Brett Kavanaugh delivers opening statement at hearing

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • The Supreme Court nominee responded angrily following Ford's testimony.
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  • hockeyslade
    hockeyslade 2 days ago

    Mrs Kavanaugh does not deserve that bitch Milano sitting behind her! Disgusting seeing that witch sit behind Mrs. Kavanaugh!

  • mrkremko1
    mrkremko1 2 days ago +1

    I truly hope the democrats tank in the worst way in November. If anybody deserves to be brought out and set on the curb it is them.

  • mrkremko1
    mrkremko1 2 days ago +1

    I had a headache the day after watching this hearing. I wanted to slap democrats in a major way. Christine Ford is a deranged liar. Kavanaugh is 100% innocent. His anger and indignation is 100% justified.

  • The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Damn. Dr. Ford's lawyer is such a fidgety ass.

  • humb1s3rvant
    humb1s3rvant 6 days ago

    Wow..I thought he was there to talk about Wendy's nuggets vs McDonald's nuggets..boy is my face red

  • Teri Kay
    Teri Kay 9 days ago +1

    This is a REAL GENTLEMAN!!! A true man!!! Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh!!!

  • T Newman
    T Newman 10 days ago +1

    # M A G A

  • Johnathan Grey
    Johnathan Grey 10 days ago

    "He will come before king's, and display his works. They will judge him to heart of tears. But I am with him, for he shall not fail, he will succeed......because I am with him."


    • Johnathan Grey
      Johnathan Grey 10 days ago

      Somebody please help me remember this bible verse.

  • annajeehee
    annajeehee 11 days ago

    His tears etc is very sad - had he didn’t do that I don’t think he would have been accepted 😸- I don’t blame him on tears but this is how it came as - so sad

  • Elias Ascui
    Elias Ascui 12 days ago

    What a pussy

  • John W
    John W 12 days ago

    The guilt is written all over his face. What an entitled brat.

  • Carl Champagne
    Carl Champagne 13 days ago

    She seems to still be desturbed 37 years later, but went to 5 parties after wards where he attended with one front door in a group of people. Go figure

  • weallbfree
    weallbfree 14 days ago +1

    Step 1. Make up accusations against innocent man.
    Step 2. Innocent man, back against the wall, forcefully defends himself and his good name.
    Step 3. Defense is "evidence" of lack of temperament.
    Are you f***ing serious???

  • Rorie Bohol-McCormick
    Rorie Bohol-McCormick 14 days ago

    The rule of law prevailed over the mob rule. With the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, the constitution won! America won! And it feels good to watch this video over and over again so we will be constantly reminded of the evil that is the Democratic Party. They are willing to use anything and everything to advance their agenda. If they are truly pro-women, they would not weaponize Ford’s allegation for politics.

  • Msta Msta
    Msta Msta 14 days ago +1

    Like President Trump, Kavanaugh is a tough man. He’s been through hell along with his family and still kept fighting for the truth. The Democrats expected him to not get angry after all the bullsh*t they put him through. I wonder how many Dems would’ve stayed calm while their family is being threatened. This is pathetic and I commend Kavanaugh.

  • Sasha Taylor
    Sasha Taylor 14 days ago


  • J. B
    J. B 15 days ago

    Beer, beer, beer. Crying, crying, crying.

  • J. B
    J. B 15 days ago

    Who gives a shit about his jock activities and 'talent'.

  • J. B
    J. B 15 days ago

    The Clintons? How do they factor in?

  • Michael Eck
    Michael Eck 15 days ago

    50-48 you hateful leftists that think a claim with NO evidence is good enough to ruin a man's life. 50-48! Get over it. The Court is changed for a generation and you will no longer be able to use it as a super legislature to force your agenda on the States. You lost. You have also awoken a sleeping giant for November with your complete disregard for the idea of the presumption of innocence. NO it does not only apply in a courtroom - read your history! It doesnt surprise me since most of you don't know where our Founding ideals come from. Say bye bye to your blue wave.

  • Stephanie Cox
    Stephanie Cox 15 days ago

    ABC News, let's get this straight, Kavanaugh was passionate. He showed emotions such as gratitude, sorrow, vulnerability, and yes, also anger. If you had lies from the pit of hell shared about you with millions of people, you'd be pretty fired up too. ABC News, your motives are showing....and your motives also look angry.

  • george ash
    george ash 15 days ago

    Justice Kavanaugh went through hell. I feel especially sorry for his wife and daughters. In the end justice was done and he is on the Supreme Court.

  • mxc xxx
    mxc xxx 15 days ago

    We from Iran scared UT nomination moment by moment cried white u stand with u congratulations urr confirmation we love u r a lot God bless u and America

  • Greg Whitehead
    Greg Whitehead 16 days ago

    Hmmm... what have the Democrats and the other Marxist Socialists got to hide and what will be exposed about them if this law abiding and upright man is appointed to the bench,,.... Hmmmm..

  • Borderslanguageculture 83

    God bless this man. The left and their disgusting lies lost. We as Americans deserve better. I hope he and his family can get past this fraud Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer created. Hirono, Harris and Booker are just as awful in all this. They all should face stiff penalties as should Dr. Ford, Swetnic, Rameriez and their hack DNC picked lawyers. Notice how today Dr.Fraud said she wants to let this go. It's because she made it all up to try and bring this good man down. Evil lost and justice prevailed.

  • EUROTEKK Automotive and Performance Inc.

    I believe this MAN.

  • Ming Liang Yew
    Ming Liang Yew 16 days ago

    Congratulations to The Honourable Brett Michael Kavanaugh, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

    • Ming Liang Yew
      Ming Liang Yew 16 days ago

      Oh sorry

    • Ihdc1
      Ihdc1 16 days ago

      Ming Liang Yew Um... no. He is an associate justice. The Chief Justice is still John Roberts. Get your facts straight.

  • swoldier1016
    swoldier1016 16 days ago

    Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh from Colombia!!!!!

  • swoldier1016
    swoldier1016 16 days ago

    The leftist scum will be in full meltdown mode. Hoooorah!

  • KG II
    KG II 16 days ago

    I feel like even the SJWs can see through this. Its an embarrassment to our country. Senator spartacus bragged about groping a woman, you cs. Look itup.. And Hes the one to talk about character

  • Sophia Ift
    Sophia Ift 17 days ago

    CBS give it up! This man is innocent 😇

  • Azucena G
    Azucena G 17 days ago +1

    Honestly poor man hes innocent! I feel so disgusted for this HUGE LIE THIS LADY MADE OVER HIM HES INNOCENT IM CRYING :(

  • Brandon Moore
    Brandon Moore 17 days ago

    Brett Kavanaugh's hair makes his head look like a deformed, lop-sided penis.

  • Matthew Ahl
    Matthew Ahl 17 days ago +1

    Highly doubt this guy is an oscar worthy liar. This man did nothing

  • Mario Hoeltke Farm1
    Mario Hoeltke Farm1 17 days ago +1

    The dems are some corrupt and evil people when things don't go their way. Looks like they messed with the wrong person this time. They keep this up and their own party will be sick of their antics.

  • eleni feyisa
    eleni feyisa 17 days ago +1

    I hate Democrat

  • Śūnyatā Advaita
    Śūnyatā Advaita 17 days ago +21

    Kavanaugh is confirmed. The circus is over. Rule of law has prevailed. The left will appeal to violence in their next step.

    • Bubba Gump
      Bubba Gump 14 days ago +4

      Śūnyatā Advaita you’ve pretty much called it. The violence has already begun.

  • Andy Kline
    Andy Kline 17 days ago

    There was 4 people allegedly at this party?

  • 6stringmike1
    6stringmike1 17 days ago

    When opponents of Kavanaugh, being deprived of any remaining intellectual arguments to support Ford's pathetic fabrication, they criticize his emotions at testimony. No doubt if they were put through this same gauntlet they would be fully composed?

  • Sam Goodnight
    Sam Goodnight 17 days ago +1

    I have always leaned to the right, but now I absolutely detest Democrats.

  • Silvester Gonzales
    Silvester Gonzales 18 days ago

    The question is, if Kavanaugh was interviewed for a job and acted the way he acted befor the congress, would you hire him? would you be hired if you acted like him? I really don't think so. So the conclusion is, he should not be confirmed. This is the supreme court of the United state of America not some customer service position. He is not fit for the position

  • Sasha Taylor
    Sasha Taylor 18 days ago +1

    Even if Ford came out now and said she made it all up and lied the Libs still wouldn't believe it.

  • Media Bias
    Media Bias 18 days ago +1

    National disgrace. Walk away. Send a message in the midterms- we're not tolerating anymore of this leftist crap.

  • pumpkin pie
    pumpkin pie 18 days ago

    This speech is so weird, he gets emotional at times where there's really not a reason to. Plus, there's just a lot of irrelevant rambling and deflecting. One can be a generally decent man yet still sin with sexual misconduct. Funny he mentioned Bill clinton, that's the exact equivalent. His high profile record isn't relevant, the only thing relevant here is wheather this happened or not.
    I do not think this woman has had any relations with the democrats or is part of a plot to bring him down. In my opinion It's two options, either he's lying, or this happened and he and his friend actually don't remember. It is possible. It's clear she's very cooperative and willing to answer, where he isn't. His testimony was embarrassing to watch at times, he did not come across as cooperative or credible, there for I'm leaning towards he's lying. I believe an investigation should be held by the senate, and I'd like to see both parties take a polygraph done by them.
    In any case, wheather he did it or not, this guy isn't fit to be in the Supreme Court. One needs to be super impartial, do not let outside factors like media or political or public pressure get to him, super credible, and with a super strong pragmatic personality and backbone. This guy got emotional talking about his dad's calanders and naming friends.

    • Virtual LunarSolar
      Virtual LunarSolar 16 days ago

      +pumpkin pie Well then sorry but if you're looking for an unemotional robot, those haven't been made yet. Wait another 10-20 years.
      This man is only human. He has emotions and he has the right to express them when he's not on the job.

    • pumpkin pie
      pumpkin pie 16 days ago

      +Virtual LunarSolar you're right, I probably will get emotional. Yet I'm not the one running for a life long job, the highest judiciary position, in the Supreme Court.
      It's for life! As much as a hint of a stain or suspect of imcomptentcy should not be considered. That's my opinion.. Sorry.

    • Virtual LunarSolar
      Virtual LunarSolar 18 days ago

      I mean, try being accused of rape, have your family and yourself harassed and have a lot of people who don't believe you and try not to get emotional.

  • Fred Ms
    Fred Ms 18 days ago +1

    Those democrats who used defamatory language which lead to threats against this man should be charged with incitement

  • Jason Banks
    Jason Banks 18 days ago

    # Kavanaugh's creepy calendars AHAHAHA 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Petyr Wilson
    Petyr Wilson 18 days ago +1

    red tsunami incoming

  • Luiggii Love
    Luiggii Love 18 days ago

    ok but whats up with all that sniffing & that tongue moving all around

  • savageamani
    savageamani 18 days ago

    What the hell happened? Can i have an explination?

    • Virtual LunarSolar
      Virtual LunarSolar 18 days ago

      Some random woman named Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her with next to no actual evidence

  • Joe 76
    Joe 76 18 days ago

    It took me a while, but I found a hearing in this Alyssa Milano video.

  • MrFlemball
    MrFlemball 18 days ago

    Angry snotty looking man ...... and you guys want him in your highest court???

  • Taylor DeVore
    Taylor DeVore 19 days ago

    His wife is hurting so hard for her him.. this is the most gut wrenching, sickening thing I’ve seen in my 43 years! God bless this man and his family.

  • Dread Csgo
    Dread Csgo 19 days ago

    im happy to see america get destroyed from within HH.88

  • Ming Liang Yew
    Ming Liang Yew 19 days ago

  • Jfk
    Jfk 19 days ago

    This case reminds me of the Count of Monty Cristo, remember the end... God will do me justice! Senator Kavanaugh God is your advocate! America will know WHO REALLY DOES JUSTICE AND YOU SIR WILL BE A JUDGE FOR THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES 🇺🇸 OF AMERICA!!!! The word of God never returns void.

  • Janice Wolfe
    Janice Wolfe 19 days ago +1

    DIRTY DESPERATE DEMOCRATS Brett, there is no line they won’t cross. Stay strong and protect your family. It will all work out in the end. They will be EXPOSED !!!!

  • Ryan
    Ryan 19 days ago

    This is a fucking disgrace. This is an innocent man.

  • Benny Biggums
    Benny Biggums 19 days ago

    *Donald Trump supports someone*
    --> Rapist
    Seriously the Democratic Party needs to stop pulling this stunt, at least think of something new, using fake rape stories to get woman to hate the Republican Party won't work forever.

    • Ihdc1
      Ihdc1 16 days ago +1

      Benny Biggums Not necessarily Trump but any Republican. They pulled the same stunt with Clarence Thomas decades earlier.

  • Joan Richards
    Joan Richards 19 days ago

    He is ridiculous lying

  • Tate B
    Tate B 19 days ago

    LMAO at 13:30 he almost dropped the F bomb

  • Rorro Ronrron
    Rorro Ronrron 19 days ago

    The women are just wining one thing, and one thing at all, and that thing is that we are going to close our open arms to them, and that's just the truth!, it hurts, but it's the truth, we don't trust them anymore, they are loosing credibility!

    • Rorro Ronrron
      Rorro Ronrron 19 days ago

      Jesus Christ! I almost feel the moral damage!!!

    • Rorro Ronrron
      Rorro Ronrron 19 days ago

      After this judgement ends, it's going to be moral damage in the person of Judge Kavanaugh for many, many years, and that's for sure.

    • Rorro Ronrron
      Rorro Ronrron 19 days ago

      The worst of all, is that and inocent man is being crucified for something that he didn't do it, this judgement is destroying his good name, his family, and his soul.

    • Rorro Ronrron
      Rorro Ronrron 19 days ago

      We better forget about sex, because sex is evil, we are going to be like robots, Eva, the robot, where are you?

  • Rorro Ronrron
    Rorro Ronrron 19 days ago

    Is it the end of the civilization? Just like Jim Morrison said, "This is the end".......tu ru ru, be brave Bret Kavanaugh, we all support you, I am sure God is listening to your prayers, you'll be fine at the end of this judgement, the truth is by your side, just trust in God, and listen to your heart! In God we trust!

  • Rorro Ronrron
    Rorro Ronrron 19 days ago

    I thought the Republicans was conservatives, and Democrats was liberals, but now Democrats ate the opposite side, they seems to be conservatives, and Republicans seems to be liberals, what is it happening to our world, is it the end of the civilitian world?

  • Rorro Ronrron
    Rorro Ronrron 19 days ago

    What does it means boofing?

  • Rorro Ronrron
    Rorro Ronrron 19 days ago

    Instead drinking water, I suggest him to drink beers

  • Heretic Anthem
    Heretic Anthem 19 days ago +6

    Innocent until proven guilty!

  • LSN92
    LSN92 19 days ago +1

    Kavanaugh's mom was a judge in a foreclosure case where Ford's parents were the defendants. She ruled against them. Also, Ford's brother works for a company that's linked to Fusion GPS, AKA a company that was colluding with Hillary to create the faked dossiers in order to frame another conservative politician. Fishy much? Why hasn't this been mentioned in these hearings? And that's not even mentioning the Ford's connections to CIA mind/psychology related programs, including Dr. Ford herself being involved (and writing an essay about) how to hypnotize yourself to believe artificial memories, as well as her helping with recruiting for CIA psychology programs. I think all of that is at least somewhat relevant, regardless of which side you believe.

    • LSN92
      LSN92 17 days ago

      Ming Liang Yew
      Exactly. And it seems like it's all of them on the left. He's not the only one that's said stuff like that, either. This case doesn't even have enough evidence to proceed with a CIVIL suit, which requires even less likelihood that it happened to start a case than it does for a criminal case, according to the prosecutor. And i believe the FBI just determined there's not enough evidence for likelihood that it happened, as well. Not enough evidence to start any case whatsoever? That's really a HUGE lack of evidence if they can't even start any kind of case according to the law, including a civil case.

    • Ming Liang Yew
      Ming Liang Yew 18 days ago

      +LSN92 Shit. That Senator really said that? How did such a biased man get into the US Congress?

    • LSN92
      LSN92 18 days ago

      Ming Liang Yew
      Corey Booker said on TV that it doesn't matter if he's innocent or guilty, we just need to stop him from becoming justice.
      I think that's the whole point. It literally doesn't matter if he's innocent or guilty to them. They wanted to ruin his name in the court of public opinion and start a media storm in which he's referred to as evil - even though they admit they don't care if he is actually guilty or not. This was all manipulated big time in order to get a supreme court justice that they like in that seat, instead of Kavanaugh. That's why they didn't dome forward in July with the information so there could be a legit, uncorrupted investigation. They don't care if he's guilty or not, they just don't want a non-leftist supreme court judge in that seat.
      It's very possible she agreed to do it because she already had some type of grudge against him. I have no clue. Considering her essays on "hypnotizing yourself to believe in artificial memories", I would assume she'd be the perfect candidate to frame someone for something like this because of her psychology career. I don't know how involved she may be, but considering all the info like this that has come out, I would assume she's somewhat involved in knowing this is a frame job.

    • Ming Liang Yew
      Ming Liang Yew 18 days ago

      But if that is the case, she failed. The FBI has got nothing against Kavanaugh.

    • Ming Liang Yew
      Ming Liang Yew 18 days ago

      So, it is possible that she is trying to take revenge on him?

  • hellsburn oner
    hellsburn oner 20 days ago

    I'm not daredevil and u can tell he lieing

  • Joni Soma
    Joni Soma 20 days ago +2

    ...I have never seen anything so frivolous. Confirm this man already.

  • MBF drift life
    MBF drift life 20 days ago +1

    I believe this guy man

  • Ink Spots
    Ink Spots 20 days ago

    I really have a low opinion of democrats. Many if not most of them should be in jail.

  • How to win. Facts.
    How to win. Facts. 20 days ago

    this dude is innocent..they were stupid even trying

  • Errys
    Errys 20 days ago


  • speedoflite1
    speedoflite1 20 days ago

    Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Heineken temperament, with a perverted partisan hack bias

  • bbtalk27
    bbtalk27 20 days ago

    “What goes around comes around...” you better listen Dems and Alyssa Milano...karma will come to get you...

  • Faye Martin
    Faye Martin 20 days ago

    Only way I’ll believe K is if they question his buddy & have him (have them both ) hooked up to polygraph !!

  • Austin Miranda
    Austin Miranda 20 days ago

    When you try and accuse a man of sexual assault but didn't know he kept records of everything he did 36 years ago. That's a nice middle finger from God to whoever set this bs up.

  • 4444kenpachi4444
    4444kenpachi4444 20 days ago

    Holy shit. This man is innocent.

  • Jason Bennett
    Jason Bennett 20 days ago +1

    #metoo movement has been militarized into a movement where if an allegation has been made, your life is destroyed. No proof, an allegation, not multiple allegations, none of that. An allegation is made, we destroy your life. A mildly credible allegation is made and you’re over.
    This is happening to people from both sides of the political spectrum. Such accusations can be leveraged against literally anyone. I’m not saying Christine Blassey-Ford is making this up. I really don’t think she is making it up. I think something happened to her but the details are so fuzzy it's impossible for her to recollect. It’s imperative to have corroborating evidence.
    To act on a simple allegation is to dispense with due process. What is life coming to?
    I'm fairly certain I told almost every one of my friends to eat a dick on their yearbook.

    • Ihdc1
      Ihdc1 16 days ago

      Jason Bennett Very well said. #meetoo started as good thing but has now been corrupted and weaponized for political gain. It is not a partisan matter.

  • annajeehee
    annajeehee 20 days ago

    I still can’t believe this hearing - it’s just astounding and ridiculous

  • Natalie Ann
    Natalie Ann 20 days ago +3

    Clarence Thomas was probably watching this thinking “If they let ME in they’ll let You in...”

  • Bianca Montez
    Bianca Montez 20 days ago

    What a piece of shit!

  • Chief_Sunboyz
    Chief_Sunboyz 20 days ago +2

    My whole family are liberals living in the bay area (California) - they all agree that this testimony is geniune

  • Doctor Hill
    Doctor Hill 20 days ago

    I literally balled. Democrats are such evil people.

  • Rui G
    Rui G 20 days ago +2

    Ford lying stack of paid shit

  • tony blackmon
    tony blackmon 20 days ago +1

    Attention liberal democommie
    You keep yelling "rape" . Miss ford claims that she wasn't raped. It's In her sworn testsmonie. You keep whining about no fbi investigation, it was obvious that the democommie party wanted to get a delay, and they wanted to pressure the man tbey accused to ask for one, every body with any sense at all was yelling at the screen " dont give in to them" .
    you guys keep whining, oh he wasn't believable. He gave proof of every thing he said, along with dates and names. You keep whining rapist. Yet no rape occurred. Miss ford stated that. You keep whining she was so believable, but she supplied absolutely no evidence. She claimed that there were witnesses but supplied none, she claimed that 4 people knew about it including her best friend, her best friend said no she never knew anything like this. You keep whining that she is believable but nothing corroborates her story. You keep whinning that he was a sloppy drunk. How come 6 fbi investigations never not even 1 time mentioned that fact. You keep whining that he drinks beer. Last time I checked so do about 200 million people, do you care to go back to prohibition? You keep whining that he was partisan, but the record only shows that he accused and identified his attackers. You keep whining that you don't know how the information about miss ford was leaked to the press. Miss ford says plainly that senator Feinstein was the only one she told besides her best friend and had kept it secret all those years. Did she lie? Or did miss Feinstein leak the information to try the judge in the court of public opinion. Those are the only 2 options. Either miss Feinstein is a liar or totally unfit to execute the office of u.s. senator.
    You keep whining that kavanaugh shows bad temperament. Sen white house was pushing this and delaying a fair hearing without regard for the safety of judge kavanaugh 's family. Sen white house deliberately placed their safety in jeopardy to further his political agenda. The judge showed more restraint than most people. Many people would have climbed over the bench and beat his ass on the spot for endangering children. If it were my children, I would still hunt him down the same as I would a rabid dog. You keep whining that you don't get your way. You are showing the country what you are made of. The country will have something to show you in the midterms. This liberal democommie attitude has got to be gotten out of our government.

  • Alan Thornton
    Alan Thornton 20 days ago

    Man, I feel so sry for him. He doesn’t deserve any of this!!!! It’s obviously he’s telling the truth.

  • lil Galarza
    lil Galarza 20 days ago

    Most men will never understand what it feels like to be a victim of sexual assault, only a few who actually have lived through it but even then it's hard for them to admit it. #rapistsareeverywhere

  • lil Galarza
    lil Galarza 20 days ago


    • Virtual LunarSolar
      Virtual LunarSolar 18 days ago

      I wonder why. Could it be because people have been harassing him? Or maybe getting sent threats? Or having the possibility of your life being ruined.
      I call bullshit on you

  • Mike H
    Mike H 20 days ago

    His wife looks like she doesn't care either way... because she secretly wants him to be stopped!!! Lmfao

  • Anthony Walter
    Anthony Walter 20 days ago +5

    The problem is that the left is trying to fix racism by throwing around terms like "white privilege" everywhere. I'm sorry but that's a racist term itself!
    It's like trying to fight cancer by smoking more cigarettes....

  • Senpai Harold
    Senpai Harold 20 days ago

    This is my statement I wrote while I screamed it into and empty Doritos bag

  • harry ballzonya
    harry ballzonya 20 days ago

    He's a Jesuit and also with all that tongue movement seems to be a lizard that David Icke has spoken of.

  • Joey McKone
    Joey McKone 20 days ago

    We should not be jumping to conclusions. Let's all keep an open mind. At this point, an investigation is probably good for them both. It will either serve for justice or serve to clear his name of any wrong doing.

  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez 20 days ago

    What was the allegation??

  • Catya D
    Catya D 20 days ago

    He's a fucking liar ! the ending of that says it all, look at the look on his face after he says "i'm innocent" he has his tongue pushed to the side of his mouth trying not to give a big smile, DUPING DELIGHT.
    Also he looks so hard when he says positive traits about himself, it's the please believe me look, it's the kind of look kids do when they lie to their parents. it's all bullshit and he's a sociopath.

  • C
    C 20 days ago

    He cried and he is an achoholic! But I dont think he secually assaulted her..but he is too emotional to be a judge on the highest court period!!

  • Susan
    Susan 20 days ago +2

    I don't get why everyone keeps calling this dizzy broad a"credible" witness. Including Trump. She's a loon. And everyone on the left knows it. Because NOW...its about his drinking. But he sat on the 2nd highest court in the land for nearly 15 years. Not ONE allegation of impropriety. The left has lost their collective mind.

  • Ink Spots
    Ink Spots 20 days ago

    All because they must kill unborn babies.