• Published on Mar 9, 2019
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    There are certain people you do not want to mess with - they are incredibly strong, cool and look intimidating enough to scare any bully away.
    Such people are usually admired - from a distance. Today, we’ll tell you about people you definitely don’t want to upset. Ready for a daily dose of tough guys?

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  • guilty spark
    guilty spark Day ago

    #10 Khabib Nurmagamedov

  • Firefly Hotaru
    Firefly Hotaru Day ago

    great skill but no experience with life and death situation

  • akash sr
    akash sr Day ago

    Kalarippayattu....Malayali daa

  • VSingh Rihal
    VSingh Rihal Day ago

    Where is *ShAgGy??*

  • Little Geek
    Little Geek Day ago

    I’m not that physically strong, yet I am mentally strong.

  • Russell James Reyes

    Someone more scary is tseries

  • Osama Badar
    Osama Badar Day ago

    Any Pakistani????

  • Cody
    Cody Day ago

    More like 9 people that I will never encounter in life

  • TRX
    TRX Day ago

    8:30 "Smashes ice with his head" demonstrates using his shoulders.........

    ADAM GOMAEV Day ago

    9:45 Shroud but girl and not in FPS game

  • Abdullah Chaudhry

    1:17 minecraft

  • Energeticphenom
    Energeticphenom Day ago

    Stopped after Mindy

  • ben trimble
    ben trimble Day ago

    Martial arts and/or boxing background, huge muscles, can break boulders with a punch... drops from a cheap shot to the nuts. 🤔 I think I'd rather be small and weak. 😈

  • Anonymous Prince

    There are Various people these people shouldn't mess with but they are unknown

  • David Homer
    David Homer Day ago

    I really would not want to mess with them in a dance contest. In a fight, meh, I would shoot first and ask them to dance later.

  • Robert Jake Cadenas

    one shot one kill.



  • colby turner
    colby turner Day ago

    His body will wear out before his time.

  • Republican Gamer

    you should have had Abu Azreal

  • Bakh Ibrahim
    Bakh Ibrahim Day ago

    Chuck Norris is still undefeated.

  • raty rat
    raty rat Day ago

    riddick is badass no.1 ..

  • Sylvi bot
    Sylvi bot Day ago

    was zum Teufel

  • Nikki Zander
    Nikki Zander Day ago

    If you are reading the comments before watching don't bother watching. People showing at this video are not real Combat artists just Tai Chi caca exercise forms of martial arts no killers on this page.

  • 1Thatswhatsgood
    1Thatswhatsgood Day ago

    Actually that while Korean mixed with wushu. Is incorrect. It actually came from Capoeira

  • Nikki Zander
    Nikki Zander Day ago

    Right off the bat the first guy that you talked about got his ass kicked in the UFC by a guy that only trained a few years.

  • Notur BB
    Notur BB Day ago

    Jawdropping jumps... 😂😂😂😂

  • Darrell Lawson
    Darrell Lawson Day ago

    She is Rich people

  • Raven
    Raven Day ago

    That first black dude looks like the hardest motherfucker on the planet, I don't think nobody would want to mess with him no matter what size or shape the other person was like.

  • CM Derp
    CM Derp Day ago +1

    This is one goofy ass list LOL! I was expecting Charlie Zelenoff to be in the top 5

  • CoolWeeaboo 88
    CoolWeeaboo 88 Day ago +1

    1:17 me in minecraft

  • Haywood Jablomy
    Haywood Jablomy Day ago +1

    Yeah everybodies a badass until they get shot and die like any other human being who gets shot.

  • Willie Hill
    Willie Hill Day ago

    How does she make snipers jealous when she’s not one🤣

  • Donald Mach
    Donald Mach Day ago

    What if: Mindy Kelly vs. Chloe Bruce AND Lucas Novatni vs. Byron Ferguson??

  • DJQuikSilva
    DJQuikSilva Day ago

    That 16yr old girl is sick 💪🏽

  • Willie Hill
    Willie Hill Day ago

    He try to fight me I’d shoot his ass ong

  • Lionheart /Wolfos

    WHY, O WHYYY, is not ONE on this list is a champion MMA fighter of the UFC????

  • Badger 2357
    Badger 2357 Day ago

    1:17 Minecraft in real life.

  • Wade B
    Wade B Day ago

    The woman at 5:56, I'll stop her by placing my hand on her forehead while she swing with her punches.

  • S N320
    S N320 Day ago

    what a load off trolling horsehshit

  • S N320
    S N320 Day ago

    hey fuckhead mind whearhouse, have you guys heard off ufc fighters...these people have just asthetics

  • E Bone Capone
    E Bone Capone Day ago

    If humanity's ever faces a grave danger they should join forces

  • BigDaddyCool42
    BigDaddyCool42 Day ago

    I’m not scared of anyone who’s asian

  • Garbrine 400
    Garbrine 400 Day ago

    1:18 Minecraft 😂

  • Dr Copyright
    Dr Copyright Day ago +1

    *#1 moto moto*

  • Bbm add#11
    Bbm add#11 Day ago


  • TZ TZ
    TZ TZ Day ago

    Mayweather would pay them some money and they would all be on the floor eating the ground no matter how tough they are ,,, thats the reality of famous fighters,,, pay to win not fight to win thexvid.com/video/v-k97fNbIa4/video.html :D

  • fade2black001
    fade2black001 Day ago

    Most of these people will die if they fought a UFC fighter

  • Alpha 1453
    Alpha 1453 Day ago

    Bullshido is real in this shitshow!!!

  • Young link Deku child

    1:13 minecraft

  • Blixx
    Blixx Day ago

    Omg i just beat that 1st dudes ass the other day. He was good though.

  • temesgen estifanos

    Guns killed tough guys bullet baby . shoot him in the head and ha he not tough at all mate

  • Symbiotic Animator

    1:16 Minecraft

  • Phil B1
    Phil B1 Day ago

    GIGA UGURU the only fight on the list who's style deamed useless. When genetically historical info say different so what lying is this the narrator base off? Systematic racist this clown racist and those of his kind lie at a drop of a hat. When your eyes are open to their tactics you can help make change to their system great info on their practices. Channel (ProFBlackHQ)on TheXvid this is only for the people who are affected by this system and their there lies B1Nation .

  • Marilyn X
    Marilyn X Day ago

    Love to see that first dude in the ufc, I think he would do pretty good.

  • michel3265
    michel3265 Day ago

    Final test: get drunk and van damme dance away until opponents come at you

  • Joshua Bisson
    Joshua Bisson Day ago

    The fancier it looks the less effective it is,too many ballerinas....Big muscles means your slow and get winded fast..this list is lame.

  • Charles Calle
    Charles Calle Day ago

    Hehe if I have to fight them for life and death best believe they better have a bullet proof vest on cuz I’m not using hands 😂

  • Kevin Musa
    Kevin Musa Day ago

    One well placed bullet is all it takes. Karate ? Your joking right .......

  • PhantomRaven
    PhantomRaven Day ago

    If that first guy isn't a stunt coordinator for Hollywood then he failed in life

  • eva apanasjonoka

    We're Chuck noris

  • xPot
    xPot Day ago

    1:17 he also played minecraft since childhood

  • Oliver sobhi Zakhary


    I dont think martial arts is fairly compared to guns and bullets. Drop the weapons, and we can all just knock her out with 1 punch

  • abdur rahmaan
    abdur rahmaan Day ago


  • seanthomxx
    seanthomxx Day ago

    @8:30 I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!!

  • Dion Landphier
    Dion Landphier Day ago

    And yet all you need is 1 bullet for each of these people.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago +3

    Just saying any journeyman in the UFC would smash any of this people into hell.

  • Doc Johnson
    Doc Johnson Day ago

    I would have to put the IRS on top of that list. 😂

  • Lazaro Perez
    Lazaro Perez Day ago

    It was his shoulders not his head....

  • Jack Field
    Jack Field Day ago

    Why are them bodybuilders in there bet they have never had a fight in there life 😂

  • RobloxGamer &GachaMaker

    No way I looked at the number one person two days ago

  • jonas herbert
    jonas herbert Day ago

    I wanna build a superhero team now

  • Anime JP
    Anime JP Day ago

    This should be baki next enemy on season 3🤣

  • HighElder
    HighElder Day ago

    10:44 you mean GUN

  • Lazaro Perez
    Lazaro Perez Day ago

    Don't bring your fists to a gun fight. As seen in Captain Marvel...

  • Paul King
    Paul King Day ago

    Mindy Kelly has over a dozen world championships in MMA? I can't find one. Who did she beat?

  • Ben Middleton
    Ben Middleton Day ago

    You never covered horse racing jockeys, you never ever want to let a jockey get his hands around your throat or you are probably dead. They all have ridiculously strong forearms and hands.
    And, you left out Chuck Norris, sacrilege that is, shame on you

  • GrindTime Nation

    Lol sissys
    I'm from the league of shadows

  • Gregory Wheeler
    Gregory Wheeler Day ago +1

    I would mess with all of them and I would win

  • UnKnown Player
    UnKnown Player Day ago

    Don’t mess with me, I will snitch

  • nvd2ceb4
    nvd2ceb4 Day ago

    Oh yeah? Put them all in one room and call it 'Room Escape'!

  • andyfreeland
    andyfreeland Day ago

    I would mess with every person on this list. No actual badasses.

  • progamer 911
    progamer 911 Day ago

    The first guy clearly knows nothing

    Stone requires a pickaxe

  • SpikyTheGamer
    SpikyTheGamer Day ago

    What if the first video you showed us you said he don’t take breaks can he take out
    100 ninjas without taking a break[ NOT A REAL FIGHT]

  • Some Annoying Kid

    1:17 my man just needed some oak wood for his wooden pickaxe.

  • MrSportscollector

    J.d anderson "who said being a fat azz is a bad thing".

  • Angel /s.a.s
    Angel /s.a.s Day ago

    1:14 yo 1:18 he look too much Minecraft

  • Skillfully Executed

    Why is it not such a good idea to make fun of someone with good marksmanship skills? What are they going to do, shoot me? Perhaps they should be banned from ever touching a gun if that is the case.

  • NvikIngsN
    NvikIngsN Day ago

    Seriously? Any dumb-ass with a gun could take out most everyone and if you need a gun to be someone considered not a person to mess with it's lame. Just look at the last few decades of mixed martial arts where it comes to actual battle in a cage or ring with like 4 once gloves and you will find people you really don't want to mess with...

  • Julian Gonzalez
    Julian Gonzalez Day ago

    They should be in mortal kombat

  • Girl Games Videos

    haha everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face

  • Richard Pavlik
    Richard Pavlik Day ago

    Charlie zelenoff

  • Davon Burnett
    Davon Burnett Day ago

    That first boy better join the army

  • Schopenhauer Ass Plower

    Number 1
    Adolf Hitler

  • Elmo
    Elmo Day ago

    8:20 not with his but more like with his elbow/clavicle

  • Y6X
    Y6X Day ago

    1:17 minecraft in real life

  • Matthew Hawthorne

    yal forgot Micheal White

  • Nikhil Sharma
    Nikhil Sharma Day ago

    9 bullets you need to use only

  • Zach Skeletor
    Zach Skeletor Day ago

    Good god. Bunch of slapdicks

  • Chickens Will Rule
    Chickens Will Rule Day ago +1

    Shrek wasn’t on the list!

  • danny from vegas

    I wonder if she holds the cock like she holds the muzzle!!