WillNE and Stephen Tries Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • WILLNE AND STEPHEN TRIES ON TOUR 👉 www.thisweekontheinternetlive.com/
    WillNE and Stephen Tries answer the internet's most searched questions about them - including why does Stephen Tries say 0161? What does WillNE mean? And the question on everyones lips - is Stephen Tries a nonce?
    ⚫️ The True Geordie: thexvid.com/user/footballfan533
    ⚪️ WillNE: thexvid.com/user/BettySchwallocks
    ⚫️ Stephen Tries: thexvid.com/channel/UCRmmd8tl3sT96cqDynL4Qgg
    ⚪️ Laurence McKenna: twitter.com/lozcast
    ⚫️ Cam Kirkham: thexvid.com/channel/UCYFEauKThJWBd8faja3vwog
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  • Masha
    Masha 17 hours ago

    Wait why does Will live with Gee, I mean she has a boyfriend? Just wondering. Also idk if he still does, but at the time.

  • Lorcán 2889
    Lorcán 2889 Day ago

    Hes also said he thought of his yt channel name in a lift

  • Ben mckernan
    Ben mckernan Day ago

    Stephen’s Belfast accent is fucking spot on.

  • Arthur Broad
    Arthur Broad 5 days ago

    Stephens I was born in Norwich

  • Dutch van der Linde
    Dutch van der Linde 7 days ago

    I could totally see Stephen in sixth form no fucking clue wh

  • Fiji Gang
    Fiji Gang 8 days ago


  • Martin
    Martin 10 days ago +1

    *If you ever wondered how a 10 yo baby would look like with a beard then look at Stephen*

  • sniffing star dust
    sniffing star dust 10 days ago

    WillNE 2nd part 4:46

  • an
    an 11 days ago

    whAT you sayin

  • WatersideGnome7
    WatersideGnome7 12 days ago

    Btec wired autocomplete interview

  • Callum Innes
    Callum Innes 12 days ago

    This is how many times they plugged the tour👇

  • Benji
    Benji 15 days ago

    why does Stephan have yellow ears

  • Lil cheeto
    Lil cheeto 15 days ago

    It’s weird to see a noncey man baby talk to a Welsh box

  • Carljohan Eriksson
    Carljohan Eriksson 15 days ago

    Why have I only now noticed how disproportional Stephen's head is?

  • Adopt me ImAllexx
    Adopt me ImAllexx 16 days ago

    Your MC name should be MC NE

  • ElJaeDoubleYou
    ElJaeDoubleYou 18 days ago

    9:21 he cannot ever say his head isn't a square

  • FireSniper
    FireSniper 19 days ago

    stephens beard makes him look like a cajun fry from five guys

  • Matthew Archer
    Matthew Archer 20 days ago +1

    Oo ah up eh ra

  • TheNameIsJels
    TheNameIsJels 21 day ago


  • Poquito
    Poquito 24 days ago

    The hilarious thing is that when he was cross eyed he was genuinely looking down both cameras

  • t a y l o r
    t a y l o r 25 days ago

    omg stephen’s from norwich? i live there oooof

  • Filip G
    Filip G 26 days ago +2

    Stephen with a beard is just plain wrong

  • dumdum monster78
    dumdum monster78 29 days ago

    i live in belfast and am watching this in may that bit were u said belfast made me cry

  • Dazl Mayhem
    Dazl Mayhem Month ago +1

    2:42 when James Charles gets caught out in controversy

  • hap piy
    hap piy Month ago

    why does stephen look like his beards been smothered in cheese its

  • i promise I’m not bent

    will mate tell your boyfriend to shave please

  • i promise I’m not bent

    stephen please get rid of it lad

  • fledglingrenn
    fledglingrenn Month ago +1

    will always looks like he has beautifully blended red eyeshadow on... what brand is it will ?

  • Javaughn Hunter
    Javaughn Hunter Month ago

    Shave the beard looks disgusting

  • Tyler Connolly
    Tyler Connolly Month ago

    stephen looks like he’s dipped his chin in a bag of wotsits

    • stupid sket
      stupid sket Month ago

      You stole that comment from me you bastard

  • Ellie-Rose
    Ellie-Rose Month ago +2

    I was born in Norwich
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it

    But then I moved to st.helens

    Thank god

  • Ellie-Rose
    Ellie-Rose Month ago +1

    “I thought will NEEEEEEEEEEEEE”

  • Ken so
    Ken so Month ago


  • ugly duckling
    ugly duckling Month ago

    Every comment I’ve seen is about Stephen so I would just like to say will’s hair is looking surprisingly less square

  • Moose !
    Moose ! Month ago


  • Ethan Warren
    Ethan Warren Month ago

    Why does Stephens stumble look like the crumbs you get on your fingers after you eat wotsits 😂😂 I'm ginger too though

  • Tiernan Elder
    Tiernan Elder Month ago

    9:30 thank me later

  • Steph
    Steph Month ago

    Stephen think you smudged a bit of shit on your face

  • Ozzy & Pebbles
    Ozzy & Pebbles Month ago

    Will looks hungover

  • Asian Boy 52
    Asian Boy 52 Month ago

    stephen looks my PE teacher

  • Arthsthetic
    Arthsthetic Month ago

    Is the special thing at manchester a bombing

  • sniff sniff i smell chesse TM

    is that curry on his face

  • Kieren Ferguson
    Kieren Ferguson Month ago

    IRA jokes love it qhahah

  • OMEGA Movies
    OMEGA Movies Month ago

    6:40 Thanks to Callux, now we know

  • OK Arts
    OK Arts Month ago +1

    I’m sorry but Stephen looks like a gay hobo in the thumbnail

  • xxWillyBumxx Boi
    xxWillyBumxx Boi Month ago

    Stephen sponsored by Brodie tv

  • s_ xm
    s_ xm Month ago

    7:23 *i live there and I can confirm that that accent is spot on*

  • Rhys Rodd
    Rhys Rodd Month ago

    Willne your welsh accent was horrible and offencive

  • Big Smok
    Big Smok 2 months ago

    Y is Steven orange not just on the hair

  • Ugh
    Ugh 2 months ago

    “Stephen tries waddles down the street with a sad look in his face. Why? Because he’s pathetic.”
    Me too you ginger nonce

  • Nicky Kennedy
    Nicky Kennedy 2 months ago +5

    Why am I actually dumb and thought Joe Weller was Joe and Zoe Suggs ship name?!? Joella 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • JustCallMeJohn
    JustCallMeJohn 2 months ago

    9 mins in and I just realised Stephen’s t-shirt says ‘chodegang’

  • Molly Nattrass
    Molly Nattrass 2 months ago +2

    9:35 will literally putting his hand on Stephens to tell him to shut his gob before he offends everyone😂😂

  • awesomealex0919
    awesomealex0919 2 months ago

    Ok will lenney

  • GeographyGirl05
    GeographyGirl05 2 months ago

    Well, I got to Rainford High. Soo idk. Am I kinda famous?

  • The Ipoddan
    The Ipoddan 2 months ago

    "If the IRA want a discount" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Isaac D-W
    Isaac D-W 2 months ago

    Wtf i go to rainford high

  • laur
    laur 2 months ago

    "i just wank and cry"

  • A. L .A
    A. L .A 2 months ago

    0:33 My dad thought he was Irish at first

  • Turtle Extra
    Turtle Extra 2 months ago

    They look dead

  • Faze MEMEATOR Yt
    Faze MEMEATOR Yt 2 months ago

    I bought the twoti live tickets

  • Chia
    Chia 2 months ago +4

    Stephen looks like he rubbed brown crayon on his face

  • big razz
    big razz 2 months ago

    My mans repping the chodegang. Ultimate respect

  • It’s Mya
    It’s Mya 2 months ago

    7:23 ay where I live 😂😂

  • Hunter Arnold
    Hunter Arnold 2 months ago

    Nice eyeshadow

  • Frisk302 R
    Frisk302 R 2 months ago

    Was it bad that at 0:53 I thought MC meant MineCrafter?

  • atas
    atas 2 months ago

    stephens beard looks like he dumped his face in musturd

    UNDEADWARLORD 17 2 months ago

    The over excessive self promotion is insane.

  • XxSheen xX
    XxSheen xX 2 months ago

    Omg Steve’s from Norwich!

  • Max Oldfield
    Max Oldfield 2 months ago

    Wlline welsh sounds like firemen Sam

  • Trash Bag
    Trash Bag 2 months ago

    Tracy Beaker-Dani Harmer is 30 now, go ahead Stephen

  • Mr Meme
    Mr Meme 2 months ago

    Uncle tries

  • No Hit Wonder
    No Hit Wonder 2 months ago

    Budweiser is shit Stephen fucked up

  • The Father Of The Bassline

    I got an ad about a box no joke

  • idiot Inc.
    idiot Inc. 2 months ago +2

    Im blind without my glasses s so I accidentally disliked this video at first. I felt really bad cause I love will and Stephen so much.

  • Ciara DevX
    Ciara DevX 2 months ago

    *99% of the comments:* Stephen looks 52.
    *1% of the comments:* Probably some shite about noncery

  • A Gabey
    A Gabey 2 months ago

    i always thought ron came from hogwarts

  • Aodhan Morgan
    Aodhan Morgan 2 months ago

    that IRA discount better be true stephen

  • Jack Corio
    Jack Corio 2 months ago +1

    looks like Stephen's been earing them wotsits again

  • Brogan Webster
    Brogan Webster 3 months ago

    What the fuck does Stephen have on his face ? that’s no beard

  • RogerBriFredDeacy
    RogerBriFredDeacy 3 months ago

    Who knew a square and a 11 year old with a beard could go together.

  • Maria Duran
    Maria Duran 3 months ago

    Is will wearing eyeshadow?

  • The Sides of Games
    The Sides of Games 3 months ago +1

    Your accent insults me

  • Clear of Issue
    Clear of Issue 3 months ago +1

    Is this the British version of WIRED??

  • Yo Bo
    Yo Bo 3 months ago

    5:30 Stephen is just too funny lmao

  • ellie ball
    ellie ball 3 months ago

    I never knew they were going on tour, they've never mentioned it.

  • Neil Breen
    Neil Breen 3 months ago

    Stephen looks like he’s got spaghettios around his face.

  • alex b
    alex b 3 months ago +1

    stephen tries is a ginger nonce

  • Ethan Lee Pittman
    Ethan Lee Pittman 3 months ago

    I go rainford

  • macrocrystalline
    macrocrystalline 3 months ago

    why are you guys yellow?

  • zutter
    zutter 3 months ago

    Why doe stephen look homeless

  • Louisa McCann
    Louisa McCann 3 months ago

    Wait what did boultwood say to make Stephen spit out his drink??

    RADIO KID 3 months ago

    so the ra's getting a discount?
    sign me up

  • Hola
    Hola 3 months ago +3

    Lmao I’m from Belfast and the joke Stephen made is acc so funny

  • I can only change my name every 90 days

    Stes a wool lad haha

  • jasmine g
    jasmine g 3 months ago

    stephen looks like a 10 year old went through puberty way too quick

  • jasmine g
    jasmine g 3 months ago

    this whole video is to promo their tour

  • jasmine g
    jasmine g 3 months ago

    stephen looks old and young at the same time

  • jasmine g
    jasmine g 3 months ago

    stephen looks like a 6 year old with facial hair