Rebels Recon #4.5: Inside "Rebel Assault" | Star Wars Rebels

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
  • In this installment of Rebels Recon, we dig deep into the Star Wars Rebels episode "Rebel Assault." Host Andi Gutierrez sits down to discuss the episode with cast and crew including Dave Filoni, Pablo Hidalgo, Vanessa Marshall, and more.
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Comments • 631

  • John Vanwiel
    John Vanwiel 10 months ago

    I prefer that Poe is the better pilot.

  • Jeremy Owens
    Jeremy Owens Year ago

    That very important question, who's the better pilot, Hera or Poe?
    In other words, who's the second best pilot- behind Wedge...

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn

    A few weeks hmm? Yeah, try 3 months.

  • Like a Bossk 627
    Like a Bossk 627 Year ago +2

    Anakin’s still a better pilot!!!!

  • Alpaca Animations

    I think if these x wings were downgraded T-60s,then they should be called T-55 Proto X wong

  • Steve Darragh
    Steve Darragh Year ago

    Where the u wings because it call rebel assaults and the rebel gunship is the u wing and it made the deliver troops for the assault so why are they not in the episode 🤔

  • CapKhi 23
    CapKhi 23 Year ago

    It was obvious the battle of lothal would fail. Battlefront: Del said he wants to see lothal but he wanted to see it FREE. Rouge one: Scariff meant to be the rebellions first major victory

  • Chaos Lesbian
    Chaos Lesbian Year ago

    "A few weeks" it's been 2 months

  • gamekilling tagers67

    When episode 10

  • Just a dream
    Just a dream Year ago

    They'll be back soon they said
    They'll give us a trailer they said

    Now seriously it already passed 3 Months without any sign

  • Trust Me I'm A Stomach

    4:02 Poe's better. Hera could not down a FO Dreadnought by herself

  • Bungard
    Bungard Year ago

    A few weeks? IT SAYS MAY 18

  • ARandomPerson
    ARandomPerson Year ago

    'few weeks' two months later still no episode

  • Paul Martin Respicio

    when will rebels return?

  • Andrew Werle
    Andrew Werle Year ago +1

    Is the season over now because I never seen any other episodes

    • Andrew Werle
      Andrew Werle Year ago

      ok thanks for the info

    • Joe Chace
      Joe Chace Year ago

      No they're half done S4 but they're doing a "mid-season break" for literally no reason but to draw out the show so they make more money.

  • Gucconius Gangus Gucconius gangus

    Was the show canceled

  • Isti TS
    Isti TS Year ago

    When is episode 6 coming?

  • baymax the robot
    baymax the robot Year ago

    When is this coming back?

  • AJ Doms
    AJ Doms Year ago

    Someone just like send this video to Oscar Issac, I’d live to see his reaction.

  • corbin kile
    corbin kile Year ago +1

    "Well be back in a few weeks with a brand new episode"
    *waits a month and a half and still no rebels*

  • Super Mario and Star Wars fan

    A phe weeks? The world your looking for is months!! Where is the 6 + episodes? Of Star Wars Rebels

  • Tom Li
    Tom Li Year ago

    Can’t help but wonder where the B-wings are? Seems like they would have been useful

  • Riggins Sean
    Riggins Sean Year ago

    When is the actual date for the next episode ?

  • Roberto Mondello
    Roberto Mondello Year ago

    I can't wait the new episodes and the trailer of these episodes

  • Jeremiah Valeska
    Jeremiah Valeska Year ago

    i want to see the return of commander cody in star wars rebels season 4

  • CaptainCore993
    CaptainCore993 Year ago

    God the X-Wing is a beautiful plane. The turning, spinning, and unfolding of the wings really make it stand out compared to the Empire.
    It makes you feel like it’s a plane that could fly here and now but it kind of isn’t.

  • Adrian Ho
    Adrian Ho Year ago

    So....after rebels is finished, could we being back the clone wars and finish the awesome storyies that was supposed to be told. I wanna see the finished bad batch

  • Everything in a short time

    I dont realy like rebels but I love clon wars pleas give me clone wars back! !!!

  • Anime Dude
    Anime Dude Year ago

    when will the second half of the season begin?

  • Solence
    Solence Year ago

    Hate to break to you guys but nether Hera or Poe Got nothing my my boy Wedge Antilles imo still the greatest rebel pilot right behind Luke of course

  • ScreenZombie13
    ScreenZombie13 Year ago

    On the ghost, the crew all have somewhere to sleep, but where does chopper go when they're all asleep?

  • Daniel Ryan
    Daniel Ryan Year ago

    Star wars question: if the new republic fleet survived the destruction of hosnian prime, would it support the resistance in the assault on starkiller base or come support the resistance during the evacuation of d'qar??? I like to hear your opinion.

  • LostBoyAJ
    LostBoyAJ Year ago

    Who is a better pilot Hera or Darth Vader?

  • RoboKnight37
    RoboKnight37 Year ago

    Does anyone know when the second half will Air.

  • Darthpepo
    Darthpepo Year ago

    Vader is a better pilot

  • Liaz Med
    Liaz Med Year ago

    I like that this video shows us the Pablo Hidalgo sometimes just stands there as a prop

  • Andrew Gilbertson

    Seeing the X-wings was awesome... a very thrilling moment when they lock S-foils, and seeing them dogfight was fantastic! It's all I've really wanted out of Star Wars since 1999. As Dave said, I've been waiting for that- and it was well worth the wait... and part of a FANTASTIC episode.
    But why are the X-wings stuck with the little pew-pew-pew laser sounds from the prequels (akin to Slave I)? I understood using those for the Ghost, even for the Blade-wing, since we never really heard it fire onscreen... but X-wings from A New Hope have that wonderful blapp-blapp-blapp laser sound, like their canons are really spitting those bolts of energy out, that is instantly familiar to anyone who's played the X-wing games. I really hope that if they make a Rebels reappearance, the sound effects will be fixed.

  • Star Wars HQ
    Star Wars HQ Year ago +18

    Season 4 is VERY good - can't wait to see more! :D

    • MonkeyZorr
      MonkeyZorr Year ago +2

      Seasons 1 - 3 were better, this feels so rushed

  • Neverhoodian
    Neverhoodian Year ago

    Best pilot? Hmmm, that's a tough one. Wedge Antilles, Soontir Fel, Keyan Farlander, Maarek Stele, Ace Azzameen, Rookie One, Corran Horn...there's a wealth of choices, after all. I hope the current canon produces a similar stable of such pilots. Hera and Poe are good starts, but I want more space combat (and let's get some truly capable and loyal Imperial aces while we're at it).
    I guess the X-Wing origins story is still a mystery. Well unless it's stated otherwise I'm just going to stick to the "Legends" explanation that the Incom design team defected and told the Rebels where to steal the prototypes.

  • Lee Pen
    Lee Pen Year ago

    Andi does a great Jenny Nicholson.

  • mikey123456789012
    mikey123456789012 Year ago +1

    Based on just that one scene on Takodana, Poe seems like a way better pilot

  • Matthew Fechter
    Matthew Fechter Year ago +1

    Has it been announced when episode 10 will be aired?

  • Паша Давыдов

    In the second part of the fourth season of the series, the Rebels will show us that Ezra and Sabine as they kiss, as Hera and kanan?

  • Kevin
    Kevin Year ago

    Where can I get those model ships on Andy's desk. I need them please anyone???

  • Kevin
    Kevin Year ago

    Been playing Battlefront 2 so good. minus those loot crates.

  • Najee_eee
    Najee_eee Year ago

    Tbh I forgot about rebels recon cause I never saw the episodes right away but now I have to go binge some rebels recon😂

  • MrPuckDrop 11
    MrPuckDrop 11 Year ago


  • MrDarth0
    MrDarth0 Year ago

    Poor Poe...

  • the freestyler
    the freestyler Year ago

    Season 1 2 3 4 gameplay to play

  • the freestyler
    the freestyler Year ago

    Dave I was thinking could Star Wars rebel gameplay just like did with battlefront 2

  • lightsidemaster
    lightsidemaster Year ago

    And Anakin is a better pilot than either of the two ;)

  • Bullestick
    Bullestick Year ago

    Hera may be a good pilot but she is terrible squadron commander think about the first time we see her her and her squadron are clash landing after fighting the empire and unless they're a teenager or in the original trilogy all of her pilots almost always get shot down

  • Patman Crew
    Patman Crew Year ago

    Love this!!;)

  • Andrew Fechenbach

    Poe all the way

  • Joseph Iorio
    Joseph Iorio Year ago

    RIP R3

  • Justin Dittman
    Justin Dittman Year ago

    im glad we got to see the empire do something productive

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Hey guys, can you please make a compilation when the show is over of all the Andi-Pablo moments PLEASE?!

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith Year ago

    No tease because there is a Last Jedi TIE-in in this season of Rebels!!

  • Wrecker Reviews
    Wrecker Reviews Year ago

    Battlefront II has me in tears. Let's talk about that.

  • Teodoro Itriago Giménez

    Poe dameron is better pilot

  • TheMajestic
    TheMajestic Year ago

    Wow a good/decent episode finally.. I rate 7/10

  • Chaz Cisneros
    Chaz Cisneros Year ago

    Good episode. Felt very classic in terms of "Star Wars writing." Keep up this mature and serious writing guys (just don't be as edgy as TCW).

  • Darth Knightwing Phoenix


  • VidGamer123
    VidGamer123 Year ago

    See you guys in 2018!

  • Kevin Norwood
    Kevin Norwood Year ago

    These X-Wings seem WEAKER than the later versions. I was honestly disappointed in them.

  • The Redstone Sith

    Hera is better than rook, and the white lothwolf is so awesome.

  • Fox Walker
    Fox Walker Year ago

    Probably one of my top 3 episodes for the entire series. The space battle was absolutely epic, and the focus on Hera (my favorite character) made it that much better!

  • Dakaree Kondo-Banks

    This season been LIT🔥🔥🔥 so far!!!!

  • Mackenzie Peters
    Mackenzie Peters Year ago

    This show should have been finished before the holidays.
    All it is disney trying to squeeze every cent they can get from someone who pays for Disney XD.

  • ivy4lord
    ivy4lord Year ago

    Mart addresses Hera as General, but Thrawn still calls her Captain. Did Hera get promoted already?

  • Gowshik Ganesan
    Gowshik Ganesan Year ago

    Cool Episode.I have heard Kannan's real name is Kaleb Dume .That is why the Loth-Wolf said it.

  • Karston James
    Karston James Year ago

    4:36 that hair change though lul

  • Damien Hailey
    Damien Hailey Year ago

    Okay the inevitable question that's probably been asked already...
    Most people wanted, or expected, us to see the X-Wings get acquired in the series, much like the Y- and B-Wings were. But we went from all Y-wings in "In the Name of the Rebellion" to suddenly having X-wings here. Is the "Introduction" of the X-Wings already earmarked for another work?

  • Chicago Critic Gerald

    Only 7 eps left!

  • Omega579
    Omega579 Year ago

    aileron roll

  • Henrik Wannheden
    Henrik Wannheden Year ago

    Am I the only one that thinks the Loth-wolf have sith eyes?

  • Christian
    Christian Year ago

    So other than the fact that X-Wings were meant to replace ARC-170's. How did the Rebellion get them? other than the fact they stole them, most likely.

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown Year ago

    Would love to see more B-Wings before Rebels ends.

  • M. Strain Jr.
    M. Strain Jr. Year ago

    Well we know Hera survives because of Rogue One and the Forces of Destiny cartoon, so I felt no tension watching her get captured. My hope is that her capture is a catalyst that will lead to better things in the story.

  • micheal vojinov
    micheal vojinov Year ago

    Andi! Where do I get that rebel hat??

  • apotheosisbetz
    apotheosisbetz Year ago

    Ok everyone prove me wrong please!!!!
    I usually watch with the subtitles on. And I watch Rebels on Amazon. The Loth Wolf says "Dume", right? Right. In this episode The wolf said "Doom".

  • Thomas Kirkham
    Thomas Kirkham Year ago

    I really dont understand 'mid-season finales'. Is it an american thing?

  • TSLstudio
    TSLstudio Year ago

    6:44 weird question I mean.... like in rogue one, the death star doesn't exist fpor the public ;) so of course no advertising!!!

  • Robert Wainwright

    Great episode when are you going to kit up and troop with us #wolvesofmandalor #mandagalar #mmcv

  • joe
    joe Year ago

    the x wing sounds had the ghost turret firing sound. bothered me more than it should

  • BBP Prime
    BBP Prime Year ago

    @7:25 "Alright. Well, thanks, Pablem."

  • Drama gogirl
    Drama gogirl Year ago

    Tells the audience a few weeks...sighs in relief then opens Facebook and sees return date is 2018.....cries in pain. Two weeks more like 2 months.....

  • eurosensazion
    eurosensazion Year ago

    This was the mid season episode? Nothing happened and short.

  • Jedi Niltag
    Jedi Niltag Year ago

    A few weeks Andi?!? Few means three... we're looking at like seven or eight weeks, right? I read your not coming back until early 2018.

  • The Nerd Informant
    The Nerd Informant Year ago +1

    I was cheering for both sides in this. Does that make me a bad person? LOL

    • Drama gogirl
      Drama gogirl Year ago

      The Nerd Informant well I kind of did it a little too so your not the only one....

  • Byron De La Cruz Cachago

    Que salga Cassian Andor...

  • ATAG_Flare
    ATAG_Flare Year ago

    Chopper cam next half?

  • Commander Neyo
    Commander Neyo Year ago

    Here's a question, whats Wedge doing during the battle and was he captured by the imps?

  • Ligma 06
    Ligma 06 Year ago

    hey, where's the tease

  • Grey Jedi
    Grey Jedi Year ago

    Alright. There is a reason why you did show us something. GOD! NOW I CANNOT WAIT FOR MONDAY!!!

  • Chinmay Murthy
    Chinmay Murthy Year ago

    How can the x-wings fire all their lasers at the same time? If they can fire without opening the s-foils, why do they open their s-foil So?

  • SWLoreNerd55
    SWLoreNerd55 Year ago +2

    Was that the last season episode? I didn't see ahsoka, or Vader or Palpatine, or perhaps the sith holocron in my theory view, Darth Traya.

  • Cnw#8701
    Cnw#8701 Year ago

    First-half of the season was sluggish and kind of all over the place, but hopefully the second-half will be better!

  • Dan Bharry
    Dan Bharry Year ago +1


  • Isaac Gavino
    Isaac Gavino Year ago +1

    Lol r-3 is dead