THEY GOT INTO A FIGHT! w/ Sam, Colby & Corey


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  • Elton Castee
    Elton Castee Year ago +1520

    Thanks for watching! Make sure to add me on Instagram @EltonCastee for sneak peeks & other neat content! (I'm in THAILAND right now!!) Also! Subscribe to my second channel! This one! The one I'm commenting from =) Ruv yew all!

    • Mackenzie _ Covers
      Mackenzie _ Covers 22 days ago

      Elton Castee I’m a professional horse back rider and this mane me cringe so hard lol sorry lol

    • Reesa Dreamer
      Reesa Dreamer 2 months ago

      love the fight. beautiful drone shots also!

    • Fatima Pere
      Fatima Pere 2 months ago

      Elton Castee hi I'm Fatima from Philippines & good viewing

    • Mylene Boutin Smith
      Mylene Boutin Smith 3 months ago


    • Ben Grierson
      Ben Grierson 4 months ago +1

      That man was mean

  • Rachel McKenna
    Rachel McKenna 34 minutes ago

    I love riding horses so much. its become so easy for me and its taking so much in my rn not to yell at the computer to tell them what to do lol

  • the dark deamond
    the dark deamond 42 minutes ago

    I love how in evory vids you guy's are complaining about your ball's

  • Official - Deeva!
    Official - Deeva! 12 hours ago


  • Santana Eggmolesse
    Santana Eggmolesse 16 hours ago

    Lol Colby 😂"what am I doing!?" 😂

  • Cool Gaming Kitten
    Cool Gaming Kitten 18 hours ago

    That “horse instructor” gives me bad vibes

  • Taylor's Life
    Taylor's Life Day ago

    oml those poor horses oml they r abused and they do not deserve an owner like that😭 (anyone who has horses understands)

  • Taylor's Life
    Taylor's Life Day ago

    6:01 i died💀😂

  • shadowolf gang
    shadowolf gang Day ago

    MM BOI I've denn riding horses since I was one I grew up with horses

  • Mara Demonsity
    Mara Demonsity Day ago

    Sam: "I'm gonna get a tannn"
    Me: Oh honey all you're gonna get is a sun burnnn, cause you're so fucken white. Whiter than me, and that's saying something. 😂😂

  • Game Time!
    Game Time! 2 days ago +1

    My friend thinks Colby's. Ugly but she thinks Heath is cute..
    Edit: honest I think Sam& Colby are adorable.

  • Peyton Minecraft
    Peyton Minecraft 2 days ago

    Rip the two horses Sam and Colby get on they hate eachother

  • AwkwardPoet 18
    AwkwardPoet 18 4 days ago +1

    14:38 oh shit

  • Jasmine Shaw
    Jasmine Shaw 5 days ago

    Corey’s right but u have to touch the back of the horses butt to let he/she know that your there.
    I know thins because I ride horses.
    Btw don’t pull on the reins so much that bit in its mouth hurts them that’s why I HATE bits. BUT HAVE FUN LMAO

  • jasmine griffin
    jasmine griffin 6 days ago

    If y’all want to learn to ride a horse come to Arkansas and I can teach you. I have two already and can show you

  • Lexi Holmes
    Lexi Holmes 6 days ago

    I once got thrown off a horse I almost broke all my bones

  • I'm only1samncolby
    I'm only1samncolby 6 days ago

    Mines gone turbo 😂😂😂😂

  • Cerys Love
    Cerys Love 7 days ago +1

    Hi im a horse rider and yes do not go behind horses they will kick you really hard not just donkeys lol love you guys , mostly Colby

  • TheMangleGamer 12
    TheMangleGamer 12 7 days ago

    I LOVE RIDING HORSE ive been riding for about 4 years

  • Kayleigh Spriggs
    Kayleigh Spriggs 8 days ago

    This is an older video but I miss the old days. I ride horses and this video is so cringy but I understand they don't know what they are doing. I feel so bad for these horses though. "horsie" was for sure my favorite thing said in this video. I MISS THE OLD DAYS!!!!!

  • Madyson Rhyne
    Madyson Rhyne 9 days ago

    It's so uncomfortable to watch as an equestrian

  • tactical gamer
    tactical gamer 10 days ago

    you guys should come to texas for horse backriding

  • Mu5tang1
    Mu5tang1 12 days ago

    Also blaming you guys isn't great and going on about it is stupid

  • Mu5tang1
    Mu5tang1 12 days ago

    Ok as a horse guild myself he was rude and not professional. Swearing all the time and also going into a panic when the horse was taking off. He wasn't teaching you almost to nothing for the basics.

  • Prank Master
    Prank Master 14 days ago

    New Zealand is my home

  • Franny Baird
    Franny Baird 15 days ago

    Jockeys are sometimes pretty tall but if you are like my sister you are 4,11 and weigh 105 plus the extra wait in her pants and vest 😂

  • Hanna
    Hanna 16 days ago

    I wanna see what the jay alverez thing is not in slow mo😂

  • dezi girl
    dezi girl 16 days ago

    I am watching this in a hospital bed lol

  • Lacey Grace
    Lacey Grace 16 days ago

    Advice for riding horses: If the stallions ( adult Boy horses) aren't friends KEEP AWAY FROM EACH OTHER AT ALL COST. Since (I believe) There 2-3 stallions and 2-3 Mares (Girl Adult horses) this will make them fight for the mare. In herding terms: Each stallion, if not a bachelor will fight to get mares in there herd. Herds can contain up to 15-20 horses (+Foals) (Foals are baby horses) This will make them fight and scare each other. (Also don't have a drone by them. The noise will scare them) Thank you! (Not an ad)

  • Ich bin Get it right eine Frau

    As an equestrian myself, when Elton said "he's rearing up still" made me laugh so hard. He's just resting. When Colby fell off the horse just stepped to the side and because you don't want to start anyone on English saddles they didn't have anything to hold on to.
    And if your horse ever walks away from you don't kiss at it or run after it becuase that would be like you being chased after by a rabid dog barking at you

  • soo squishy
    soo squishy 17 days ago

    No hate I love them... But they are not experienced and they are ripping the poor horses faces off. They need a better instuctor.

  • waimaria Wi
    waimaria Wi 17 days ago

    6:54 that our language swearing a lot us new Zealanders😂😂😂

  • waimaria Wi
    waimaria Wi 17 days ago

    I've been to that place lots of time its mean as there

  • Kaylee Jeffreys
    Kaylee Jeffreys 20 days ago

    Colbys the hot guy in the movie that always dies first ( he is to hot to die😭)

  • Alexis Hallman
    Alexis Hallman 20 days ago +1

    You heard it here frist I'm Colby's lol

  • Video Creates
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  • Jacie Cotton
    Jacie Cotton 25 days ago +1


  • Mesa Hardesty
    Mesa Hardesty 26 days ago

    Colby I ride every day to school and It does not hurt them and i am the coolest person in school I'm in 5th grade and the 8th grader's know me

  • Shelby Tooker
    Shelby Tooker 27 days ago

    ok so i ride horses and i was laughing so hard when they were riding

  • Awesome 2.0
    Awesome 2.0 27 days ago

    The background music for the beach reminds me of the maze runner series
    I dont know why, but it does

  • Cousin and I having fun

    My name is hazel

  • Eleven Is the name
    Eleven Is the name 28 days ago


  • LittleDevil 5067
    LittleDevil 5067 29 days ago

    Being a horse rider, this was very hard to watch, I was yelling at the screen the whole time they were riding!!! Learn to ride horses and then go riding on the beach again, horses act different in different places

  • Mattie Dudley
    Mattie Dudley 29 days ago +1

    Is anybody else looking at colby sandy butt 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ingvild
    Ingvild 29 days ago

    wow! great movie! really enjoyed it lol

  • TMDGMZ _100Vlogs
    TMDGMZ _100Vlogs Month ago

    Best youtuber by far!!!!

  • Full Moon
    Full Moon Month ago

    Three seconds in and his mouth foams I know you boys haven’t rode much put don’t rely on your hands it does hurt the horse to pull the whole time

  • Kaley Owens
    Kaley Owens Month ago

    Get the rybka twins for a gymnastics challenge

  • Maglergitro n
    Maglergitro n Month ago

    Bate of the click XD

  • Scout Thompson
    Scout Thompson Month ago

    super wierd maridge

  • Scout Thompson
    Scout Thompson Month ago


  • Scout Thompson
    Scout Thompson Month ago

    where are you it is beautiful

  • Emily Marie Pattah
    Emily Marie Pattah Month ago

    That so called “horse instructor” is a CRACKHEAD💀😂

  • blob Camacho 12 3456

    To: Corey
    I do horseback riding all the time & i do jumps 1 ft high.

  • Emily MacRae
    Emily MacRae Month ago

    These videos give me life

  • galaxy_wolf Blue Alpha


  • caoimhewatts
    caoimhewatts Month ago

    As an equestrian I can safely say im triggered😂

  • candice nicoll
    candice nicoll Month ago

    9:40 to 9:54 was adorable

  • candice nicoll
    candice nicoll Month ago

    The instructor is really bad. most New Zealanders aren't like that, he was prolly high or drunk aye XD
    I'm GoNnA sHoW yOu SuM fUcKiN aWeSoMe ShIt

  • Eunice Wright
    Eunice Wright Month ago

    i love knowing that some of my fav youtubers know about and have been to new zealand
    2019 anyone

  • S H
    S H Month ago

    Elton: *thinks there gradually gliding in* Corey: NO WE'RE JUST GETTING YEETED IN

  • Kelsey Negrete
    Kelsey Negrete Month ago

    I got on a horse and I liked it and it was so much fun it wasn’t scary and I am 8

  • Kelsey Negrete
    Kelsey Negrete Month ago

    I got on a Horse and I liked it and it was so much fun

  • Kelsey Negrete
    Kelsey Negrete Month ago

    The stick is coming out of Colby butt whole

  • Linducis
    Linducis Month ago

    Im a horse rider and i will say you do preaty good jaob!👏👏👏👏

  • tired of life
    tired of life Month ago

    who else enjoyed “the beach”?😂

  • wolf lover13
    wolf lover13 Month ago

    If you guys need riding lessons just ask me i can teach ya

  • Panda Playzz
    Panda Playzz Month ago

    Colby: Stop horsey stop!
    Me: woah you’re weant to say woah not “Stop horsey stop!”

  • Panda Playzz
    Panda Playzz Month ago


  • donkey donkey
    donkey donkey Month ago

    The story (To me) : 2 gay men walking and having fun along the beach... All of the sudden a hotter gay man walks by and one of the gay men are interested... He looks at the gay mens ass and the other one gets jealous... They begin fighting and the blonde hair gay man comes to save the day and save the man bun gay man...
    the brown haired gay man is defeated and they put a stick in his ass... The 2 gay man who survived become lovers and walk away proud... What a happy ending

  • Hannah Goldman
    Hannah Goldman Month ago

    Colby is looking 🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩🤩

  • Jocelyn Mehle
    Jocelyn Mehle Month ago


  • Bianca Given
    Bianca Given Month ago

    Corey could have killed my bae 😭 I would have killed Corey if he killed Colby.

  • Leah CORONA
    Leah CORONA Month ago

    I lived in New Zealand for 6 years

  • Maisie Mcghee
    Maisie Mcghee Month ago

    That's just disgusting. I can't believe why people abuse horses like that its just rude. That guy was so rude and a fake. Poor horsies.😥
    i want to say more but i just will take a really long time for me to comment everything and you'll have to read like a 20 minute long 'speech' i guess.😥
    omfg i didn't realise you ALSO came to wellington for a second.. I would've been able to see you guys because I live there😥
    Edit: I want to dislike this video but i liked it only cause my fav youtubers are in it and there are horsies

  • Evelyn xoxo
    Evelyn xoxo Month ago

    at 3:52 Corey is cheating on Deven

  • Lillian Merritt
    Lillian Merritt Month ago

    I see u muscle shirt corey 😂

  • Mer_ 0127
    Mer_ 0127 Month ago

    As someone who rides horses for a living this video is the cutest thing I have ever seen

  • Devon Salina
    Devon Salina Month ago

    That mini movie the best mini movie I have ever seen hahaha 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Harley Shoars
    Harley Shoars Month ago

    Please tell me I'm not the only person who saw Sam and immediately thought of Gandalf 😂😂😂

  • Kevin Rossiter
    Kevin Rossiter Month ago

    U da best 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster Month ago

    This is so cringe love it!

  • Amanda Reames
    Amanda Reames Month ago

    I new how to Gallup on a horse when I was in 2 grade

  • Gianna Picone
    Gianna Picone Month ago


  • Cylina
    Cylina Month ago

    the one horse at 12:26 is the best

  • Izzy climbs
    Izzy climbs Month ago

    Everyone here in New Zealand is a little ok maybe a lot sketchy

  • Kathryn Goyne
    Kathryn Goyne Month ago

    watching them ride was sooo cringy b/c im an equestreian

  • iLEMoN5972 .m
    iLEMoN5972 .m Month ago

    4give me but i dont get it? Did Corey and Colby get into a fight or did the 2 horses get in2 a fight
    Btw i love Pablo and Colby❤️😊😍💋

  • Aech McMan
    Aech McMan Month ago

    I don't know who caught this but Eltos horse is named Hazel and my name is Hazel.

  • Thressa David
    Thressa David Month ago

    GUYS! if or when you get to ride a horse .. always . introduce yourself to him or her love on the horse let it kind of know you

  • Madelyn Chamness
    Madelyn Chamness Month ago

    I like how Colby just we’re a Beenie swimming

  • Rhayndee Brooks
    Rhayndee Brooks Month ago +1

    Cory:watch out bro they will kick you
    Elton:no they wont that's donkeys
    All: ohhhhhhhh

  • Coralie Lamothe
    Coralie Lamothe Month ago

    13:53 « it hurts my ballsack » great way to ruin the moment colby😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Addie Bug
    Addie Bug Month ago

    right now i'm just like really guys cause they don't know how to ride horses and its so weird cause i have horse back riding lessons and colby kinda knows how to control a horse where everyone else is talking to it lol

  • Addie Bug
    Addie Bug Month ago

    ONE tip about horses don't ever go where it can't see you or it will kick you!!!So don't go behind or under

  • Nova Cross
    Nova Cross Month ago

    Where is Aaron is my question
    He never goes with them

  • Melanie Almondstorm

    😂 just watching you guys with the horses made my day! I'm an equestrian and what you guys where doing was the funniest thing ever

  • Red Jaguar
    Red Jaguar Month ago

    Funny how the two best friends got the two horses that didn’t wanted to be near each other.

  • Lauren Lee
    Lauren Lee Month ago

    How much older is Elton than them