Harrison Ford's Secret Role in Solo: A Star Wars Story

  • Published on Apr 6, 2018
  • Han Solo is the most iconic character in the entire Star Wars saga. And by proxy, Harrison Ford has become one of the most illustrious actors in all of Hollywood. But by no means did he enjoy or become all that attached to the roles that made him a household name. So does this mean he has very little involvement with the upcoming anthology movie Solo: A Star Wars Story? Or does Harrison have some kind of covert role we're all unaware of? Well, let's find out!
    How George Lucas Helped Direct Solo: A Star Wars Story - thexvid.com/video/5fd78N2su3w/video.html
    Why Kylo Ren is Better Than Darth Vader, According to Donald Glover - thexvid.com/video/1SCYdlkibo8/video.html
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  • Inside Star Wars
    Inside Star Wars  Year ago +1

    Learn all about Qi'ra from Solo: A Star Wars Story right here - thexvid.com/video/ZCAzwtFqINw/video.html

    • InnerMittenSignal
      InnerMittenSignal Year ago

      Does anyone remember this scene that got messed with and they edited out the joke? thexvid.com/video/ik4MskQsAq0/video.html

  • greggy bada
    greggy bada 29 days ago

    what is his accent?

  • gilo7171
    gilo7171 11 months ago

    There was NO H FORD in this movie !

  • 54v115
    54v115 11 months ago

    For me, Harrison's best role ever continues to be 'Indiana Jones'...

  • THEJoeDub22
    THEJoeDub22 11 months ago

    Shitty fucking video... Not only is its depth just beneath surface level, your accent makes this as unbearable as anything I've ever watched a video for -- you come off as a pompous douche, and the grade school level shade you attempt to throw Kennedy's way, I mean, can you say FAIL?!

  • Occam
    Occam 11 months ago

    I still haven't seen Solo and I won't. I only want to remember Harrison as Han. And i doubt he had much involvent with the making or direction of the film.

  • Crow_056
    Crow_056 11 months ago

    Cast Morgan Freeman as young Solo, just do it.

  • Ryan Bybee
    Ryan Bybee 11 months ago

    Jamie Costa hands down. Not only does he do impressions of Harrison Ford, Ian McKellen,Mark Hamill's Joker,Robin Williams and more he also makes fan films. When he was not cast as Han he made his own solo fan film a smugglers trade which is good although he loses the impression here and there it's a good fan film. Now here is what is Interesting the big world premiere red carpet jamie is invited and he has a video of it on his TheXvid page, but getting an Invite like that makes me wonder if the big wigs realized how sucky Alden was and how jamie was and should have been Han. Because just a guy that makes impressions and short vids I wouldn't venture rank very important unless they as I said realized far too late the error of the their casting so to appeal to him for future films if or reboots he gets the invite.

  • rossamon1
    rossamon1 11 months ago

    Mid-credit or after-credit scene: We see older Han sitting with Ben as a child. "And that's how I Remember it, Kid." We hear Leia's voice in another room say, "Han, are you telling him that story again?! How did you end it this time? "Han replies, "Hey this time it's the truth." Then mumbles to himself, "At least I think so. Maybe I'll check with Chewie later." ...The End... This way if there isn't a sequel then we can assume what happens at the end of the movie was made up by Han to justify why his ex left. A simple fix that lets fans know not to take the movie too seriously.

  • Goldman Greene
    Goldman Greene 11 months ago

    Too bad River Phoenix is long gone. His turn as a young Indiana Jones was spot on as a young Harrison Ford.

  • McGannahan Skyjellyfetti
    McGannahan Skyjellyfetti 11 months ago


  • info145
    info145 11 months ago

    I saw it on May 27th, 2018. This movie somehow didn't quite "feel" like a Star Wars movie. Of course I knew going in, there wouldn't be much room for The Force in a Han Solo story, but there are other features that made it not seem quite right. Besides, in the end, they did something shocking that really confuses the chronological timeframe of Star Wars. If you go see it, you'll know what I mean.
    It's always nice to see Emilia Clarke though. She played Dinner-ass in Game of Thrones.
    (By the way, happy birthday to Paul Bettany - May 27, 2018. He's in the theatre in TWO big movies right now. This and Avengers Infinity War).
    Oh and it's now official, having Clint Howard in this movie now means a Star Trek actor has officially been in a Star Wars movie! Disney is really blowing things.
    Disney is changing things so much, that a Star Wars movie no longer feels like a Star Wars movie... That's why it's bombing out.
    Didn't look very Star Warsy either. The only visual connection we had was Chewbacca!
    Note: Just like Rogue One, this is NOT a "stand alone" Star Wars movie. They're both very much in line with the same old over-all story there ever was. They're both the same as in, they're a sequel to some Star Wars movies and a prequel to others.

  • P G
    P G 11 months ago +1

    Your voice sucks

  • Duranium Alloy
    Duranium Alloy 11 months ago

    Jamie Costa in my opinion is a close second, but there's another guy that is almost a dead ringer for Harrison Ford as he looked when he was 40, his name is Matt Mickelson and here is his fan film: thexvid.com/video/ulNzcxrBPqk/video.html Also, here is his opinion on the new
    "Solo movie": thexvid.com/video/m51Ga2AjU3U/video.html But you guys look and you be the judge of whom you think looks more like Harrison and channels him better. Oh almost forgot, he's got a "Blade Runner 2" (supposed to be 10 years later?) on his channel too! Here's that one: thexvid.com/video/Gf0CQIfiw2U/video.html .......Ok, that's it from me, enjoy!

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 11 months ago

    Keeps saying he has finished with it! Most be a lier?

  • T Hasbullah
    T Hasbullah 11 months ago


  • king cat99
    king cat99 11 months ago

    He wasn't even in the movie

  • Maria Kaszubska - Biernacka
    Maria Kaszubska - Biernacka 11 months ago +1

    what a sweet accent:)

  • Jason T.E.S. [the emerald sword]

    It’s not pronounced “Han” it’s pronounced “hon”

  • Yaroslav Zhukov
    Yaroslav Zhukov 11 months ago

    I can be more good for this role!I am yonger and my nationality like before american nationality Harrison Ford-slavic from Eastern Europe!!))))))))

  • agauerm
    agauerm 11 months ago

    What´s the name of the music you used as soundtrack in this vídeo?

  • Karen M.
    Karen M. 11 months ago

    Rating for SOLO: 3 mehs. meh meh meh. Alden as Han was mediocre and uninteresting. His relation to Qira not established well in the movie to make me feel invested. And hes really too short to even physically take up space in a way that resembled Han. Had to keep flashing those dice to remind me that i was watching Han Solo. Even his last name was not even his own idea, I would have liked to see him commit to it by thought and choice, even putting it at the end of the film after he's been betrayed so often and realized the weight of the truth of it.
    Glover did what Glover does best and so ruined a well liked character; whom he made to look as if he would screw anything, literally anything and his first response to anything was to evaluate his sexual attraction to it/ them or how F**k-able is this person or thing?. So unnecessary to even focus on that and all I kept thinking was his Droid was giving him BJ's or Hj's. why was it necessary to make any character so overtly sexual? Billy Dee was suave and charming not some walking erection with a closet full of cosplay capes and lousy card cheat.
    Besides that there was little levity, which I did expect. The Droid was almost everything in that respect. And yet again they give us interesting new characters only to kill them a few scenes later. What a waste.

  • TheManiacChannel
    TheManiacChannel 11 months ago

    Who else liked the Solo movie?

    INFO INFO 11 months ago

    yes may be make made Harrison look younger ,but is not fer Harrison Mark and Carie give all self life for Star Wars and why not make this movie 1990 way last so many time it not fer for me only Solo is a Harrison only Luke is Mark and only princess is a Carie Fisher ,some thinks is a bater in original

  • Jamesrell 22
    Jamesrell 22 11 months ago +1

    Disney is doing to star wars what Warner Bros has done to DC and what Paramount has done to Transformerrs. Slowly but surely it's unfolding like that

  • Bryan Whincup
    Bryan Whincup 11 months ago +1

    I never want to see Harrison Ford in another Star Wars movie! Hasn't he betrayed us enough!

  • Jordan Lynch
    Jordan Lynch 11 months ago

    spoiler alert? if you haven't seen force awakens yet i bet you don't wan't to.

  • Jay Exonauts
    Jay Exonauts 11 months ago

    "Han Solo is the most iconic character in the entire Star Wars saga." Uh, no Vader is. Easily.

  • The Russ Man
    The Russ Man 11 months ago +1

    Chris Pratt.... but kk and rj already destroyed any chances of me spending my hard earned money of their sjw BS!!!!

  • August Ragone
    August Ragone 11 months ago

    Anthony Ingruber!

  • Brandon Queen
    Brandon Queen 11 months ago

    Why is Mrs. Doubtfire narrating this video?

    KEVIN MYERS 11 months ago +3

    I think Chris Pratt from guardians would of been good since he is done with guardians now after avengers

  • Tim Masterson
    Tim Masterson 11 months ago +2

    Saw the movie last night I think he did a good job. Had alot od Hans mannerisms.

  • Anakin Sandwalker
    Anakin Sandwalker 11 months ago +1

    Vader > Palpatine > Luke > Maul > Kenobi > Thrawn > Han
    And I personally like Tarkin more than Han, so he’s definitely not the 3rd most iconic character in Star Wars

  • JohnWulffe
    JohnWulffe 11 months ago

    Oh... I was hoping he had a cameo in the movie. Nevermind then....

  • top banana
    top banana 11 months ago

    as a kID watching all 3 movies thought it was the robots the best R2D2 AND C3PO if think of star wars i instantly think of the robots not han solo

    • Elizabeth Works
      Elizabeth Works 11 months ago

      For me it was Leia, Han, Chewie, and Lando. I'd get board and fast-forward the scenes with C3PO, R2D2, Luke, and Obiwan if the other characters weren't in the scene with them.

  • Corporal_Hicks 1977
    Corporal_Hicks 1977 11 months ago +2

    SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY is my absolute favorite star wars movie, i love it!

    Z PATRIOT 11 months ago

    JJ is not a true fan. This explains the failing franchise and the Exodus of fans. If you really care about the Star Wars universe, write to Lucas...
    Fan Mail Address:
    George Lucas
    Skywalker Ranch
    5858 Lucas Valley Rd.
    Nicasio, CA 94946

  • Mommy & Boo Boo aka Anthony

    thexvid.com/video/cSjAk8nGk6I/video.html watch

  • Andy Summers
    Andy Summers Year ago

    I think darth vader is a CUNT I hate star wars so much now I even think star wars is CUNT. solo is a CUNT kk is a CUNT disney is a CUNT ron howard is a CUNT hollywood is a CUNT skywalker sound is a CUNT ilm is a CUNT I hate movies now I think movies are a CUNT!

    DJSNIPES Year ago

    Anthony Ingruber should of been the one. Damn that Kathleen

  • Rick Davidson
    Rick Davidson Year ago

    Stick to robot voices.

  • Ape_makane
    Ape_makane Year ago

    0:45 Wel mey fends yes find at

    SPACE TRUCKER Year ago


  • THF Sieb
    THF Sieb Year ago

    fokin hell mate i mate aswell killmasel

  • Steven Dee
    Steven Dee Year ago

    Gunna throw back an irn-bru. Thanks for storytime.

  • William Briggs
    William Briggs Year ago

    Anthony Ingruber should have been Solo. He would have been perfect in the role. Ron Howard said he wasn't trying to emulate Harrison Ford. He should have been. What is Solo without Solo's attitude, swagger, and voice? All in which Anthony Ingruber has. Another loss in Star Wars films.

  • Quincy Camo
    Quincy Camo Year ago

    Darth Kennedy lies.

  • Cole Morell
    Cole Morell Year ago

    harrison ford quit being filmed in star wars the force awakens because his contract with lucas film ran out

  • El Trollo
    El Trollo Year ago

    I would have found a Harrison Ford impersonator and just taught him how to act. The reverse of that seems to be the ever-popular decision, however.

  • Sean Winchcombe
    Sean Winchcombe Year ago

    Harrison Ford is a crying bitch... Gives the worst interviews.... if he hates acting so much then quit...

  • Outdoor Cory
    Outdoor Cory Year ago

    I have not seen force awakens yet. You fucked it up with your spoiler warning, after you spoiled it. Thumbs down. You suck ass.

  • Vincent Buettner
    Vincent Buettner Year ago

    Thank You Bala-Tik for clearing this up

  • Eohll
    Eohll Year ago

    It would be awesome if Ford is like maybe father or grandfather to the young Han Solo. I know there's point but food for thought.

    JOSEPH V JOSEPH Year ago

    Hey does Klaus from American Dad voice this ?

  • Benjamin Heisler
    Benjamin Heisler Year ago

    thumbs down for the spoiler....

  • Divide
    Divide Year ago

    Jamie Costa. He has the mannerisms and similar voice as he is an impressionist, he kimda looks like Harrison and hes already made a solo fan film. He loves the character so he would have had passion and a goal to not let fans down.

  • Boycott the Sultan of Brunei's hotels.

    One thing that hit me instantly is that John Williams didn't do the score for this one.

  • Sixfoursoul
    Sixfoursoul Year ago

    Fuck this movie

  • durban73 37nabrud

    F you for spoiling this.

  • Unity
    Unity Year ago

    Not sure about this actor playing Solo. Solo actually had depth that Ford only knew how to spill onto the screen for us. Not many modern actors have those skills nowadays.

  • Chris Vellner
    Chris Vellner Year ago

    Harrison Ford was known for signing autographs: " Go FORCE Yourself!"

  • Hallvard Moberg
    Hallvard Moberg Year ago


  • apio70
    apio70 Year ago

    were you one of the thugs that went after han solo in the force awakens you know the ones with the cockney accent like yours?

    • Elizabeth Works
      Elizabeth Works 11 months ago

      Cockney is a London accent, his is Scottish.

  • Boycott the Sultan of Brunei's hotels.

    Snus mubrikken- Sorry Snus but, that's complete & utter nonsense. These 'movies' may disappoint fans & never be critical darlings but, one thing they don't do, is 'flop.' They're like buying a guaranteed winning lottery ticket. Their profits are sickening & could fund new country's. Use Rogue One' as an example. Its outside the sequels and had a 'paltry' :) budget of $200 million. It went on to make over '1 billion' dollars. It made 2/3rds of its budget back in its 1st weekend. An $800 million dollar flop that could fund 4 more SW movies.

  • TheGav0071
    TheGav0071 Year ago

    OMG!! 1:04 check out the smile on "Han's" face. He should play the Joker, not Solo!!! Am I right?

  • 82 Pythons
    82 Pythons Year ago

    Let's all just accept that Harrison Ford is now an entitled punk of an actor, and money & fame have destroyed any humility he may have once had in the early 80's. I couldn't imagine being the originator of so many iconic characters, just to shun them once you obtain wealth & popularity. Ford has stated on multiple occasions his hatred for not only Solo, but Deckard and Jones as well, so this seems like an ongoing trend with him. Honestly, Ford's always been sort of a weird fucker, any grown man with an ear ring needs a good punch in the gut.

  • Sean Harrison
    Sean Harrison Year ago

    Harrison Ford is spot on with Han's character.

  • Jason Born
    Jason Born Year ago +2

    Han always shoots first.

  • Jewkesman
    Jewkesman Year ago

    He did star with Ron Howard on Graphiti.

  • fatarsemonkey
    fatarsemonkey Year ago +1

    He probably didn't mind helping out Ron Howard as they were in American Graffiti together.

  • John Saporta
    John Saporta Year ago +1

    A classy move by Ford

  • Snus mubrikken
    Snus mubrikken Year ago

    Im pretty sure the movie will flop. Im gonna watch it still though

    • Snus mubrikken
      Snus mubrikken Year ago

      Redacted Free Press lets just wait and see whos right

    • Boycott the Sultan of Brunei's hotels.
      Boycott the Sultan of Brunei's hotels. Year ago

      Im absolutely certain of only one thing. This film will make an obscene amount of money. Hans origin is one of the most anticipated movies of all time & will define 'summer blockbuster.'

    • Snus mubrikken
      Snus mubrikken Year ago

      Redacted Free Press you sure... i mean all of my star wars friends says it just looks wrong. And ive heard alot of other people dislikes where the movie is going so far

    • Boycott the Sultan of Brunei's hotels.
      Boycott the Sultan of Brunei's hotels. Year ago

      mubrikken- i've said no matter who they cast, SW mega fans 'will not' like who's chosen. Fans & critics may dislike the film & the ccasting choice but, it will never flop. No SW film has never not made at least 3 times its budget. Many fans think Harrison Ford sucked playing Solo in The Force Awakens (I did) but, it made a billion dollars on a 245 million budget. Now the merch is a continual flop. The toys & merch is a dead issue.

  • Harry Nixon
    Harry Nixon Year ago

    My theory is that Harrison Ford will be there at the start of the film and he has a flashback of the events of when he was a younger Han and then that's where the rest of the film will take off from there.

  • Lee Mack
    Lee Mack Year ago +4

    It better be way better then the last star wars movie Howard or your fired

  • Mirlin Moorefield

    I didn't know Pippin' from Lord of the Rings was a Star Wars fan!!! Wow!!!

  • Chanplue Isaland Life. Area55

    I guess Harrison Ford play at the Hans father or Grand father in a〝SOLO〟

    • Eohll
      Eohll Year ago +1

      Joyce Nakazato, EXACTLY!

  • Dan Harvell
    Dan Harvell Year ago +2

    It's hilarious, all of the fan boys and girls whining because they are doing a Han Solo story that, *gasp*, doesn't involve Harrison Ford. Unless you morons are too stupid realize it, Harrison Ford is old and it would be entirely too expensive to CGI him back into his youthful days. Get over yourselves... the Star Wars legacy will be just fine.

    • Boycott the Sultan of Brunei's hotels.
      Boycott the Sultan of Brunei's hotels. Year ago

      Dan Harvell Very well said. Fan expectations are too high. During the prequels I personally decided to enter the theatre expecting nothing but a good time and they've delivered. Once you start watching them as individuals pics they are so much more fun to watch (on the big screen that is.) Plus the fact we are getting one or 2 pics a year is awesome. Viewers need to give up expecting what was 1st seen in 1977 and go have a fucking good time. The 'lightining in a bottle' of ep4&5 is gone. Get the saber out of your ass & have some fun.

  • Dave G
    Dave G Year ago +1

    I wouldn't quote anything Kathleen Kennedy says as truth

  • Joe Russell
    Joe Russell Year ago +4

    I think this is narrated by Checkov from Star Trek

  • Richard Burchett
    Richard Burchett Year ago +1

    It's true: none of it.

  • Kevin Valdez
    Kevin Valdez Year ago

    What's the background music?

  • Parker Rush Music

    It’s gonna be at the end of the movie and show him at the cantina. I think

  • Derek Darvell
    Derek Darvell Year ago

    I would of cast the actor that is currently playing the new Han Solo but digitally added in the affect of Harrison Ford's face thereby giving him a special thanks on IMDB just like what they did with the Princess in Rouge One and not to forget the villain.

  • Paul M
    Paul M Year ago

    Are you a scotch?

  • Robert Hladik Sr
    Robert Hladik Sr Year ago

    This is who I thought should of been Solo....

  • The Toy Box The Toy Box

    Click bait video. No new information to be found here - Certainly nothing about Harrison Ford's secret role in Solo.

  • Bernie Madow
    Bernie Madow Year ago

    I bet he will be Hans father.....

  • NBK Vamp
    NBK Vamp Year ago

    Who would I have cast as young solo? Harrison and just cgi him SMH....no I'm serious.

  • Moon Emoji
    Moon Emoji Year ago

    What accent is this?

    • Elizabeth Works
      Elizabeth Works 11 months ago

      What part of Scotland? I have friend who's husband is from Glasgow, I have a really hard time understanding him over the phone. You have a lovely accent and I can understand ya perfectly. :)

    • Moon Emoji
      Moon Emoji Year ago

      MrReasonabubble yes

    • MrReasonabubble
      MrReasonabubble Year ago

      Moon Emoji, what do you mean, 'no'?
      This is TheCancrizans' channel. Are you telling him he doesn't know where his own accent comes from? :D

    • Moon Emoji
      Moon Emoji Year ago

      TheCancrizans no

    • Inside Star Wars
      Inside Star Wars  Year ago +2

      Moon Emoji Scottish.

  • paralentor
    paralentor Year ago

    Anthony Ingruber nailed young Harrison Ford in Age of Adaline. thexvid.com/video/vwLv993khfI/video.html

  • Rebel Scum
    Rebel Scum Year ago

    Great Scott! That time machine idea is brilliant!

  • Digital Gold Pictures

    Obviously Anthony Ingruber! It almost makes me sick to my stomach that he is not playing Han! As Han Solo himself would say to Disney: What the hell are you doing?!!!

  • Wilfredo Diaz
    Wilfredo Diaz Year ago +9

    Jesus what a horrible accent !!!

  • jay lifestyle
    jay lifestyle Year ago

    Chris Pratt, 100% should have been Solo!!! like wtf where they thinking!!!! they keep on picking the wrong actors for these star wars roles and its braking my hart, and not getting me interested in seeing them AT ALL!!! Please change this who ever can make a difference!!! They did it with back to the future, they should do it with Solo!

    • rosvel92
      rosvel92 Year ago

      jay lifestyle no, he already has his space films, we don't need him in another series. The last thing we need is for Star Wars to become a Marvel film. Leave each be it's own unique thing.

  • MVS studios
    MVS studios Year ago +1

    this movie shouldnt even be happening

    • E D123
      E D123 Year ago

      MVS studios the last Jedi was not bad at all it was an interesting and enjoyable film. It does have flaws yes however it was still a very good film

    • MVS studios
      MVS studios Year ago

      Eoghan Deasy donold Glover is gonna be the only good thing about the film people will like it thst is your opinion and i want star wars movies to stay good but last jedi wasn't all that great and im is this movie doesn't look all that great

    • E D123
      E D123 Year ago

      MVS studios Not at all I believe that many people will go to see the film as it will be interesting to understand the backstory of Han Solos life and also from watching the trailers it looks very interesting. Donald Glover especially I am looking forward to seeing as Lando Calrissian as he looks just like him.

    • MVS studios
      MVS studios Year ago

      Eoghan Deasy because why would you replace Harrison Ford as Han Solo who was already pretty young in the originals yes it would be cool seeing a origin but I can already tell by the trailers it isnt gonna be a good film at all it is gonna bomb and it is gonna suck

    • E D123
      E D123 Year ago

      MVS studios Why exactly?

  • nickhunter500
    nickhunter500 Year ago

    Chris Bret probably would be good

  • tyro244
    tyro244 Year ago


    JUNGO Year ago

    how many idiotic assholes going to make star wars world like fuckin' stupid commodity? amazing how people have fetish into this world......I don't disrespect it but it is getting so ridiculous that it's like a malignant cancer that will never go away....especially these idiotic English people....why George have English idiotic artist in a USA sci-fi is beyond me....they aren't that great of an actors anyways..............

  • PhantomJet
    PhantomJet Year ago

    Too bad we can't have someone look like original young Han using CGI just like what they did in Rogue one with leia/Carrie Fisher, though it would kind of make sense to make Han look like that if he is way younger than the beloved smuggler in the originals

    • Dan Harvell
      Dan Harvell Year ago

      I mean, Disney used the "anti-aging" effect to some pretty significant degree in Tron: Legacy, but from what I understand, the profit margins really took a hit, partly due to the cost of producing the effort. In my opinion, Tron: Legacy was a fantastic movie... but Disney just wasn't happy with the production-to-profit ratio.

    • PhantomJet
      PhantomJet Year ago

      Dan Harvell I get your point, doing that for a whole movie would drain funds

    • Dan Harvell
      Dan Harvell Year ago

      What they did for Leia in Rogue One was just a brief appearance. Can you imagine the cost doing an entire movie, this way? Not even in the realm of affordable, if you hope to turn a profit.