THEY GOT INTO A FIGHT! w/ Sam, Colby & Corey

  • Published on May 18, 2017
  • We travel to the south island. Explore Abel Tasman National Park & then go on one of the sketchiest horse riding expeditions ever...
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    THEY GOT INTO A FIGHT! w/ Sam, Colby & Corey
  • ComedyComedy

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    • Rejoice Canto
      Rejoice Canto 4 days ago

      You guys are so good at acting!!

    • A Tremm
      A Tremm 25 days ago

      This cool does TFIL the fun in life???

    • Lps Lilly Love
      Lps Lilly Love Month ago

      Have you done riding leasones befor?

    • Mackenzie _ Covers
      Mackenzie _ Covers 2 months ago

      Elton Castee I’m a professional horse back rider and this mane me cringe so hard lol sorry lol

    • Reesa Dreamer
      Reesa Dreamer 4 months ago

      love the fight. beautiful drone shots also!

  • Pearl Winters
    Pearl Winters 8 hours ago

    At 1:12, when Sam says "I'll finally get a tan", I was like no baby you won't, your to pale for that.

  • Awesomeness Sauce
    Awesomeness Sauce 10 hours ago


  • Awesomeness Sauce
    Awesomeness Sauce 10 hours ago

    Nothing special
    I just want to save my time

  • Sadrioniell Moonbeam

    This is straight up sketchy dudes. I mean, at least the horses weren't skinny, but he didn't teach y'all how to hold the reins, nothing. First time riders shouldn't be taken out on a wide open area. Colby, I'm so relieved he didn't get hurt. As someone experienced with horses, I was cringing and on edge expecting something bad to happen. Yikes. Also, probably shouldn't go to a place that only has one dude on the property. There should've been at least two dudes to escort. And yes, horses can kicked you. That's why everyone in the horse world says, "Don't walk behind the horse. Don't approach the horse from behind."

  • Haylie Allen
    Haylie Allen Day ago

    i am going to ride a horses at a a camp for 2 weeks... you guys are doing good for a first

  • Shayla Swilling ng
    Shayla Swilling ng 3 days ago

    Sam should be corey i mean #solby am i right
    And when sam hit colby he ruined solby for life

  • Miranda Mendez
    Miranda Mendez 4 days ago

    Colby's horse could've been an introvert and just tried scaring the others away

  • Zac Taylor
    Zac Taylor 4 days ago

    Thank you elton hope this returns some time and we all support you

  • Roxy Thompson
    Roxy Thompson 4 days ago

    Did any one else think awwwe there fighting over Sam then when Sam knocked Colby over did anyone scream nooooo

  • Emily Collins
    Emily Collins 4 days ago +1

    I’m kinda a year late but all I see in the comments are horse people (including me oops 😂🤷🏼‍♀️)

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 days ago

    I love how Colby was defending his horse😂

  • 0cean101
    0cean101 5 days ago

    A shame someone who rides a horse whenever they were trying to fingure out how to make it turn/stop/go faster I would yell at my screen just hoping they’d somehow pick up on it 😂😂😂❤️

  • I Am Ice Man
    I Am Ice Man 5 days ago

    i wish i can experience this. I'v never riden a horse before

  • MrS1yy [Apex]
    MrS1yy [Apex] 6 days ago +1

    Rode horses growing up. Went riding on a beach in California and apparently when I tried to pass the horse in front that my friend was on it got pissed and it kicked at my horse. It got me in the ankle. I think it was a lead horse possibly and didn’t want mine passing. It was going too slow and I wanted to go past it. Oops 🙊 my bad for being the experienced rider out of us three. I suffered for it after!!!

  • MrS1yy [Apex]
    MrS1yy [Apex] 6 days ago

    😂😂😂luv the mini skits!!!

  • Ashlyn_thewolf #awkward

    dang corey and colby were a cute couple before that fight😂

  • Allie Isaly
    Allie Isaly 7 days ago

    BTW horses do kick if they are spooked, touched from behind without being talked to, or if they feel threatened. 😬🤣

  • Rambow_ Gacha
    Rambow_ Gacha 8 days ago

    Um. That movie was so aggressive😂😂

  • Robyn Kelly
    Robyn Kelly 9 days ago

    Equestrians are quaking ...but seriously troops..chill out 🤣❤️

  • Random thing with Addison

    Y’all should go on a cruise together

  • History's Greatest Mysteries

    s an equestrian, I cringed... but this was so cool

  • Janette McKinstry
    Janette McKinstry 10 days ago

    i ride horses for a sport

  • Tabytha Martin
    Tabytha Martin 11 days ago

    WE NEED A SHIP NAME Corley or Cobrey?

  • Alexis Becker
    Alexis Becker 11 days ago

    Ummm I died when Colby said “You’re my Alexis” because a bitches name is Alexis!!! 🥰😂☺️👌

  • XJiggleJelly YT
    XJiggleJelly YT 11 days ago

    7:30 its just like driving a mustang

  • XJiggleJelly YT
    XJiggleJelly YT 11 days ago

    wellingon is my city bois

  • Evie Busch
    Evie Busch 12 days ago

    You guys are unexperienced people are horses

  • Who am i?
    Who am i? 12 days ago

    The horse dude was pretty rude...

  • Abigail Rudesill
    Abigail Rudesill 12 days ago

    "He's getting ready to rear up hes getting ready!" as the horse is literally showing signs of relaxing.

  • jamie and nick IS LIT
    jamie and nick IS LIT 13 days ago

    I went on a horse and my horse tripped and I almost fell into a tree but I didn't fall off and it wasn't my first time on a horse but I still had fun😂

  • Virginia Benken
    Virginia Benken 14 days ago

    Colby is a bully Colby is a bully. Loll. Just kidding Colbs

  • Virginia Benken
    Virginia Benken 14 days ago

    (The horse spells out your own spirit by using it's own.)

  • Virginia Benken
    Virginia Benken 14 days ago

    You didn't hang on to the horse hair to answer your question.

  • Virginia Benken
    Virginia Benken 14 days ago

    LMAO & you guys said you would never be on horses when you were little. Get to know your horse first!-Pure girl scout!

  • Virginia Benken
    Virginia Benken 14 days ago

    (Get off the horse & walk it first. Tell em El)

  • Virginia Benken
    Virginia Benken 14 days ago

    Awww. Tell them I told you so Elton.

  • Virginia Benken
    Virginia Benken 14 days ago

    You gotta be faster on the spittin after the haulkin

  • Virginia Benken
    Virginia Benken 14 days ago

    Wow. I've never seen Colby smile continuously within the same moment & it be okay.

  • Rx Gang
    Rx Gang 15 days ago

    Sam is I love with boobs

  • Cloey lorene
    Cloey lorene 16 days ago

    y was that dude yelling

  • Fridge Raider
    Fridge Raider 16 days ago

    Colby gets freaking demonic looking when he tries to look pissed 0.0 (4:33)

  • Lisa Braun
    Lisa Braun 16 days ago

    This turned domestic fast

  • Mia Da.Potato101
    Mia Da.Potato101 16 days ago

    Sam in the background doe

  • Mia Da.Potato101
    Mia Da.Potato101 16 days ago

    Those hairy legs make it come together

  • Evelyn Gomez
    Evelyn Gomez 16 days ago

    Colby was being so cute in this video😭and him riding the horse was the hottest thing ever😍

  • EdieLouise
    EdieLouise 17 days ago

    How were the horses abused?

  • EdieLouise
    EdieLouise 17 days ago

    5:00 his eyes ❤️

  • Crystal Tuu
    Crystal Tuu 19 days ago

    Love how fascinated Colby was by the horse 😂💕

  • phoebe morley
    phoebe morley 20 days ago

    i feel soo sorry for them horses because its reins weren't on properly

  • Kkft channel
    Kkft channel 21 day ago

    Why does Sam have a stick?

  • MoonlightCutie Foxy
    MoonlightCutie Foxy 21 day ago

    2019 anyone?
    I've my own horse and right now i'm training Dressage and High spring😇

  • Verse Gamingz
    Verse Gamingz 21 day ago

    Sam is glowing...

  • It's Kitty Girl
    It's Kitty Girl 22 days ago

    Hey lm nastya mustafa l follow you in tik-tok can l get a shout out pls

  • Maddy Beren
    Maddy Beren 22 days ago

    I got thrown off my house and got a concussion and broke my finger I couldn’t remember anything form 24 hours before anything that happened from this day you are soooo lucky

  • Olivia Winchester
    Olivia Winchester 23 days ago

    Colby’s horse matches his personality:don’t touch the hair!!!!

  • Classic. Kayla
    Classic. Kayla 23 days ago +1

    2019 and watching these videos again anyone else 🙋‍♀️

  • Erica Huntington
    Erica Huntington 24 days ago

    That was the most amazing thing I have seen in my life. I love this video so much XD

  • Rav in
    Rav in 24 days ago

    Colby whas so sweet Colby - I don't want to hurt him 💗💖💟💞💕💓💝💞💗💖💟💕💞💓

  • BabyNessa
    BabyNessa 25 days ago +4

    13:11 Elton looks scared of the man 💀

  • Tae tae Queen
    Tae tae Queen 25 days ago

    ummmmmm yall are holding the reins wrong

  • Kay Ruff
    Kay Ruff 26 days ago

    That “coach” was and idiot “if you would have given me the GoPros it would have all been fine”
    Like bruh😑 they were not scared of the GoPros they were scared of the drone and it’s not completely Elton’s fault bc Elton didn’t know that they would react that way around a drone and the “coach” didn’t seem to care for the horses AT ALL if I was there I’d smack him and teach him a lesson 😤

  • Lani Stone
    Lani Stone 27 days ago

    Who thought that when colby was “fighting” it was really hot?

  • Daniel Sargent
    Daniel Sargent 27 days ago

    The horse instructor made me mad

  • Jolani Smith
    Jolani Smith 27 days ago

    That trailer tho LOL

  • Landon Naranjo
    Landon Naranjo 28 days ago

    You seriously don't know how to ride a horse

  • Julian Mackay
    Julian Mackay 29 days ago

    only clicked for the thumbnail XD

  • Tiny Toenail
    Tiny Toenail 29 days ago

    5:54 I cried 😂😂

  • Moon Pelt
    Moon Pelt Month ago

    Horse won’t kick you unless you hert or really spook the horse

  • Maddison Allison
    Maddison Allison Month ago

    Love it

  • Amanda Anderson
    Amanda Anderson Month ago

    16:12 just a Canada flag

  • c y p h e r f a c e x _x

    Sam: im ganna tan

  • Its Sydneyyy
    Its Sydneyyy Month ago


  • Its Sydneyyy
    Its Sydneyyy Month ago

    5:06 your welcome

  • gracie johnson
    gracie johnson Month ago

    I just remembered that once I went to horse camp, and I was riding a 20 hand horse and he went to eat a leaf on the tree and I hit my head! Lol

  • gracie johnson
    gracie johnson Month ago

    I love horses. I. Getting one soon!

  • Yara Bingham
    Yara Bingham Month ago

    *And the Oscar goes to*

  • Beata
    Beata Month ago

    i can understand that man he says they give him go pro...and that man also have his with go pro for him was little bit difficult.... im glad everything was ok with horsies and Colby:D

  • Micheal Parrish
    Micheal Parrish Month ago

    Yes horses kick you when the get spooked or irritated

  • bagaric61
    bagaric61 Month ago

    even Colby's horse is a bad boy

  • XPLR Bxtch
    XPLR Bxtch Month ago

    I was leading a horse once and I got kicked in the thigh by another . The horse I was leading freaked out and ran off dragging me for a good 10 ft with a girl hanging upside down off it . Let’s just say the girl and the horses were fine and I only had major swelling and bruising but I was lucky that it kicked my leg and not my rib

    BYEBYE TOME Month ago

    Now that colby is dead ,the sam and colby channel is now called Sam and Corey channel and TFIL is by himself all over again

  • Nigeria Roberty
    Nigeria Roberty Month ago

    I would love to ride the horse with colby❤️❤️😩😘😍

  • Monkey Maniac
    Monkey Maniac Month ago +2

    You think they would know by now to wear shorts to a beach

  • Angel
    Angel Month ago

    You know, I am not blaming the boys for the riding experience they had. The instructor didn't tell them shit before they started riding. Sit tall, heels down, stop pulling the reigns when you already got them to stop unless you want them to back up, dead give away is the horses ears. They were pinned back so yes, naturally they would have kicked and bucked if not listened to. But go figure the instructor didn't tell y'all anything.

  • LPS Kane
    LPS Kane Month ago

    Just saying when the car stops you need to release soon as he does and give him a little love

  • Linda Taylor
    Linda Taylor Month ago

    I started laughing so hard when he says horses don't kick you 😂😂😂😂😂if you're country person like me or like me and I've had experiences with horses or you read books a lot or on the Internet a lot you know horses can kick!!!!!!!!

  • Adreanna O'Shaughnessy

    Colbyits a trot and don't pull to hard on its mouth and to go fast just push easily on the stomach
    I know to much about horses at the age of 13

  • Starlight Moonlight
    Starlight Moonlight Month ago +1

    Im pretty sure if ears are back on a horse it’s like a warning to other horses that want space or they will kick. Or it’s a sign they are scared and maybe they didn’t like the cameras.

  • Kricket Keithley
    Kricket Keithley Month ago

    Whenever they did the couple's thing, I could hear Corey going "DON'T TOUCH MY MAN BUN, COLBY, GOD KEEP YOUR HAND TO YOUR SELF. " Hehe I swear u heard that

  • OnyxDemon Devil
    OnyxDemon Devil Month ago

    When corey rides a horse he needs to sit up straight and not keep the rains so tight and yes horses do kick when you walk behind the horse sam and Colby did actually did somewhat good

  • lilly person
    lilly person Month ago

    pause at 5:06

  • Izzy Channel
    Izzy Channel Month ago

    Colby fighting 🥵🤤

  • Brianna Olesh
    Brianna Olesh Month ago

    all the dislikes are equestrians...

  • Cali Thorseh
    Cali Thorseh Month ago

    The first time I got on a horse I cantered right away and it was easy

  • Spiritxrainshipper
    Spiritxrainshipper Month ago

    Don’t like the bits and the way y’all are pulling back! Listen to him get some riding lessons maybe not from him but from somebody else. 😂 No hate but this is bad! Love y’alls vids

  • My Roan Pony
    My Roan Pony Month ago

    I like how colby relaxes his reins after he stops or turns, while corey keeps pulling

  • Nikita Henry
    Nikita Henry Month ago +1

    Yeah that man may have been mean on camera, but he’s actually quite sweet and he looks after those horses really well, so stop yo complaining smh, I know you guys may be worried but the horses are fine, I’ve been riding there

  • Mya Harrington
    Mya Harrington Month ago

    Just imagine watching them make the clip in real life😂💀 just watching on screen was awkward

    lPS SHATERED Month ago

    Colby-"i dont wanna hurt him!" Colby so sweet while the horse is kicking everyones horse and then gets kicked and bucks off colby