she had the worst fortnite we got her a win

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • now she doesn't have the worst fortnite tracker I've ever seen!
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Comments • 908

  • Loserfruit
    Loserfruit  Month ago +642

    Shoutout to everyone that has bad or below stats. Let's go!

    • Yellow Eclipse
      Yellow Eclipse 21 day ago

      I have 0 Solo wins.. i think 5 duo wins and 3 squad wins (or 2)

    • Im Scrooold
      Im Scrooold 25 days ago +1

      Me...Im try to have a good stats but i can't because ive bad building try to have better but...

    • Ankith Shankar
      Ankith Shankar Month ago

      I have zero wins and 3 kills I solo
      6kills in duos and 12 kills in squads

    • shanel wheeler
      shanel wheeler Month ago

      I have trash stats

    • Kingston Uzumaki
      Kingston Uzumaki Month ago

      Search up this kid called "eat my beans"

  • Nikstar112 - Gaming
    Nikstar112 - Gaming 10 hours ago +1

    πŸ˜‚ i think I won this competition, i used to play on a 7 year old pc with a KD of 0.05

  • Miguel Higuera
    Miguel Higuera 4 days ago

    I have only 2 wins

  • xxFi3LD_ FNBR
    xxFi3LD_ FNBR 8 days ago

    WTF she is from tunisia that explains why she have a crap pc

  • RobloxionVlogger
    RobloxionVlogger 9 days ago

    Loser fruit, you think that’s bad? I have over 1000 matches played before i got my first win

  • Random R
    Random R 10 days ago

    My friend screamed so badly my ears bled that you killed him XD

  • Mitch Trewin
    Mitch Trewin 12 days ago

    Did you type in muawlkπŸ˜‚

  • Josephvia
    Josephvia 17 days ago

    My stats are very bad like god awful bad

  • xxReeshax x
    xxReeshax x 17 days ago

    I have okay stats

  • TheReaperPepper
    TheReaperPepper 17 days ago

    I was stuck at 0 wins for 2000 matches fite me

  • Crow Spams l2
    Crow Spams l2 18 days ago

    I have worse I got 0 wins but been playing since season 2 but got a 3 kd to many sweats in these days

  • Sherbyl
    Sherbyl 19 days ago

    My stats are trash I have like 10 wins

  • Graphic Artz
    Graphic Artz 19 days ago

    I’ve played over 3.5k games and I only have 30 wins, I think I win in having the worst stats.

  • Hassan Rhabya
    Hassan Rhabya 20 days ago

    guys guys no gonna brag but I have a 0.10% win rate

  • Mohammed Atif
    Mohammed Atif 20 days ago

    KFC at 0:49 and 1:01 and 1:56 and 2:12

  • Yellow Eclipse
    Yellow Eclipse 21 day ago

    I wanna get my First Solo win... πŸ˜₯

  • Nightwing Ninja
    Nightwing Ninja 23 days ago

    I have awful stats

  • Savage_Sandvich
    Savage_Sandvich 24 days ago

    Fresh has a 70% solo win rate

  • Avocato Gatcha tuber
    Avocato Gatcha tuber 24 days ago

    Implay on mobile but started in season 4

    AcE_DARKWINTERS 25 days ago

    Loser is ma type a gamer making weird sounds in middle of battles

    AcE_DARKWINTERS 25 days ago

    Get freshy boi

  • Wiliam Birmingham
    Wiliam Birmingham 25 days ago

    You should’ve got fresh to play with you. Then the video will be like 5 minutes long

  • Bpull559 yt
    Bpull559 yt 26 days ago

    Myy freind likes u

  • Zander Ramos
    Zander Ramos 27 days ago

    My stats are way worse

  • game difficulty
    game difficulty 28 days ago

    At the start of the video, I thought my stats were on her screen, the 5 kill one with the 0.37 k/d but then I checked the Fortnite tracker and my stats are actually different. I have 6 wins with a 0.31 k/d and I have played 688 matches since season 6. My wins are in duos and squads and I always get carried.

  • Cody Yellott
    Cody Yellott 29 days ago

    20 percent meaning she had only played 5 games an I missing something

  • Adham El Saadany
    Adham El Saadany 29 days ago +1

    Hey I’m from Tunisia πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡³ too I live in Carthage

  • Alexander Elderhorst
    Alexander Elderhorst 29 days ago

    Loserfruit: *brings up fake fresh account to show terrible KD with no kills*
    us: "now hold on there"...

  • Nathan Baker
    Nathan Baker 29 days ago

    You should have got fresh to carry

  • Jack and Jeff Hardy
    Jack and Jeff Hardy Month ago +1

    ah that was cute and really nice of you Lufu

  • Tom Hopkins
    Tom Hopkins Month ago +1

    U think she is bad I have 1 win and I'm from season 3 I suck and my 1 win is in squads

  • MachanicalGameing
    MachanicalGameing Month ago

    love that lufu looked up iLee's stats

  • Annalee Sunder
    Annalee Sunder Month ago

    I only have one win so I think I'm the worst at fortnite because the win was in solid gold and somebody cared me and my friend and if you actually want to see you search up mine and I'll put my gamertag by the way I play on Xbox. Gamertag GalaxyFox2019

  • Ferrari Boy
    Ferrari Boy Month ago +1

    Get a squad with lannan and stormpapel and you lufu and tfue
    Literally you could all go AFK and let tfue get the dub

  • StayRad
    StayRad Month ago

    nope im worse lol

  • sara fakhoury
    sara fakhoury Month ago


  • sara fakhoury
    sara fakhoury Month ago

    Can get me a win my internet and fps and grafics suck

  • mit
    mit Month ago +1

    i play on laptop and i have 64 wins storm is making me feel bad and i dont have a gaming laptop in season4 i had 0.01 kd and 0 wins then got carryed in season 5 then became a pro

  • Purple Hyper
    Purple Hyper Month ago

    I has worse stats and 6x the games total

  • Venox Allan
    Venox Allan Month ago

    its a he

  • Wake
    Wake Month ago +1

    Ha my k/d is better than muselks and I play on NA- west against ALL the sweats

  • Stefanos Vassos
    Stefanos Vassos Month ago

    I can
    I used to have 2.000 matches and 0 wins now I have 3.000 matches 16 wins 😭

  • Chase RUDDELL
    Chase RUDDELL Month ago

    I was in your solo game

  • Oreo N1GHT
    Oreo N1GHT Month ago

    How I got my first win it was squads my teammates Died as soon as they land I was the only one and I did one thing to win *CAMPING*

  • Emiliho
    Emiliho Month ago

    Those are my stats-

  • Erika Pereyra
    Erika Pereyra Month ago

    you are the worst TheXvid ever Lazar Lazar is not even terrible as you

  • Hussain Althawadi
    Hussain Althawadi Month ago

    @Loserfruit my younger brother plays on laptop too, has 100 ping and a broken mouse but is still nuts in the game, well.... as nuts as it gets with that setup, but he has a decent KD.

  • I need 1000 subs
    I need 1000 subs Month ago

    I want that rainbow shirt!

  • Zorbin the goat
    Zorbin the goat Month ago

    i bet i have worse stats

  • Darian Moodley
    Darian Moodley Month ago +2

    Should of played with fresh

  • Camden Powell
    Camden Powell Month ago

    Where’s ilee gone?

  • James Curfman
    James Curfman Month ago

    Oh, my gosh! Lufu this is SO AWESOME of you! That's a lot of time spent to help a single person! That just makes me luv ya even more!

  • tripplejgamerttv
    tripplejgamerttv Month ago

    just play with fresh

  • Claire Coffee
    Claire Coffee Month ago

    I have none either πŸ˜‚

  • Casey Pickens
    Casey Pickens Month ago

    Honestly I kinda want to add storm.. she has fun even though her game is probably soo slow.

  • _-Gacha Nick-_
    _-Gacha Nick-_ Month ago

    ... LGBT community shirt ?? *Fruit Hm*

  • Double Oh Ryo
    Double Oh Ryo Month ago

    The ping screws us over fruitCry

  • Kylee Jennings
    Kylee Jennings Month ago

    Lol I’ve played 603 games and have zero wins. I need help!

  • Josien Sloot
    Josien Sloot Month ago

    I had once 0.02 fps....