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  • Davie504
    Davie504 4 months ago +33125

    *Slap* like or I will steal and delete your minecraft account... and then *SLAP* you

  • Zack Avitua
    Zack Avitua 12 minutes ago

    Is there anything davie504 cant do?

  • Ryan Rasmussen
    Ryan Rasmussen Hour ago

    Oh man right on 7:33 was so badass and definitely a one up on him 👊🏼

  • THis GuyHere
    THis GuyHere 2 hours ago

    You must drink a LOT a coffee or smoke and drink a LOT of coffee. Otherwise with your skin tone compared to your teeth should be much whiter. I mean... do you eat mud?

  • Mehmet Özdemir
    Mehmet Özdemir 2 hours ago

    OMG like i am gen (genous)

  • Joe noone
    Joe noone 3 hours ago

    Yours was so bad ass i forgot all the other ones lol amazing...

  • Daniel de Paula Souza
    Daniel de Paula Souza 5 hours ago

    you won everyone but the last.... sory but the 136 guy slapped you...

  • PutOnAFlannel
    PutOnAFlannel 8 hours ago

    $78 dollar previously $69 dollar bro is the best

  • Юрій
    Юрій 13 hours ago

    69€ lmao guy did the best job - it is groove and catchy

  • grantis8
    grantis8 14 hours ago

    Italian PewDiePie

  • nirvana238
    nirvana238 17 hours ago


  • Allan Yacaman
    Allan Yacaman 19 hours ago

    $7 $135

  • Quoc Tran
    Quoc Tran 22 hours ago

    quintuple camera guy

  • Quoc Tran
    Quoc Tran 22 hours ago


  • Nick Satterfield

    Someone inform Davie he just learned the Seinfeld theme

  • AmosVan Tha
    AmosVan Tha Day ago

    $7 was my fav. it sounded so good!
    I slapped the subscribe!!!

  • Ghakimx
    Ghakimx Day ago

    Just FYI this was the video that shot Charles Berthoud to TheXvid fame.

  • T-Dabbing T-Dabber

    davie and these fiverr guys could play their own characters in a sitcom called "Davie's Bass Place"

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez Day ago


  • W3ird0_101
    W3ird0_101 Day ago

    12:37 this is why I love this channel. Such dry and well placed humor

  • Jake Gonzales
    Jake Gonzales Day ago

    If quintuple camera guy doesn't play a fat groove using only 6th fret - 9th fret next time, he doesn't deserve sextuple camera guy.. le meowwww

  • moonflake
    moonflake Day ago +1

    That #3 was so clean. I wish he turned it into a song.

  • mel merca
    mel merca Day ago

    i really want to accept the challenge but i don't have bass lol!

  • DaseTrisLand Hunting

    Sounds like he tried to make it funky or version of the Seinfeld Theme Song I'd look into that if I were you

  • Arusha
    Arusha Day ago

    I think his playing in slow motion and than edit it fast so that it sounds normal ! 🤔

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson Day ago

    I slapped like and my computer slapped me back. ouch

  • AMBlesgraeft
    AMBlesgraeft Day ago

    You look and sound like borat

  • die or desire
    die or desire Day ago

    12:44 dis technique made me dead

  • SVoPPiX
    SVoPPiX Day ago

    Ciao davie sei stra simpatico!

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Day ago


  • Jad Bro
    Jad Bro Day ago

    nb 5 used 5 strings . ILLEGAL

  • Comrade Weeb
    Comrade Weeb Day ago

    *Davie504: Asked us to slap like twice*
    Me: *Click the like button twice

  • 蔡政良
    蔡政良 Day ago

    I like ur shirt “Taipei city”

  • Fyodor Wolf
    Fyodor Wolf Day ago +1

    I really liked the 3rd one. Anyone know any bands with similar style??

  • Rejected-From-Eve .Zero

    You watching you talk and your expression tricks people into thinking you cant really play but you good i liked all of them

  • Keith Decena
    Keith Decena Day ago


  • Asdayasman
    Asdayasman Day ago

    Did you miss the harmonics on number 3?

  • Cool'ss Panda'ss


  • Elías Burlón
    Elías Burlón Day ago

    I dont even know how to play an instrument, but I love this channel!

  • Derrick Milton
    Derrick Milton Day ago +1

    @Davie504 Number 3 Melody made me miss highschool and want to cry T_T. Is there a whole song for it or a way I can learn it on Guitar? I sub cuz video is awesome.

  • Brenton Carmichael
    Brenton Carmichael 2 days ago +1


  • robertmatthewking
    robertmatthewking 2 days ago

    Davie, I can’t tell what is better, your comedy or your bass playing.

  • Sir RealThought
    Sir RealThought 2 days ago

    i have liked. i have subscribed. i still do not know how he knew who you were. mind blown.

  • SuicidebyYourMom
    SuicidebyYourMom 2 days ago

    Bassist #10 is arguably the best in the selection.

  • Sonny Hulsenboom
    Sonny Hulsenboom 2 days ago

    -_- :O -_-

  • El Joelo
    El Joelo 2 days ago

    Calling the cops, Davie504 used pick, that's illegal.

  • Shincchii
    Shincchii 2 days ago

    14:21 you’re welcome

  • Alexander Hill
    Alexander Hill 2 days ago


  • Md. Fairuz Rahman
    Md. Fairuz Rahman 2 days ago

    Watch... Bassbaba sumon
    He is a Bangladeshi bass player...

  • Thgamingstar10 lol
    Thgamingstar10 lol 2 days ago

    I skipped again

  • MaxCub
    MaxCub 2 days ago

    From Russia with EPIC!

  • Ichzm Deleon
    Ichzm Deleon 2 days ago +4

    No one:
    Davie: ohemjee

  • Julien Riviere
    Julien Riviere 2 days ago

    No one:

    Davie504: S L A P P

  • Joel Miller
    Joel Miller 2 days ago


  • Daniel Payne
    Daniel Payne 3 days ago

    this is just a fucking dora video

  • Wrapping Clover
    Wrapping Clover 3 days ago

    #9 was like a remix of friends

  • Plagueis The Wise
    Plagueis The Wise 3 days ago


  • Julian Noel
    Julian Noel 3 days ago

    I'm torn between the last 2 guys in the video for who was the best

  • Brandt Reppond
    Brandt Reppond 3 days ago

    If bass was color, what is bass?