He Challenged ME To Play The HARDEST Bassline EVER

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
  • I went on Fiverr and paid bass players to create the HARDEST Bass Riffs Ever...
    The challenge? I had to play them all.
    Who did the best job?! Leave a comment NOW
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Comments • 15 152

  • Davie504
    Davie504  7 days ago +21114

    *Slap* like or I will steal and delete your minecraft account... and then *SLAP* you

    • Into the Polaris
      Into the Polaris 4 days ago

      Everyone call the police!!

    • Shwan Anwer Ali
      Shwan Anwer Ali 4 days ago

      I don’t have Minecraft at all so boom and I give you a SLAP👋

    • wiz oz
      wiz oz 4 days ago

      1 former 69 $ guy (Antonio Romero), 2 Davie, 3 pro guy number 10. Pro guy is the hardest but without the groove of Davie and Former 69 $ guy

    • Tariq Stringer
      Tariq Stringer 4 days ago +1

      oompa loompa lookin ass ur copying mr beast, just shuttup

    • Tom Brady
      Tom Brady 4 days ago

      I slapped it twice just for you

  • exhainca
    exhainca 18 hours ago


  • Malau
    Malau 18 hours ago

    I dunno who you are Davie504, but you are a fucking bass GOD !

  • Neptuna Msp
    Neptuna Msp 18 hours ago

    Quintuple Camera Guy’s hair lowkey reminds me of Duff McKagan’s

  • Paranormal Rush Hour - Video Podcast

    DAVIE!!! Your bass riff was EPIC!!! I will play your bass riff on the guitar!

  • Crimson Jon
    Crimson Jon 18 hours ago

    32 dollari Number 1,la melodia batte la tecnica,e fallo un video in italiano su'....👍

  • Tebek Music
    Tebek Music 18 hours ago

    I love to slapp

  • Joeslyn Gerarman
    Joeslyn Gerarman 18 hours ago

    Sounds like duck hunt xD

  • Hadrien Mayoraz
    Hadrien Mayoraz 18 hours ago

    awesome video as usual. I'd love to see you collaborate with mononeon on something... anything

  • Pat Gannon
    Pat Gannon 18 hours ago

    Today I will stick your bass up your ass if I cross your path, asshole.

  • KW1LL1S
    KW1LL1S 18 hours ago

    78.75 sounded like cowboy beepop

  • DanVanDam
    DanVanDam 18 hours ago

    when you see a manbun+ a greenscreen shit gets very real

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui 19 hours ago +2

    Very impresive, but can you do a colab with triple camera guy?

  • Ivan Hronský
    Ivan Hronský 19 hours ago


  • Shay CS
    Shay CS 19 hours ago

    wtf! this guy so fucking legend HUMOR LVL 69

  • HdoubleD _Music
    HdoubleD _Music 19 hours ago


  • Aviation 11
    Aviation 11 19 hours ago


  • MankeySock
    MankeySock 19 hours ago

    Dude i love your bass riff..It's epic groovy and funky..I approve!

  • megaburger187
    megaburger187 19 hours ago

    slappa da bass man

    EDWIN JR URAYANI 20 hours ago

    Hey davie, The PRO guy just played your hardest baseline too..

  • Abyssium
    Abyssium 20 hours ago

    pro wins

  • Wandile Ndlovu
    Wandile Ndlovu 20 hours ago

    Slapppp B

  • Jimi Shine
    Jimi Shine 20 hours ago

    Maybe CharlesBerthoud is better than Davie504? 🤔

  • Samael Games
    Samael Games 21 hour ago

    I never had so many strokes in one videos. I laughed so much to the tripl- I mean quad- I mean, this is too many cameras guy.
    I SLAPPED LIKE, 'cause man, you really deserve it.

  • Lex Sheehan
    Lex Sheehan 21 hour ago

    So funny. Thank you, Davie504, for the laughs. You remind me of Bruce Lee, who sought the best competitors and mastered each technique. SLAP.

  • JAN thology
    JAN thology 21 hour ago

    Best is the last one

  • Halp Me
    Halp Me 21 hour ago


  • Ghetto
    Ghetto 22 hours ago

    9:12 that voice crack tho

  • James Bullo
    James Bullo 22 hours ago

    $7, $78 & $136. SLAP

  • zoro uchiha
    zoro uchiha 22 hours ago

    78 guy i choose 78

  • Player 1
    Player 1 22 hours ago +1

    The way he speaks and the effects is why im here
    I dont even know to play a bass guitar

  • Do Anh
    Do Anh 22 hours ago

    usually clips like this i pass after 5s watching, but not these, dont know why i keep watching till the end

  • Nambam Iangrai
    Nambam Iangrai 22 hours ago

    y'know i feel the triple/quadraple/....quintuple(??) guy watches and subs to davie, imean why else would he add more cams... XD XD just saying..

  • Fabian
    Fabian 22 hours ago

    What i learn from these videos, is that you often get what you pay for in the high-end area, but that the cheap ones are best bang for the buck. Also, the middle area is like a mine field where you can get something really good, but most people just wanna earn money. So it's probably something like this: beginners with low prices still try, and are happy that somebody wants to use what they produced, when people get more popular / expensive they seemingly lose interrest very often and deliver half asses results for the money, and then there is this huge price jump, after which you can expect professionals most of the time.

  • Shaan Ali
    Shaan Ali 22 hours ago +1

    32 1

    • basslass
      basslass 20 hours ago

      Thank you! ($32#1 here!)

  • Anshu Rani Singh
    Anshu Rani Singh 22 hours ago

    136 dollar guy was pretty good like ripping our faces off😈😈

  • Hieu Nguyen Van
    Hieu Nguyen Van 22 hours ago +1

    *B A S S*

  • Bel Bel
    Bel Bel 22 hours ago

    78 was good but still the hardest was the last guy

  • sab payan
    sab payan 22 hours ago

    Use Honey to get lots of discount

  • John Sutton III
    John Sutton III 23 hours ago +1

    Your hands bro are huge. Good for you. Great playing. Wink!

  • Jiv Ing
    Jiv Ing 23 hours ago

    Bet you can't 😎 No see I can play this no problem at all 😆 😜 ; )

  • jakub murthy
    jakub murthy 23 hours ago

    It would be really cool if you opened up a new fiver account. BUT. Instead of asking people to send you videos of them playing... Be on the other side, and record bass lines for others.

  • Mr NewVegas
    Mr NewVegas 23 hours ago

    This is the first video I've watched of yours and I think I love you

  • Aleksey Stetsenko
    Aleksey Stetsenko 23 hours ago

    BASS. It was HARD.
    Davie it's very impressive and fun. But when do you buy me jazz bass?
    I ask you for the 28 -th time.

  • Matthew Lipura
    Matthew Lipura Day ago


  • The Sultan
    The Sultan Day ago

    Davie's favourite : $136 guy
    People's favourite : Quintuple Camera Guy

  • ATV HogHunter
    ATV HogHunter Day ago

    Dog gonnit... How many times do I have to slapp like???

  • Ken_Ken 20
    Ken_Ken 20 Day ago +1

    number 3 got me I had to keep replaying it.

    • basslass
      basslass Day ago +1

      Thank you! ($32#1 here)

  • Opa-Opa
    Opa-Opa Day ago

    Not enough jumpcuts, I fell asleep after 10 secs.... so boring yawn. More action please!! Some uppers could help you tho ;)

  • Sanford Williams

    This guy is Hila from h3h3 after a successful sex change.

  • Bahsaq Tibagh
    Bahsaq Tibagh Day ago

    I've played guitar on and off for close to ten years now and out of all the submissions from Fiver, the one I could probably do with relative ease is the quintuple camera guy's riff. That doesn't look hard at all.

  • Frankster
    Frankster Day ago

    The Licc

  • Charlie Ryder
    Charlie Ryder Day ago

    I nearly shat watching the hardest bass riff... Then Davie started playing....

  • Isaacc124 Caballero

    L I C C B O Y

  • Isaacc124 Caballero

    Is ay S L A P S E I N T F I E L D

  • Ozzy Freeman
    Ozzy Freeman Day ago


  • Pro Design
    Pro Design Day ago

    phew...wtf is wrong w you?

  • Steven Tarsitano

    "I'm not asking for random. I want groove" *one bassline later* "I dont want groove. I want the hardest bassline ever!"

  • lil ricesquad
    lil ricesquad Day ago

    Taipei city 🔥🔥🔥

  • ummm yeah
    ummm yeah Day ago

    his senpaku game is very strong