Trump Sides with Saudi Government Following Khashoggi’s Death | The Last Leg

  • Published on Oct 23, 2018
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    Adam Hills talks about Donald Trump's reaction towards Saudi Government after Khashoggi’s Death.
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  7 months ago +2

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  • Just a small town bicycle
    Just a small town bicycle 4 months ago +1

    MEDDLING kids

  • Sam Dawson
    Sam Dawson 5 months ago

    This is what happens if we had russia on our team

  • robert price
    robert price 6 months ago

    trump is a rabid dog that needs to be sorted out

    JULIO ROSENBERG 6 months ago +1


    CLASSIC 7 months ago

    UK is nearly dead with the weak disciples of the EU, Trump is at least going to save America and the NPC's at channel 4 don't like it.

  • Gustie de Maaijer
    Gustie de Maaijer 7 months ago

    We are better off making friends with the « Persians »

  • Gustie de Maaijer
    Gustie de Maaijer 7 months ago

    Trump gave the Saudis the idea what to say .

  • ZakAshChan
    ZakAshChan 7 months ago

    If Saudi Arabia did something akin to Pearl Harbor and made a sizable donation to the 45th President, how do you think he'd respond?

  • Cosmic
    Cosmic 7 months ago

    i always think the crust is the best thing. I don't always finish a pizza but usually eat the entire crust :P

  • Defias Bandit
    Defias Bandit 7 months ago

    "US President Donald Trump has called Saudi Arabia's response to the murder of the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi "the worst cover-up ever"."
    Stop pushing your shitty left wing agenda Channel 4.

  • Lex Mark
    Lex Mark 7 months ago

    Fuck this show, it's fans, it's hosts and it's leftist agenda. It's also boring and completely worn out. Might as well show old Simpson episodes during this slot.

  • Gary Wood
    Gary Wood 7 months ago

    Obama's administration said almost nothing when Saudi Arabia invaded Yemen using American weaponry.
    Would you have taken the same line in that case? Or is this selective political pressure in an unprincipled way just cos you're anti-Trump.
    Well I'm mostly anti-Trump too. But I'm anti- unprincipled bullshit too.

  • zaggy3110
    zaggy3110 7 months ago

    Bunch of hypcrites.Under Obama and Clinton the Saudi killled thousands of civilians in Yemen and you said nothing.

    • Dover Ben
      Dover Ben 7 months ago

      zaggy3110 show wasn’t even on when Clinton was President you knob.....

  • Frank Hinstein
    Frank Hinstein 7 months ago +3

    Trump has just declared the Khashoggi death by the Saudi's was "the worst cover up of all cover up's"(Daily Mail) and want's congress to decide what the punishment should be in response but you won't hear this on this Trump hating C4 show or from liberal "has been's"desperate for a job like the aging female impressionist on the end who's name I've already forgotten..

    • TheDusk420
      TheDusk420 7 months ago

      @Frank Hinstein Pretty much sums you cunts up, we will allow human rights abuses as long as we get paid. Fucking yank cunts, hopefully with the amount of mass shootings you get people like you will be shot.

    • Frank Hinstein
      Frank Hinstein 7 months ago

      You Tube, Oh piss off you virtual signalling bastard,we do business with countries all over the world who have the most appalling human rights records,if we didn't we wouldn't have the things we need to survive..just look at the clothes you're wearing how many items are made from peasants/children in sweat shops? Do you care? it's 450 BILL..

    • You Tube
      You Tube 7 months ago +1


    • Gustie de Maaijer
      Gustie de Maaijer 7 months ago

      That’s rubbish he’ll never change.

    • Frank Hinstein
      Frank Hinstein 7 months ago +1

      So "The Saudi Arabian government did 9/11" ? Really? Did the British government DO 7/7 or was it terrorists? I have no time for the Saudi's and believe they should be severely punished but there's $450 BILLION of trade at stake and hundreds of thousands of American jobs to consider,you tell me the answer..

  • cryptoskygreen7
    cryptoskygreen7 7 months ago +1

    These clowns on this show are gobshites peddling the racist Dem agenda,and the masses take in this shite,they are brainwashed.May won't do nothing but you gobshites don't talk about that do you.

  • Trouble Came Calling
    Trouble Came Calling 7 months ago +6

    We must continue to remind Trump's supporters what excrement they are. They really hate it!

      CLASSIC 7 months ago

      Spoken like a true NPC, self loathing white ? or one of Merkle's bitches ?

    • Frank Hinstein
      Frank Hinstein 7 months ago +1

      I'd like to ask libtards who is doing all the "winning" and who is doing all the "whining"? You've got six more years of Trump to deal with soy boy,eat it up.....Oh and Brexit,don't forget your George Soros sponsored placard when attending your desperate pro EU/anti-democratic protests...hope it's pissing with rain when you go..

  • 0004126
    0004126 7 months ago

    Yes stick to comedy please
    Politics is very boring!! Or discuss why bush, Tony Blair and then Obama protects Saudi Arabia from there neighbouring countries and the Muslim tribes they detest!!!

    • Natasha Lysette
      Natasha Lysette 7 months ago

      They seem to forget that Tony Blair is the one who made us fight an illegal war. What punishment has he had exactly?!

  • wozadamada
    wozadamada 7 months ago

    Hmm interesting. I've just been watching him give a press conference where he said he doesn't accept the Saudi narrative. You go CH4 You'll get to be right down there with CNN, WAPO, NYT, MSNBC in no time. We do of course have to bear in mind CH4 Wales once went 2 weeks with ZERO viewers lol. Perhaps, not wanting to be outdone by the Welsh, they want to go for a new record?

  • Alex Henkell Malespin
    Alex Henkell Malespin 7 months ago

    Why the thumbnails got to be so depressing every time they talk about politics ?

  • gurudeclan
    gurudeclan 7 months ago +3

    Trump has since changed his tune, but don't expect leftist propaganda to report this.

    • TheDusk420
      TheDusk420 7 months ago +1

      @gurudeclan That's the textbook definition of Trump his supporters thought. Say one thing and as soon as he realises he fucked up, say something else. It's because has a fucking liar, and people like you trust him.

    • Cupavi Kurcic
      Cupavi Kurcic 7 months ago +4

      Fuck Trump and fuck you!

    • gurudeclan
      gurudeclan 7 months ago +1

      Not really though

    • Trouble Came Calling
      Trouble Came Calling 7 months ago +10

      Trump changes his tune from moment to moment and the brain damaged dogs that constitute his base all nod along regardless.

  • isitwrongtoeat sand
    isitwrongtoeat sand 7 months ago +5

    Adam Hills, constantly laughing at his own jokes, yet he never says anything funny. If he had two legs we wouldn't know who he was.

  • Jonathan Reyes
    Jonathan Reyes 7 months ago

    Eat the damn crusts!

  • Jason Gibson
    Jason Gibson 7 months ago +5


  • oz man
    oz man 7 months ago

    Adam, not only are you a pathetic comedian, you know nothing about politics so keep your left wing opinions to yourself, fuckwit.

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  • Chuck C
    Chuck C 7 months ago +6

    It's not just Trump, every American and British goverment is guilty of the same. Oil/money talks, it's disgusting!

    • isitwrongtoeat sand
      isitwrongtoeat sand 7 months ago +1

      Chuck C, agreed. If Trump is the first one that got them mad, they haven't been paying attention.

      NEWNORMALNEWSNETWORK 7 months ago +1

      This is an obvious point that I don't think they considered.its so sad to me that u even had to mention SUCH an obvious point

  • Lowell Pack
    Lowell Pack 7 months ago +29

    When you vote for a clown u get a circus...

      CLASSIC 7 months ago

      You are the deranged, the truth and proof are there for all to see, stop trying to counter act a someone s comment by stealing the same comment, your NPC mindset is showing

    • Trouble Came Calling
      Trouble Came Calling 7 months ago +1

      Trump Derangement Syndrome describes the Orange Turd's supporters nicely.

      NEWNORMALNEWSNETWORK 7 months ago +1

      And when u don't vote because the media told u your sides gonna win. U get angry and violent trump derangement syndrome

  • DamBreeeze13
    DamBreeeze13 7 months ago +15

    This has just turned into a trump bashing show. They can not go 1 show without bashing donald trump. It's boring.

      CLASSIC 7 months ago

      You are Angela Merkel's bitch and a disciple of white hate, shouting names at anyone not being tricked by your braindead cult, you are a racist bigot. See how easy name calling is.

    • TheDusk420
      TheDusk420 7 months ago

      @CLASSIC Nope, not scared of that either, and if you didn't care you wouldn't be here constantly bitching and whining about everyone who hasn't got their tongues up trumps arse.

      CLASSIC 7 months ago

      You are definitely scared of Brexit though, it's putting the creepy global plot on hold, still got to put up with the screeching name calling no one cares about anymore from you NPC disciples.

    • TheDusk420
      TheDusk420 7 months ago +1

      @CLASSIC No one is scared of Trump, he's a fat, lazy, burger munching, draft dodging sack of shit.

      CLASSIC 7 months ago

      They are scared of him.

  • cary bary
    cary bary 7 months ago +14

    The last leg sides with far left racist corbynistas

    • TheDusk420
      TheDusk420 7 months ago

      @CLASSIC You're going to need to do much better than that you little cunt, and I decried Obama dealing with the Saudis as well. Any more stupid shit from you stupid racist cunts or are you done?

      CLASSIC 7 months ago

      Raving indoctrinated weak EU disciple. Where was you filthy mouth when Obama was doing the same thing ?

    • TheDusk420
      TheDusk420 7 months ago +1

      NEWNORMALNEWSNETWORK - I know you're dumb, you don't need to tell me. Obviously I know what deals my country has with the Saudi's, however I was referring to the Last Leg, and not my country, but do come back when I need something painfully obvious pointed out to me by a dickhead.

      NEWNORMALNEWSNETWORK 7 months ago +3

      @TheDusk420 dumb. Do you think your country doesn't have a relationship with the house of Saud then u are blissfully ignorant

    • Jonathan Reyes
      Jonathan Reyes 7 months ago +2

      Those violent leftist mobs, those soy boys what bully conservatives with their sinewy little arms. Those racist antifa-loving corporatists that want illegals entering our country.

  • Ricky
    Ricky 7 months ago +10

    Eating the crust at 48 is a terrible idea. Carbs mate.

  • Jacob’s Pokémon Madness

    First like love this show

      NEWNORMALNEWSNETWORK 7 months ago +2

      Really? I can't stand it. You're so virtuous. Is it the political correctness or the unfunny commentary that u like?