Michelin Starred Restaurant Takes On A Family Run Restaurant | Gordon Ramsay's Best Restaurant

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • In this episode of Ramsay's Best Restaurant, a Michelin starred restaurant goes against a family-run restaurant in a battle to be Ramsay's Best Restaurant.
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  • nkaujhmoobvwj
    nkaujhmoobvwj 18 hours ago

    lol.. they really need to get rid of that dish, lamb shank gravy. lol

  • Greensky02
    Greensky02 19 hours ago

    How does the head chef still have a voice shouting like that every night?

  • Jason
    Jason 20 hours ago

    It hurts me inside to see Yu and You cooking without the traditional stoves, it is the heart and soul of their food, without it, there is no Chinese food.

  • Justin Brewer
    Justin Brewer 2 days ago

    "Only one going through to the final, make sure its YU"

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor 2 days ago

    In the second clip I preferred there food, but a Chinese person with a Lancashire accent is so funny to me.

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor 2 days ago

    In the first restaurant, lobster and lamb is not relly Chinese to me.

  • Victor Hughes
    Victor Hughes 2 days ago

    "You're a good teacher" the feels man

  • Artificial Insolence

    I'm sure the dishes taste fantastic in these Michelin star restaurants - but looking at the portion sizes, I'd be getting hungry again as soon as I order the bill.

  • OneMore Thing
    OneMore Thing 8 days ago

    O god. A bitchy woman who's paid to be bitchy. Look out

  • ekorusoy
    ekorusoy 10 days ago

    I’ve watched a few of these now and the small family run restaurants generally get through. My theory is that people generally prefer home cooked to fancy. Gordon should take note.

  • LoudAswin GT
    LoudAswin GT 11 days ago

    How can you expect the customers to like traditional Chinese food? It's a different type of food. Same with Indian. Westerners like food similar to theirs, only a bit of spice. But traditional is spicy curry, sambar and all is made different for indians

  • Immortal Voids
    Immortal Voids 11 days ago

    Lol Gordon, Asians are just loud, that’s how they are.

  • Wai Wong
    Wai Wong 13 days ago

    14:13 how can something be delicious and underseasoned? That doesn't work

  • eieio59901
    eieio59901 16 days ago

    When I go to Ramseys restaurant and its over salty ..im gunna send it back

    • Alex Geoffrey
      Alex Geoffrey 10 days ago

      R u boy or girl or trans

    • eieio59901
      eieio59901 12 days ago

      @Alex Geoffrey ok so I looked him up in Vegas and Yes I can afford that ...hahahaa I'm actually quite surprised at how reasonable it is..$103 bucks for beef Wellington....way less than I thought it would be

    • eieio59901
      eieio59901 12 days ago

      @Alex Geoffrey I made a joke about Ramsey using salt and only salt as a spice and you got her pussy in a wad ...hahahaa

    • eieio59901
      eieio59901 12 days ago

      @Alex Geoffrey not accessible from here you don't..probably a pedophile

    • Alex Geoffrey
      Alex Geoffrey 12 days ago

      @eieio59901 yes i do lol

  • Frog Ninja
    Frog Ninja 16 days ago

    I don’t think these restaurants were that authentic.

  • Hilary Ma
    Hilary Ma 19 days ago +1

    There’s such a huge culture difference in this episod, even Gordon seemed a little confused

  • Ian Chen
    Ian Chen 22 days ago

    There ain’t no such thing as courses in Chinese food everything comes together and is shared between everyone around the table

  • Brayden Forbes
    Brayden Forbes 23 days ago

    11:30 hahah how fuckin cringe smdh

  • cbmtrx
    cbmtrx 25 days ago

    didn't expect to be in tears by the end of this

  • Ken Y
    Ken Y 27 days ago

    I think Yu and You's daughters kindness took them over the edge.

  • Alex Tudor
    Alex Tudor 28 days ago

    Absolutely fantastic video

  • 我操死了那个跪在倭奴胯下吃屎喝尿和吸允精子的精日粪子-胡继光-和他的洋奴爷爷胡耀邦与贱畜全家!

    None of those even look remotely like authentic Chinese cuisine, but they do look like the typical dumbed down Westernized Chinese fast food, except they're served in trendy looking plates and artistic bells and whistles. But all of them look very subpar and tasteless from a Chinese perspective.

  • D Early
    D Early 29 days ago

    How ironic! Gordon upset because there is shouting in a kitchen. Ironic or hypocritical. That's Ramsey for you.

  • Kristin Wright
    Kristin Wright Month ago

    The little nonstick (WTF!) woks on the hob are no match for the proper big carbon steel woks on the blast furnace that is the mark of proper wok cooking. I haven't seen the end yet but concerned they can't get their flavor in Gordon's kitchen.

  • langeroony35
    langeroony35 Month ago

    Gordon brings 30 guests who all order at the same time to create chaos.
    Gordon...is it always this chaotic

  • Stephen Kennedy
    Stephen Kennedy Month ago

    Posh totty 25:30😈

  • Alotta Guapson
    Alotta Guapson Month ago

    Mouth watering beef indeed!!! Looks so delicious!!!

  • Das Dosengemüse
    Das Dosengemüse Month ago

    Well, there is no kitchen in the world quiet..

  • Tutoy Mandin
    Tutoy Mandin Month ago

    Come on Gordon you are same, you are shouting in the restaurant . You don't understand that's why you don't like. At lest maybe the chef not like you always swearing 😀

  • Ubiquity
    Ubiquity Month ago

    Isn't this video suppose to be 7 years old now?

  • tbugher62
    tbugher62 Month ago

    Use 2 ft diameter plates for 4 oz. of food,please.

  • Marcus Allen
    Marcus Allen Month ago

    Gordon Ramsay anglicizing the Chinese. Twat.

  • Open
    Open Month ago

    7:08 its coming

  • Mrgeorgiegray
    Mrgeorgiegray Month ago

    The right decision, however Gordon did say who ever is going to win make sure its you... lol lol

  • Clevan Campbell
    Clevan Campbell Month ago

    Such raw emotion. Kinda hard to watch.

  • endofourlives
    endofourlives Month ago

    Lol, fine dining is such a bunch of horseshit

    • Isabated Cases
      Isabated Cases Month ago

      endofourlives yeah. unless it’s something ran by thomas keller or chefs of a similar caliber then they can’t live up to the image they want you to see

  • LJ Avr
    LJ Avr Month ago

    WARNING: Avoid watching Ramsay videos from midnight onwards!

  • Deku
    Deku Month ago

    Gordon, during the final battle: "Don't yell in the kitchen so much"
    (proceeds to yell at everyone in the kitchen)

  • NaneelQueenOfDarknes

    Simple wins over pretentious every time.

  • Alex Zhang
    Alex Zhang Month ago

    The look of helplessness on Gordons face when the slew of waitresses walked in front of him...priceless.

  • Simmy The man
    Simmy The man Month ago

    Puts me off knowing they sweat and I know for a fact it drips on the food. This is why I don’t go to restaurants my paranoia is horrible lol

    STR8NGER Month ago +1

    why he shouting, my dude never been in china haha

    • MamiRicaaaa
      MamiRicaaaa Month ago

      lol right....or jamaica or PR.... LMAO!

  • eurie444
    eurie444 Month ago

    That Chinese mans genetics with his three children is outta control...

  • c johnson
    c johnson Month ago

    I appreciate the desire to modernize and I'd bet that when done by a skilled hand, most of these modern dishes go over well when allowed to catch on organically. But, there's also something to be said about culinary tradition. There's a reason some foods stick around. They don't just taste good. Truly traditional food makes us feel safe. They trigger an evolutionary signal that lets us know we will not starve, we are safe from the elements, and our folk are with us. If a food captures this, nothing is going to beat it.

  • Dt Snizzley
    Dt Snizzley Month ago


  • Libby G
    Libby G Month ago

    i know shes serving a purpose, but heck that undercover lady. the shit she is doing is so annoying for waitstaff and kitchen staff lol

  • therealcrab
    therealcrab Month ago

    wonder what the pixelated books in the background are when they're on the close-ups...

  • Vincent Martin
    Vincent Martin Month ago

    Ok Gordon, let's get to the semi finals or there will be no more Franklin's BBQ for you.

  • François-Xavier Guyon

    never seen a father & son combo looking like each other that much, crazy.

  • Jacob Reed
    Jacob Reed Month ago

    "Normally our guests order 1 thing, but you fat fucks ordered 1 thing each so it's your fault"

  • Victoria Jane Firth

    What a lovely family, so emotional to see them win that x

  • Luke's Life
    Luke's Life Month ago

    Did he just say the soup is too wet? Serious

  • Free
    Free Month ago +1

    Gordon getting a bit of his own medicine lol 😂😂 "why is everyone shouting, I've got a headache"

  • Win Zhang
    Win Zhang Month ago

    That father and son head rub 41:06, I don't know what to say of it... just very intimate

  • Lenalyn
    Lenalyn Month ago

    I know Ramsay's people were asked to be highly demanding, but it makes me very uncomfortable when people send food back because "it's not salty enough". Just sprinkle some damn salt on it...

  • JammieJam
    JammieJam Month ago


  • legendary burito
    legendary burito Month ago +9

    that lady is actually a fucktard,
    "Im going to wait till the food is here then switch"
    food: (arrives as she requested)
    Lady: "there is a lack of communication, somethings wrong"

  • Andrew Zone
    Andrew Zone Month ago

    Yeah... Chinese food... they don't serve individually... That't not how it works in China...

  • tbone6924
    tbone6924 Month ago

    no doubt that these were extremely well composed and delicious dishes...but the pretense that this is in anyway authentic Chinese food is absurd.

  • J Min
    J Min Month ago +13

    Victor's dad saying "I'm really proud of you" and their interaction made me tear up. The father's approval and love is deep :)