nano itch
    nano itch 8 months ago

    Poor little flash drive... Point at the dolly where he touched your pins.

  • Heimvar the Apprentice
    Heimvar the Apprentice 8 months ago

    I have so many hard drives to send you XD

  • Martin Keatings
    Martin Keatings 8 months ago +1

    Data Recovery? Data Recovery? Apple says there is no such thing!

  • Chris Diaz
    Chris Diaz 8 months ago

    Who the fuck is Paul?

  • justpassnthru
    justpassnthru 8 months ago

    There is something strangely Zen-like watching these repair videos.

  • Exploring Florida Trails
    Exploring Florida Trails 8 months ago +2

    The government needs help recovering the data off of Hillary's smashed phones

  • Undecidedable
    Undecidedable 8 months ago

    I have no idea what I'm watching, what is the jelly stuff?

  • 《 snipe X 》
    《 snipe X 》 8 months ago

    What microphone do you use?

  • Tristan Brown
    Tristan Brown 8 months ago

    A USB drive was in a dryer for two hours. This is what happened to his circuity. US.B presents itself to the Rossmann emergency room.

  • Victor Hugo Ramirez
    Victor Hugo Ramirez 8 months ago

    Great work! just one question? what flux you are using?

  • Mr G
    Mr G 8 months ago

    Track ID: Lionel Richie - Can't slow down

  • Marcel Zuidwijk
    Marcel Zuidwijk 8 months ago +2

    This is no data recovery, this is just a way to create art ;-)

  • Marcus Y
    Marcus Y 8 months ago

    Continent of the united states😶

  • Pro. Logic
    Pro. Logic 8 months ago

    I had to stop the video @ the four minute thirty three second time mark and take a few deep breath's.

  • Ryan Zheng
    Ryan Zheng 8 months ago +1

    Sorry, what's the slimy stuff here?

  • Wolfer Alpha
    Wolfer Alpha 8 months ago

    The guy who did this with the pen drive should take a slap

  • Michael Crider
    Michael Crider 8 months ago

    The amount of residual flux before you started makes me itch

  • David Bac
    David Bac 8 months ago

    Your skills are amazing. Fuck the Apple store and all those losers. I need to send you my daughters old galaxy tablet. It only worked a month before it wouldn't charge anymore.

  • TheRedStormer
    TheRedStormer 8 months ago

    What if apple somehow made traces look just like areas of the board with no metal just to make repairs even more annoying?

  • jarod thornton
    jarod thornton 8 months ago

    I’ve been watching your videos for a couple years. This one got my sub ❤️

  • Dack Wallace
    Dack Wallace 8 months ago

    What is that clear gel you covered everything in before working on the board?

    • Dack Wallace
      Dack Wallace 8 months ago

      @Sonic Cookie I thought so too, but I've never seen clear flux paste like that that you can cover the working piece in

    • Sonic Cookie
      Sonic Cookie 8 months ago

      Flux, I think.

  • Sync Master
    Sync Master 8 months ago

    i'm waiting for.. "but wait, there's more!, if you buy within 24hours,we'll throw in this absolutely free!"

  • TheArea51Rider
    TheArea51Rider 8 months ago +3

    My god. A lake of flux and a huge soldering tip. Whatever works I guess.

  • Morten Kristiansen
    Morten Kristiansen 8 months ago

    It's not like a missing power pin won't matter. You may get away with it; but you may experience ground bounce.

  • Raymond Edge
    Raymond Edge 8 months ago

    Destroyed????? Ever hear of snapping them in half? Or maybe a hammer to the chip? This was a setup video. Bullshit.

  • Tcmtech
    Tcmtech 8 months ago

    A real pro could have done all that with a 100 watt Radio Shack buzz gun and.063" flux core solder all for $20. :D

  • Albin9000
    Albin9000 8 months ago

    awe I wanted to see the contents of the flash too

  • Ignitable Virus
    Ignitable Virus 8 months ago +1

    i have no idea wth was going on but that was pretty impressive

  • charlieinsingapore
    charlieinsingapore 8 months ago +1

    Worst job we had come in was a woman's USB drive that had a years worth of un-backed-up photos including her family with her father just before he died, it was in a laptop that fell off a coffee table and snapped off the connector. She took it to her local computer experts* who completely screwed it. I sent it to our board repair guy in another state but there was nothing left to work with.
    * Highly technically qualified to take boxed components and assemble a PC, but not qualified enough to know that if you don't know how to fix something, say so and don't f it up even more

  • Keron Tzul
    Keron Tzul 8 months ago

    Can Data from an SD card be retrieved when no computer/laptop/phone wants to detect the sdcard?

  • Harry Sinanian
    Harry Sinanian 8 months ago

    Is that an Aussie in the background? He sounds like me.

  • Harry Sinanian
    Harry Sinanian 8 months ago

    Uncle Louis will save you little fella