Dave - Professor X

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
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    Professor X produced by Dave
    Video Credits:
    Production Company - Untold Studios
    Director - Nathan James Tettey
    Head of Music & Social - Annie Ayres
    Executive Producers - Alex Chamberlain, Tessa Wood
    Producer - Natalie Steiner
    1st AD - Daniel Smith
    Director of Photography - Alexandre Jamin
    Steadicam Operator - Grant Sandy-Phillips
    Choreographer - Suzette Brissett
    Production Designer - Ciaran Beale
    Wardrobe Stylist - Holly McDonald
    Edit House - Stitch
    Editor - Chris Wilson
    VFX - Untold Studios
    VFX Supervisor - Alex Grey
    VFX Lead - George Rockliffe
    VFX Producer - Tom Igglesden
    Art Director / Designer - Ryan Rafferty Phelan
    Colourist - Aubrey Woodiwiss at Carbon LA
    Follow Dave:
    Snapchat - davem1st
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  • Mystic stickman
    Mystic stickman 2 hours ago


  • Maj Kaur
    Maj Kaur 11 hours ago


  • The Lartey Family
    The Lartey Family 19 hours ago +1

    Like for good luck 100% works

  • Benjii Sz
    Benjii Sz Day ago


  • ErnieCastellar©
    ErnieCastellar© Day ago +1

    This video bruh

    PSKPRO Day ago

    "Your G'll see, I ain't talking mercedes" what a fucking genius

  • Sensational Kurlsss

    This song is unexplainably fire

  • Jaudaan Rogers
    Jaudaan Rogers Day ago

    This is what we call art.

  • Balanced Lion 7
    Balanced Lion 7 Day ago

    im ah outlaw no the score heart is pure

  • Sonny Wootten
    Sonny Wootten Day ago

    Quality 👌

  • Shoaib khan
    Shoaib khan 2 days ago

    Yeah amazing music! Tanzania love to you man ❤️🇹🇿💖🌍💯👍😍🔥💫👌

  • Arron Tessyman
    Arron Tessyman 2 days ago

    That backing track though 💯

  • Mrs Savage Barrett
    Mrs Savage Barrett 2 days ago

    I swear he was in top boy😎😎😎

  • Liam Obrien
    Liam Obrien 2 days ago

    Daily offender crazy eastender 💪

  • ashley richards
    ashley richards 2 days ago

    The beat is so mad

  • Rhianna Burns
    Rhianna Burns 2 days ago

    hi dave you know me Isaiah

  • YVNGK1ngSAvag3
    YVNGK1ngSAvag3 2 days ago

    bruh why are there 666 dislikes

  • nashy1980
    nashy1980 2 days ago


  • deep flow
    deep flow 3 days ago

    If this is what music u call amen that s all I say

  • Hadi Al Azzawi
    Hadi Al Azzawi 3 days ago


  • lexxcoop
    lexxcoop 3 days ago

    Drake and Lebron James delivering that raw unfiltered uninterrupted Truth!!! Tremendous.

  • painXilyas
    painXilyas 3 days ago

    well number

  • painXilyas
    painXilyas 3 days ago

    im the nuber 3000 commenter

  • Lucas Anderson
    Lucas Anderson 3 days ago

    I'm a top boy like sully but darker

  • Julie Hook
    Julie Hook 3 days ago

    why do you not do a collab with drake and stormzy

  • deshaun magloire
    deshaun magloire 3 days ago +1

    Lol why does Dave look like modie

  • Tom Gibson
    Tom Gibson 3 days ago

    Modi's got bars


    left on read and blue like Barca WHOA

  • Beatsmith jr
    Beatsmith jr 4 days ago


  • William Payne
    William Payne 5 days ago +1

    like or ur nan does ur trims

  • CodeCommand
    CodeCommand 6 days ago

    thought dave was about to buss some moves then

    XIAMITHIX 6 days ago

    anyone know where the jacket is from?

  • * SPB
    * SPB 7 days ago +1

    who from Dua Lipa?

  • Alia Tubri
    Alia Tubri 7 days ago +2

    Why am I so sexually attracted to this song, is it the 🇬🇧 accent?

  • Matthew Doyle
    Matthew Doyle 7 days ago

    Fucking dreadful

  • Will Swales
    Will Swales 7 days ago

    What a tune

  • Obied Meghrawi
    Obied Meghrawi 7 days ago

    Fingers said 10,8,7
    His fingers don't know the lyrics

  • chedla louima
    chedla louima 8 days ago

    Hello se chedla la courageuse mesi pou sipow pa bliye pataje live yo pou mwen b

  • KnightBotGaming
    KnightBotGaming 8 days ago +2

    Nearly everyone here (including me)
    Is coming from TOP BOY

  • Most Hated '
    Most Hated ' 8 days ago +1

    Dave is a fucking sellout ffs you can see him in the vid put up the 666 sign what happened to the santan dave from 015 who kept it real and was rapping real shit

  • Dennis Wagana
    Dennis Wagana 8 days ago +1

    Dave drill💂👻.. Straight to the safe💸💰💰💣

  • D block Europe Fan4life

    Is it just me or does this sound like funky Friday?😯

  • EliMs YT
    EliMs YT 8 days ago

    Is top boy going to be continued?

  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams 8 days ago +1

    That lambo is an Aventador s with Sv stickers on it

  • 1khatak
    1khatak 8 days ago

    One day we will be learning about the legendary Dave

  • chedla louima
    chedla louima 8 days ago

    Bon travay cher
    Se Chedla lacourageuse demwazel ou te anba live li maten an kite dis lap baw lv lan après an. Mesi pou sipow cher

  • H
    H 8 days ago

    Such a gd tune.

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 9 days ago

    I've got to listen to this at work and I've had enough... you outta listening to 80's, 90's and 00's music it's much better written plus they probably did better at school than this joker

  • harmony
    harmony 9 days ago

    i’m glad mvs are finally getting more artistic and glad grime is leading it

  • Captain Sprinkle
    Captain Sprinkle 9 days ago

    The professor x the back ain’t there but the brain is that went so over your because in X men there is a character called professor x who is crippled but is very smart

  • ツYT JENGRO12
    ツYT JENGRO12 9 days ago

    Some say he's still speeding

  • William Payne
    William Payne 10 days ago +1

    Reeses pieces

  • MoreArthurC P
    MoreArthurC P 10 days ago

    1.5x speed is smooth

  • MoreArthurC P
    MoreArthurC P 10 days ago

    How Has My Man Got 672k Subs, He’s a lyrical genius...

  • Bailey Gilbert
    Bailey Gilbert 10 days ago

    A lot of Dave’s songs have the same flow and I’d be complaining but his flow fuckin bangs 🔥

  • Grzegorz Idźkowski
    Grzegorz Idźkowski 10 days ago

    Music from which song was used here?

  • AVK FourSeven
    AVK FourSeven 11 days ago

    21 Savage wouldn't murdered as a feature

  • ima nub
    ima nub 11 days ago

    This is how to avoid people making u click read more
    Go on replies then u wont need to do what they said

  • Emma Symmonds
    Emma Symmonds 11 days ago

    Daveeeee, you never fail to amaze, your flow 💦🥰❤️

  • Sara T
    Sara T 11 days ago