6 Healthy Meal Recipes for the New Year • Tasty


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  • sana sami
    sana sami 22 hours ago

    good food

  • aem
    aem 12 days ago

    I never realized how important music was until now.

  • Manukutan's kitchen
    Manukutan's kitchen 12 days ago

    Looking so.... Yummy dear....
    New friend.....
    Stay connected....

  • Malti Sharma
    Malti Sharma 15 days ago

    There is pin drop silence
    Good recipe 🌹🌹🌹

  • Jane Denton Gaming
    Jane Denton Gaming 17 days ago

    I love the music in this video... ;)

  • Medinas Channel
    Medinas Channel 18 days ago

    Where is the music

  • protizemo s
    protizemo s 20 days ago


  • Chubnubbs
    Chubnubbs 21 day ago

    I can’t hear anything

  • Valiant Lion
    Valiant Lion 25 days ago

    This is creepy without music. The silence is deafening.

  • Cindy Martinez
    Cindy Martinez 26 days ago

    abrire otra pestaña con musica porque no puedo XD

  • Sofia Moraldo
    Sofia Moraldo 27 days ago

    Tasty with out music is not the same😭

  • Erica X
    Erica X Month ago

    Okay, my firestick is fine. There's no sound!

  • Vivien Bolliger
    Vivien Bolliger Month ago

    I thought I plugged my earphones in my phone, didn't I?

  • jerry sneed
    jerry sneed Month ago

    Why does this video have no sound

  • Brian Sempowski
    Brian Sempowski Month ago

    These recipes look good

  • RS. art crafts design
    RS. art crafts design Month ago +1

    I thought what's wrong with my computer and done refresh, still the same... and then I looked at the comments... 😁 Maybe someone wants to be friends? ;)

  • Abigayle Grace Morgan

    No sound?!?!?

  • Max Mundy
    Max Mundy Month ago

    I don’t like that this has no music

  • Jordan Mattison
    Jordan Mattison Month ago


  • Panda_Cat 95
    Panda_Cat 95 Month ago

    New year, you can lose weight *AND* your hearing

  • Multi Fandom Ugly Mess ughh

    Buzzfeed gives millennials a bad name

  • Multi Fandom Ugly Mess ughh

    Uh huh...

  • TLepageArt
    TLepageArt Month ago

    Where tf is the music

  • No pain No gain
    No pain No gain Month ago

    I can’t watch this

  • lucy lachlan
    lucy lachlan Month ago

    lol i thought my headphones were broken! no music? why?

  • Samreen Shoaib
    Samreen Shoaib Month ago

    please please please make a tasty 101 video about: how to make the best Nankhatai

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea Month ago

    I feel uncomfortable

  • Barb HR
    Barb HR Month ago

    yuck! I would never give that salad to my kids.... i bet "tasty" has never had to feed four hungry kiddos after soccer practice ;)

  • Barb HR
    Barb HR Month ago

    you call that second recipe a stir fry? since when is asparagus and shrimp a "stir fry?" ^-^

  • Panda Dollee
    Panda Dollee Month ago

    Where’s the music?!??

  • Rennae Garvey
    Rennae Garvey Month ago

    Can’t watch without music😢

  • Kawaiilexia
    Kawaiilexia Month ago

    Oh good! I thought something was wrong with my phone's speaker but then I played some music and it was fine so i headed to the comments lol *phew*

  • It WaS a SwOrD
    It WaS a SwOrD Month ago

    I feel like i'm in the goddamn twilight zone

  • ktoś tam
    ktoś tam Month ago

    Raising awareness about deaf people is OK

  • Dakota Demery
    Dakota Demery Month ago

    I feel like people aren't ever satisfied with these videos. If there is music, people say it's distracting, now that there isn't, people complain about the absence of music 😂

  • derpxjenna xo
    derpxjenna xo Month ago

    I made few of them :)

  • Bernard Prasetyo
    Bernard Prasetyo Month ago

    No music is the new trend

  • Clara Hippler
    Clara Hippler Month ago

    99•\• abut the sound
    1•\• about the food

  • shiba shahid
    shiba shahid Month ago

    I tried it

  • ILoveCookiesSoGG ROBLOX :P

    Did tasty make a mistake and not put any music in the video or is this intentional so the viewers feel like they’re going deaf with _the sound of silence_

  • Khadija Ilyas
    Khadija Ilyas Month ago

    wait is there no sound in this

  • Ree 1
    Ree 1 Month ago

    Loved it need to make some changes to these as there's a bit too much oil but otherwise great

    JACK ATTACK Month ago


  • Kas IE
    Kas IE Month ago

    I thought I hated the music until you got rid of it

  • Fabíola Cardoso
    Fabíola Cardoso Month ago


  • Abby June
    Abby June Month ago

    wheres the music lmao

  • Sarah Banker
    Sarah Banker Month ago

    The music is up to your own interpretation!

  • prost tak
    prost tak Month ago

    Way to go releasing it 11 days after New Year

  • somnath chakraborty


  • Sainfaura Calixte
    Sainfaura Calixte Month ago

    I thought my headphones aren't working but I figured there's no music 🤔🤔🤔

  • Zohre Maghsoodi
    Zohre Maghsoodi Month ago

    In the first Recipe, the instructions read: 3cm ginger. I think it was supposed to be 3tsp.

  • mia arcic
    mia arcic Month ago

    5:30 best meal

  • Ames Lacroix
    Ames Lacroix Month ago +1

    No sound hu?.... oof

  • JoMu
    JoMu Month ago

    No audio, no consistency on measurement units, all in all a pretty poorly done video :/

  • SuperDubios
    SuperDubios Month ago +1

    Didn't realise that this video had no sound until the end. It didn't even bother me actually. Wish more soundless videos like that ☺

  • Trailer Crunch
    Trailer Crunch Month ago +1

    Anyone just pressed the volume button

  • Faith•xo
    Faith•xo Month ago

    Music would be nice...

  • Lila Twyx
    Lila Twyx Month ago

    There is still no music when will you fix this???

  • Juan Sierralonche
    Juan Sierralonche Month ago +1

    Healthy, Shmealthy!!!

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname Month ago

    I played another Tasty video in the background for the music

  • Gardenia's FF
    Gardenia's FF Month ago


  • Priyesh Shetty
    Priyesh Shetty Month ago +2

    *All recipes and no sound makes Tasty a dull channel*

  • Mridul Mahato
    Mridul Mahato Month ago

    Sound less food by tasty....
    Interesting 🤔

  • Saumya Shah
    Saumya Shah Month ago

    Tasty Music has left the chat.

  • Aria Johnson
    Aria Johnson Month ago

    It's so fast 😁

  • anh phuong
    anh phuong Month ago

    i thought my phone was dead lol

  • Mr ABT
    Mr ABT Month ago

    Is something wrong with my phone or this video has no sound?

  • Autumn Clough
    Autumn Clough Month ago

    OK good I'm so glad that I'm the only one that couldn't hear anything

  • K Yatta
    K Yatta Month ago

    Had to start over couldn't figure out the lack of sound

  • Fancy_Just My Style 111

    Why this video has no sound?

  • cPxPryde _
    cPxPryde _ Month ago

    Yo there's no audip

  • Queen Sundus
    Queen Sundus Month ago

    who else always mutes the video and puts there own music on?

    just me? ok...

    SIAM HASAN Month ago

    Where is the sound

  • P B
    P B Month ago

    the silence made me so uncomfortable i had to open a different tasty video in another tab and let the audio play while i watched this one

  • keystring
    keystring Month ago

    Gee, I have been looking for how to fix my speaker when there is no sound on a certain vdo.

  • TheGamersUnit
    TheGamersUnit Month ago

    That sound tho tasty

  • Yo chucka chucka aka chuckie

    Where is the sound

  • Zibloom Studios!
    Zibloom Studios! Month ago

    I cleaned out my tablet speaker because I thought my sound was broken.
    I t w a s j u s T t h e f r i C K n vi d e o.

  • Maya Bee
    Maya Bee Month ago

    I need sound

  • Dertex
    Dertex Month ago +1

    99 percent of comments am I going deaf?
    1 percent unoriginal comments like mine

  • Grant Adamson
    Grant Adamson Month ago

    yay no useless noise and tasty healthy food.

  • riyas ki
    riyas ki Month ago

    I thought my mobile phone's speaker stopped working. I pauced in the middle of the video to play a song to check whether it was okay.
    Tasty! Be a sweety! Play a beaty!

  • Patrick Russell
    Patrick Russell Month ago

    Ummm a tasty vid with no music?

  • stilcrazychris
    stilcrazychris Month ago

    No Sound. Rewinded it To get a Pen and Papper for a Reciept and Now I have No Video. WTH is going on With this Video. Come on I wanted to taste What Tastey is Tasting. Dang it!

  • Jaz Hong
    Jaz Hong Month ago

    Omg thank god they got rid of those terrible lofi beats.... so annoying.

  • Evelyn Carrillo
    Evelyn Carrillo Month ago

    Am I the only that checked her headphones?! 😂

  • janone
    janone Month ago

    I literally can't watch this without music

  • hoodini waffles
    hoodini waffles Month ago

    Honey were is my music gone?

  • Munawar Sardar
    Munawar Sardar Month ago


  • The Arctic Sparrow
    The Arctic Sparrow Month ago

    I think the editor screwed up on this one

  • Osvaldo Diaz
    Osvaldo Diaz Month ago

    It feels depressing without music

  • Anber
    Anber Month ago

    Is ther no sound or is it my phone? Scrolling the comments i see its not my phone 😁

  • Joana Saldivar
    Joana Saldivar Month ago

    I want to see this video so bad but will pass just because it has no music.

  • Tipo Momin
    Tipo Momin Month ago

    Please like and subscribe this channel and page
    Maano is cooking

  • Lunna Wonka
    Lunna Wonka Month ago

    La crema de coco de la primera receta era endulzada?

  • Chaia's Curations
    Chaia's Curations Month ago +1

    Please give me some feedback I just started a cooking channel.

    HASEULS Month ago

    Only intellectuals can hear the music ^

  • A random Operator
    A random Operator Month ago

    There the noice helps

  • Nicole White
    Nicole White Month ago

    I'm sorry Tasty, but I just can't watch this without music. It's not the same! Lol

  • C
    C Month ago

    i thought my airpods were broken. lmfao