The Neighbourhood - Scary Love

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
  • The Neighbourhood's self-titled album featuring "Scary Love" is out now:
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    Starring: Tommy Wiseau
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  • boo lost
    boo lost Hour ago

    love you guys!

  • sophia rana
    sophia rana Hour ago

    You guys make me so so happy and just... not sad i guess. Love you.

  • bad angel
    bad angel 8 hours ago

    Jesse looking like a snacc on this vid right here

  • fluberous
    fluberous 10 hours ago

    fuck tommy wiseau for doing this garbage . fuck you too

  • Goth
    Goth 11 hours ago

    what the _fuck?_

  • Alycia C
    Alycia C 13 hours ago

    I can’t get enough of this song!! Love it !!! Got my teenagers singing it . Cool & Retro 👍🏻😁

  • Maryy Ferreira
    Maryy Ferreira 14 hours ago

    Scary love

  • Cat In Bloom
    Cat In Bloom 18 hours ago +1

    (In case you want the lyrics)
    Move to the city with me
    I don't wanna be alone
    Don't wanna be alone
    You're too pretty for me
    Baby, I know, it's true, yeah
    Even better when you first wake up
    Than anybody else I've fucked
    Baby, I got good luck with you
    I didn't know we'd get so far
    And it's only the start
    Baby, you got me worried (hey)
    Your love is scaring me
    No one has ever cared for me
    As much as you do
    Ooh, yeah, I need you here, oh
    Your love is scaring me
    No one has ever cared for me
    As much as you do
    Ooh, yeah, I need you here
    Drivin' through the city with me
    Just watching you glow
    I'm in the passenger seat, you're in control
    It's on you now
    Even better every day, I swear
    Maybe it's a little unfair
    Baby, I'm starstruck by you
    Didn't know we'd get so far
    And it's only the start
    Baby, you got me worried (hey)
    Your love is scaring me
    No one has ever cared for me
    As much as you do
    Ooh, yeah, I need you here
    Whoa, your love is scaring me
    No one has ever cared for me
    As much as you do
    Ooh, yeah, I need you here
    If we fall apart
    Maybe it wasn't meant to be
    If we fall apart
    It was our favorite dream
    Ooh, ooh, hey
    Your love is therapy
    No drug can give me clarity
    As much as you do, ooh (as you do, baby)
    Yeah, I need you here (I need you here)
    Your love is scaring me (no one)
    No one has ever cared for me (ooh, baby)
    As much as you do
    Ooh, (hey, yeah) yeah, I need you here (oh, oh, oh, oh)
    (Ooh, I need you, babe) ooh, ooh, ahh
    Yeah (yeah, yeah, I need you, baby)
    (Ooh, I need you)

  • RoundFace
    RoundFace 23 hours ago

    Doc cheated on his........

  • phpsi
    phpsi Day ago

    ♡ hice la traducción de esta canción en mi canal! ♡♡
    espero les guste!!

  • kara
    kara Day ago

    I swear, they have no bad song. TheY'RE aLL GOOD. AAAA. T A L E N T.

  • Bellatriixx12
    Bellatriixx12 Day ago

    Dear The Neighborhood,❤️
    Did you know that Poland is the second country in Europe with popularity of your band on Google Trends? It means that you you should definitely do a show in Poland 🙏💕 check statistics , here's a proof:

  • elleisrandom★
    elleisrandom★ Day ago

    what even was that
    i loved it

  • too many Phandoms

    oh hi mark

  • Ingrid Grey
    Ingrid Grey Day ago

    in colors? what? :0

  • UWKA
    UWKA Day ago

    что за бред но лайк поставлю

  • Sandro Dalbo
    Sandro Dalbo Day ago

    Ele jogando a garrafa. ..kkkkk

  • Sandro Dalbo
    Sandro Dalbo Day ago +1

    "I used to love you " meme from Tommy "god" wiseau

  • charles d. Bradley

    Is that waitress single?

  • Izzati Najihah
    Izzati Najihah Day ago

    Wait. Tommy Wiseau?

  • Marlon Regis
    Marlon Regis Day ago

    The room

  • Fernanda Santos
    Fernanda Santos Day ago


  • Alexa Blisss
    Alexa Blisss Day ago +1

    I think I might understand the video. I feel like this song is definitely about abuse in a way. (My opinion) cause the lyrics "your love is scaring me, no one has ever cared for me as much as you do" meaning the lover is abusive but uses affection and manipulation to keep the lovee with them which is why the "love" is scaring them. The video shows the guy as the one being abused, he's seen dressed in very mysterious and dark clothing. This can represent some form of depression and feeling down. The woman is dressed seductively (sorta) which can represent the manipulation the abuser may use. The woman is beautiful as well which can represent the facade she puts up to conceal her rightful personality. Once the guy says "I use to love you", she was quick to attack. Meaning the guy was tired of abuse and manipulation from the woman. Instead of looking seductive like the woman looks like a zombie or just ugly so he sees passed the lovers façade. Jesse represents the same person, after the realization he pushes himself to leave them. The gun flies to Jesse aka the subconscious mind which he kicks it to the guy(the realization and confirmation). The other three represent the emotions he has shielded away. Two of them are covered possibly fear and another emotion similar (untrusting?). The other one isnt caring at all about the situation which is common in abuse victims. Fear, no longer trusting of others and disregard. The guy is fully aware of what's going on, so he "kills" her which is like "breaking up with them" or possibly full murder but yeah. In the end he walks away from the now dead relationship.

    • Alexa Blisss
      Alexa Blisss 15 hours ago

      Natasha nice analogy.

    • Natasha
      Natasha 15 hours ago +3

      I thought this was more based on Jesse's life and how he's happier with Dev.
      In the music video they show the woman as a waitress meaning she caters to him like any other waitress would. When she starts showing the monster part of her, it's not because she's legit evil or abusive but because the man is realizing how much she loves him & her love is scaring him. That's why he pulls out a gun on her, it's to "guard" his emotions. He doesn't want to let himself be dependent on her.
      So basically I thought this video was about the man being afraid to let himself be happy with her because he's used to being hurt.
      Or the video could be meaningless and just weird.

  • Larissa Momozono

    crlh eu tô surtando q música eh essa senhorrrr cheguei aqui por causa de um tweet djwjhsjsh mtmtmtmt bom mesmo

  • phpsi
    phpsi Day ago

    Hice la traducción en español de esta canción en mi canal ♡ espero les guste!

  • btsarmy4lyfe
    btsarmy4lyfe Day ago

    oh my god...i was not expecting that at HI johnny! I didn't know it was you! XD :P

  • naharay perez
    naharay perez Day ago

    * bebé me tienes preocupado..

  • Maria Eduarda
    Maria Eduarda Day ago

    I love you music

  • Jaydee Delvicci
    Jaydee Delvicci Day ago

    Maybe I'm just not understanding. but is there any particular story line to this? or is it just a random shit show of a video. music is 100%, but shit can you make a video that makes a little sense?


    You’re TEARING me apart Lisa

  • in time
    in time Day ago

    Pretty sure Kali Uchis “Loner” was filmed in/near this diner🙈😂

  • aima k.
    aima k. Day ago

    Песня хорошая, но видео ужасное. Просто ни о чем.

  • Chrissi Manuel
    Chrissi Manuel Day ago

    Remember when everyone thought jesse was coloring blind that's why they never had colored vids

  • madhavi jha
    madhavi jha Day ago +1

    Jesse your eyes ok now bro?

  • Gunha Sogiita
    Gunha Sogiita Day ago

    I was like: "Wait what?"
    And for the colour, well, this MV wouldn't have worked it if was black and white tbh, the song and this MV go perfectly together

  • phpsi
    phpsi Day ago

    Hola! ♡ hice la traducción de esta canción en mi canal!
    Espero que les guste ♡ ♡

  • lKierzx
    lKierzx Day ago

    I T ' S I N C O L O R

  • Rafaela Furlan
    Rafaela Furlan Day ago

    tendi nada

  • taete rxv
    taete rxv Day ago

    that was so nbhd in 2k18 omg

  • AQ LS
    AQ LS 2 days ago

    JAJAJAJAJAJAJA , i cant stop laught omfg

  • Kristian Dimnik
    Kristian Dimnik 2 days ago

    Oh hi mark.....

  • Albert Bab
    Albert Bab 2 days ago

    Best song to drive to at 4 a.m. through the city

  • Janice Boyd
    Janice Boyd 2 days ago

    Okay but that clock is so cool, where can I get one ?

  • Евгения Тышкевич

    the bassline is sooo gorgeous!

  • Leandro Goudinho
    Leandro Goudinho 2 days ago

    A música é foda, mas o clipe uma merda kkkkk

  • Valentina Brizuela Ruiz


  • Terra Tom
    Terra Tom 2 days ago

    my favorite song from their album

  • Milagros Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez Gutierres

    Zach I love u fuck mee🌚🌚

  • Philbo H. Phaggins
    Philbo H. Phaggins 2 days ago

    *Flialny, a vdeio!* I hvae olny wtiead fveroer

  • Mai Mohamed
    Mai Mohamed 2 days ago

    Cool visual 😀🌟🌟👏👏💋

  • Exsomnia
    Exsomnia 2 days ago

    Hi Mark!

  • Amal Mohsen
    Amal Mohsen 2 days ago

    they're so fucking weird, i love them

    DIKSHA THAKUR 2 days ago

    What happened to their monochrome theme?

  • zakalecc
    zakalecc 2 days ago

    tomi łajzo

  • My Name's GlitterFace


  • umbringen
    umbringen 3 days ago

    hahaha what a story mark

  • Melissa Stephanny
    Melissa Stephanny 3 days ago

    No entendí el vídeo pero la canción es buenísima

  • NAT
    NAT 3 days ago

    i'm so done with this guy i don't get it but i mean i love

  • Baby Girl
    Baby Girl 3 days ago


  • Gabrielle Pizano
    Gabrielle Pizano 3 days ago

    Aaaaaaa mozoes❤❤❤❤

  • athalmis ,
    athalmis , 3 days ago

    its not black and white-

  • tay nicole
    tay nicole 3 days ago +1

    this is so amazing oml💙🖤

  • Amythest Jasmine
    Amythest Jasmine 3 days ago

    I can't believe how good this is

  • Sofia Paoli
    Sofia Paoli 3 days ago

    não entendi.

    WAVY GURL 3 days ago


  • Batgirls Cave
    Batgirls Cave 3 days ago +1

    I’m seeing some artist use the creepy neon vibes in their music videos lately. Is this a new 2018 thing? The video is getting me muse vibes

  • yoonmin yoonmout
    yoonmin yoonmout 3 days ago

    I love this.

  • Xitaychin
    Xitaychin 3 days ago

    Okay it was weird but cool.

  • Chloe Young
    Chloe Young 3 days ago

    I feel like I seen this dinner in a dozen other music vids :p

  • Katalina Robles Rivero

    Weones lindo😭😭😭❤️ vengan de nuevo a chile ☹️

  • Aluna Kim
    Aluna Kim 3 days ago

    Hi, doggy! Hahaha, love it ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hypokrit The OddFellow

    Loving the evolution of this band !
    They’ve come a long way !

  • Vital Chance
    Vital Chance 4 days ago

    How much did 'Gene Simmons' charge The Neighbourhood for this grandiose appearance , lol?

  • El wason bebe
    El wason bebe 4 days ago

    Video qliao malo jajaja

  • Mikaila Jeans
    Mikaila Jeans 4 days ago

    i love my boys !!

    NERVOUS 4 days ago

    The NBHD has the best vibes.

  • Angela Montoya
    Angela Montoya 4 days ago

    No se pero con este vídeo me entra la risa :v

  • Brett Govero
    Brett Govero 4 days ago

    Thats a masterpiece.... BRAVO

  • Magda Marchewa
    Magda Marchewa 4 days ago

    Why isnt it in black and white ?????????

  • Itss Maryy
    Itss Maryy 4 days ago

    My loves 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • moli1623
    moli1623 4 days ago

    O B S E S E D

  • A2MD
    A2MD 4 days ago

    thank life we have the NBHD

  • fangirlist
    fangirlist 4 days ago

    Everyone is saying Riverdale, but I get Blade Runner vibes.

  • Estefani Lima
    Estefani Lima 4 days ago

    God exists

  • Angel Nox Ettore
    Angel Nox Ettore 4 days ago

    To com muito ciumes desse pessoalzinho que começou a gostar de scary love dps desse clipe....EU CONHEÇO ESSA MUSICA BEEEM ANTES DESSA FAMINHA TODA DO ÁLBUM NOVO TA? AGORA SAI QUE ESSA MUSICA É MINHAAA

  • Ivonne Alinne Martinez

    Somebody can explain me this video ???? I am very confused Jaja

  • SleepingPowder
    SleepingPowder 4 days ago


  • Eryka Wang
    Eryka Wang 4 days ago


  • Taleesha Bray
    Taleesha Bray 4 days ago

    okay but why does jesse lowkey look like t.o.p ? or is it just me ??

  • Libby Cakebread
    Libby Cakebread 4 days ago

    lowkey just clicked on this for tommy

  • emotive
    emotive 4 days ago

    a vai se fode clipe bonito da porra musica viciante dessas

  • Scorpio Gamer
    Scorpio Gamer 4 days ago

    I did not shoot her! It's bullshit! I did not shoot her! I did not...oh, hi Mark.

  • Raj and Lupe
    Raj and Lupe 4 days ago

    Your tearing me apart Lisa!

  • Cameron Kincaid
    Cameron Kincaid 5 days ago

    Where's the football?

  • Renata Visentainer
    Renata Visentainer 5 days ago


  • sugaplumalex
    sugaplumalex 5 days ago +1

    the neighbourhood NEVER disappoint

  • P i
    P i 5 days ago

    Nbhd lovee

  • Adam
    Adam 5 days ago

    tommy wiseau !

  • v '
    v ' 5 days ago

    tommy wiseaouu